No, YG Didn’t Break a $60,000 Contract by Playing ‘F–k Donald Trump’

YG's $60,000 Performance Contract With SDSU Had Only One Condition. Don't Play 'Fuck Donald Trump!'
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YG's $60,000 Performance Contract With SDSU Had Only One Condition. Don't Play 'Fuck Donald Trump!'
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Image: Connie Lodge (CC by 2.0)

I, YG, do solemnly swear that I will not sing “Fuck Donald Trump” in front of thousands of San Diego State University students?  Sorry kids, SDSU has now confirmed that YG was paid as agreed — and playing ‘F—k Donald Trump’ was fine by them.

It was a story that was too juicy to be true.  And, ultimately, fake news.

Earlier Monday, multiple reports claimed that YG sacrificed a $60,000 payout for breaking one critical contract clause.  And that clause was this: ‘do not play F—k Donald Trump!’

Juicy story.  But here’s what SDSU Interim Chief Communications Officer Gina Jacobs just told the San Diego Union-Tribune:

“At SDSU’s GreenFest concert this weekend, the song in question was played by YG and he was paid for his performance that evening.  The concert was for SDSU students only. He was paid the contracted amount.”

Whether YG was paid $60,000 is another question.  But considering that it was part of the original ‘source,’ probably also suspect.

But this part is real.  Here’s a clip of YG playing the track over the weekend.  The performance happened at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater, venue for SDSU’s ‘Greenfest’ concert.  The Greenfest events are bill as “a combination of sustainable, social, cultural, recreational, and educational events within the campus community that encourage, advocate for, and celebrate sustainability, diversity and SDSU Pride,” according to the SDSU site.

The clip, which renders YG guilty as charged, was posted by Angel G. (SDSU class of 2018).

Meanwhile, “Fuck Donald Trump” is starting to assume a life of its own.  The song, a collaboration with Nipsey Hussle, quickly gained steam in 2016 ahead of the Trump’s election.  After that, the song elevated further, with hackers pirating radio stations across the US and spinning it 24/7.

Major Radio Stations Across the Country Are Playing ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

But back to that $60,000…

It looks like the source of that contractual term is a former SDSU student, who claimed the $60,000 agreement contained the critical ‘do not play’ stipulation.  Soon, other students were also disseminating contract details suggesting a $60,000 breach.  The university itself never confirmed that detail, and ultimately, denied it.

Either way, it’s all great publicity for YG.  The rapper is now part of a virulently anti-Trump vanguard, with even Kanye swayed from his initial support.

Looking ahead, whether ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ emerges as a political anthem remains unclear, though it’s definitely not dying anytime soon.