‘Nae Nae’ Rapper Silento Forcibly Detained by UAE Officials

'Nae Nae' Rapper Silento Forcibly Detained by UAE Officials
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'Nae Nae' Rapper Silento Forcibly Detained by UAE Officials
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Silento (Instagram)

What doesn’t happen in Dubai, stays in Dubai. The popular Nae Nae rapper, Silento, learned that the hard way.

According to the popular song, ‘Watch Me,’ we’re invited to watch Silento whip and kill it, “nae nae nae.”  Yet, Dubai fans didn’t do any actual watching.  The 19-year-old Atlanta rapper reportedly failed to show up to two shows.  The concert promoter angrily demanded that Silento pay him back 300,000 dirhams, or $81,500.

Now, the Associated Press reports that United Arab Emirates judges agreed.  In a ruling handed down in the city of Al Ain, UAE judges placed a travel ban on the rapper.

The concert promoter paid Silento, whose real name is Ricky Lamar Hawk, to perform twice while in Dubai.  The concert promoter, Makki Taj El Sir Abdel Halim, paid Silento to perform at Al Ain and at the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi.  According to the Nae Nae rapper’s lawyer, Jenna Kadhum,

“Silento did not cancel any shows at all.”

Kadhum added that Silento only learned of the travel ban against him on Wednesday.

Abdel Halim isn’t looking to damage the Nae Nae rapper’s reputation.  Instead, he wants to recover lost expenses, which include performance fees, travel, and marketing costs.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Abdel Halim said,

“He didn’t show up. I just want to get my own money back.  I don’t want to ruin his reputation.”

Jenna Kadhum didn’t add if the rapper had to hand over his passport to authorities. She also wouldn’t discuss Silent’s next steps.

Yet, the Nae Nae rapper hasn’t allowed the travel ban to bring him down.


He also reassured fans and family members that he is okay during his temporary extended stay in Dubai.


On late Wednesday, the rapper had also posted a link to a fundraising page on Twitter. The tweet read,

“Bring Me Back To America Again.”