Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Smashes Another 24-Hour YouTube Record

Taeyeon's 'Fine' Smashes Another 24-Hour YouTube Record
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Taeyeon's 'Fine' Smashes Another 24-Hour YouTube Record
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GGPM (CC by 2.0)

Girls Generation’s Taeyeon goes on the YouTube record-breaking warpath.  And ‘My Voice’ is topping the iTunes charts.

Apart from Girls Generation, where she debuted in 2007, Taeyeon has continued strengthening her solo career.  Taeyeon dropped her ‘I Got Love’ music video on February 17th. The music video was released ahead of a new full album.  Fans quickly swarmed the video, causing it to break her own YouTube record.

In 24 hours, ‘I Got Love’ received 2.85 million views, breaking her record for female K-pop solo artists.  That beats her previous record of 2.43 million views for her single, ‘I’, back in October of 2015.

As we’ve noted previously, those numbers are still a distant cry from PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ music video.  According to data shared by YouTube, that video reached 38 million views in just one day.

As of writing, Taeyeon’s ‘I Got Love’ video has over 8.37 million views.

The Girls Generation’s singer’s music video came days after ‘I’ surpassed the 100 million view count on YouTube.  Her agency reported that ‘I’  is Taeyeon’s sixth video to reach the milestone.

As of writing, the video has more than 101.89 million views.  Taeyeon’s music videos – ‘Gee’, ‘I Got a Boy’, ‘The Boys’, ‘Mr. Taxi’, and ‘Oh’ – have each surpassed the 100 million mark.

Not content to stop there, Taeyeon released another music video as her new album, ‘My Voice,’ officially dropped.  This time for her single, the track is ‘Fine’.  And just as with ‘I Got Love’, the Girls Generation solo artist broke her own 24-hour record.

Once again, she has the most views within 24 hours for a female Kpop solo artist.

‘Fine’ received 3.2 million views. As of writing, the YouTube video has slightly over 4.9 million views in just under 4 days.

The album has also swept international music charts. In Jakarta, Fine topped all eight local music charts. ‘My Voice’ also topped 17 different iTunes pop charts, including in the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.

In the US, the album currently sits at #20, where it enjoys a 5-star rating.

Fans can listen to the 13-track album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, among other streaming services.