Is Too Short Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault?

Did a Former Employee Falsely Accuse Too Short of Rape?
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Did a Former Employee Falsely Accuse Too Short of Rape?
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Thomas Hawk (CC by 2.0)

Too Short’s former protégé of accused the rapper of sexually attacking her. Yet, where’s the evidence? Eyewitnesses? Is there really anything to substantiate the victim’s claims?

A woman told the Los Angeles Police Department that Too Short raped her in her Los Angeles residence. The woman claims that on November 1, the 50-year-old rapper visited her home. He then proceeded to sexually attack her. To drive the point home, she told officials that she was a virgin before the attack.

The woman previously worked with Too Short, whose real name is Todd Shaw. Yet, according to sources close to the rapper, Too Short denied the claims, insisting he never had sexual contact with her.

The accusations didn’t surface up until he dropped the unnamed rapper from his label.  Shaw believes the woman accused him with police to exact revenge over the firing and extort the rapper.

Too Short may have a point.  The unnamed victim previously released provocative music videos.  Yet, despite the sensual videos, she “made a point of saying her provocative videos in no way should suggest she gave any form of consent.”  In addition, the woman didn’t report the rape until a month after the alleged sexual attack.

Todd Shaw claims the woman has since contacted him to get back to the label.

So, should police officers and the rapper’s fans dismiss the claims as just another unfounded controversy? Not yet, according to HipHopDX. The unnamed woman may be Ana Lou. In a lengthy double post on Instagram and Twitter, she accused her former “mentor” of rape. She wrote,

“I know that alot of you were so proud when I got my deal with Too Short, and I hate to disappoint my supporters. But I’m sharing my story.

“I wanted to end my own life…didn’t realize how selfish I was being towards those who really care about me. I had never felt so low. Betrayal can make you feel worthless. If it weren’t for my mom, I probably would’ve left this earth. The truth is, I trusted this man as a mentor. I thought he was my friend, and he told everyone that I was his artist.

My virginity meant nothing to Too Short, but it meant everything to me. I’m a good person that was raised in a Catholic home. I expect the best out of people, and that is where I went wrong. I was raped sexually, mentally, and psychologically.

“Everybody has a [sic] opinion, I realize that coming out and sharing my story makes a lot of people upset. It’s not about those people, those are the same people that knew about what I went through, but suggested that I cover it up, and keep creating music. Those are the same people that preyed on me just to manipulate me. Those are the same people that stole my music and told me I couldn’t have it back.

“I’m telling my story to prevent someone else from being taken advantage of. I would hate for another young artist that’s trying so hard to make something of them self, to endure the pain that I endured. It was a horrible feeling.

“If you are going to judge, take into consideration someone’s character, and what you believe in your heart. I can’t get my virginity back, but at least I still have my sanity and my life.”

Shutting down the accusations, Too Short’s team simply responded in January,

“Too Short has never had sex with her, period.”

Per TMZ, the rapper has also yet to reach out to authorities regarding the rape allegations. However, despite the tweets, no other evidence has surfaced to back up the victim’s allegations.