BTS Outsmarts China With a Sold-Out Worldwide Tour (See Dates)

Panda bear looks glum. BTS just outsmarted China with a massive, sold-out Kpop tour.
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Panda bear looks glum. BTS just outsmarted China with a massive, sold-out Kpop tour.
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Photo: Ron F. (PD)

What do you do when China tries to shut you out?  If you’re kpop superstars BTS, you simply go to Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and the US.

Earlier this week, we reported on China’s intensifying ban on hallyu and Kpop artists.  Unfortunately for leading South Korean actors and singers, the ban has nothing to do with Kpop or South Korean culture.  Instead, South Korea’s involvement in THAAD, a US-based anti-missile defense system, is prompting the ban.

Lee Kwang Soo, BTS, EXO In Trouble After China-Korean Conflict

Regardless of the politics, Kpop artists are starting to feel the financial pinch.  China is a massive market, and a major consumer of South Korean culture.  But planning a tour in China is now a serious risk.

Already, Kpop touring artists are finding shows canceled.  And that’s on top of fines and other penalties.  The South China Morning Post recently wrote,

“A Chinese entertainment corporation has been reportedly fined 17 million won (US$14,460) for pushing ahead with a Korean idol group concert that had not been approved by the Chinese government.  Refunds were issued at double the original ticket price.  The entertainment company invited the Korean group and began selling tickets a month before the concert.  But the Chinese government refused to confirm the show.”

Brutal stuff, though maybe just a short-term problem for enterprising Kpop artists. Already, South Korean entertainment companies and Kpop labels are devising strategies to diversify beyond China.  And what better place to start than markets like Japan, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the US?

The BTS 2017 Wings Tour

Enter BTS, one of Kpop’s biggest groups.  Amidst Chinese uncertainty, BTS is simply addressing the rest of the world.  The group just performed a string of sold-out shows in their native Seoul in February.  Now, it’s on to nearby Japan and Hong Kong before the tour goes West.

Unsurprisingly, the group is selling out most dates.  YouTube is helping to fuel that success story, thanks to its global footprint.  Just recently, BTS amassed tens of millions of YouTube views for songs like ‘Not Today’ and ‘Spring Day’.

Separately, BTS is also tying with major foreign artists to bolster their international fanbase.   That includes DC-based rapper Wale, who just hinted at a collaboration after meeting BTS member Rap Monster.

Wale Kicks Off BTS Collaboration and Major US Tour (See Dates)

Here’s the full list of updated tour dates.

Of course, you won’t see Beijing or Shanghai on the itinerary.

* = sold out

** = not yet for sale


11th: Santiago, Chile (Movistar Arena)*

12th: Santiago, Chile (Movistar Arena)*

19th: Sao Paolo, Brazil (Citibank Hall)*

20th: Sao Paolo, Brazil (Citibank Hall)*

23rd: Newark, NJ, USA (Prudential Center)*

24th: Newark, NJ, USA (Prudential Center)*

29th: Chicago, IL, USA (Allstate Arena)*


1st: Anaheim, CA, USA (Honda Center)*

2nd: Anaheim, CA, USA (Honda Center)*

22nd: Bangkok, Thailand (Impact Arena)*

23rd: Bangkok, Thailand (Impact Arena)*

29th: Jakatra, Indonesia (Indonesia Convention Exhibition)**


6th: Manila, Philippines (Mall of Asia Arena)**

7th: Manila, Philippines (Mall of Asia Arena)**

13th: Hong Kong (Asia World Expo, Arena)**

14th: Hong Kong (Asia World Expo, Arena)**

26th: Syndney, Australia (Qudos Band Arena)**

30th: Osaka, Japan (Osaka-Jo Hall)**

31st: Osaka, Japan (Osaka-Jo Hall)**


1st: Osaka, Japan (Osaka-Jo Hall)**

7th: Hiroshima, Japan (Hiroshima Green Arena)**

14th: Nagoya, Japan (Nippon Gaishi Hall)**

15th: Nagoya, Japan (Nippon Gaishi Hall)**

20th: Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)**

21st: Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)**

22nd: Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)**

24th: Fukuoka, Japan (Marinemesse Fukuoka)**

25th: Fukuoka, Japan (Marinemesse Fukuoka)**


1st: Sapporo, Japan (Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena)**

2nd: Sapporo, Japan (Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena)**

We’ll add more dates as we hear from them.  And, be sure to check out updates from BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, here.

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  1. Jay Lin Tag

    Here’s a bit of clarification: the ** note says that, said tour date has not been sold out, that it because they have not started selling it yet. But, as always, based on BTS success stories, said tour date/s become sell-out in just a few minutes. Like right now, we here in the Philippines are already set for the April 1 (as was heard in the grapevine) selling of tour tickets.

    • Red

      Is mall of asia ground bigger than araneta collisium? I hope they can accommodate more seats since im sure it will be sold out in one day..

      • Kpop is my shit

        Didn’t exo sell out bigger arena’s then bts??? Or do they sell the same amount of tickets and do the same arenas?

        • Kkkk

          Exo didn’t even sell out prudential and bts sold out 2 days. Maybe in Asia exo had dome tours, but in the western bts beats them.

  2. Nicole7878

    China is a huge market but the world is a bigger one. Fighting BTS

    • Spread my wings

      Better not go to china. They might make a trick during concert like shut down microphone , which I am concerned of . .

  3. Tennessis

    Reznikov writing pozitive articles about BTS… it’s smth new and refreshing? but… “i don’t believe” (c) Stanislavskiy

    • yeeesss!!!1

      OHMYGOSH i was thinking the exact same thing XD

    • People are ignorant

      Why are you getting so defensive about this? It’s a matter of politics and not just simply Kpop

      • Chinaisnottheonlymarket

        Yes, it’s a matter of politics. Kpop needs to target international fans from both Europe and Amarica(as in the whole American continent). They shouldn’t worry about China. Japan and other parts of Asian are available targets for kpop to reach new highest.

        • Kpop is my shit

          Honestly I think this bts chance now to out beat exo in terms of sales since kpop is banned in China (exo has huge ass fan base here) I think bts William out shine exo this year.

  4. Violinx

    Well, that’s amazing. I still don’t understand why they didn’t hold their US, Chile and Brazil concert in bigger arenas. Maybe they didn’t want to take the risk, but popularity wise they definitely could sell out an even bigger arena than these ones. BTS popularity is insane now. I hope they’ll be going higher and higher.

  5. EHarris

    Thank you for leaving out the continent of Europe in your list there are tens of thousands of kpop fans here who are desperate to a BTS concert here

  6. K-ARMY

    Dear Paul Resnikoff,
    Thank you for writing this positive article about BTS. ! ?
    Much love from South Korea