EXO Beats Out BTS In Latest Kpop Popularity Ranking

The 2016 tallies are in.  And EXO is more popular than BTS.

Kpop superstars EXO, along with actor Lee Min-ho and actress Song Hye-kyo, have been chosen as the most popular hallyu stars of 2016.  Hallyu fans from across 139 countries around the world voted for the most popular stars.

The 12th Annual Soompi Awards received almost 100 million votes, with fans casting their votes through the official Soompi Line account.

Hallyu, of course, refers to the global boom of Korean pop music, TV dramas and films.

EXO beat out BTS to receive the Soompi award for Best Male Group.  The group had strong hits with ‘Lotto,’ ‘Lucky One,’ ‘Monster,’ and ‘For Life.’

As for the fairer sex, TWICE also took home a strong win as 2016’s Best Female Group, beating out Girls’ Generation.  But

Among solo artists, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon won Best Female Solo.  And for the Best Male Solo award, those honors went towards SHINee’s Taemin.

As for the other accolades: Red Velvet won 2016’s Breakout Artist, and EXO’s Baekhyun’s collaboration with E’s Suzy won Best Collaboration for ‘Dream.’  The ‘Dream’ collaboration came out digitally on January 7th, and later physically on January 14th.

Boy band EXO also won Artist of the Year, with BTS the runner-up.  But BTS didn’t go home empty-handed, as the group won Album of the Year with their second album, WINGS.

Meanwhile, BTS has been crushing 2017, with tens of millions of YouTube views in just two months.  Their latest video, ‘Not Today,’ is rapidly crossing 40 million views.

The Soompi Awards also presented the “HallyuSpecial Award” to Zanybros, the leading production studio.  Among its many credits, Zanybros has produced ‘Lion Heart,’ ‘Overdose,’ ‘Shock,’ ‘Shock,’ and ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2.’

You can check out the complete list of winners below.


Best Female SoloTaeyeon
Best Male SoloTaemin
Best Female GroupTWICE
Best Male GroupEXO
Best Hip-Hop/R&B ArtistZico
Breakout ArtistRed Velvet
Best CollaborationDream (Suzy x Baekhyun)
Best ChoreographyHard Carry (GOT7)
FUSE Music Video of the YearHard Carry (GOT7)
Rookie of the YearBLACKPINK
Song of the YearBlood Sweat & Tears (BTS)
Album of the YearWINGS (BTS)
Artist of the YearEXO
Breakout ActorKim Min Suk
Best Idol ActorBaekhyun
Best Web SeriesBe Positive
Best AdaptationScarlet Heart: Goryeo
Best Foreign DramaMy Amazing Boyfriend
Best Variety ShowRunning Man
Best Variety StarJota
Best Drama OSTFor You (Chen x Baekhyun x Xiumin)
Best BromanceJin Goo x Song Joong Ki
Second Lead SyndromeJinyoung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)
Best KissDescendants of the Sun
Spotton Best CoupleJun Ji Hyun x Lee Min Ho
Actor of the YearLee Min Ho
Actress of the YearSong Hye Kyo
Drama of the YearThe Legend of the Blue Sea


156 Responses

  1. JOY

    you are really pitiful comparing two groups!!! Do you even have a life???

    • Bangtan sonyeondan

      You gon tell me shit about bts and I’m gon be telling u all the things that makes bts on the top of the charts



        • EXO-LOVER

          BTS is a good male group, but if you say the best male group!? NA, it obviously EXO. you have to agree that EXO is much much more popular than BTS. i am a fan of BTS but more of an EXO-L! i like BTS ,but EXO, dont ask, i love! I am not saying tht BTS is not good. i love bts as well. but you have to agree EXO is the winner and will be!

          • Kpop Founder Father

            Stop personal comment you fool!!! Lot of popular talent’s kpop group here Exo is not only one .stupid!!!!!!!!!!

          • Devil's Advocate

            I agree with you. I love BTS but EXO is more popular collectively when you put everything together. There are some areas where BTS is better but that’s only a few right now. It would be blasphemy to compare BTS and EXO at this stage in BTS’ career. They’re now picking up momentum and gaining domestic and international interest. Maybe later down in a few years we’ll be able to compare them when they are both doing well in their respecteive areas. A lot of fans can’t see this because they’re so loyal that they would never admit that BTS can actually come second in anything or that they aren’t the best at everything. But the truth is that people who are 2nd can come 1st sometimes and vice versa.

          • Diana

            yeah….bts is much trendy these days, but exo is the best!!forever and ever

          • Cassidy

            EXO is a good male group, but if you say the best male group!? NA, it obviously BTS. you have to agree that BTS is much much more popular than EXO. i am a fan of EXO but more of an ARMY! i like EXO ,but BTS, dont ask, i love! I am not saying tht EXO is not good. i love exo as well. but you have to agree BTS is the winner and will be

        • EXO


          • Laila


          • Jade

            Oml army’s everywhere that are salty af. Sure they won the bbma breaking justin’s bbma streak but exo got all the daesangs. Sure your “BTS” has won 1 daesang but that still doesnt beat the fact that exo will and is proven to be more popular than BTS and dont even get me started on who one the most awards. Just stfu army’s and accept it.

          • Hey hey hey aoa

            Exo did debut before BTS so they had more chances before BTS did but now that BTS has come…

          • Cassidy

            EXO IS THE BEST? WHO WON A BILLBOARD AWARD lol WHO GOT LISTED BY TIME MAGAZINE? Check your faves full MV views compared to our recent teaser views… btw we trending #3 on YT for our MV. Sleep tight.

        • WE Are obe

          The most popular and best male is exo not bts

        • EXO THE KINGS


          • Army

            Not fact… opinions you can’t just say exo are the best BC
            People voted ?Your the idiot, idiot

        • Proud exo-l


          • Army

            18 daesanG’s doesn’t prove they are the best. exo has more BC they debuted before BTS did

          • ARMY // EXOL

            chill == i mean like EXO and BTS should never be compared anyway

          • EXO THE KINGS

            Exo is the best BECAUSE Exo debuted in 2012 and bts debuted in 2013 so its only one year of span! Bts just became popular around 2015. Exo is already popular when they debuted.

          • ARMY AND EXOL

            Exo daesangs will be more even if you halp Exo Daesangs

        • EXO-L Katori

          To say that, I think you’re quiet pittyful, you’re acting like a peice of sh*t and you’re telling us aka EXO-Ls to stop the fucking fanwar?? You’re an example of someone in this world who know nothing about fairness?? BTS has the Album of the Year, ARMY! ( and other awards as well)

        • exothe best

          Who told you that bts is the best? EXO is the best of all.They are the best.EXO is far more better than bts got it?


        Just because they won those awards, doesn’t mean they already are more popular than EXO. Sure, EXO has more daesangs than BTS because they debuted earlier, but please, ARMY’s. I’m neither a fan of EXO nor BTS. But seriously, all these salty ARMY’s please go to hell. We want peace. If they won, then they won. If you guys don’t then you didn’t. You can make up next time anyway. There’s still a long way to go. I know EXO didn’t make a big one last year and BTS became a hit last year too, but that also doesn’t mean that they are the best.

        But to be honest, I do think EXO won this round. 1st of all, they ARE considered the youngest group to be considered as LEGENDS. And I can see why they are. They are powerful, etc.
        They aren’t in sync when dancing? They don’t deserve to win? They are not and BTS is? BTS won the billboard stuff? BTS won in MAMA?
        I’m sorry but that doesn’t prove anything for BTS.
        Just accept the fact that EXO won and you guys can try again.

        Again, I am not a fan of both groups, so I am not biased. I am a fan of Girls’ Generation.

        So please, these salty ARMY’s I did not see one that says “GOOD JOB EXO” or “CONGRATS, XEXO AND EXO-LS” from ARMY’s. I understand that you love your group but why don’t you try harder?
        Of course wehn you try harder, exo-ls will try harder, and it will just repeat.

        • look at the comments

          It’s not only ARMYs that say that, it’s also Exo-ls.

        • Anonymous

          WTF u said ?? salty army !!!!! U thought ur exol fandom is very matured.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with u ……common army we can tell exols, BTS deserved where they are now not gonna listen anything stuff about BTS?

    • Google

      If you want to compare music success then BTS beats EXO, because they are more well known globally. We all know Big Bang is a global success, but they are a decade apart and are considered other boy group’s seniors. BTS has topped more iTunes Charts than EXO, first and still the only kpop to top the top social 50 chart billboard (31 weeks), highest album on billboard chart ever for kpop artist at 25. Not to mentioned other than Big Bang, they are the most viewed boy band in comparison to EXO on Youtube, with 7 MV and counting surpassing 100m mark and two approaching 200m. This is all in the time scale of just 4 years. Give it up to them, BTS.

      • Google

        Oh I remembered when EXO-L’s complained Big Bang lost in the popularity vote for the MMA and MAMA daesungs, like they did for BTS. So it should have gone to EXO, they need to do their research, because it only counts around 10-20%, rest is about sales, research on Internet, downloads etc. They need to appreciate other bands and somehow find faults with EXO. I’m a army and I can find faults with BTS, no one is perfect, certainly no band is perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    You guys are really going all in on this K-pop for clicks thing eh.

    • kim lee jackson mingyu

      judge mental dont judge beacuse you are not perfect mother fucker

  3. Anonymous

    This doesn’t sound like news articles but a hate page in disguise because you seem to really hate bts by spreading false rumors

    • I roast immature fans

      but he did say “BTS has been crushing 2017 with tens of millions……” I see no hate here

      • Duh

        Acting like you’re the mature one when youre defending an article that unnecessarily compares exo and bts blatantly for the purpose of generating clicks and comments, like literally bts is only specifically mentioned to say they’re less popular like lmao a lot of popular kpop musicians are why only focus on bts; btw the writter of this has a bunch of articles deadass insulting bts for the same purpose. Use ya damn head stop tryn act clever?

        • Look at his previous article

          Like you can look at the other false articles about BTS on this website. Obviously this guy hates BTS or hasn’t done his research or both.

  4. R

    Paul, You forgot to mention that BTS was also awarded for best song of the year. Dumbass!

    • Hush

      What! I can’t accept this. I’ve been watching EXO for 1 year, I’ve been addicted to EXO for 1 year but I bit still I can’t accept this. BTS is just so cool for me…
      I just can’t accept it???

        • ExOL 4 life

          Omg I agree with you because bts are really cool and talented I’m hard core exol since 2013 but I’m not going to lie this person who made this site is a bts anti.

      • fan of got7

        why you can’t accept it you accting like a bullshit

        • What?

          Not to be completely rude or anything but your comment did not make any sense at all.

  5. M

    Email me before you post your written article. Okay?
    Thanks but no thanks.

  6. Y

    My final comment Mr.loser,
    Are you an anti-fan of BTS?
    Idc cause you’re missing out not being a fan of BTS.

  7. Ingrid

    Wtf is your problem look what is going on BTS is on the billboard THE BILLBOARD WTF DO U MEAN HAVE U SEEN THE RECORD THEY BROKEN STOP COMPARING THIS IS BULL SHIT

      • ermm....

        Im sorry but if your favourite artist was on here and he talked shit about them or something else that make you mad, you would be pretty pissed as well.

  8. KARMA 100 times till you suffer and forgotten

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez you are a sick person. This site Digital Music News is worst than Celebrity Gossip news and the fact you are a teacher that’s so pitiful. Trying to malign your reader and creating tension by specifically mentioning (single out) BTS in the headline while in fact you just copied the Results Of The 12th Annual Soompi Awards. You are a shockingly disgraceful being. I wish KARMA will slap you in the face and live in a negative pitiful life 100 times till you suffer and forgotten.

    • Bemused fan

      Jesus Christ you need to calm the f*** down! Yes, this guy might be a jerk but there’s no need to hate on him like that!

    • miss x

      lol ur getting too emotional, take a chill pill. no one gonna die if they say exo is better then bts or if bts is better then exo. just show how sad and childish ur life is really. at the end of the day both bands are only making music cos they enjoy it and cos they just want ur money, and they like the attention.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you say such words? Why would you wish someone will live a pitiful life? Armys please don’t bash people just because they aren’t a fan of BTS. I am not a fan of BTS but I don’t wish them to live a pitiful life. Common, accept the fact that we all have different likes and you cannot please everyone to like what you like. Be mature and DON’T EVER WISH someone to live a mesirable life. We are GOD’s precious ones. Okay?

    • adrienne

      Will you shut the f*ck up!how dare you all to compare exo and bts?!
      I am also an EXO fan and BTS fan but Ive never compared the both groups.I always support them.Why are there are people that compares their idols to another why dont you just be proud of them and not to compare them.????

  9. You are the worst kind of low lives

    Lmao this isn’t a news site. This is a sad petty site dedicated to pinpointing and lowkey bashing on a group when it comes to kpop. A site full of preadolescent hormonal kids stuck in old people’s bodies who express their saltiness in the form of so called “articles” when they actually don’t know shit about the kpop industry or anyone in it to begin with. Kpop and all it’s groups are doing perfectly fine without DMN and it’s amateur low live’s fingers. It’s such a waste all the air you people breathe really. Paul, Daniel and who ever the other dumb fucks DMN have..you are all embarassingly sad losers and I hope Karma will meet you very soon.

    • Alex

      All these ARMYs so immature and can’t accept that EXO won lmao. If you want to read news articles that stan BTS go to allkpop

  10. Fuck DMN and it's losers

    There was absolutely no need for comparing 2 singled out groups and obviously leaving one of them out from their achievements!?
    And not just this of course since spreading negativity on that one group also seem to be the only goal you people have in your articles here about kpop. How pathetic…they will still always be far out of your reach as they are rather busy doing better and more positive things with their lives and gaining success while also being very good hearted people while you are stuck here typing negative shit until you die bringing nothing good to anybody but just having people from everywhere wishing you the worst.
    Your parents and families if you have any should be ashamed of you and so should you. Ugh, disgusting creatures.

  11. :/ ?

    I’m Exo-L and I love EXO but…I’m not sure if this article is reporting on Exo or just bashing BTS? It kind of feels more like the latter and I am NOT up for that. Just unnecessary fanwars and drama and honestly, I think army and BTS have been through enough already..they are both (EXO & BTS) great groups and so are all the others here. This is just wrong at this point really. I want to be happy because of Exo but it just feels really uncomfortable.

    • zizi

      I am really glad that EXOL also felt it was wrong, the way the article was written, or the title rather


      I am a loyal Exo-L too. I’ve met a lot of kpop group but still ended up becoming an exo fan. Sure thing, BTS rock. And Exo had beat them several times. But pleasee.. Every one is AWESOME! In Kpop there is no such thing as ‘Most Popular’ cause every kpop group has their own fandom who supports them! Every group respects. Stop the fan war please..?

      • Alex

        Thank you to all EXO-Ls who are acting mature – you represent our fandom well 🙂

        • Finally!

          Finally, there are mature Exo-ls that I love.

  12. Z

    You and your bullshit. Looks like the criteria to work at DMN is to be salty and full of shit with the bonus of a deteriorating brain. Sure I mean all of you basically seem to be writing about shit you don’t know more than 2 letters about anyway right.
    Just shut it down man..do something less degrading to yourself and actually worth something.
    There are enough other more superior, relevant, intelligent and professional people writing articles on Kpop the right way with accurate, complete and relevant information. You are not needed here at all so please step back about 20 million steps back into your lane.

  13. DMN disgraceful site

    DMZ is the leading authority for bad publicity in the music industry professionals worldwide. Overall Nothing impressive the same trash article worst than my neighbor gossiping overflowing jealousy. Whatever happens to BTS , I’m always reminded that you can’t keep a talented kpop group down!..SHAME on you Daniel, SHAME on you Paul, shame on you DMN. I hope everyone in your family will realize how disgraceful your living your profession in this industry. People like you doesn’t deserve any respect at all.

  14. Just saying

    Stop comparing….You could easily just list the winners without all the unnecessary comparisions you know.

  15. Hello.

    Dear Sir Daniel….Please stop while you are at it. No need to fall all the way down like your friend Paul. I like to believe atleast you are better. It is possible to write articles without going the extra mile for drama or holding groups against each other. I really hope you don’t do this again. 🙂 Thank you.

  16. Done

    Why don’t people understand that groups can shine on their own? You don’t have to bring anyone else down to put another up or give someone else the black light to make another shine. They are all capable of shining on their own and people really need to realize that and let them do so. It’s articles like these that I can’t stand really. From the other articles I’ve seen on DMN I’m really not suprised tbh just dissapointed…again. As usual. Your intentions may or may not have been as petty as the other writer but it was still a low class move. I’ll certainly never come back to anything on DMN or ever recommend it to anyone. I’d rather warn them if anything.

  17. No Name

    Happy for all the winners..Congrats to all of them!! But that is a horrible picture of Exo lol. You can’t even see their faces properly or see some of the members at all. And I do see that their are more problems with this site against certain groups or group more likely which is actually horrible really. I hope there will be improvement in your future articles and that they will be well..let’s say “less personal.” Irrespective of my fandom here I actually listen to a lot of groups and articles like the ones here are just not bringing anything good to world really. Not to anyone.


      I feel sad reading this comment. ?That picture is not that horrible to what you seem it is. Even if xuimin, baekhyun, and chen can’t be clearly recognize it still a pictur of them. So please don’t say bad about them.

  18. Not sure of a name just had something to say :)

    Positively written articles were, are and always will be better than negatively written articles and it’s never been acceptable to get your personal opinions and biased feeling entangled in your writing of an article on any matter at all. ( That’s called a diary) Writers of DMN really need to be taught and trained better in doing their job the proper way…I am not stating this hatefully but honest to every bone in my body. If this is going to be the job you will be doing then you need to improve to fit acceptable standards and do it properly. It’s ONLY the responsible and respectable thing to do if you respect the title of the profession you claim. Their are so many writer’s who do their job well so it’s pretty selfish to not mantain that. If you are new or didn’t realize this before then I know mistakes happen but they MUST be corrected it’s never to late to fix them and start now. It’s better late and just horrible if never.

  19. BTS has the World's Best-Selling Album this week!

    BTS has the World’s Best-Selling Album this week!
    A repackaged version of Bangtan Boys’ second album ‘Wings’ beats every other Artists Album sales this week! The original version of BTS’s Album went to no.1 in week 43 of 2016 with 367,000 sales. Now the new version returns this week with 392,000 equivalent sales and a total of 1,025,000 so far.

    The fifth and self-titled LP by American rapper Future rockets to no.2 with 163,000 consumption sales. 140,000 of it in the US alone, another 7,800 in Canada.

    Rag’n’Bone Man’s ‘Human’ slips to no.3 with 124,000 sales (down 40%) and the soundtrack to ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ slips from No.1 to no.4 with 109,000 sales (down 47%).

    BIGBANG’s ‘MADE:The Full Album’ closes the top 5 with sales of 101,000 this week globally and a total of 302,000!

    1. Wings (You Never Walk Alone) – BTS – 392.000 (1.025.000 total)
    2. Freebandz – Future – 163.000 (1st week sales)
    3. Human – Rag’n’Bone Man – 124.000 – 329.000 (total sales)
    4. Fifty Shades Darker – Soundtrack – 109.000 – 316.000
    5. Made/The Full Album – BIGBANG 101.000 – 302.000
    6. 24k Magic – Bruno Mars – 92.000 – 1.814.000
    7. Starboy – TheWeeknd – 91.000 – 1.567.000
    8. Prisoner – Ryan Adams – 78.000 (1st week)
    9. 25 – Adele – 71.000 – 20.099.000 (total sales)
    10. La La Land – Soundtrack – 67.000 – 570.000 (total sales)
    source: united world chart

  20. Anisha

    W da fk your article is not related to your headlines dumbass!!it’soompi awards not popularity rankings,and bts got 2 awards.these days you dont have any thing to do expect dissing bts.and write use less articles about them.you better don’t write articles about them.

  21. Paul Resnikoff

    C’mon you guys, I think all of your comments are a bit ridiculous. I hate to say, BTS didn’t win this time. Deal with it!

    • Paul is so jealous

      Dear Paul, jealousy will take you no where. Just admit the fact you are a loser and hope you and all around you suffer the same faith e.g. karma

        • stupid you

          Ok Paul, this article is already up for a month and I hate to break it to you but BTS is the first k-pop group to be nominated at Billboard Music Awards and the second korean act after Psy, they are also the FIRST korean act to be nominated at Shorty Awards and to let you know, even though they only got ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’ but it is considered as grand prize!!!!! and they got two of it, BTS is being nominated at world awards and you do not call that popular? even though they really didn’t win this time, it’s not what fans were pointing out, heck even Exo-l’s say that they get uncomfortable while reading the whole damn article, fans were saying that this ‘article’ is spreading hate because it is not properly written, do you think mature ARMY’s will comment if the article was written properly? no, but because the article was clearly bringing shame to BTS even though it’s not acceptable when you write an article, do you get me? Do you really think people are dumb? What hypocrisy, you say our comments are ridiculous when all of your so called ‘articles’ can be described by that adjective, you make me laugh, ridiculous is even an underestimation, clearly your articles are trash, people who only claim to enjoy reading these kind of articles are dumb (truth though) I mean who would enjoy reading something that is biased and clearly……….. (I can’t describe this because it’s so awful), I see some Exo-lames too commenting here, you would be great friends I recommend (Exo-l’s are good people, they don’t downgrade other fandoms because their idols are on top, they have sense of justice and is friends with other groups, Exo-lames however are the immature fans who only comment to cause fan war, for example I see someone commenting here saying that BTS is a medicore kiddos’, that is an Exo-lame, I’m pointing this out so Exo-l’s won’t misunderstand) and please change the headline, it’s quite disturbing

    • Mr. Paul Resnikoff believer of nothing

      Finally you showed up Mr. Paul Resnikoff. I knew you are behind this after all. I hope everyone will realize what kind of low life person you are. don’t try to convince the world you have a life. Continue living a lie. Just be ready the day Satan comes knocking in your door *wink*

    • LOL

      Again as usual….No one is claiming what you are trying to defend here lol. You really are slow and confused. The problems are in your stupid articles not the awards. People are fine with those. Damn your dense.

    • You're ridiculous

      Dear Paul Jerkinoff,

      You’re dealing with the comments of an audience who clearly detect bullshit. You’re dealing with an audience who are nothing but amused over your hatred towards BTS. To be fair, you’re dealing with an audience who are well-aware of your biased nature, along with this Daniel Shittez.

      If you call our comments ridiculous, you probably should read over all that you’ve written along with this guy, on your so-called news site ( which in my opinion, ought to be referred to as a gossip blog ). You’re the definition of an idiot who is clearly unaware of what they are doing or speaking.

      Is your ass jealous of all the shit that’s coming out from your mouth? All that merit you earned by supposedly studying journalism has evidently been flung out of the window.

    • Rogue

      How dare you Paul! Don’t you know how hard we try to promote BTSHIT under every comment section on YT, and this guy is not helping us promoting them. I’m offended.

      • Human being check

        lol Rogue, your comment made my day lol

  22. Rose

    ARMY’s before you click on an article from now on, make sure that you will skip anything from DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. Don’t click, don’t read and don’t comment!!!!!



  24. stupid af

    this is…pretty stupid and quite harassing. im an exo-l myself and while i was reading this i was pretty damn uncomfortable. u could have just listed the winners u know. y do u have to glorify exo and put down bts? respect the artists; they’re not comparable because they are both very different. i wish u will stop writing articles like these.

  25. Homa

    Okay, Now i’m convinced this website is a BTS hater. Not gonna click from now on.

    so, goodbye \0.

  26. Homa

    Okay, Now i’m convinced this website is a BTS hater. Not gonna click from now on.

    figured i should leave properly. so, goodbye \0.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone Is Good
        EXO&BTS are so Good
        No One Sucks
        Both Of Them Beating Each Other For Sure
        They were Legends For Sure
        Dont Bother Other Idol
        Just Your Idol

  27. Haru

    Hello digital music news or the writer of this article, Mr Daniel Adrian Sanchez. Although if you’re a hardcore EXO-L, I don’t think you should compare two tops kpop boy group in this article of yours. Do you even have a life? Do you know that both of their fans will read this article? Do you even know how will they feel and start all the fanwars? You don’t know right? So that you can write articles based on your feelings and wouldn’t care about others huh? Like everybody wouldn’t care less.

  28. DMN reader

    EXO is #1 :), BTS is not that good, just mediocre, kiddos, the author is being impartial and honest. EXO 🙂 & a CBX picture, the writer knows how to write an article with great impact. The members’ acting, and DO’s awesomeness should be next, and then one more article on Lay :).

  29. I don't like people who preach or try to tell people what to do or think.

    Dear Mr. Sanchez, don’t listen to the haters and dumb preachers, I enjoyed reading the article.

  30. I stan Zhang Yixing ❤

    Some people in this comment section are so stupid. EXO Saranghaeyo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      • I stan Zhang Yixing ❤

        If I’m stupid, you’re a retard :). #exo

      • both of them

        i think we should just say that both of them are the best cause i’m also a fan of exo and also fan of bts .

  31. Black pink lisa

    Lol,this so called ‘news site’ for kpop is just aiming to start some real fanwars here.Just be careful because ARMYs can burn you alive. And what a stupid title! Soompi Awards wasn’t about showing which was the most popular group in 2016:Bts or Exo. Plus,now we are in 2017 and Bts is really famous. 2016 was just the year that showed the rise of Bts. This year, Bts is really in the game! And for the person who wrote this article: I can see that you hate Bts and are jealous for their success but no one cares actually cares about your stupid articles.These stupid sh*t won’t even touch the image of Bts, so ‘you should love yourself, brrrr’.

  32. shireen natalie deen

    urhmmm Guess most readers just read the headline! Its all facts about Exo beating BTS BUT he mentioned its 2016 . AND he mentioned BTS is ‘CRUSHING’ 2017 (guess no one read that?) Cant argue with facts as those are results of awards shows. Me? I agree BTS is on the rise and they have good songs. Im just waiting for Exo comback

  33. HimynameisPaulandihatebts


  34. Plzgetyourfactsright

    Yes sure exo is more popular when bts is going to the bbmas. Sure whatever you say dumbasses.

    • Chong

      Ikr exo doesn’t deserve to be compared to BTS the kings bc obviously BTS is more popular than exo.

      • ermm....

        Chong, please don’t start a fanwar. Saying ‘BTS is more popular than Exo’ is clearly going to get Exo-Ls attention and that’s where they get pissed.

  35. Tzz

    I’m gonna leave this here:
    BBMAs – Top Social Artist Award…Photo with The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Camila Cabello….
    PD: Rolling Stones, Vogue, CNN, People magazine and News around the world (including my country, Spain :3)….

    And now I dissapear……

  36. Chong

    A fan vote doesn’t prove anything, sorry exols but BTS is better than EXO this “music news” is oviously a exo fan, bc they always bad mouth BTS. BTS will always be better and if exols can’t say that their favorite has won a billboard, and has gain much popularity in the US and all over the world than please don’t compare BTS to exo.

  37. Laila


  38. Exo-L

    Can’t you fuckin accept that exo is much better than bts!!!!!

    • Clara

      Stop saying that bts is better or exo is better there are things bts is better then exo and things which exo is better than bts but the reality is that the the most popular male group in 2016 is exo the winner so they were more popular in 2016 while bts as begin to be recognized and now bts are slaying in 2017 winning top social artist with more than 300Millions votes beating justin bieber ariana grande selena gomez And shawn mendes so they are both really famous and both will be more famous year after year and pls don’t start a fanwar because some of exo and bts are close friends and i’m sure that them don’t like it

      • Stop!

        Why can’t it be like it use to be, where ARMYs and Exo-Ls respected each other and helped each other out?! But as soon as they both got popular, new fans comes in both fandoms and those fans don’t know what ‘mature’ is.

  39. ErikaHyung

    BTS BTS BTS BTS…………………..

  40. anon

    Paul we still remember your other articles! Giving backhanded compliments won’t make them disappear!

  41. miss Funnybones

    BTS, who dethroned JUSTIN BIEBER…YES, you heard me right!!! it was Justin Bieber (the winner of consecutively 3 years) in the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARD…you know what it means??? BTS are legends.

  42. Bts is love

    Exo is popular in south Korea only bts is popular all over the

    Hence bts is more popular
    Accept the facts stupids

  43. Why?

    Okay while everyone else is fighting over BTS and EXO i’m the only one here wondering why Baek gets the Best Idol Actor i mean is ppl sleeping on D.O.? He acted like varieties of characters even the complex ones and lived the characters splendidly.

  44. Pathetic Article

    HAHAHAH….. EXO IS SO COOL. Even if my idols are from BTS. I dont care I will support every single person that BTS loves especially EXO since they are friends right??

    Byt why compare them? They are both awesome. Not that I’m jealous or denying that EXO is not popular. But this kind of stuff only leds so distruction on two groups. Aish pathetic. I ish this wont lead to anything bad on the two fandoms. And also i wish no one can post any of this kind of bullshits.

  45. Just sayin

    EXO is boring,I used to be exol since their first debut but their music not so much interesting anymore,not much easy listening plus the member left one by one make me enough of it,I like BTS more cause their music and dance impressed me no matter how much I ignore them before,many people say BTS has no idol faces but at least the rap line actually rap and producing instead being a puppet pretending rapping,ya know

  46. Anonymous

    I’m an army and first of all, I apologize on behalf of some army’s comments. However, on a different note, I’m questioning why the author of this decided to compare two different male group that are both talented in different ways just to start fanwars. Is this really that amusing to you? Making it seem like one group is better than the other when you probably didn’t research fully enough? My advice is that stop trying to start fanwars so your article can get more attention. Thanks.

  47. LMAO

    As an Exo-l and an army, this is stupid. Any group can beat BTS, but you mention only EXO. are you stupid?

  48. Louise A

    Exo are best in terms of vocals, visuals, choreo, and the members are incredibly talented in acting, modeling, dancing, playing instruments, and they are also very funny when featuring in variety and game shows, they are so real; however, they are lacking in publicity and social media promotions, they are just too humble and down to earth, and worst still, their company is also reluctant to promote them for the past few years, they lack the media hype. Bts is good in rapping and involve in producing their music, esp. the rap line, and Big Hit did a great job inpromoting their one and only group via massive social media exposure, publicities via various media (esp. Western) , collabs with famous artists, and always looking for a record to break etc, this is important in the modern music industry, you need to create impressions that you are popular and famous, to draw the crowd, esp. the young ones. Anyways, no matter what, I’m all for EXO, they are always precious in my heart, haters can say anything, but no one can deny that they are influential in the kpop history, they deserve a lot more than what they are having now, I’m a 44 year old mom, and never active in social media, but whenever I can, I will support Exo, Exo we are One!