BTS’ “Not Today” Didn’t Break Any YouTube Records, Data Shows

Kpop Group BTS' "Not Today" Didn't Break Any YouTube Records, New Data Shows
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Did BTS’ “Not Today” really break a 24-hour YouTube video record?  Not according to new data emerging from YouTube.

There’s no denying that “Not Today” was a massive video.  Not just for BTS, but for Kpop in general.  But despite racking up nearly 11 million views in just 24 hours, BTS didn’t break any viewing records.

Now, YouTube is officially disproving that claim with its own data.

Previously, Billboard reported that ‘Not Today’ was the fastest-rising video in Kpop history.  Now, that information will likely be retracted.  According to YouTube, the record for the fastest-growing Kpop video in history actually belongs to PSY.  In fact, PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ topped 11 million views within a few hours, and 100 million views within 4 days.

BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans

More specifically, ‘Gentleman’ amassed 38 million views after a 24-hour period.  That’s nearly four times the total achieved by ‘Not Today’ after the same period (which was technically 10.98 million).

Here’s what YouTube’s statisticians have said on the matter.

“PSY already holds the record for the most viewed video of all time for ‘Gangnam Style,'” YouTube’s data team relayed back in 2013.  “But [PSY] also set the record for the most views ever in a single day with the over 38 million for ‘Gentleman,’ achieved on April 14th [2013].”

YouTube also published a comparison of PSY’s mega-songs: ‘Gentleman’ vs. ‘Gangnam Style’.  Of course, ‘Gangnam Style’ has more views overall, with nearly 3 billion cumulative in 2017.  But ‘Gentleman,’ the follow-up single, smashed the 24-hour record.

Here’s a quick graph that demonstrates the difference.

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Of course, “Not Today” wouldn’t even show up on this comparison.  And that’s with 10.98 million first-day views!

The Chainsmokers + Coldplay Just Smashed an All-Time YouTube Viewing Record

But more remarkably, PSY didn’t just break Kpop records with ‘Gentleman’.  He broke all-time, global YouTube records across all genres and music videos.  Whether BTS — or any other Kpop group — will ever beat that mark remains an open question.

But one thing is now confirmed: BTS didn’t break anything last week.  After nearly one week, ‘Not Today’ is approaching 38 million, something PSY accomplished in one day.

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  1. Anon

    They broke the record for fastest group, not artist lol

      • Name

        ^ Same here! I saw that too and I loved it! Very nice article…very sweet message as well. 🙂

        • someonethat is cute

          the “Not Today ” is really awesome and besibes many people really loves bts so why they are continoualy creating some bad issues to BTs please just accept

    • luna

      Well, it said, “fastest-rising Kpop video in history” it’s in generalization thru the word “KPOP” so it means group/ artist, the main point is that bighit are CON-ARTIST. too bad for bts, they have the talent but with the people managing them that are too impatient and cunning, they will suffer for sure. In the entertainment industry patience is a virtue, for example, big bang at first they’re not that big of a deal when they started but with their talent and management, they are on the top even after 10 years of their debut and a legend for the record.The core point here is you don’t have made things up, if you believe in your artist’s talent and charisma.

      • Anonymous

        Jfc, stop being so salty about it. Not Today WAS the fastest K-Pop video MADE BY A GROUP. Big Hit is a smaller label, which means that they are able to afford to take care of BTS a lot more carefully, rather than the Big 3, who have multiple groups or artists to look after.
        Get your facts right.


      What’s funny about this article is that they are comparing BTS a KPOP GROUP and PSY. NOT TODAY is the most kpop group views within 24 hours and not kpop as a whole, PSY is not a group, then now BP has surpassed them in views within 24 hours, still BTS has the most views in boy kpop group. If everyone is bashing BTS not breaking records when in fact it is second after GD’s new singles for the most no.1 in spotify around the world. In short, it is still a kpop group not single, so therefore BTS had the most no.1 trending within 24 hours around the world when NOT TODAY was released and listened in spotify.

      I am actually laughing so hard when this article described NOT TODAY not breaking records, if this is not breaking records then what more to the other boy kpop group… I wonder what’s the point of this bullshit article, being paid by the haters I guess, I wonder what’s the point their referring about, hahahah.


    • Anon76

      I really want people to ignore this trash site. This guy even went to an EX* concert. You don’t do that as media, unless the company invites you too lmao He 100% is getting paid, and trashing BTS for the clicks. Boycott this trash site

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, Billboard was wrong it saying that “‘Not Today’ is the fastest-rising video in Kpop history”, but you are also wrong in saying that “BTS didn’t break anything last week”. Anon is right; get your shit together please

  3. Truth Teller

    BTS is full of BS!

    “BTS & TWICE Speed Past YouTube’s K-Pop View Records”

    Yeah OK.

    So now it’s the record for a group? Nice try. How about a K POP group making a song on Tuesday?

    • Done With The Bullshit

      “truth teller” my ass, you don’t even know what your talking about. YES , both BTS and Twice “speed past the youtube view records” for a GROUP, Psy is a solo artist. In the kpop world both are are judged separately, whether it be awards or views on youtube. Don’t comment if you don’t know what your talking about.

      • Noa

        ^ Thank you! Atleast someone knows what they are talking about. All these people getting salty when they don’t know shit geez. No one is claming anything more or less from what it is…some people are just too salty over other people’s lives to function.

    • Idiot

      Shut the fuck up bitch bts are not full of bullshit more like u son of a bitch. Think I am rude but I am an exo l and I do believe bts are not full of bullshit yes their fandom is cray cray but the group isn’t. Bts are a fucking group not a solo artist get ur facts right u wanker

    • Anonymous

      Why you gotta be so salty huh? JFC, do you realise that “breaking records” refers to GROUP RECORDS.
      Don’t you have anything better to do than bashing groups about the records they’ve broken? I don’t see you breaking any.

  4. Burp

    That’s what I’ve been saying. Fastest group, fastest solo, who cares? Just say it straight up… BTS is second place, period. Psy has the record, and that’s all I need to know. Shut up with the “fastest ever, excluding Psy” b.s.

    • ARMY

      No one ever said “fastest ever excluding psy” BTS and Psy are judged differently because one is a group and one is an artist, that’s how it’s always been in the kpop world. BTS broke the views for a GROUP, they hold the record for a GROUP. It matters because for the most part awards are separated by solo artists and groups ( best group dance, artist of the year, etc). It matters and you can’t belittle them and pretend like they have accomplished nothing.

  5. Amber

    The records were for the first 24 hours not a 24 hour period at any time

  6. Allie

    My data shows that mainstream media tries to get traffic and money with poorly researched and worded articles. ?

    “Not Today” has now broken the group’s former record and become the K-Pop group music video with the highest number of views in its first day. By 24 hours after its release, at 12:32 a.m. KST on February 21, the music video had reached a whopping 10,979,502 views.

    “Not Today” also broke the “Spring Day” MV’s record of the fastest K-Pop group music video to hit 10 million views when it reached the milestone at 21 hours and 37 minutes after its release! It previously took “Spring Day” 26 hours and and 37 minutes to hit the 10 million mark.

    Keywords here are K-Pop GROUP, not artist. If you claim something, be sure to fact-check first.

    And it’s definitely not their job to go and critique more influential media outlets, when they can’t do their own job right.

  7. Anonymous

    BTS broke the the record for a kpop group not kpop artist

  8. Nikki

    Hey Dumbass! Their referring to Groups not Solo artists. So technically BTS is Leading! Um GET YOUR facts straight! :/ nIn

  9. Ana



    Get it right man…..


    this freakin dude even don’t know the difference between GROUP (idol) and ARTIST (solo) and pretend to be smart tryin to write based by data which is used like while you want to eat soup then you use a fork. USELESS.

  11. ARMY

    Please get your fucking shit together. Every tweet about bts breaking that record says fatster GROUP MV not artist. Ive seen alot of your bts articles Paul and i really think you should stop. FIrst you advertise big bang lotion on an informational article, and now this crap? You dont even desreve to write BTS.

  12. J

    I bet there could have been a way to report this without sounding oddly bitter toward BTS.

    • michael

      do know the difference between a boy group and an artist,apparently psy an artist ,and while bts is a boy group.

  13. Dan

    Well, maybe because it was the fastest GROUP, not solo. But nice try.

  14. Get Your Facts Straight

    Who is this dude and who’s allowing him to post such ridiculous things! As many other comments have said they broke the record for fastest KPOP MALE GROUP NOT KPOP ARTIST!!!
    Get another hobby, Paul because between this post and the post you tried to make about the other BTS controversy all I could get from you was BITTERNESS and HATE.

  15. Anonymous

    Please don’t tell me you went to school for journalism? If so, all your merit went out the window.

    This is embarrassing, you must feel it as well?

  16. Alexander.T

    So the uneducated writer strikes again. Jesus christ will this man ever stop being pety and not fact checking. Is this website even a gossip tabloid? I think its even worse. Damn this man’s credibility is going down the drain with his article its hilarious. This website competitor is probably having the time of their life. This website is really seeking attention to even stoop so low. Desperate for readers much ha? Pathetic.

  17. R

    Paul Resnimoff is getting so much attention because of writing shits about BTS. He must be feeling proud rather than to be shamed. Mr Paul, we respect BTS and their hard work. Don’t you think your words are a bit harsh and is offending us?

  18. Stop being embarassing

    OMFG you are an actual joke!
    I knew you would pull this up after your stupid comments on the last article lol.
    Firstly, you do know that you aren’t suppose to interfere your personal feelings in writing articles yes? Because how hard you are trying to bring down BTS is just too obvious and sad honestly.
    Secondly, you REALLY thought people didn’t know about Psy’s MV already? This was only news in the PAST. Stay in time. Everyone who knows shit about kpop already knows this. (But not you clearly because Psy seems to be new to you somehow lol)
    BTS got the record for “most viewed mv by KPOP GROUP in 24hrs”
    GROUP =/= SOLO. Get your shit together first.
    Both BTS and TWICE ranked 1st and 2nd respectively on most viewed mv by KPOP GROUP in 24 hours not ARTIST!
    A person who didn’t know this shit before 2017 writing articles on “KPOP” pfft right, what a joke.

  19. It's a good time to stop

    Wow dude…you really thought people didn’t know this? You REALLY thought you were writing something new here?
    The only one who seems to have learned something new here is you. The writer. And that’s pathetic really.

  20. Someone fire the writer

    DMN seriously…get a professional. This is just really sad at this point. I haven’t seen a writer or person in general stoop this low before.
    These uneducated articles are embarassing.

  21. 3 strikes! You're out.

    GROUP NOT SOLO or Artist.
    Lmao but nice try though…you failed yet again. 3 fails in a row! you must be proud lol.
    DMN seems to pe reporting “News” that was over 3-4 years in the past.
    Stick to something you know..kpop CLEARLY isn’t it.

  22. Han

    Hahahahahaha yeah right. I give you an A+ for TRYING though. I would correct you but I see it’s already been done in the comments above..just like before. I hope you are seeing the elephant in the room by now, which is your clearly lacking skills of writing an accurate or relevant article. Atleast switch to something you can now so that you’ve done SOMETHING useful before you die.

  23. Truth

    Are you sure you want to attack Billboard? You’re so down the hole you can’t read properly apparently so I’ll help you. You said that billboard said, ” The record for the fastest growing Kpop video in history” which is wrong. In the article Billboard (Jeff Benjamin) said, ” The most viewed video in a 24hr period to debut on the YouTube top 100 Chart in 2017″ and ” The is the viewed korean track in a 24 hour span to appear on the chart since its debut in Feb 2016.” What you’re doing is defamation of character, you really needed the attention I see

  24. Sigh

    I feel sad for you that you can’t buy brain cells in exchange for ignorance because that’s the only way you’ll seem to get some.
    Will someone please just report this article and this lowkey hateful person too preferably.
    It’s not his fault that he’s stupid but it definitely is his fault that he acts on it. Such a pity.

  25. Tsk tsk

    And you’re STILL WRONG yet again.
    Also how sad is your life? You are lowkey bashing BTS AND BILLBOARD!? If you can’t do your job right then don’t be hateful towards those who DO! Billboard is classy and professional unlike this dump and so is BTS.
    Jelousy is ugly kiddo…it takes you nowhere but down. You can only dream about getting on Billboard’s level of professional right now and it seems like the only way DMN ever will is if they get rid of you first.

  26. Red

    Oops I did it again. You really like attention so much? I think everyone in Korea should banned your name in the music industry for promoting bad/ wrong publicity and defamation. You are indeed trying to brainwash everyone but sorry my dear NOT TODAY. Mr. Paul Reskinoff please seek medical help to check your brain out. If you have one?

  27. Shame on you Paul Resnikoff

    Paul Resnikoff is the founder and publisher of Digital Music News (.com), a premier industry source for news, information, and analysis. The founder and publisher of Digital Music News, the authority for people in music. My coverage focus spans streaming platforms, artist royalties, format disruption, vinyl, copyright battles, startup struggles, and financing/m&a. In terms of music, my favorite genres include deep house, classical (most eras), grindcore/death metal, and anything featuring the French Horn. Let’s chat!
    Digital Music News is the leading authority for music industry professionals worldwide. We are based in Santa Monica, CA. More about us here.

    —> leading authority for music industry professionals worldwide? premier industry source for news, information, and analysis? Lmao Paul dude, no wonder you are sore blogger. You don’t know the real meaning of hardworking..I hope KARMA slaps you in the face before I do.

  28. Not news

    Hah….Hilarious. Know what you are talking about first. No one said anything that you think you are setting straight. Everyone already knows it was Group and not Artist. Looks like everyone has been on the same page but you.

  29. Oh come on

    Just don’t write about Kpop man…you don’t know what you are talking about.
    And also…no. Billboard didn’t get it wrong. You just didn’t understand what they were talking about.

  30. SHAME on you

    Paul Resnikoff is the founder and publisher of Digital Music News (, a premier industry source for news, information, and analysis.

    —> what a shame.. tsk tsk tsk..I hope KARMA slaps you in the face. Don’t expect to live a positive life Mr. Paul Resnikoff.

  31. A person

    Looks like you still haven’t grasped the concept of researching and getting educated on what you are going to write about huh. The readers still know far more than you.

  32. pH7

    I can’t believe a low life like you exists and I can’t believe there are articles on such obvious and petty matters only someone like you would write about. All either already known, basically you missunderstanding, lowkey bash, incomplete drama stir or just complete fallacy. All of this petty ignorance will bite you back.

  33. pH7

    Billboard already know what they are talking about and so do all the readers. If YOU wrote an article before believing they were the holders of the most viewed blah blah ARTIST title then it was YOU who was mistaken not them. If that was the case then It was YOUR article that had misunderstood not anyone else. Also, learn how to write and act without being too obvious about your lowkey saltiness towards the group you are writing about.
    So in the end of the day YOU have put out not 1, not 2 but 3 flawed, amateur and embarassing articles and has yet not changed or improved one bit on any.

  34. For Shame

    Stop pointing fingers at other people for your mistakes. You are saying other writer’s made a mistake when it was actually you. And also, if you want to become succesful then work on it properly so that you are worthy of something. Don’t try to bring other people who are already becoming succesful down to do so. Focussing on pinpointing groups and dragging them along is just an embarassing and shameful reflection of who you are.

  35. PeteAmone

    Oh no…he’s talking out of his ass again. Use your senses. Educate yourself. Please.

  36. Reality check

    But no one said or thought they were the “artists with most viewed mv in 24 hours though?” Everyone knew it was “most viewed kpop group mv in 24 hours” and that the other was Psy. It’s just a sub grouping similar to how TWICE hold “most viewed kpop girl group mv in 24 hours” with “KNOCK KNOCK” which is a sub group of that as well. No one is claiming anything more.
    Only people who would have not known that are the people stupid enough to rely solely on you for accurate information.
    Know what you are saying first lol. Everyone’s been aware about Psy and his records since Gangnam style. It’s not new. Other people know what they are talking about.


    Shut it off man……Your site doesn’t have any other work than dragging BTS down…..u seem to be so jealous of them…….They doesn’t even care about your shits……so PUHLEZEEEEE….shut ur site down

  38. Again???

    Is your ass jealous of all the shit that’s coming out from your mouth? Do you know how stupid you sound? You’re a disgrace to all of the other journalists in existence. Please delete your site and yourself from the internet.

  39. Han

    Hahaha this is not something to write an article about lol. Stop stating the obvious. It’s like writing an article on how apples are not vegetables like everyone knows that and no one claimed they are lol…what even are you ranting about alone? You aren’t proving anything worthwhile.

  40. Don't waste your time on DMN or the articles here

    Guys just stick to Billboards or literally any other article you can find. The mistakes he claimed here were from his own article not anyone elses. There’s really nothing to gain here. He doean’t know what he’s writing on. You can get everything and more from any other better, more professional and reliable sites unlike this which has no idea what they are talking about and just likes spreading fallacy and bases things off of personal likes and dislikes.
    Really…there’s nothing to gain here other than a preadolescent kid’s blog/diary.

    • Don't waste your time on DMN or the articles here


  41. Why Da...?

    I actually have nothing to say. This article was so factually wrong and opinionated that there’s no point in saying anything against it. It’s probably one of the worst articles I’ve read (the lowest depths of Buzzfeed) can be compared to it. I’m so done. I’ve been so salty over it that the sodium ions have climbed into my neurons and I am now having a seizure on the floor.

  42. SERIOUSL BRUH.....?

    Dude u ok ? BTS broke the record for ” the most viewed kpop group mv in 24 hours ” not artist. Bruh u have any problem with BTS ? The heck is ur problem ? Please educate urself u gotta need that. First be sure about something get a reality check then bargain about it u ain gonna get anything bringing BTS down for real tho -.- duh stop embrassing urself may the KARMA slaps yo ass Amen.

  43. Magz A

    Oh no, this man is seriously against BTS, like hey what is your problem, are you paid to do this? You’re sick you know! Guys how can we report this site and make the picture/identity of this author public? He seriously needs to learn his lessons the hard way!

  44. what on earth?

    dude get a life and stop hating bts
    youre going to give yourself a heartattack with all this hate overload

  45. Justice for BTS

    Hey guys, remember Big Hit is suing ppl who are slandering them etc? Do you think this writer is worth the time for screenshot and BH time to sue? Is this website making loads of money? If they do then it might be worth it to sue this website.

    • I'm good. I'm done.

      It’s lowkey shade, spread of incomplete and suggestive information, using personal opinions of dislike to influence the writing in article and fallacy. Sick of this kind of low lives. I hope someone does report these.

  46. Thanks Captain Obvious!

    Oh and “A” is the first letter of the alphabet!
    Not sure what we’re trying to achieve here but seems like we are just stating random things that everyone already knows so what the hell. Can’t believe you didn’t already know the actual titles Psy and BTS held. For a person writing on kpop now (apparently) you are hilarious really. Seems like you are just now finding out the basics of it sheesh.

  47. Wow how creative NOT

    How is this article worthy material? This isn’t material at all lol. It’s like writing an article about how “Honey boo boo DIDN’T break the record for most viewed MV!” Like okay? We know..? Your point is..? You could write a million articles like that…on things people “DIDN’T” do lol like “xxx DIDN’T break a record today!” “yyy DIDN’T do anything at all today really!” “Paul Resnikoff DIDN’T succeed as a writer today either!”
    that’s so stupidly amateur lol. People don’t write these for a reason. If you are bored then just go fishing or something.

  48. Hannah

    I’m sorry but what was the point of this article? No one said they they were the fastest growing Kpop artist of all time, they are currently the fastest kpop GROUP to get to 10 million + whatever the other records were. Why would anyone claim that they beat any records over PSY, that’s just ridiculous. So all this tells us is that nothing has changed and BTS still has the most YT views in a 24 hour period by a Kpop group smh

    • Someone

      Ikr…He was the ONLY ONE who was mistaken and now he is pointing fingers at someone else and acting as if he is reporting something new when it’s ONLY NEW TO HIM.
      Please dude..Billboards got it wrong my ass, it was YOU! BTS didn’t win the title for blah blah my ass…everyone knows and also have always known what they did and didn’t win except suprisingly again well, YOU!

  49. Alan Again

    “Data shows”!? More like data has shown for quite a freaking while now but your slow senses clearly hadn’t grasped it along with the rest of the world. This isn’t “News”, this is a history lesson. (Not a lesson either really since everyone was already aware)

  50. Huh

    No one stated what you are apparently defending though…educate yourself on the matter first. Please.

  51. Curtains

    You clearly haven’t even read the article on Billboards and you also clearly didn’t know anything about BTS or Psy or kpop in general. What you on mate?

  52. 17

    PSY isn’t considered a real kpop artist, miss me with that bullshit

    • kar

      How PSY is not real kpop artist?
      He is korean, he speaks korean and he makes pop music.

  53. Mel

    Wow, this paul nugu… Really? I think this digital music news site is plain tabloid. The low quality. With a so-called-reporter who lacks in proper reporting. His hate for BTS is shown in every article of his. Even the other reporters of this site. Either they are paid to report total libelous articles against BTS or these are really their plain hate feelings towards BTS. Learn proper journalism with ethics Mister.. BTS is in the group area in kpop youtube views..not the solo artists in which Psy is.

  54. Mel

    I really hope Bighit starts suing all these people who defames BTS. Make cyber police (whatever they are called) hunt all these so-called-reporters who writes wrong and libelous articles against BTS. Especially the antifans who are bordering on obsession with defaming BTS with wrong infos.

  55. Chimjim

    seriously now!? jealous much!!? BTS did break the record for fastest G.R.O.U.P to reach 11 in 24 hours we don’t compare solo artists with group yol professionals!!

  56. Huh

    You realize you are lower and inferior to them in every possible way right? So of course it’s only customary for you to be lower than them mentally as well. I’m not suprised.

  57. Rose

    ARMY’s before you click on an article from now on, make sure that you will skip anything from DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. Don’t click, don’t read and don’t comment!!!!!

  58. Gabrielle

    Oi you keep on making ridiculous article I hope this site shuts down your account entirely. Stupid author wanting attention from bullshits. Get your shits together, Man.

  59. J

    You know what?BTS A.R.M.Y’s wants to crash this site

  60. Ignore this shit

    Hired hater of BTS. Does all the blogger of digitalmusicnews are BTS haters. Seriously!!

  61. You're Dumb

    Excuse you person, but i think that you should check your data about BTS again because the data you got about them is totally 100% false.

  62. You're So Dumb

    Excuse you person, but i think that you should check your data about BTS again because the data you got about them is totally 100% false. How can you say this much bad things about an awesome K-Pop band. Are you like jealous of them or something, because us people feel like it.

  63. Paul got no jams

    Paul Resnikoff, you really suck at presenting your facts accurately. That’s all I will say.

  64. B*******

    You always salty. You dont look like journalist

  65. Anonymous

    Paul, just fuck off. Check all your facts before you write a FALSE article. Man, how far does your stupidity reach? There’s over 97 comments on this article alone, and literally all of them are telling you to leave and FACT-CHECK. Nobody cares about your egotistic journalism, so you can fuck right off. Good day bitches.