BTS Accused of Faking ‘All Time’ Records to Generate Sales

Screenshot from BTS' 'Not Today' Music Video
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There’s no question that BTS is one of the biggest Kpop groups of 2017.  But is this group fabricating ‘all time’ awards just to generate extra sales?

‘All time’ biggest Kpop video! (in January and February).

‘All time’ biggest Kpop group! (so far in 2017).

‘All time’ fastest-rising video! (for a Kpop group, not individual)

Is BTS just making up fake ‘all time’ awards to hype themselves up and sell more?  That’s an accusation now surfacing following a string of ‘all time’ awards that may be more creative than real.

Now, speculation is centering around whether the group and its label, Big Hit Entertainment, are feeding gullible magazines like Billboard with fake achievements.  That follows a string of suspicious incidents, all of which suggests some sophisticated string-pulling from Seoul.

When the group’s ‘Not Today’ surged to nearly 12 million views in under 24 hours, Billboard declared it the fastest-rising Kpop video in history.  Actually, they took it a step further by declaring the video ‘the most-viewed video in a 24-hour period,’ all of which turned out to be wild exaggeration.

The words were flying off the pages.  “‘Not Today’ broke the K-pop record previously held for most views in 24 hours, a video that was made just a week prior by BTS themselves: the group’s ‘Spring Day,‘” Billboard’s still-unretracted article proclaimed.

Actually, DMN took the bait as well.  In our coverage of the surging ‘Not Today,’ we also declared it to be the fastest-rising Kpop video in a 24 hour period.  Publications soon piled on, until we realized we’d made an obvious mistake.

BTS’ ‘Not Today’ Is the Fastest-Rising K-Pop Video In History

The fastest-rising video actually belongs to another Kpop artist: PSY.  Back in 2013, PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ reached 1 billion views in just four days.  In fact, that video hit 12 million views in a few short hours (if that).

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BTS’ ‘Office of Disinformation’?

But that was only one example of record-smashing disinformation.  And Billboard continued to plow forward with one proclamation after another.  The publication subsequently declared that BTS was the biggest Kpop group in history.  That history, unfortunately, seemed to include the short ‘era’ of January and February of 2017.

BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans

Meanwhile, other ‘alternative facts’ started creeping into the picture.  After the group was found directly copying its pre-show video from rival group Big Bang, BTS’ handlers blamed the whole thing on the awards show.  Somehow, the organizers at the Gaonchart Music Awards were the culprits, a perfect behind-the-scenes scapegoat.

Strangely, an angry Instagram from Big Bang and T.O.P.’s producer was deleted.

BTS Deny Plagiarism Allegations: ‘This Has Nothing to Do With Us’

Unsurprisingly, the biggest chorus of complainers came from Big Bang.  Superfans of the group, called VIPs, felt that BTS was unfairly plagiarizing their way to the top.  Those complaints hit fever-pitch when BTS was found releasing a customized line of hand creams, less than a year after Big Bang did the same thing.

All slights aside, Kpop superstars EXO ended up winning the award for most popular Kpop group in 2016, a prize that BTS hopes to wrest away this year.  But what are they willing to do to get there?

PSY: the real Kpop record-holder.

Perhaps the Kpop industry is getting sick of its biggest legend.  But like it or not, PSY remains the King of Kpop, five years after the debut to ‘Gangnam Style’.  In fact, Kpop’s grandfather helped to popularize a genre that was little known outside of South Korea.

Now, groups like BTS are blazing forward with sold-out dates in far-flung places like Japan, Australia, and even Brazil.  Those records, as far as we can tell, are real.

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  1. Bulletproof Boys

    What a stupid article. First the group name is bigbang not exo. Second they broke record for the most viewer kpop group. PSY is not a group or band is an individual. If you going to make a article against bts make research.

    • lovelygirl_1234

      that right this article is wrong and should not be saying thing about bts
      and they must have bts have a say about thing like that is just wrong!!!!!!!!!=(

    • jane

      +bulletproof boys, I truly agree with you. I bet the author of this article just want to destroy BTS image. Making an article without proper basis.



      • Fuck Off ARMY's BTS sucks

        hah, it’s because BTS shifted to be basic ass and mainstream-hell, I even bought their albums and supported them in their early years until I realized they were turning to shit bc of their company. bighit is a noob this isn’t surprising

        now exo, that’s some real good shit okay, get yourself a taste in music.

        • That's rude, no offense

          I’m not going to judge your choices because that’s rude, but allow me to say that you shouldn’t hate on them and their fans because of your opinion. Please keep these things to yourself and just be polite and respect other people’s opinions. You don’t have to bash something just because YOU don’t like it.

          • Fuck off exo-L

            You clearly never liked BTS. Your just pretending to prove a point, your sad.You can listen to exo’s basic ass, lukewarm songs. BigHit managed to talk good care if their members unlike SMTown who lost 3 of the eco members, because of racial issue and possible going to lose Lay too. Wont be surprise if they did

        • Army BTS

          you so rude, don’t offense another group like that, ARMY respect another boy group so why you not ?

        • KYS


          • BTS is my jam

            KYS, stop with that crap. ARMY isn’t going to do any of that stuff.
            The article IS misleading clickbait. Obviously the author found a good way to get people heated.
            But if you are ARMY you need to represent us well and not look crazy. The spotlight is on BTS now and their fans. If you want them to succeed then don’t make them look like a group that only crazies are attracted to.
            As for the criticism about BTS music, it’s ok. The people that like them will support them, the people that don’t like them don’t have to like them. It won’t make a difference.

        • nishupiki

          There’s no point in bickering about which band is better. Just appreciate the music they make and they hard work they put in. This applies to all bands. We shouldn’t be biased. Talent is hard to come by, so it should be supported regardless of our personal opinion.


          no thanks. i’ll be just fine without that crap.

        • Avocadoes

          Altho i cant agree with you that exo’s music is good,we all have different tastes. also the article aint real. Bleach

        • Anti's are jealous of BTS

          Go suck a dick anti. BTS are just getting bigger and better and there’s no way to stop them

      • Pathetic Article just like the writer

        I wish Big Hit would sue and take down this good for nothing website..they have always been posting false rumors about BTS.

        • marmy

          we should send e_mail for bighit armys fighting

    • Nomuunaa

      They published this stupid article again? How annoying. I bet he is just pissed at success of our boys.


      I agree listen to either not today or spring day that u had mentioned, its worth it and after reading dis I still know ur wrong and all kpop luvers agree!!

    • ARMY

      Is this really necessary? Like what the hell PSY is not even a boy band or he’s not even in a group.. I think this article is made to ruin BTS’ image.. And immature haters & people would agree to this..

    • Anonymous

      Although I do agree with the fact that the ranking was based off of GROUP (in which case, yes, BTS is the highest risng) not INDIVIDUAL (Psy. obviously), it’s an unfair accusation. BigBang and EXO are two completely different groups. EXO is the highest ranking group in popularity, according to the most recent polls, but BigBang fans are the ones accusing BTS of plagarism.
      In all honesty, I think that the fans should just lay off and stop causing such huge commotion over little things like this. Fan wars are not necessary and useless articles shouldn’t be written to further them.

      • AnonymousABC

        I would also like to mention something. I saw a YouTube clip of the original performance BTS is being accused of. Looked it up out of curiosity to see what people were talking about. Pracically seconds after I saw it, I went…(don’t get me wrong I kinda like Big Bang’s stuff too & don’t want THEM getting in trouble, but accusations of ‘borrowing’….”Hmph! I don’t know what they’re complaining about, Big Bang didn’t even come up with that backscreen, THEY borrowed it off someone else!” Any American or anyone that’s been in the US for long enough have SEEN that particular rainbow-striped screen at LEAST several times on TV, if not more. Think back in your memory. If you watch (or have watched in the past) a lot of regular public television (not talking cable/satellite), it’s at some point or other interrupted your regular programming with a verbal message followed by a long high-pitched beep. If you remember the message, type in the name of it under your internet images and you’ll see whoever arranged that particular song set had used the exact same image for the background.

        • AnonymousABC

          2nd sentence correction: I saw a YouTube clip of the original Big Bang concert set/performance BTS is being accused of “borrowing” from.

    • Suga N Spice


    • Duckingsatan

      This article is all speculation. The media is stupid af.

    • Anita

      Why would they lie about that? Everyone loves them. And frankly, all the claims make sense cause the only other music video I can think of is Gangnam style by PSY, and he is an individual, not a group. Gosh!

    • Dun Bash on BTS again

      yes exactly, this passage should be deleted tbh… or at least corrected…

    • M

      Who does this person think they are just because you don’t like a group doesn’t mean you get to right a false article and but accusations on a successful K-POP group and everyone be hating on K-POP since they be getting bigger than some American Artist.

    • Jay Lin Tag

      hahaHA… I was about to say that. But, hey, Bulletproof Boys, the writer of the articles is not stupid though, I would say he’s a bit confused… And, what about when it tackled the issue of plagiarism… He’s also misinformed and outdated… He’s a definite BTS hater… i love him… hahahaha

    • Can we just ignore this site altogether?

      This is some real bullshit, honestly. The hand cream thing is reaching so obviously that it’s painful. That has already been disproved, since Bangtan was putting out Hip Hop Monster hand cream before Big Bang did, and EXO has put out hand cream as well but you don’t see DMS accusing them of plagarism too. As far as “faking records” go, this article only proved ONE misconception and that was based on the exclusion of the word “group.” Also, saying that their handlers “blamed it all on the award show” makes it sound like you’re trying to incriminate Bangtan when they had no involvement in the picture at all. Instead, you imply that BigHit paid people to take down their allegations of plagiarism when there is absolutely no evidence. This article doesn’t rely on facts, it patches together rumors and presents them in a suggestive manner in order to get clicks. Don’t fall for this shit again, guys. Report it to BigHit and walk away.

    • #RespectBTS_theydeserve

      That’s Right ! This is pathetic. Before posting an article about a kpop group, search first. Everything you said here has no basis. Do not throw hypotheses without even having a truth in your words. Usually when we writing an article, we have to be objective and not express such a disrespectful opnion.

      PS: Everyone knows that PSY is the artist number one and that BTS one of the best at moment in the k-pop group category. This emphasis was unnecessary. #RespectBTS_theydeserve

      And I just read some of your articles, and realized that many are negative comments about BTS. Do you see anything good in this group? if it is, it does not seem to.

    • Anonymous

      Thats right i was going to comment the same…bts is a group and pay is a solo artist..

    • Crn

      Pressed much? Just accept the reality, they aren’t as big as their fans make them.

    • proud army

      now they see that bts are like rising they make fake articles do they even know how hard they worked

    • luna

      For me, bts’s main competitor is big bang due to the fact that they have the same genre and target market, and they do copy a lot of big bang’s promotional strategy, but I don’t blame bts for that the real culprit is the management bighit, they don’t what we so-called originality/ uniqueness

    • S. M. Silva

      True that, I absolutely agree with this comment. Yes PSY is a K pop idol, but he’s not in a band which makes him irrelevant in this argument. So, if you really want to start this fight, please stay within the facts don’t make up complete bullshit. Ans whoever wrote this comment, thank you so much for saying this!


      You’re right. This people know nothing about kpop and they are writing a stupid article smh


    Can you take this article out. Is misinformed and annoying to army. He said that the fandom VIP are exo fandom? Do some research before trying to diss our boys.

    • Anonymous

      VIP are the BigBang fandom, and EXO-L are the EXP fandom. They were used in different contexts, so the article was right about the fandoms. BTS is my favorite group, but no fandom should have to deal with these kinds of accusations and the fanwars need to stop now.

  3. Gtfo

    Wtf dude what are you high on?
    You’re giving me second hand embarrassment here.

  4. Anon

    You don’t seem to understand the word ‘research’ and if all your accusations were true, then Netizens would have pointed it out way before your non-descript career. Besides, you can’t even tell the difference between BIGBANG and EXO lol

  5. Tanys

    They aren’t talking abput solo acts (PSY) but only kpop bands.

    • Get your facts right

      Billboard said it was the fastest rising kpop video for a group. Pls get yr facts right. N dude BigHit never organises what goes on at Music Shows, they only give the ideas. Gaon Chart were the ones used No Signal previously for BigBang, n BTS have cleared their name, which is y the producer deleted her post. The handcreams were not part of BigHit, but the company that made products for other kpop grps. U r srysly a BTS anti aren’t you? And you don’t even know what is going on. I’m feel so sry for the existence of this entire website omg

      • Potato

        Not to mention that bts had a different hand cream before bigbangs

  6. Anon

    Wow, this article sure vindicates you from the last time you “took the bait.” Maybe it’s not that BigHit has some nefarious plan but that publications like this one and others can’t be bothered to do due diligence and research something before they publish it.

  7. maitha

    omg don’t you feel ashamed to write such an article

  8. U dont need to know

    You guys firstly dont know the difference between exo and big bang
    Second thing is which group doesn’t want to promote itself exo also came up with the idea of handcreams and so did big bang
    Dude like the comments before u actually need to do some research…. we army guys dont want any fandom war we love exo and bigbang and psy too its just that we love bts a bit more….. stop sowing seeds for war between the fandoms we support bts,exo ,bigbang even psy actually we support every kpop group we respect them all stop your unnecessary accusations…..
    -Bts’s Army
    -Big bang’s V.I.P.


    so stupid, i just got second hand embarrassment and i don’t even knew you 🙁 please do some research, somehow pathetic.

  10. Joke

    I truely believe you are the biggest joke of your industry lol..???

    You don’t even know what’s the meaning of “kpop group” and “individual”???

  11. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, it’s not EXO it’s Big Bang, you are all right to correct me on that silly, silly mistake. I really needed an extra proof-reading (and to finish my cup of coffee!) I’ve hopefully updated everything so that it will not be confusing. Sorry about that stupid error!

    • John Moher

      A mistake, but this article feels biased against BTS, who have done nothing wrong so far (and this is coming from a VIP). The article seems to make large leaps without ample evidence (“the group was found to directly copy their pre-show” especially, as the pre-show for BTS included extra clips while TOP’s did not. The handcream issue is simply ridiculous – EXO and BTS released handcreams through the same company, and BIGBANG is not concerned with either. This isn’t plagiarism, it’s advertising. There was no need to post an article like this unless as a writer you need articles to go viral. If that is the case, so be it. However, this is a surefire way to anger many fans of the involved groups.

    • Really?

      Maybe apologize for spreading false info too? Bts had personalized hand cream before bigbang and the T.O.P was confirmed that bts and bighit didn’t even know about the set and rehearsed without it. You seriously hate bts huh? Just don’t write articles from now on.

      • Fuck Off ARMY's BTS sucks

        correction, you idiot,keep up with the news. bighit has confirmed that they indeed had taken it from Bighit. Not to mention that Not Today is a ripoff

        • Why do you hate?

          What song, according to you, did they “rip it off” from? Kindly provide some solid evidence before jumping to conclusions.

        • You're entitled garbage

          SM was once a noob too so your comment is fucking garbage. We all have different taste in music. Get a grip and face reality, no one is always gonna like what you like, sweaty.

    • Anon

      Excuse me? With your apologize it aint gonna stop..! BTS worked hard to their way to top! Articles like this is only going to make em feel bad and sad! You’re obviously an hater..why cant you people leave them alone!? They work really hard and all you do is make articles like this sitting behind a screen in an air conditioned room! This article is also shame to V.I.Ps, exo-ls. You make their fandoms look awful through the eyes of some armys….stop starting fanwars and stop posting articles like this… Not only about bts..about every kpop group who work hard

    • yougotnojams

      it just proves that you don’t know anything lmao. what is your problem with BTS to make a fake article like this? you’re the only one who are accusing here. very funny. oh my ghaad i hate druggss

    • Mouya

      This whole article is a mistake cause PSY is a solo artist who had the fastest rising kpop video…but when it comes to kpop boy groups it is BTS…..

      Im sorry u r going to get so much of hate…RIP

    • Anon

      Oh yes because apologizing for a mix up seems like the correct approach but completely dismissing this entire article that personally attacks the group and their valid achievements isn’t. Your sense of logic is skewed, and honestly, if your only goal was to gain negative attention to boost your incorrigible attitude towards others whose milking money left and right, then that is a pathetic state I wouldn’t dare succumb to in my own time.


      I think u know all about kpop especially abt BTS n ARMYS n since BTS r currently popular u r using their name as bait so that people will read ur blog. What a pathetic website n writer. Write something useful n do us a favour by not writing anymore abt Kpop cos sooner or later karma is gonna hit u…what if one of us report u to Bighit n then get u into trouble? do u think u can avoid it ? So apologize before ARMYS EXOL n VIPS takes hand into their matter. U r wannabe writer with no creative mind n create confusion in people n always wanna update…as if that is gonna erase abt ur previous bashing to the idol groups. Always repeating the same damn old articles u wrote n dragging the name of BTS EXO PSY n BIGBANG into shame…u have no source of income n live a pathetic life writing pathetic things in a confident way as if ur jealous of BTS achievements while u rot while trying to come up with new ideas. Just write something n stop embarassing urself.

      • Paul you wasted my time

        This guy has issues and all his articles are 99.999% dedicated to bashing bts
        Just don’t even bother wasting your time reading his stuff

    • PNGTKA

      Your whole article was an error! You don’t need an extra proof-reading bec in the first place all you have written in this article was wrong. Just admit it that you’re an anti.

    • Ashr

      Cunt… Get your facts straight before writing an article… Psy is an Individual artist and BTS is a group. Did u check really the billboard charts? Digital artists charts world wide and more? I have screen shots and links if u like!

    • Sabrina

      Bighit never lied… BTS had the most music video views in 24 hrs for a GROUP, and Psy is a SOLO artist. Huge difference, especially in Korea. Also, even Gaon themselves declared that Bighit did not even see the stage before performing…Gaon prepares all the artists’ stages for them. And T.O.P wasn’t even the first one to use that stage theme…if you search online there are many many people before him who used that stage and no one is bashing him for it. Even T.O.P has realized that it was a baselss accusation and has deleted his Instagram post, so why can’t you do that too? Trying to accuse others of being gullible when you are the most gullible of them all… Well, either you’re extremely gullible or you’re an anti-BTS troll.

      • Sabrina

        And the hand cream thing is fucking ridiculous. First, it was EXO, not Bigbang that released hand creams. Second, the company that makes those hand creams specifically sponsors idols who are very famous, and BTS recently blew up after their WINGS album in October, so it makes sense that they’re going to release hand creams now. Please do your fucking research before throwing all these accusations out there. You’re just making yourself look stupid…haters gonna hate.

    • get your fact straight

      u need to reflect & educate yourself how to write good article. dont try to ruin any idols image just becuse you want some attention

    • XXX

      Thank you for this article. I’m glad that someone addressed this issue about fake media play.
      Bts’ teenage fans will hopefully open their eyes someday.


      Seriously BRUH…..¨When the group’s ‘Not Today’ surged to nearly 12 million views in under 24 hours, Billboard declared it the fastest-rising Kpop video in history. Actually, they took it a step further by declaring the video ‘the most-viewed video in a 24-hour period,’ all of which turned out to be wild exaggeration.¨ okay they probably lied about that but everyone in any industry at least had lied before it´s nothing new….for example proactive (I heard hundred of reviews that say that proactive sucks, they gave a false advertisement) yet your here saying something that probably everyone is used too…but giving false advertisement is what industries do…and that´s something you can´t criticize when you bring unrelated studio topics that no one cares about anymore…and i´m sure you even said something that false *Cough* Someone was gonna take legal charges on *Cough* rap monster because of copyright infringement *Cough* that had happend 2 years ago *Cough* (Again I love another BOY BAND WAY MORE THAN BTS but i´m not afraid to stand up to someone that makes an article or says something that tries to make someone else look bad when almost everyone has done it)

    • WHAT THE HELLL>>>>

      What the hell happened to my comment I commented and its not here anymore!!!


        Wait never mind I found it…(Stupid Moment)

  12. Faith

    Why this is so unprofessional! BTS don’t spread false information and they don’t plagiarize. I have been with BTS for 3 years yet i didn’t find a flaw. It’s not Bangtan’s fault about the plagiarizing, it was gaon! the VIPs even ask for forgiveness. Be more careful of your news please. It hurts me as a fan

  13. sabeina

    so stupid, i guess you are trying to bring hate to BTS since i saw another of your article who is dissing at BTS.

  14. J

    Ew, dude. You are officially the worst. Shame on you. As an attorney, i’ll
    tell you, you are close defamation.

  15. Mel

    I really really really hope wish and pray that bighit starts to sue this low quality reporter and site. this is pathetic tabloid reporting bordering on defamation. actually this is plain defamation. omg…I dont know what to feel as a reader, second hand embarrasment or anger towards the writer. what kind of journalism is this? this is…smh.

    • k

      kind of hectic to see the article is the top of the google search, whatever people think, i think the hater making accusing more, by the way, so most of all making confusion. BTS is the beating their own record, expanding and improving over years. i also Army, kind of VIP al well…

  16. Mel

    either this paul resnikoff is a con man pretending to be a journalist, or just a plain BTS hater who uses this site to write libelous articles against BTS, or paid writer by antifans. readers please choose. I think all three of the above.

    • k

      yeah. Theyre just bite, to swallow the fact, while making people underate BTS.

  17. Anonymous

    Dude seriously you just combined the previous articles you wrote to make this one.

  18. Really?

    Seriously what the fuck? This is as retarded as it gets. Do you seriously think bighit would pay someone to do this? And the hand cream thing? Bts had personalized hand cream before bigbang plus the whole T.O.P stage thing was confirmed to be gaon’s fault and they admitted that bts rehearsed without the set so they didn’t know about it. You seriously spread false info just to bring down bts’ image.

  19. Bulletproof Army

    I can’t believe you haven’t taken out this article. Defamation is a crime. I know you a journalist, but you have taken it to far. Wow have a piece of work you are.

  20. Iam a looser digital music news,com

    You sucker!!! what do you get if you write this fake and meaning less articles about bts.are you really that jealous of bts popularity, you looser you should be ashamed of idiot,dumbass,stupid…
    Leave bts alone otherwise one day you will surely regret for this.
    Armys just block this site,don’t read any article from this site.

  21. Dude not cool

    Completely unprofessional. Completely biased. This page will soon get stormed with many angry k-poppers. By the way, BigHit is taking legal action against defamation and slander (among other things). Hope this gets taken down

    • GodalwaysblessBTS.

      Whatever that arlicle said i dont care all i care is that
      until the rest of my life.
      ARMY BTS Like our boys always say FIGHTING!!!

  22. Paul Resnikoff

    Hey everyone, i’m really sorry if this article pops your bubbles. But not everyone is perfect. Even BTS. No one is ‘bulletproof’ everyone is human, and idolizing people can be really dangerous. thanks for reading this article

    • Mohn

      Our concern is not that you are criticizing BTS, because let’s face it, no one is perfect. Our concern is that your article lacks facts. Yes, BTS used a similar preshow to TOP, but stating that they plagiarised is incorrect. Yes, BTS released a handcream like BIGBANG, but again this is not plagiarism. The point is that people expect evidence for claims, and there does not seem to be any.

    • Karma

      No one is saying that BTS is perfect. If fact, no one has said that at all. What we’re saying is that this is defamation and as a so called ‘journalist’ it’s really shameful that you can’t be bothered to do some proper research before publishing articles like these.

      You’re allowing your bias against bts to interfere with facts. This has been repeated over and over again by commentators in all of your other articles and judging by the fact that you leave comments such as this – this means that you’re completely aware of what people are saying. You just choose to not pay attention and continue writing these shitty sensationalist crap articles to satisfy your amusement and hatred against a group who has done nothing to you.

      You’re a sad, pathetic excuse for a journalist, Paul Resnikoff and even a sadder human being.

      Bighit has been seriously pursuing legal action against defamation – may they have mercy on your nonexistent soul.

    • wearenotindividualswearearmy

      Yay, bts are not know because of psy. BTS are know because they hungry. They make their own music. Do you know how the billboard work. Are you dumb? They have their formular to rank artist and groups. Yes, psy made kpop more popular throughout the world, but doesn’t mean that people around the world didn’t like kpop. Before psy groups like Bigbang,girls generation,2en1 and super junior were popular around the world. PSY only open the doors to people who didn’t know about kpop. Now BTS is a group that is know international, so people are streaming their music both on YouTube and Spotify. They earn to be on the billboard. You really a piece of work. Why do you think idols exist? Is to idolize them. You have no right to tell us what we can and can’t idolize.

    • Naeun Park

      Apologize to BTS publicly!!! What you just did is beyond the definition of wrong… First of all BTS broke the MOST VIEWED KPOP GROUP MV… And secondly PUBLISHING AND SPREADING OF FALSE RUMORS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS THAN IDOLIZING PEOPLE…YOU CAN GET ARRESTED TO THIS

    • Red

      Dear Paul, seriously try to get a happy life. We all know your intention is far from good. Every time I see your article with your name on it I feel pity and sorry about your so called life. Mr. Paul jealousy will get you nowhere, sadness will get you nowhere, self pity will get you nowhere. Ohh wait I believe jealousy is a good indication that you’re doing something right bec people like Paul don’t get jealous of those who are going nowhere in life. Get well soon Paul *jealousy is a disease..

    • yougotnojams

      “Hey everyone, i’m really sorry if this article pops your bubbles. But not everyone is perfect. Even BTS. No one is ‘bulletproof’ everyone is human, and idolizing people can be really dangerous. thanks for reading this article”

      what’s the point of saying these when the one you posted literally has no connection with these? lmao .

      you say even BTS is not perfect and no one is?
      you said it yourself . which means even PSY NOR EXO NOR BIGBANG IS NOT PERFECT. DID YOU ALSO MADE A STUPID ARTICLE LIKE THIS DURING PSY, BIGBANG, EXO’s exploding success?? DOn’t tel me you only did this to BTS.

    • Mel

      lol, you’re more fucked, justifying your own articles.. I can’t believe your nerve. regardless of being BTS fans or not, readers deserve to read legit factual, unbiased, and true reports. there is a very big difference between your defaming articles and other journalists’ legit reports. even allkpop, soompi, or koreaboo don’t have these kinds of defaming articles against BTS. when they report rumors they post factual reports after so they can rectify their mistakes and be done with it. but you, seriously…you’re continuously defaming BTS. is that your own mind or you’re actually paid by antis to run these kind of articles? are you rich by now or still want more payments? I seriously hope you got sued someday soon.

    • Not this asshat again

      Dude. I hope you know that BigHit Entertainment is taking serious action against false accusations and claims that could potentially defame BTS. In other words, they can smell bullshit from a mile away and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up with serious charges for coming up with such extreme BS like this.

      You’ve got a serious problem against BTS which is affecting the former standard of this site. Digital Music News? More like Digital Bullshit News. This isn’t a news site, this is a gossip blog.

      Paul Bullshitoff, you need to revisit college and relearn the art of journalism from the basics because evidently, you’re not aware that serious accusations as this require evidence. Your evidence has got to be the stupidest ever known the humanity.

    • Get your facts right

      The thing is that you are writing nonsense to defame BTS.

    • crab mentality

      People with crab mentality are everywhere. You can encounter them on social media, where they are always busy criticizing instead of appreciating the news and stories about the achievements of others particularly in DMN site. Mr. Paul don’t inject negative ideas to peoples heads. Do you know you have a terrible traits? Why bring others down when they are above you? This is all about Respect. Mr. Paul pls change your attitude before it’s too late.

    • Anonymous

      I honestly pity you. Try to live a good life in the future OK? Maybe research ACTUAL INFORMATION BEFORE YOU WRITE IT IN AN ARTICLE? Thank you very much. 🙂

    • Hey paul

      hey. First of all you had one it right -> BTS = group, Psy = solo individual. Do your research first, before you make an article and stop being jealous. Bulletproof boys will continue to break records

  23. nhk23

    Should i say that this article’s writer is an amateur? I understand what you trying to do with those headlines about BTS. But sorry, please try harder. So many wrong informations you got on your articles.

  24. Someone who thinks innocent people shouldn't be blamed

    This is ridiculous. Billboard made a mistake. Don’t go blaming BTS for that. And stop making accusations with your thoughts. You should have evidence, not information that Billboard had the facts wrong. We make mistakes because we’re human. Don’t act like you’re invincible. “But what are they willing to do to get there?” Really?!?!??! Honestly, I suggest you watch your words unless you want a bunch of ARMY’s(that made BTS win REAL awards) hounding you about this article with no supporting evidence. I usually don’t comment so harshly like this but I was so angered by this.

    • ........

      Billboard did not make a mistake, the person who wrote this article is saying wrong things. Billboard article never said anything about BTS being any in history actually the person who wrote this wrote an article before saying that it was a record in history not billboard. The person is delusional.

  25. Sigh..

    Dumbest article ever… if youre going to throw articles around and attempt to be respected, at least first get informed on facts, group names and categories… no wonder BTS and other kpop groups get hate… because of misinformed sites like these who throw words around

  26. nhk23

    army let’s just ignore every single of digital music’s articles from now on. their articles are nothing more than just clickbait. Thye’re (especially that author called PAUL RESNIKOFF) just trying to steal kpop fans after they know how massive kpop industry is.

  27. armysbts

    if you keep doing this to our bts know that we are not going to visit your website and we are going to do this by tell every single armys around the world.

  28. Ilsa

    Seriously? Whoever wrote this article is obviously an immature fanboy of other kpop artist. Just a typical BTS anti that will spread whatever rumors just to bring down BTS’s image. Completely unprofessional n just pathetic. I cant believe i wasted my precious time on this rubbish. ARMYs lets just block this site n spread the word.

  29. thatdot

    Actually, They are the fastest “K-pop group” in 24 hours, Psy is a solo artist he put it for best Solo Korean artist. Please look up facts before you write.

  30. BTScontinuetofly

    this article is ridiculous. made me so mad by just reading the title. it sounds like other groups are upset because bts is doing so great and they are trying to sabotage them. total lost for words. i hope the boys continue to move forward.

  31. Naeun Park

    Can you please differentiate the difference between solo acts from the group ones. I hope that you won’t regret everything you put to this article Paul Resnikoff because you don’t know who you’re against with. And also the whole hand cream thing?! What an PATHETIC EXCUSE which doesn’t have any relations to your lousy, and false info article. Other groups have their own personalized hand creams as well. You can’t just deny how successful BTS in kpop industry. And with their success they can definitely break all kinds of records in kpop industry. Even top artists around the world have witness BTS’s success.

  32. Why do I still come here

    Kpop must be the new click bait…
    DMN, hope you’re making bank off all these pointless Kpop articles. You’re probably losing readership and credibility by the day.

  33. Naeun Park


  34. Naeun Park


  35. Eomma ARMY

    And so this writer (Paul Resnikoff) is using BTS to lure readers.

    The fvck we care about your accusations…. a little too much of hater’s pedantics!

  36. yougotnojams

    Excuse me. BUT you don’t any have sources from who exactly accused?? you obviously are making your own assumption as a conclusion. and BTW EXO is a year ahead when BTS came up. So why are you bringing the award stuff between them?duhh maybe you just wanna get famous . pathetic.

  37. this article want destroy the artist in succes

    huh,, u just speak nd write carelessly,,this is not bts or their agency but u! u want to make money for u’r faking article!! so stfu wht u make about!!
    nd for visitors leave this article soon!

    • yougotnojams

      yeah we should leave right away but teach him a lesson first. lol

  38. yougotnojams

    i won’t be surprised if the next stupid rumor he’ll post is:


    LOLOLOOL.. do u even get the point? like wtf it’s Charlie Puth and who would imagine a famous hollywood celebrity like him would actually like BTS? i mean it should imply that there’s no doubt that BTS is really a cool group. If you have a problem with that then you better shut your fucking mouth because the fans will definitely course you

  39. yougotnojams

    and BY THE WAY

    I see another error seen at the very top
    it’s supposed to be :



  40. makhanghijau

    heolllllllll!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it how dare you said to BTS like that.

  41. makhanghijau

    ‘BTS Accused of Faking ‘All Time’ Records to Generate Sales’

    Paul Resnikoff taktau nak kata pa kat hang


    First of all….whoever wrote this is a Pabo (idiot)….You dumb asses dont realize that the record is for idol kpop groups not idol kpop individual, Psy is a solo artist and BTS is a Kpop male group, they hold the record for Kpop group

  43. I Love BTS

    I see….someone’s jealous of ma boys’ success

  44. Zara

    You all are really bullshits and making nonesenses. If you think you can make bts down you still sleeping. BTS is far away what you think about them. And i saw it always what you write is barabaganda and baseless news. The is no any news in Korea or international which write or agree with you. Such aloser wibsite and good for nothing at all. Go all of u who work there into you homes and wash ur dishes. They do’nt even aware what they write, one day they good article about BTS. Today they said BTS is the best and the other day BTS is the worst. Mental health nedeed workers of this wibesite. Ughhh

  45. TGR

    “DMN took the bait as well”… If you are easily misinformed, then how can you assure readers that what you have written now is reliable? Any writer knows to research first before writing.


    Hi guys, I’m appealling to anyone who will able to read this comment, please if you know how to report this site and if this is punishable by law pls report this, and can we inform people that this site also spread hate and lies, and writers who do not have an integrity. It’s such a shame for this man to go this level, maybe this is what you learned in your home. I pity you for growing up like this. You have some serious issues.

  47. fleur

    I’m gonna sue you! This article is misleading in the first place!

  48. Libby Francis

    This article is one of the worse cases of someone not doing any research before writing. I hope you dont call yourself a journalist as you have basically just stated that all the records BTS have achieved are lies and based on plagiarism,i have sent a link of this article to BigHit,as i feel they need to know that some so called journalists are slandering them as a company and BTS.I would advise you to remove this article or actually write one based on truth and with proof.

  49. Iam ashamed of my whole existence Paul reskinoff what ever

    Seriously chill dude!!!you dumbass you are the stupidest journalist I’ve ever seen in my 100% sure if you write an article again about bts,next time I’m sure armys will kick you with your clothes asshole!!!!

  50. Tss

    This is simply a show of crab mentality. Just because BTS is rising to the top, this kind of article was released. Have you ever thought that maybe this Kpop group truly deserves the title? The sudden surge of BTS stardom is not just brought by those alleged fake claims or titles. It is because they have the talent and if they are getting famous it is because people are starting to like them. There’s no point publishing this kind of article just to downgrade or pull BTS down. You may say “Oh, we’re just writing what we gathered”.
    Well, this is simply bullshit.
    Or could it be you’re writing this article just to gather attention? I wouldn’t doubt it. Huh!

  51. paul reskinoff disgrace to humanity

    OMG with all your bullshit about bts lately you look like a vindictive ex!
    Im surprised Paul Resni-fuck-koff or whatever is still an editor or so God help you

  52. paul reskinoff disgrace to humanity

    You putana !!!
    with all your bullshit about bts lately you look like a vindictive ex!
    Im surprised Paul Resni-fuck-koff or whatever is still an editor or so God help you

  53. luckyjoy

    This article is fucking liar BTS is very hardworking and talented group and they are give they very best…..
    Don’t be assuming……

  54. Colourful Souls

    Uuuuhhhmmm, they said kpop group, not individual artist.. And furthermore, billboard doesn’t just listen to numbers based on what a company claims for sales, they actually do research unlike you, and billboard chart gets its numbers from places like itunes. BTS is popular all over the world, ARMY is no joke, were everywhere- also the reason we love BTS is cuz they aren’t like most other kpop groups, they are actually original and don’t need to plagiarize anyone. They are very creative and work really hard to be where they are

  55. Come on..

    Are you serious though? You have it all wrong, man. I understand if you made a mistake not researching enough, like you said no one is perfect, but come on. This is bull and should be taken down immediately. Why don’t you take the time to research properly and maybe even try talking to the fan base a little more. You want info on BTS? ARMY knows everything. For the love of all that is holy, knock it off and delete this misinformed, misleading and untrue article.

  56. ??

    If you’re jealous because you are not getting much love as bts do, then go and love yourself.

  57. Black pink lisa

    Ok,this ia damn funny.I guess the writer of this article is so obsessed with Bts that he can’t even research well??Dear,next time you try to shade Bts AGAIN, at least get your facts right. In this way, people won’t make fun of you and your stupid mind?Anyway, thank you for making my day with this sh*t. I laughed so hard when I read all your pointless article.I didn’t know there are so many stupid people in this world.

  58. Taehyungie's bitch

    This shit is stupid as fuck leave bts alone

  59. Bullshit article

    What the fuck are u talking about. Get your facts right and dont make your acc seems that handle by a noob person. Many group has release their own handcream. Omaigad. Seriously who wrote this? I really wanna smash your face with my shoes. Really.

  60. Hater's Never Win

    This is complete nonsense clearly, the writer of this article barely even cared to research the right facts to prove their point. This article was just made to hate on BTS. These so-called “facts” don’t prove much of your point, they just proved how idiotic the writer is. Obviously, PSY is a SOLO K – Pop singer, not a K – Pop GROUP. The time and effort the writer put into research were completely 0. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. This goes to show how haters will never win.

  61. Armyrou

    Haters gonna hate and we don’t care ^^ You are just trying to find any reason for their major popularity,It is because ARMY loves them ^^ So stop being jealous it will make you ill ^^

  62. Stupid article

    Stop being obsessed by dragging them go down???They won’t you ill people! 😀 It looks like a baby wrote this article !!????I am laughing hard i swear

  63. The B.S. Allstar

    This site is going to shut down real quick lol. Guys just report it to Bighit. Digital Music will face a lawsuit soon

  64. Enraged Human Being

    Next time you make an article make sure you actually have your facts straight. They broke the record for GROUP not solo and PSY is a soloist. You clearly didn’t expect AMRY’s to come on here and yell at you did you? So many different artists sell handcreams, so it’s nothing different. You clearly don’t know a thing about Kpop if you manage to confuse Bigbang with EXO. I don’t “idolize” BTS in fact I would say all these things if this was another group. Next time actually get real facts before making false accusations. As an ARMY and VIP I’m thoroughly offended and so are the many other people reading this article.


  65. stupid writer

    dear who are you?? And what is your problem with BTS? First of all you seriously need to get your facts right before writing up an article full of crap. You’re going to get a lot of hate. I mean really BTS is no doubt the biggest K-pop band and you need to shut the hell up okay.

  66. Feeling annoyed

    Are you being paid by haters or what to write such b**lsh*t article like this??! These people just cant see others being successful. For goodness sake please jebal leave BTS alone *sigh*

  67. nina

    i can not understand why you’re trying to show them bad

  68. cc

    This dude just wants to be infamous. He’s the same guy who wrote the article about BTS’ plagiarism. The f*** man! Haven’t you learned your lesson.

  69. Anna

    This whole article is the definition of stupid, like why the f**k would you want to take down a bunch of seven lovable kids who have done nothing but been kind to everybody around them. For the love of God, the media needs to put a lid on it’s idiocy.

  70. nara

    1. they broke record for the most viewer kpop group ,PSY is not a group.
    2. Gaon Apologizes For BTS .Gaon has released a statement apologizing for the incident on their official homepage. -_-

  71. What a shame!

    5 negative articles on BTS in 21 days!…What a shame for this world to have such a biased and unprofessional publisher like you????

  72. Paul Resnikoff

    I guess I’m SMH, wondering where you guys are when Digital Music News writes overwhelmingly positive articles about BTS?

    For example, we discussed their sold-out world tour, their brilliant innovation to work around China, their collaboration with Wale, plus their groundbreaking success with ‘Not Today’.

    Sorry guys, not every article about BTS is going to be 100% glowing and positive. Maybe realize that sometimes there will be people criticizing and questioning. Maybe learn to see the different arguments and sides to a topic.

    Try it?

    • Source?

      So, from which source did you exactly get that bts are fabricating awards? You can at least provide us that if you are so sure of your information.

    • Fact checking

      Fact checking!!!

      It’s a shame you being a founder and publisher don’t understand the importance of fact checking before you write. You mentioned “Now, speculation is centering around whether the group and its label, Big Hit Entertainment, are feeding gullible magazines like Billboard with fake achievements”

      Did you ever contact BigHit or Billboard for their response? Isn’t that a basic requirement your professor taught when you in college?

      Take the latest Allkpop (considered to be the worest media) article on “Produce 101 season 2” bullying issue, they, have at least contact Mnet for response.

      I really considered you are the WOREST…

    • Jannee

      You know what? Your shit opinion need to be flushed in the toilet bowl. Your opinion is just like the trousers to my arms, the fork to my coffee, the soap to my teeth, the watermelon to my feet, the strawberries to my pizza– I guess you know what I mean. U.S.E.L.E.S.S. Yeas, useless. Your opinion is useless. I guess some newborn baby will laugh at you for your stupidness. My advice, do keep your stupidness till you die.

    • No need to know my name

      So digital music news make ”fake article” so people wanna Read it? Aww what a dirty way to get attention. They know BTS are popular now. When are they when BTS not popular? Sleeping???? They should make sure that their article are true, not saying all shit.

    • BTS

      Positive articles? Damn you are just stupid and this article you wrote about the tour too. You said they sold concerts base on lies. Wow you really are something man. Get your facts right and stop making bias articles.

    • Humanity

      You’re not satisfied that your ‘positive’ articles don’t get enough attention so turning your website into a unreliable source that writes lies to get money, I hope when you get sued you’ll have enough money

    • Anonymous

      There’s a huge difference between fact-based journalism/reporting and what you’re doing – fabricating, crossing all sorts of lines of integrity, and making defamatory, baseless accusations, all for a few clicks. And unless you are a child, you know exactly the difference. No one is buying the whole “guys, it’s not me – it’s BTS. They aren’t perfect” argument. You’re intentionally being inflammatory, either for attention or as part of some weird personal agenda against BTS. Either way, I sincerely hope BH is able to make a case of defamation against you (all of the elements for a cause of action are there).

    • Sara

      Lol so the lack of interest in “good articles” about BTS it’s why you decided to jump on the hate wagon so you’re articles stay relevant? Pathetic.

  73. The funniest

    “All slights aside, Kpop superstars EXO ended up winning the award for most popular Kpop group in 2016, a prize that BTS hopes to wrest away this year. But what are they willing to do to get there?”

    You really sound like BTS will do whatever dirty to get the most popular Kpop award….


    Don’t you not know the big awards (Daesang) of Korea Kpop industry are actually “Artist of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year” ???

    BTS took home both “Artist of the Year” from MAMA 2016 and “Album of the Year” from Mnet award and of course other industry recognition awards…

    BTW, did you interview BTS? Did Rap Mon or Bighit told you they are hoping to take home the so call “Most popular Kpop group” award instead of the Daesang?

  74. Jannee

    Ermm. So if my television shows this ‘No Signal’ thing, is my television plagiarize BigBang’s concept too? I mean, my television always show that ‘No Signal’ thing and when I read this and the one you said about BTS plagiarizing BigBang’s concept, I think maybe my television plagiarized it as well.

    Sorry but not sorry. I’m not some shit that you can make me 0% – 100% believe this shit of yours. Make sure to shit in the toilet bowl. You make my screen dirtier than my shit, you shithead. Please don’t just shit everywhere you want. We’re not your maids to pick your shit up. Oh, one more thing. Do flush your shit after you shitting. The smell of your shit could cause air pollution. I’m feel sorry for the children who breathing your shit smell. Thank you very much for reading my eassay. I do appreciate it.

  75. Teresa

    “Meanwhile, other ‘alternative facts’ started creeping into the picture. After the group was found directly copying its pre-show video from rival group Big Bang, BTS’ handlers blamed the whole thing on the awards show. Somehow, the organizers at the Gaonchart Music Awards were the culprits, a perfect behind-the-scenes scapegoat.”

    Are you accusing BTS forced Gaon to be a behind-the-scenes scapegoat? Did Gaon told you that or it’s purely your own opinion?

    Did you see the official statement issued by Gaon?

    Of course, you are not! You are busying with your coffee, writing biased articles and also too lazy to do research on facts. It’s ok, I’ll share you the one reported by Soompi dated 23 Feb to save your time.

  76. No need to know my name

    The one who is fake is this article. What a trash article u published. BTS success because all their hard work. And all records they broke are real, army and bts work for it. We are not sleeping like u. Where are u when BTS not popular??? When they having their success u come to make them down. Army not gonna let that happen. Just delete this rubbish article.

  77. just wondering

    Have you ever said anything positive about anybody?

  78. well?

    you got what you wanted right? you managed to sensationalize this article.
    have some respect and decency. also do check the facts before you write something.

  79. Irritated ARMY

    Can we please do something about this site? We managed to take down sites before, we can do it again. I’m so tired of their bullshit, I’m waiting for BigHit to sue them with their ‘news’. BigHit already said that they would sue anyone who try to defame BTS, and that they need our help to gather data. They have started the procedures and investigations against antis and trolls in the internet.

    So guys, please collect (screenshot) every article this site ever made about BTS with even one hint of a lie, then send it to BigHit’s email address:

    Let BigHit sue them.

  80. BTSinfiresme

    Bitch please!Why so jealous?If you can appreciate them and their works don’t degrade or insult them ok?live and let live….and ya FYI PSY is an individual artist and he is not in a group or something so STOP the comparison….This article is so freaking annoying and totally irritating…..And ya there is no rule in the world that only BIGBANG has the right to sell hand creams….BTS is doing it for their fans a nd so why are you so jealous about it
    ……You totally sound like a pretentious ass hole here!

  81. Irritated ARMY

    Hey, guys. I’m so tired of this site’s attention-seeking articles. As a college student studying Journalism, this is a really big disgrace. And their excuse is, BTS isn’t perfect or ‘bulletproof’? That’s why you published such an article with NO basis? I don’t think so. There’s at least called ethical journalism, and I didn’t see it anywhere in this article.

    Do you think we don’t know BTS isn’t perfect? Majority of us are fans because we love and we relate to their music, they might not be perfect and they make mistakes. But for you to try to defame their achievements with ‘mere speculations’ & fake Tweet ‘sources’? Isn’t that too much?

    I can’t even count how many basic info and things you got wrong, not just about BTS, but also about other groups. Which is plain disappointing. Are you sure this is a music ‘news’ site? At least try to get to know the people you’re writing about. Especially about BTS. They might be famous but that’s no reason for you to drag them down. Unlike any mainstream artists, they worked hard to be where they are. Do you think it’s easy to learn all those hard-hitting choreographies? How many injuries they had? How one of them even ran away from home at 17 just to pursue music? They’re not heroes, they are humans. And they don’t deserve to be put down by ‘journalists’ like you.

    ARMYs who will be reading this on this comment on this site and on Twitter… we managed to take down websites before, and we can do it again. Remember BigHit’s official statement last year about suing Internet trolls and defamation attempts against BTS? Well, this news site has published enough defamation articles for it to be valid. Please screenshot every defaming article about BTS and send it to BigHit’s email address:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s repetitive, the more reports, the better. BigHit already started procedures and investigations towards the people we previously reported (as said in their January statement), just add this one.

    And to the ‘journalist’ behind this, I don’t know what kind of hatred or basis you have behind your ‘articles’, but please don’t give journalists any more bad rep to the people that’s gonna read this. At least Koreaboo and Allkpop try to be more discreet with their defamation tactics, that’s why we can’t take down the two.

    Good luck.

  82. Facts what are facts

    “Actually, DMN took the bait as well. In our coverage of the surging ‘Not Today,’ we also declared it to be the fastest-rising Kpop video in a 24 hour period”

    You took the bait, but BTS are to blame xd

    “February saw two K-pop acts break YouTube records” – it’s not a singer, an artist, its an ACT. It’s a word for a group of performers in English, you know. So, you turn out to be either dyslexic or you are not proficient in English

    “After the group was found directly copying its pre-show video” – Would you be so kind to provide proof of plagiarism, please. After that could you please provide proof of plagiarism by the group called BTS. But I guess, you can’t do it, because you know only the word ‘accusation’. You’d better look up the word ‘argument’ in a thesaurus

    But you did well as a representative of yellow press – you published an ungrounded negative article and attracted readers, I give you credits for that

    Sorry bae. Aim, fire and… fail


    GIVE US A PROOF THAT WHAT YOU’RE BLABBERING IN THIS ARTICLE ARE TRUE!!!!! You went beyond the article that you wrote. What you are defending now is far beyond from your original article that you wrote against BTS!!!!!!

  84. Not Today

    You must be really happy seeing that there are more than a hundred comments for this article. Other non-bts related articles barely have comments. Is this your way to get readers? Spreading false information? You think we’re easily fooled? No, NOT TODAY.

    • Not Today

      *Other non-bts related articles which you have written

  85. Clever girl

    Nonsense. Fans keep streaming Spotify, iTunes for BTS to be in Billboard chart. Do you think, just spreading rumors or creating fake records can make this group be in billboard??? So stupid..


    this is so rude. have you ever thought of the funs who stay up all night to make BTS reach millions and millions of views? my god, how is that fake?! Youtube even had an error and the views froze!!!

    I don’t even know why you call yourself a journalist/writer with the way you write. Do you eve have ethics? This isn’t news, this is tabloid or trashtalk or rumour or just a hate blog. The way you write it is so rude. Please make extensive researches and try to get inside the ARMY world to know what’s really happening.

  87. Maggie

    Everyone calm down. He is creating the fake results and is stirring up “fake” news create more attention for BTS. We should just be thanking him.

  88. Anonymous

    OMG!!!!! come on HaTer” Leave BTS BANGTAN SOYEONDAN Alone, your only making OUR BOYZ STRONGER TO SLAY and you will hurt more and more then you will Write more stupid articles. YOU NEED HELP. BTS AND ARMYS KAEP JJANG!!!! Brrhhuuu

  89. Paul Resnikoff

    Sorry ARMY: looks like someone was plagiarizing that intro on Gaonchart Music Awards. What is BTS? Maybe, maybe not.

    Maybe they went too far this time. I wasn’t there, but I know that there are a lot of angry people, who are not really happy with the answers.

    Nobody’s perfect. Remember that.

    • Whatafuckingidiot

      So you write your articles base on angry fans. Yay are you a journalist that just write base on bullshit.

    • no to fandom war!!!!!

      do u have some kind of personal grudge against them…?
      YES i believe…. i not only support bts but all the kpop groups say it big bang or exo….
      please stop creating fandom wars Mr.Paul with all due respect

    • Good luck to you

      Now I know why your readership is relatively low compared to your rivals. You just don’t even qualify to be there!

      Gaon has already release official statement to apology but you still acussing BTS that
      “Maybe they went too far this time”

      I am pretty sure you will always be the loser if you keep this direction.


    • .............

      Nobody’s perfect but you’re not even a decent human being.

    • Twisted Logic

      Pftt… “Maybe they went too far this time. I wasn’t there, but I know that there are a lot of angry people, who are not really happy with the answers.”

      So many angry people about the plagiarizing incident means BTS was plagiarizing?

      How about in your case? Many people are pissed off with your article. If we follow your logic, it means that whatever you have written here is really not true. I mean, I’m not sure where you got the information to write this article, “but I know that there are a lot of angry people, who are not really happy” with this article.

    • Angry people

      Breaking News : Paul Resnikoff Accused of Spreading Fake Rumours….

      There are a lot of ANGRY PEOPLE, who are not really happy with his rumours.

    • Defaming journalism

      Well it seems like you are the one who idolize PSY and Big Bang. And we are not idolizing BTS. We admire them being humane rather than being too perfect. That’s what make them popular and their authentic take to their story. And do you even know how to write article? You just throw facts on us to sensationalise your article and that’s it. Writing post on stupid things on plagiarising hand cream concept, no signal concept…idiotic.

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure you are a journalist? All of your articles are clearly opinionated, and are targeting innocent people (BTS in this case) It really disgusts me that you tell us they are not perfect, even though I wouldn’t even consider you trash. The next time you write an article, try to research the facts beforehand. Thanks a whole lot Paul Resnikoff, I hope Bighit sues you 🙂

  90. This shit

    What the heck is this??this shit…how can they compare BTS with Psy ??Just leave BTS alone and stop spreading these fake rumours….we aint gonna stay quiet..

    • your butt

      yuss it surely is fake…we worked so hard to stream day and night this shit …..

  91. Anonymous

    I really love how the publisher of this article is refusing to acknowledge the fact that they didn’t even properly research their dang facts and yet this Paul guy is consistently stating how nobody is perfect. Yeah we know no duh. What’s irritating us is that your facts are crap, there’s difference between group and solo artists and different awards for it. As a part of the kpop world nobody is accusing BTS of feeding fake facts to the music awards companies people are only accusing them of plagiarism. You’re coming up with this whole controversy on your own. You don’t sound too professional by responding to these comments with “SMH” are you? I’m not even an ARMY in case your wondering. I hope you see how much trouble you’ve caused by making this article and denying it has any issues. I hope you know that you’ve offended many MANY people. You’ve made a horrible mistake so just live up to it like an actual journalist would.

  92. BTS Infires Me

    Haha I feel so embarrassed for you Paul by reading this article. Next time check your facts before posting crap. If your wondering why ARMY are so upset with this article is because you’re saying that ARMY did not give BTS all those views and we didn’t work hard to help them. You’re ignoring the fact that so many of us have stayed up very late in the night to watch them, that many of us are forced to face ridicule from KPOP haters just so we can support BTS. You say that instead BTS has “gone too far” and is using music companies to gain fame. Where are you getting your facts from? You keep on dodging that question as to where your credible sources arrive from. I bet your real happy about these 100+ comments are you? ARMY and Bighit have taken down articles and websites before and we most certainly can do it again. You’ve offended loads and people and that’s most definitely not “real journalism”. You’re a disgrace.

  93. Your Mother

    You know, believe me BTS has a whole series of songs only for you. Rejoice and listen to all the CYPHERS! They are dedicated to you! ^^

  94. Zainy z

    All haterssssss … Our (army) work has already be done by our boys (bts) go and listen to cyper part 1,2,3 abd crow-tit… You will get your answer…. Our boys are breaking records and you guys are talking about this shit…. Listen up… This article and haters comment are of no use now…. So go and try hard to make your bias group to break records… Or tell us , we will teach you how to be a great fandom????

  95. Here's this shit again!

    Granted they are the paid haters of bts other wise each and every article I saw of BTS by digital music I only saw/bashing. Or are you using reverse psychology that writing trash about bts will make army’s react to you and then you make another trash article about them to defame BTS. Ridiculous. That only count you as an attention seeker.

  96. Stop making BTS seem like a bad group -_-

    Where do you get your information from buddy cuz this is just all wrong ?

  97. Maia

    Where do you get your information from buddy cuz this is just all wrong ? Do your research b4 you write Bs

  98. Chastity

    Interesting article. You should also write about how bighit’s design team copies other more successful groups and companies by using the exact same ideas shortly after other groups have. They truly plaigarize more innovative groups. Also, bighit overships their albums and forces BTS to have 20 fansigns because they can’t sell a lot of albums without them. BTS will always be a second rate group. It’s sad.

    • Chastity my foot

      Oh here come the defence lawyer of the shit writer. A person who don’t know the meaning of plagiarism, came to write on a plagiarism blog.
      As it goes haters gonna hate cause haters are born to hate people. And they held fan sign because of their immense fan following not for being second rate. If any one is second rate here is haters and shit load of trash blogs like this. For plagiarism I don’t know but this site will be sued by Bighit if they don’t stop this bullshits.

  99. Eileen

    Good article. BTS is overrated trash. Their songs sound like badly mixed versions of popular western songs. It’s embarrassing. And they can’t sing for shit.

    • Eileen the trashy cruel alien

      Embarrassing! Wow! If you hate BTS so much why bother listening to them. So that you could just troll them and defame them? That sick,real sick. Funoy part is you hate them yet you listen to them…hate or not you still listened to them. If not heard of their song yet you heard their name…so here the real winner is BTS…you should listen to your voice before you criticise other.

  100. Katie

    Good job Paul. Now reach out to Jeff Benjamin from billboard and tell him to stop sucking bts’ dicks from the back. They’re a shitty group full of ugly boys.

    • Katie being shitty

      That proves you are a homophobe and can only think of dicks and think that is the only way to be on top. And that seriously describes your mentality..

  101. fuck the plagiarism-boys

    Your best article yet. that bst group aint shit to the korean comunity so they try to stay relevant by copying huge groups like exo and big bang. They even faked records omg exo ,,the biggest korean group,, and ,,triple million seller,,cant relate.

    • A not stupid ARMY who caught on

      Haha you’re so funny cause you’re probably the same person who posted those two other comments right above just under a different name. Next time at least try to post on different days. Whatever fandom you’re a part of then you’re a fake of that fandom because you can only be a real fan if you don’t hate other groups like this. Welcome to KPOP, hope you learn your lesson 😉 If you hate BTS then you must’ve had no life because you took the time to scroll through over 10 articles of Paul’s just to find this article to hate on by BTS XD
      Desperate much…
      Sorry ARMY are only laughing at you.

  102. Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha sorry antis all your mean words won’t affect us in any way. I’m happy seeing you guys here coz it means u’ve been checking all BTS negative and positive post because they are becoming a threat to your biases hahaha!!! It shows how desperate you all are.

  103. Anonymous

    At least BTS writes/produces their own songs than being some company’s produced puppets whose job is to generate profits or else replaced .

  104. Elena

    Paul, please do not tell me you went to college just for this. You are a grown man, aren’t you embarrassed trying to create revenue for your low budget website by slandering a kpop group constantly? Was your ex girlfriend a fan of theirs and now you’re a bitter old man? I have second hand embarrassment.

    Anyways, lets send these to Bighit everyone. Let’s make sure old Paul here never gets to write another one of his high school equivalent journalist ‘articles’, if you can even call it that.

    Good luck Paul!


    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! take down this article right now. It’s not reliable much more accurate.

  106. Verify Your Humanity before post stupid shit

    Shitty article but here’s some attention

  107. nicole

    As far as i know, Psy’s Gentleman generated 100 milliom views in 4 days, not 1 billion.. I suggest you publish articles based on facts, not hearsays.. Not a big fan of Kpop but i know Bangtan and BTOB..

  108. literally wtf

    hey paul??? maybe dont write about anything to do with the korean entertainment industry if you LITERALLY. KNOW. NOTHING. ABOUT. THE. KOREAN. ENTERTAINMENT. INDUSTRY. holy shit i cant even comprehend the stupidity and unfair bias in this article. fact check next time you write an article, ESPECIALLY when you are clearly trying to defame a group. thankyou and goodbye.

  109. Typical Black K-Pop Fan

    Paul you jealous wannabe, if you wanted recognition, you could of asked for it properly. BTS work for their fans, awards ,and Money, AND THEY DESERVE EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. If you have a problem with that… GET THROUGH THE BTS ARMY FIRST!!! We declare war.

  110. pissed of army

    look up the facts before you actually start accusing bts of spreading fake news.
    stop being so biased it’s clear and no real writer would write like that

  111. Audrey

    Get some help you little piece of shit. BTS are the real mvps. Back the fuck off , just because of you retarded haters earth is a terrible place. Stop bashing bts you fake ass. If you really hate bts that much why dont you go and jump off a cliff.

  112. Sorry not sorrg

    Im laughing so hard while reading this ???? the author is obviously a anti-bts. I know tabloids author like you want to be famous but btch u need to research too so other articles of bts success will slap you in da face. Cant distinguish a GROUP and a SOLOIST. Poor baby ??. I bet reading all this comment makes you cry wants to go home and drink milk from your mama. ??

  113. Mara

    Most viewed video in 24 hour for a BOY GROUP you moron . Do your reseach fist.

  114. Norzham Sarangani



    Seriously you should stop writing such bs. You have freedom of press or whatever, but this is defamation. For the sake of clicks don’t write something that can hurt others. Get your facts straight. I’m not an old ARMY but even I know what you have said in your BTS related articles is bs. Your articles are 1% fact and 99% exaggeration n lies. Try to be a better person and a better reporter.


    This article is so misleading. Let’s just appreciate their music, its good music to be honest. Yes PSY broke a record but the record BTS broke was for a KPOP GROUP. PSY is one man, not a group. You can post what you want but we know the truth. BTS and BigHit entertainment would never do something like that and lie about their records and stuff.