‘Low Life’ BTS Fans Accused of Ruining KCON ’17 In Mexico

Members of Kpop group BTS, whose 'ARMY' fans were accused of jeering members of NCT 127
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Did the BTS ‘ARMY’ just ruin KCON Mexico?  That’s the accusation following a series of ugly incidents at the Kpop festival.

Are BTS fans becoming too unruly and out-of-control?  That is a serious question after ugly incidents emerged at KCON ’17 in Mexico City last weekend.

The event, one of Mexico’s first glimpses at Kpop culture, found BTS ARMYs heckling fellow Kpopers, particularly members of NCT 127.  That group isn’t as big as BTS, and is trying to gain newer fans who might like their style.  Unfortunately, that was made impossible, thanks to non-stop jeering and aggressive heckling during NCT 127’s less popular performance.

“ARMY = low life…”

Essentially, it was a nightmare scenario for the inexperienced and nervous group.  After carefully preparing multiple stages and days of grueling practice, the members of NCT 127 members were confronted by hooligan ARMYs repeatedly screaming ‘BTS!’ non-stop.  Reports of infuriated and deeply upset NCT 127 fans emerged, with a bullying ARMY mob refusing to let up.

“ARMY = low life,” one upset Kpop fan emailed DMN.  “It’s not fair to bully newer groups who are still trying to make it.  This isn’t the only time [this has happened].”

The NCT 127 group first emerged in July 2016, part of a larger NCT group signed to S.M. Entertainment.

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Other Kpop artists at KCON Mexico included Monsta X, ASTRO, Eric Nam, EXID, Infinite H, and Red Velvet.  All of those groups are considered smaller than BTS, though the Bangtan Boys actually opened up first.  The ‘reverse order’ may have been viewed as a slight by ARMY members who expected a closing slot.

“[ARMY members] act like they’re the best,” another Kpoper said.

“Maybe they forgot where they came from.”

After the ugly situation, some ARMYs claimed that the entire incident was a simple misunderstanding.  According to an apology issued by some BTS fans in Mexico, it was simply unclear that NCT 127 was in the middle of their performance.  But the jeering intensified as NCT 127 were preparing to mount their final stage, suggesting that ARMYs were simply trying to bully NCT 127 off the stage.

BTS Accused of Plagiarizing Big Bang (Again) With Customized Hand Creams

Here’s a portion of the apology.

“We thought their performance was over and that it was the turn of all artists to come on stage and say goodbye to their audience,” the statement of apology read.  “Since BTS was the first group to perform and not the last one like all ARMY fandom thought they would be, we were really confused because everything happened so fast.  I do dare say we were over excited and we really wanted to see BTS again since their stage ended so quickly.”

Reception for the apology was mixed, with some viewing the jeering as mean-spirited and intentional.

Meanwhile, BTS is moving briskly ahead with their global tour, with a successful performance in Sao Paolo, Brazil already tucked away.  Those shows are happening without incident, suggesting that ARMYs are trying to clean up their act.

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  1. makhanghijau

    Paul Resnikoff i remember you, heol…. before this BTS now Armys, Mexico Armys already apologizes, goshhh do you need to write cheap story again.

  2. Fabloid

    This is insulting.
    First of all, not ALL ARMYs were there to attend the K-CON event in Mexico.
    Which leads to my second point; calling ARMYs as lowlifes in general, is an insult to millions of people around the world. Whereas only a few tens of thousands attended the event
    Thirdly, this is one of the many articles which are considered defamation against BTS, which the reporter can be sued or legal action will be taken against.
    Fourthly – this article is a completely biased against BTS and ARMYs just like the many articles that have been written recently in the past month leading up to now.

    I am highly against being called a lowlife and articles framing BTS for incidents such as copyrighted screens, hand cream, faking records and even dragging Billboard in and calling them ‘gullible’. Are you perhaps naming your company as bigger or more reliable than Billboard? I am sure that “Digital Music News” will review this reporter who has been REPEATEDLY framing BTS as well as many people across the planet

    • >>>>>>>>>>

      Fifthly, Mexican ARMYs thought that NCT performance was over since they were speaking korean and they dont understand

      • Anonymous

        The performance over? Even BTS is the first group perform their song? So KCON hire others group for being a backup?

    • Accused as a LOW LIFE

      woww….i can say this widout doubt , u hate us ARMYs!!! u bashed us so many times…. i know there are immature fans but come to our yt comment section n u will see how we army’s are actually ..
      and ”I AM NOT A LOW LIFE” bdw :/

    • Kumo

      This is like the Tøp incident, but the fanbase was accused of stealing and hurting the band members. It was all a misunderstanding, but people who wants to ruin successful people down is low. I have to agree with you on this.

      • Kumo

        I’m replying to a person who made valid points against Digital Music News.

  3. Anon

    Wow I think you really need to take a chill pill and get your life together. You’ve been bashing BTS and what now? ARMYs? I’m sure we’d all appreciate it if you took down this site. You’re bringing a bad name to VIPS right now and unless you want your fandom being bashed I suggest you stop this. Also I know it may be a bit hard for you to comprehend this (since you seem to think that you’re some all high and mighty person who does no wrong-which is absolutely incorrect), but your articles are really bad, and extremely biased too. I would say ‘Stop writing articles about BTS and instead write supportive articles about your faves’ but I really don’t think Bigbang would be proud to have a fan like you. In fact, they’d be ashamed. So before you go around bashing BTS and ARMYs I advise you take a look at your own life, because this hatred you have for BTS… times it by 1,000,000 and that’s how we feel about you. Also, real news articles are supposed to be unbiased in order to be fair, so you’re not very professional. And I have a lot more to say, but I’ll let it off this time because at least I know when to stop- something you clearly do not understand how to do.


    “ARMY = low life…”
    “Maybe they forgot where they came from.”
    Goshhhhhh….. who are you to say that to Armys…..
    OMG i cant believe it…

  5. Fire Breathing ***** queen

    Here’s for you:
    “So many haters
    But no problem, I kill
    They try to chip away my career to bury me
    But I don’t care
    You can’t control my shit”

  6. BTS trash

    WTH?? Well our apologies NCT and other groups didn’t have as much support as BTS!! Let’s just say… ARMYs are passionate and supportive of BTS. BTW “Digital Music News” and your stupid ass useless reports… no one ain’t gonna fall for your shit!! Now go take your shitty articles and shove it!!!!

    • multikpopfandom

      excuse me but your sarcasm towards NCT is not required at all. this is the problem with people like you who look down on other kpop groups besides your bias group. Learn to respect other kpop groups bc for all i know they’re all bigger and better than you’ll ever be 🙂


    HAHAHA seriously i just have found this one hater cover up by a official digital news, only producing news for bashing BTS all day long to gain a lot of attention, like dude you need to earn a lot of money? Seems reflected you’re the only one “a low life”. Have you seen their actual stage performance at that stage? Oh my bad asking you a really dumb question. Obviously, you don’t care and notice all about the real quality of music and objective things rather than many unimportant irritated things to report. For God sake, you need to change this official site name from digital music news to digital GOSSIP news

  8. I HATE Paul Resnikoff...HE IS AN A**HOLE

    This Paul ResnikoffThe incident is long gone, and m sure NCT accepted the apology, stop writing shitty articles….here is a middle finger for you

  9. houda

    why you alwayse write just a bad articl about bts i see this in every articl ? i know you heater but its too mutch please stop

  10. BH can sue you

    I hope one day you get fired cause if im that manager i would fire right away! SOMEONE REPORT HIME TO BIGHIT


    I’m waiting for a day , when Bighit will sue you , really hard. xP

  12. I pity you

    …Considering more than half of your info is false and considering the past articles…I shall conclude that you have an extreme prejudice against BTS(Not sure why.I mean you guys haven’t met each other in real life.)
    Also,calling ARMY “Low-life”?
    I don’t know who you are and frankly,I don’t care
    But how about you
    “Back yourself and look at the mirror”
    Before you come accusing us of being low-life.

    I really feel sorry for you.For your ignorance and also for the amount of lashback you’ll be getting from the ARMY.

  13. Star

    ikun mwoya?!
    Why is it that always BTS or BTS A.R.M.Y are being accused of something or the other?

  14. Take down this article

    You have no rights whatsoever to call anyone a low life. The fact that you implied ‘low life’ to all the ARMYS shows your immaturity. Grow up.

  15. Day

    You have biased articles towards bts and you cannot accuse bts and army and write things about them based on your point of view alone then put it on some “news” article.
    You can be a better journalist by avoiding your personal preference when writing.



    • Meg

      So? Get used to it. Other K-pop groups’ fandoms got blamed for even one person’s activity.

  17. Chrissy

    If you think about it… majority of people reading this are Armys, and if you had common sense, you would be mature enough to use your amateur writing skills on something else, instead of sending indirect hate and misleading people into thinking that BTS fans are crazy.

    #Gotta-bless-the-haters ?

    • Anonymous

      Every1 is entiltled to their opinion so why would BigHit sue it???? Common sense smbch

  18. A "lowlife" army lmao :P

    Bighit is taking legal action “against malicious rumors, false statements, and personal attacks that are being spread online which defame BTS”, so you better find something better to write about, or hand in your resignation 🙂

  19. joshie

    well, well, well, here comes the most extreme LOW-LIFE of all eternity named PAUL LOW-LIFE RESNIKOFF, who targets BTS and ARMYs because 1) antifans paid him and 2) he’s basically a douchebag low-life who uses BTS as clickbait for his DMN site 3) he’s a fake journalist.
    I hope all the mexican armys youyouand called low-life and all the armys in general pray for your soul, coz I know very well that you’ll end up burning in hell. satan.

  20. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, I’m not sure it’s fair to just attack me because of the issues that were happening in Mexico. You can see, some people accepted the apology, others didn’t. If you ask me, there’s sometimes a downside to fan obsession. I’m not sure NCT 127 was very happy with what happened here.

    • Geez

      Actually they were, NCT had a good time during the show. Because, if you had been there (which I doubt) you would have seen that it was only during a brief moment of confusion, the rest of the performance was incredible and we ALL (all the types of fans that assisted) were very excited.
      I WAS THERE and I can say with certainty that there was NO bullying of any kind, just a moment of confusion and I would appreciate if you didn’t make the Mexican fans sound like some kind of psychotic extreme people.
      So, as a MEXICAN and as a FAN of both groups I would like an apology because frankly you have no idea what you’re writing about.


      hello, am i talking with digital gossip news? thank you in advance

    • Stupid

      You’re just bias. You released an article about BTS copying Big Bang because of the hand cream, well, I hope you already know that EXO had the hand cream first before Big Bang. Why not accuse Big Bang for plagiarizing EXO? You know what, just remove your website a**hole. You’re just using BTS to become infamous.

    • you're the low-life paul resnikoff, more than ever

      lol, you’re justifying yourself again. like a criminal justifying his crimes. you should just close this site since this is not a news site. this is a hate blog site against bts. shame on you to call others low-life when the most extreme low-life is YOU. pitiful. as what the saying goes “haters gonna hate”, you can write hate articles against bts all you want but you see, you’re getting older and older sitting In front of your computer spouting hate articles against bts but bts is still getting more successful and higher than ever at young agepeople coz they are humble and kind. haters like you will burn in hell.

    • You want to be sued this bad?

      “A series of ugly incidents at the Kpop festival” Wtf! were you even there at K con Mexico? Your title is hella misleading!

      Also Mexican Armys were chanting BTS before NCT performed because of a misunderstanding and NOT to disrespect NCT. Mexican Armys stopped chanting BTS as soon as they saw NCT perform on stage when the lights came on.
      Now if Armys really did want to disrespect NCT don’t you think they would have continued to chant BTS even louder when NCT started performing??
      Mexican Armys saw their mistake and were genuinely sorry, that is why they apologized so swiftly.
      Again, if Mexican Armys REALLY had meant to disrespect NCT would they have apologized?? Use your head and watch the KCON vids before spreading baseless nonsense.
      Also yes NCT and their fans may have been hurt but you see we did apologize and you should know that instead of the fans simply accepting or not accepting the apology, many of them spoke ill of BTS and Army. There were many that spoke rudely and had full intentions of disrespecting BTS. While they accuse us of disrespecting their idols there were many who were also disrespecting BTS, double standards…But of course low life like you has no clue about that.
      Your biased opinions are not news.. and judging from how you have only been bashing BTS in your so called “news” I can tell that you are a hater and need BTS desperately to get attention.. in all seriousness, change your career, oops you never really did have one, my bad.

    • ?????

      You clearly have an issue with BTS, this is just ridiculous and childish.

    • Lowlife how childish...

      “ARMY = low life,” one upset Kpop fan emailed DMN. “It’s not fair to bully newer groups who are still trying to make it. This isn’t the only time [this has happened].”…..Really you really cant stop can you…why are are you calling the BTs Army a lowlife when your a lowlife yourself….how childish of you to diss the BTS ARMY when they wanted to support BTS, I´m sure even NCT 127 fans would’ve done it as well….and saying that the Amry was bulling is a bit of an exaggeration for the person that apparently said that part, suddenly cheering your favorite boy group is called bullying now…might as well admit your a bully as well considering the fact that you only publish hateful articles about BTS and you even called they’re supporters a lowlife are you so far up your a** that you cant even see what your putting…This article was stupid and you weren’t even at the concert so how are you suppose to know….and plus how are we so sure that you didnt make this up “ARMY = low life,” one upset Kpop fan emailed DMN. “It’s not fair to bully newer groups who are still trying to make it. This isn’t the only time [this has happened].” you have no proof that the girl is actually real and what the hell is DMN I searched up DMN and BTS thingy and it doesn’t even say anything about a girl saying…show me the article and i´ll believe you about them being mad but it wont change anything about what I think, because I have an article that shows what really happened and how the army is sorry….(Again I love another BOY BAND WAY MORE THAN BTS but i´m not afraid to stand up to someone)

    • Siena Adams

      First of all, you can’t accuse a big group of people for something that only a few people did. ARMYs are millions of individual persons. There may be some ARMYs that did cheer for BTS when NCT was on stage, but that doesn’t mean all ARMYs did that. Not even all ARMYs who were there, let alone all mexican ARMYs. And even if some ARMYs did something like that, that doesn’t mean that all of them meant to be rude to other groups. In fact, there are alot of ARMYs who also support other groups. Even if they don’t, they definitely do not hate other groups or fandoms, just because they are not fans of them. Yes, there are some people who hate other groups or fandoms, but those people appear everywhere and not only in the ARMY fandom. That is just a matter of a single persons not responsible action. And those who do that are just a minority.
      Second of all, where did you get all those quotes from? It’s common sense to prove what you quote. And those have to be reputable quotes. And quoting someone who is unrelated to the issue and sais something without any prove is also not reputable.
      Thank you

    • Samantha

      Dear Mr. Resnikoff,
      I think you sir are missing the point entirely. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that
      since you write articles for a media outlet that you’ve studied writing and/or journalism. So that would inherently mean that you have some grasp of the power of persuasive writing, yes? The issue here isn’t the report of this incident of KCON Mexico. It’s your blatantly biased and frankly incredibly unprofessional rhetoric in doing so. While I understand that it is your job to write articles in as eye catching/intriguing a way as possible to ensure clicks/views there is a fine line between using direct quotes from witnesses/spinning a headline to make something more interesting; and flat out defamation of character. The article about the hand cream issue was already pretty upsetting but this is a new low. Spending 3/4ths of your article only covering the remarks of a few fans from only one side of this incident and then sliding in only a small section of the response from the party you’re trying to defame at the end is misleading to readers. I also think you need to understand that the vast majority of the audience that pays attention to the kpop industry are pretty young and immature, and will inherently take everything you write as fact. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the kind of fan environment that actually goes on in the kpop community, but it is very easy for tension to break out among different fandoms, because we are all very passionate in our support of our artists for various reasons. But one sided and biased articles like this one escalates that situation and actually can result in harm to the artists careers and fans. Now, people who actually attended this event and witnessed it with their own eyes (via live streams or actual attendance) have already stated that your portrayal is very heavily blown out of proportion. So I won’t bother to bring that up in this comment. I will say though that if you want to become a respected writer who covers the kpop industry for us international fans (a title that will get you WAY MORE attention than stooping to what is essentially baseless gossip ever will) a less biased coverage is not only needed, but required.

      A “Low-Life” ARMY.

    • paul is not that bright and it saddens me

      Do you even know who NCT is? Or did you just write this because it was BTS related

  21. Geez

    Well, I have to say that as a MEXICAN and as a FAN and most importantly as a person WHO WAS ACTUALLY THERE, I must say this article is quite extreme and unfounded.
    Let’s make things clear, there wasn’t any type of bullying of any kind, the ARMYs did confuse the moment but I don’t think it’s worth this much ruckus it was a multiple band concert you’re in your right to support whoever you like and they didn’t mean any disrespect to NCT (they had a pretty good time, they say so themselves) the screams of excitement were for everyone.
    I don’t think it’s fair for you to judge those fans with such words as “RUINING” the event or “LOWLIFE” fans if you weren’t even there you’re just making Mexico, it’s fans and the event look bad in the eyes of other people which I think it’s quite low.
    Please refrain yourself from writing things like this that can cause more misunderstandings than the actual thing in the future.

  22. Hi

    Do you get paid to bash on BTS and ARMY for no reason? Even going down to the level of calling ARMY lowlife.

  23. seriously

    Really, no one should even pay attention to this guys trolling anymore. He’s been bashing BTS for the past month or so, and now he’s stooped low enough to insult millions of passionate fans in place of a couple thousand misinformed KCON goers.


  24. This isn't real journalism Paul

    Help me take this article and other hate articles about BTS down! This Paul guy has been writing far too many and it’s making me sick! Why don’t you cover any other kpop groups Paul? Just BTS and how biased you are against them? I understand that there may have been a couple of issues at KCON but don’t steroetypicalize ARMY because of that. You’re offending a large majority of people. We have taken down articles before and we can do it again. You’ve be been warned before, this is the last straw. You’ve never written a single positive article about them you biased crap. This isn’t real journalism.

    • His articles are biased and defamatory

      I’m with you, I actually cringe when reading his articles cause I can see the biased feeling he mixes up when writing these. How did he even secure a job as a journalist. His articles deserve to be taken down.
      Paul, if you are reading this by any chance I just want to inform you that Bighit entertainment will take legal actions against acts of defamation. Be prepared if you want to continue this trend of yours.

    • Resnikoff is an Embarrassment

      Boi get a job. Resnikoff, your parents must be very ashamed of you and probably don’t want to see their son as a world famous “reporter/journalist” known for basically being a blatantly biased pessimistic lil noob. If I was your mom I would’ve killed myself before you were born. That way there would be one less idiot in the world.

    • Get a life

      I’m sorry but you are really an idiot, I just came here to read what I thought was a serious article, not some gossip magazine :/. This is pathetic. Reading other post of you and the comments it’s obvious that you have been against BTS and ARMY for a long time. Even a lot of people who doesn’t belong to the fandom of BTS think you are ridiculous. Why don’t you just get a life? I think I would never be able to understand people like you, and I’m thankful for that..

    • Simple_Integrity

      I mean, if a messenger doesn’t know how to properly deliver a message, he wouldn’t have a job now would he?

    • Bye Felicia

      I think if the ‘messenger’ got it right it would be different. Stop being someone else’s lapdog or admit your inferiority complex with your obvious butthurt grudge, apologize for your blatant defamation of character and stop posting derogatory drivel. I’m sorry that you can’t seem to stand up and accept fault and that you have to use excuses like a bandaid because the truth hurts. If your ‘stories’ were true, other reputable news sources would have reported on them as well, which they didn’t.

  25. Paul Resnikoff

    Paul Resnikoff is a biased idiot who is as trashy as his articles.

  26. Simple_Integrity

    Wow……This is wildly blown out of proportion. Paul Resnikoff, how can you call yourself a reporter? I’ve been seeing multiple negative BTS articles pop up from you and it’s not that BTS are always perfect, but the type of articles you write are the most wildly misconstrued stories. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but you may want to rethink your profession if you have nothing better than these falsely written stories. A simple search on Youtube and a few other easy to attain resources will show that yes, a few BTS fans did start shouting BTS in between NCT’s songs, but it was due to confusion. They thought NCT had completed their performances. It was a misunderstanding and alot of BTS fans came forth and apologized after. That point was already clarified. There are no hard feelings between the fandoms at large. The way you characterize this issue though with terminology like ” non-stop jeering”, “aggressive heckling”, “hooligans”, “low-life”….what you don’t have better words in your dictionary? If YOU WERE ACTUALLY THERE or if you just watched the footage, it’s easy to see that Mexican ARMYs were very confused at the moment they started chanting BTS. They started very cautiously shouting. Once they saw NCT was still going, the chanting immediately died down. Nothing else. That was it. Mexican ARMYs already apologized for this blunder. I found all of this out in a matter of minutes. How, you, as a reporter of professional organization can do that leaves me appalled. It’s clear to see you hate BTS for no reason. BTS and their fans are humans. We are all humans. It’s easy to make mistakes sometimes. If they did make a huge mistake, then it’s fine to call them out. But, this was an accident. BTS are not wolves. NCT are not sheep. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER Mr. Resnikoff or find a profession that better suits you.

  27. Lais

    Just to know
    Where are your sources from? You were there?

  28. For every action, expect an equal reaction, karma at it's best

    As a messenger, you should take responsibility for the message you spread. When sending such a negative message you should always check twice before cornering one party. You must go the extra mile to hear both sides of the story.
    Keep in mind that when messengers deliver juicy negative gossips, and many will frown upon it. Especially when they are biased. So do expect such responses.
    You should always double cross and check whether you are leaving the article open for others to put their views across or are you forcing your message on to the readers.

    If you were a decent messenger no one would find fault in you.
    There are many who believe you are in the wrong and little to none have defended you. This should be a sign to you that you have certainly done something wrong to turn off so many people. Please do think about this. People will leave you be if you do correct your mistake. Good day to you.

  29. queen

    You call yourself a messenger. I’d laugh, but I’m really not in the mood. Allow me to correct you, because clearly you don’t know your vocabulary.

    Yes, it was rude that some ARMY cheered for BTS during NCT 127’s performance. It was also rude to generalize that behavior and say that ALL ARMY are rude, and to quote your words, “lowlifes.” The difference is that they apologized. You didn’t.

    I’d also like to point out that there is a rather biased tone in your writing. Not just in this article. People aren’t wrong in saying that they think you have a personal vendetta against BTS. From the hand cream, to Japanese ARMY’s, to this – it all shows. Using a tip from To Kill a Mockingbird (which I’m sure you haven’t read, considering the level of utter immaturity in your writing), I read this article needing to delete the adjectives (and adverbs) in order to get the facts.

    I’d even say that there’s a reason why you’re getting so much hate, and it’s definitely not because “they forgot where they came from and they’re lowlifes, I’m such a victim.” Maybe, MAYBE (and by “maybe” I mean “absolutely) it’s because of your narrow-mindedness and your poor reporting skills.

    “Messenger” is defined as “a person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages.” Nowhere in this definition does it say that the person tampers with the message. I advise you to go check the nearest dictionary, reflect on yourself, and think. Actually think.

    And listen to some BTS songs to see what the hype is about. I don’t think you understand. And maybe (absolutely) you never will.

  30. trash

    all you post about bts is negative and biased. thanks for the attention. you must of worked so hard to get all this information and turn it into an article. maybe you should work a little harder though. no one knows who you even are. in fact the only reason i heard about you is because of the trash you write about bts.
    bts is one of the biggest groups in the entire world right now. if youre gonna write these articles about them, you better be prepared to defend yourself against fans all over the world. have a good day. thanks for giving bts attention.


    ok. first of all, look at my username. second of all, what the heck? Those are some mean comments to ARMYs. I mean, I sort of understand, but you cannot just stereotype all the ARMYs around the world like that!

  32. y tho


  33. YesARMYGoInThisShittyLowLifeJournalist

    Funniest comment section I’ve ever read 🙂

  34. Sarra

    Wtf why this stupid page site always says bad thing abt bts. We are not much interested so get ur life.and if u are doing this for money purposes then get a new job bastard

  35. BTSArmy

    This is simply rubbish. I’m a Mexican army and I attended to kcon. This couldn’t be more dramatic. Yes, BTS opened first and it was because they needed to leave quick to the airpoirt because they needed to arrive to Brazil for the comeback. Not for being less or anything.
    Second, yes. We were really excited with BTS but so with the other groups. When NCT appeared everyone shouted and supported. The problem is, that before their last song they all say they love us, thank you, etc… we all believed they were living the stage and that it was the turn for all artists to reappear for the ending and yes, we shouted for Bangtan but after realizing our mistake we immediatley stop, shouting appologizes and good coments to NCT
    The one who writtes this rubbish, do yourself a favor. Get a life.

  36. dont kill me for saying this pls

    okay im a BTS fan but at the same time can y’all stop chanting when another group is performing? this legit aint the first time this has happened. on v-app, when watching groups look at their own performances ( they have a list of groups in the corner of who will be coming up and watching their performance ), i see army’s chanting in the comments for BTS, when they’re not even going to be there. it’s rlly yikes. but then again with this situation it could be a misunderstanding, but still..

    • I love bts but...

      I agree. BTS is very well known and an amazing group, but most of the fans are irritating. Commenting BTS in videos that are not about BTS at all. Then some get triggered and wonder why most people hate the fandom.

  37. Anonymous

    Just say you don’t like bts,and stop this bullshit,do you think this is going to make exo l feel gud,for Gods sake bts and exo dn’t have problem with each other buh why is it that you fans keep trying to make one,believe me I am not an army buh the insult is too much,this guys are still young and trying to live there life,y cnt we humans b happy for one another,its gud if u stp dis bullshit and stop making exo look bad

  38. Bye Felicia

    I have read several articles by this lame news whatever. It isn’t news. It sounds like one sad, lonely little peon who didn’t get his autograph or his bottle.

    Why are you only attacking BTS? Is this some kind of BS propaganda because a kpop group that isn’t your bias getting the fame that they deserve? Sorry. I’m not really an ARMY either but lets all grow up here and support these fine young men for pursuing their dreams and bringing happiness together.

    If you need directions to some truly terrible people, try SM Ent and their racist CEO. That should be enough diatribe for a lifetime.

  39. What actually happened

    Ok. I was actually there and I can guarantee that it wasn’t as big as that. Armys didn’t do that for a long time and plus we apologized. Everyone was cheering for NCT even though we couldn’t understand them. Mexico loves all the groups that were presented at Kcon Mexico. They’re all amazing performers and we acknowledge their talent. But you have been bashing us for MONTHS now. Get yourself a life stop writing bullsh*t about BTS I don’t get why you can be good to EXO, NCT and Red Velvet but you’re an a**hole to BTS. I was happy when you praised EXO at first but you still kinda offended EXO-Ls.
    TL;DR: get yourself a life. I hope you make money without using click bait and you stop being the useless sh*t you are. Hope you choke bye ?

  40. Quinona

    Thankfully someone is stepping upto ARMYs Bullsh*t. They need a reality check.

  41. salty anon

    He’s just jealous of BTS’s success. I mean, just like at this website. Writing biased articles ain’t getting you anywhere.

  42. Anonymous

    I hate this Paul author and his articles are all lies, but I kind of agree with this… I wouldn’t call ARMYs low lives bc that’s just rude, but sometimes ARMYs can be SOOOOOOOO annoying. Like here you are watching a video of your favourite group (that is not BTS) and you go on the comment section to comment on the video when suddenly you see “ARMY here, go support or vote for BTS as best… (whatever award nomination)”, like BTS is a very successful group, specially considering their company is not from the big 3, so they have enough support from their fans. Let us enjoy our groups just like you enjoy yours without saying to support the group you like, because we (fans from other fandoms) are most likely going to support the groups we like and not yours. Like if you (ARMYs) want people to vote for BTS go to their videos and comment on their videos to support them, but don’t bother going to other groups and promoting yours, it’s hella annoying.

    Obviously not all ARMYs are like this, but the ones that are are toxic. I have nothing against BTS, they’re cool, but legit one of the main reasons BTS gets a lot of hate is because of their fandom…

    I’ve heard from several people saying how they aren’t interested in BTS bc of the fans, so if you want to keep BTS with a good image, then those people should stop. I feel bad for BTS bc of some their fans (specially international fans) who get to go to a performance which not many can go to, and do crap like this. Honeslty that “apology” seems insincere and more like an excuse to what they were doing, just saying…

  43. No

    So ARMYs are complaining about this page “bashing” them disregarding what some immature fans did. Lol wtf, atleast have some guilt. NCT doesn’t deserve the shit some of your co-fans gave them.