G-Dragon ‘Cry for Help’ Puts Big Bang VIPs on Suicide Alert

G-Dragon of Big Bang in Gaon Chart Music Awards 2016
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G-Dragon of Big Bang in Gaon Chart Music Awards 2016
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G-Dragon in Gaon Chart Music Awards, 2016 (Photo: gasi0308 (CC by 2.0))

A troubling post from Big Bang leader G-Dragon is creating concern among dedicated VIPs.

Is one of Kpop’s biggest superstars suffering from depression and burnout?  That’s a serious concern after a cryptic, ‘cry for help’ Instagram post emerged from Big Bang leader G-Dragon on Wednesday.

The post features a dark image of what appears to be the singer, with a confusing message written on top.  “I want to hide in a place that makes me comfortable,” the post states, without any clarification.

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Cause for concern?

The post comes against continued success for G-Dragon, as well as Big Bang.  While Big Bang remains a top Kpop group, rapper G-Dragon has parlayed that success into successful deals with mega-brands like Nike and Airbnb.

But that success comes with a glaring spotlight and immense pressure.  Kpop stardom imposes intense scheduling demands and major privacy issues, while compromising the ability conduct normal interpersonal relationships.  Just recently, dating rumors surrounded 2NE1 singer Sandara Park, with massive attention focused on the potential affair.

Meanwhile, Big Bang superfan ‘VIPs’ are speculating about a potential bout of depression.  The resulting high alert is no accident, with South Korea claiming one of the highest suicide rates in the world.  Only Guyana has a higher suicide rate than South Korea.

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Couple that with general depression issues involving creative people, and posts like these garner attention.  “Creative people and comedians both [have problems],” one VIP remarked on allkpop.com.  “That’s what happened to Robin Williams. I really worry about idols who show signs of depression considering Korea’s high suicide rate.”

“Big Bang will be missed,” another fan darkly remarked.

Several years ago, actress Lee Eun-ju offered South Korea received another reminder of a growing suicide problem.  The successful actress took her own like at just 24, a result of the growing pressures and isolation of fame.  “Even though I live, I’m not really alive,” Lee offered in a suicide note addressed to her mother.

“I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. It’s nice having money… I wanted to make money.”

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Other high-profile suicides in South Korea include President Roh Moo-Hyun, who jump off a cliff to his death in 2009.  Immediately following high-profile and celebrity suicides, officials have noticed a spike in suicides across the country.

Whether those issues are afflicting G-Dragon remain speculative.  Some fans remain convinced that the rapper is merely posting random scenes and sketches, with nothing to worry about.  Others are more concerned, and waiting for a sign that things are normal.




19 Responses

  1. Lace

    I honestly think that G Dragon just needs some time to self reflect and find his “comfort” again and while we are concerned fans we need to give him space so he can “breathe”.

    • Amy

      Agreed! Fans need to be understanding and show support, not pressure.

  2. luna

    I think he is suffering from depression since long time ago, you could even see it even from his previous post. I just hope that people who truly cares about him will notice and do some action, not just his fan,

  3. Kat

    I think vips have a tendency to get quite melodramatic about things, and while I bet gd is going through a lot of stuff right now which all definitely would give him stress, I don’t think it’s to the point where he’s suicidal (I would hope not at least).

  4. 박지라

    GD oppa will never commit suicide. I believe in him. What ever hardship he might be facing, he will not resort in suicide. just give him some time, and have faith in him. Everything will be alright.

    All is well Oppa, 힘네요. 파이팅!

  5. Ami Michaelis

    I mean from time to time GD does post images somewhat like the one above.Maybe they aren’t usually as “dark” as the one above.

    But I also feel that he’s just a bit down/sad because of T.O.P.’s recent departure to the military.

  6. Emma

    I think this is just part of his moody aesthetic. Besides, the person in the photo doesn’t look like him at all! I don’t know what the author of this article is thinking. He quite often posts pictures of movies with moody quotes like this. He gets sad and lonely at times, but its not to the extremes of suicide.

  7. Cinthia

    ¿Esto es algún tipo de broma? Porque déjenme decirles que es una muy mala. ¿En serio, suicidio? ¿Qué clase de página amarillista es esta? ¿No tienen suficientes noticias REALES como para publicarla acá, que tienen que llegar a publicar falsedades? Me dan lástima que tengan que llegar hasta este punto para obtener visitas en su página. Son de lo peor.

  8. Cinthia

    This new is a kind of joke? U are fucking kidding to me? What happen with u guys? You don’t have enough real news to post in this page that you need to post lies in your page? I feel so sorry for u. You are the worst people in the world. Suicide is not a joke.

  9. Lucy

    VIP’s whatever GD is going through, whether it’s serious or not, whether he’s just being introspective or poetic, keep him in your prayers and pray for anyone silently dealing with depression. Pray for peace, understanding and healing.

  10. Jerri

    There were a lot of celebrities we didn’t think would commit suicide, but it happened. I hate how people are SO SURE that he won’t. He has no privacy due to paparazzi and fans, he can’t have female friends because his crazy fans wont let him without assuming shit, and he stress smokes. I don’t blame the guy for feeling like no one understands him. I don’t want him to take his life, he truly is loved, but his fans are NOT making it easy. Maybe his fans need to lay the fuck off his private life. Its none of their business and in the end they are going to be responsible for his death if, god forbid, it co rd to that. Nosey bitches.

  11. Concerned

    I think the article is wrote that gd may be depressed, but this isn’t the best post for evidence. He posts a lot of screen caps that, assuming they are his real feelings, indicate he’s depressed. And it’s a lot.

  12. Gina

    G Dragon we care for you we know your going through alot right now and we sorry for whatever the reason for it oppa we going to pray for you pray to God and ask to gade you to pertect you where ever you are we hope you stay strong and don’t let whatever pain you having bring your spirit down oppa if we can support you from the beginning we can support you to the end and to whatever that might be going on we care for you we know there’s alot of negative feedback about you in the internet but please don’t let it affect you just like its doesn’t affect us us your fan and us your supporters oppa keep strong I know you can shake it off what ever pain your in right now G Dragon fighting!!!!!! We believe in you and we will keep believing in you no matter what fighting!!!! ¡!!!!

  13. Lala

    Omg. You people make such fuss.
    The dude is posting what he feels in his good and bad moments, like any of us. Don’t we all post this kind of thing on daily basis, on every social media platform? Does it necessarily mean that we wanna kill ourselves? I think the problem actually is the kpop industry painting these kpop idols like shinny, happy, perfect people in every way, all the time. So when they act like any other human, is this drama. Gosh!

  14. precious

    everyone has problem in life, both the rich and the poor being famous does not really mean you wont have problem in life, but committing suicide wont help you solve your problem instead it will create more . you have to be strong and fight your problems instead of running away from it or blaming others. that is the only way you can be happy in life