Snoop Dogg Could Face Felony Charges After Releasing Trump Assassination Video

Snoop Dogg shooting Donald Trump in the video, 'Lavender' (Screenshot)
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It’s a brutal video featuring a mock assassination of President Trump.  Now, Snoop Dogg may be subject to Secret Service interrogations and criminal enforcement for issuing direct threats against a President.

YG scored a hit with ‘F—k Donald Trump’.  But now, Snoop Dogg has taken things to an entirely new level.  In a just-released video, the rapper flat-out assassinates Donald Trump at close range.

Updated March 15th, 7:30 am PT: Donald Trump has personally called for Snoop Dogg’s arrest and incarceration.  Details here.

In the ‘Lavender’ video, Snoop assassinates a Trump lookalike at close range.  The resulting ‘assassination’ involves a very real-sounding gunshot, but actually culminates with a giant ‘BANG’ flag.  That last decision could protect Snoop Dogg from more serious criminal ramifications.

Already, the video is going viral and drawing attention in Washington.

Just hours after its Monday release, the video crossed 1 million views.  Within hours, Republican leader Marco Rubio was excoriated Snoop Dogg in public, specifically for making threats against the Commander-in-Chief.  Others in Washington are likely to jump into the fray and demand criminal action against the rapper.

The actual assassination happens just after the 3-minute mark.  Take a look.

United States Code Title 18, Section 871

Other rappers have made threats against the President.  That includes Rick Ross, who rapped about killing Trump but didn’t face any criminal enforcement.  Similarly, Big Sean free-styled about slashing President Trump’s throat with a box cutter, but faced little scrutiny (that we know of).

But Snoop Dogg is, by far, the most high-profile rapper to make a direct threat.  And this is probably the most blatant and direct threat by a big-name rapper to date.  All of which raises the stakes on a full-blown reaction among concerned Republicans and Trump backers.

Of particular interest is Section 871 of United States Code Title 18, Section 871.  That statute classifies direct threats against a President as a Class E felony. The law specifically calls for enforcement against any individual that issues “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

Earlier Secret Service Interrogations.

Rick Ross and Big Sean aside, enforcement against rappers is happening.  ‘Lavender’ closely follows news of a Secret Service investigation against Renizance, a relatively unknown rapper (especially compared to Snoop).

That Renizance song, called ‘Trump Dies,’ contains a far-fetched and elaborate murder plot.  But, it was still enough to draw intense interrogations from federal agents, with the threat of criminal action.

More as this develops.


27 Responses

  1. Bob

    Another bullsh*t fake news headline from Paul Resnikoff and DMN. Nice click bait! Snoop Dogg does not face felony charges and you know it. The headline is not factually true.

    It’s within the realm of possibility that at some point in the future he might face charges but at this point he has not been charged with anything. Quit lying and start writing accurate headlines. Given the point you are trying to make and your penchant for sensationalism you could have at least gone with something like “Could Snoop Dogg Face Felony Charges After Releasing Trump Assassination Video?”

    • Mattyt

      All trump has to do is check this assholes tax records for the last 10 years and bingo snoop will be the clown in prison entertaining big bubba.

      • max

        Are you fucking joking? Snoop’s tax records, let’s see King Carrot’s tax records. I’m sure Snoop will be walking free and The Orange Piece of Shit will be in prison.

      • DAIL

        Im a BLACK man myself Snoop Dogg is a phony FRAUD AND HYPOCRITE hes very immature and was hanging with Donald Trump in 2003 sucking up to him now all of a sudden he does a death threat skit he has no common sense getting in trouble with the law committing blasphemy doing a gospel record his life is based two faced backstabbing . This proves the democratic party developed into uncivilized organization Maxine Waters George Soros Madonna Kathy Griffin AL Sharpton are prime examples HES JUST IGNORANT !!!!!

  2. Zachary Rock

    Change the title to say “Snoop Dogg Could Face Felony Charges…”, and then it’s an interesting article. Otherwise, it’s just misinformation.

  3. 5 cents

    How anyone likes this nasty rubbish (so called music) is beyond me..

    His over use of expletives and violent degrading imagery just repulses me.

    • Art Is Not Viewed The Same.

      Thanks for your 2 Cents, two each is own. Not everyone is going to enjoy another Man’s mothers cooking, or screwing another Man’s wife! Enjoy.

      • Infinite

        If we were talking about art ,nothing about it can be considered so.

    • max

      Then don’t listen to it. Problem solved, little snowflake.

  4. Rodney

    I think we have to think about the influence that rappers have on their audience. It is unwise to broadcast certain things because even if I don’t like Trump I don’t think violence is a solution. It will only worsen the situation.

    • AGonzales

      I think it’s more important to think about the influence that Trump has on his audience and the decline of civility, seeing as how he’s at the top of the food chain. He’s actually encouraged violence at his rallies. All Snoop did was take creative license with his art.

  5. Paul Resnikoff

    Slow down here. This is not a light-hearted, fun in the sun Snoop Dogg video. It’s a presidential assassination video. Renizance, who we previously had not heard of, was interrogated by Secret Service officials as noted above.

    Yes, Snoop Dogg *could* face charges.

  6. Shit Boy

    An class E class felony is a good day for any rapper. Talking about killing or placing a , Rap Fatwa , out on the oppressor shows the social–political maturity process of hip-hop rap music as a deeply enriched musical art form for the thumbs–up good of the community in which it originated. . .:: Literati X

    • Infinite

      Deeply enriched art form ,wow you gotta be fucked in the head ,good for the community, probably wouldn’t know art if it hit you in the face .snoop needs an extra eye hole . Also the only oppressor was just voted out of office November eigth .

      • max

        Goes to show, inbreeding inhibits sarcasm. Get a life, Cletus.

  7. 5 cents

    I think it’s sickening and this style of nasty lyrics and imagery just adds to the
    darkness that lurks in America today..

    Compare today to videos of The Soul Train TV show during the Disco Music era
    and it’s a million light years of difference..

    Soul Music / Disco Music was happy and enjoyable..

    The music by this person is completely the opposite.

    • AGonzales

      Art isn’t always supposed to be happy and enjoyable. Art is also supposed to be disturbing and make you uncomfortable. Are you a Christian? What are your thoughts on the violent art depicted in every Christian church? Jesus on the cross doesn’t exactly evoke happy and enjoyable feelings. Just sayin’. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. But some idiot dropped a whole lot of money on a Banksy piece that got shredded less than a minute after the auction. The piece was a silhouette of a girl with an umbrella that my 9 year old nephew could have done. The point is, art is subjective. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to buy it. But you can’t define whether or not it is art.

      • AGonzales

        Sorry, that last bit should have read, “You can’t define whether or not it is art for anyone but you.”

  8. Anonymous

    Nah, there’s a long history of ‘killing’ American presidents like that in art and movies.

  9. eddy

    He should already be in prison wasting away like the garbage he is 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Can’t anyone tell that Trump might have a price on his head? Like wtf man he just tear gassed immigrants that were children and one of them was a baby but sooner or later Snoop Dogg’s wish will come true. Just my opinion in my point of view.