BTS Battles More Plagiarism Charges as Rap Monster Confession Surfaces

Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of stealing lines
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Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of stealing lines
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Kim Nam-joon, aka ‘Rap Monster’ (10Asia, CC by 3.0)

Are Kpop superstars BTS plagiarizing their way to the top?  That question is getting renewed attention following a confession by Rap Monster.

BTS is now enjoying unprecedented growth, particularly in mega-markets like Japan and the US.  But ugly accusations are putting a drag on that success.

Now, South Korea’s hottest export is facing renewed allegations of plagiarism.

According to details shared with Digital Music News this weekend, BTS star Rap Monster has admitted to directly copying lyrics from other rappers.  The allegations started in 2015, when Twitter user @wevebeenhere clearly pointed to an instance of plagiarism involving Rap Monster.

A copy of a subsequent confession to fans, first written in December of that year, was supplied to DMN via email.  Rap Monster, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, is the lead rapper of BTS.

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Tip of the iceberg?

So how much was ultimately ‘borrowed’ without permission?  In repeated attempts leading up to 2016, the Twitter user was clearly able to prove that the following lyric was lifted:

“I will become your underline because you’re that important.”

Other lyrics and poetry lines were also found to be plagiarized, suggesting a far broader practice of poaching.  Indeed, @wevebeenhere quickly pointed to stolen lines from @radiordinary as well.   That includes this verse, undoubtedly memorized by thousands of BTS followers.

“When you lie in bed with loneliness the bed gets bigger.”

Sadly, this appeared to be the tip of a dirty iceberg, with @wevebeenhere declaring:

“I hate people who take lines that represent another’s life and use it as if it were their own. What do they get out of it? I was furious when those I cherish were made victim of such actions and I will not give up my work in such a way. I tweeted the line ‘I will become your underline because you’re that important’ back in 2014. One Twitter friend informed me of this today and I am at a loss of words. Rap Monster wrote these lyrics. This guy has done this multiple times.”

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‘Everything is my fault…’

Rap Monster ultimately confirmed those allegations, but only after repeated accusations and attention.  Here’s a statement first issued in December of 2015, and now getting re-circulated as attention surges around the group.

“First, I would like to sincerely apologize. Even though I am just at the start of my career, as an artist I often feel the pain of creating something. When I feel unable to write music out of my own inspiration, I get my inspiration from talking to friends, reading books I like, watching movies, interviews and letters from fans. Whenever a line leaves an impression on me, I write the line down in my memo.”

“Most become forgotten over time, but after being pointed out, I realize I subconsciously made a mistake.  I focused on simply writing the song without paying attention to finding out the true sources for my lines.  Everything is my fault and I realize that the original creator of the quotes must feel very offended.

I will personally contact and try to take responsibility.  I’d also like to apologize to everyone who pointed out my mistake and who were hurt by my actions.  I’m sorry and thankful to all the fans who love me even though I am a man of many faults.

As I know the pain of creation, I will from now on think of the responsibilities of being an artist before anything.”

‘No Signal’

BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans

The allegations — and admission — follows a major controversy at the Gaonchart Music Awards last year.  Specifically, BTS was blasted for using the same pre-show intro reel as Big Bang, specifically a ‘no signal’ TV theme.  Ultimately, BTS denied all responsibility, with Gaonchart organizers taking the fall.

That didn’t satisfy Big Bang VIPs, however.  And as the bad blood simmered, Big Band ‘VIPs’ subsequently accused BTS of ripping off an idea to sell branded hand creams.  Those accusations carried far less weight, with Kpop groups routinely marketing creams and other creative merchandise.

Legal action ahead?

Whether BTS now faces legal action for lifted lyrics is uncertain.  One problem is that a tweet might be difficult to copyright.  And global litigation can be expensive and exhausting, especially against a corporate-backed kpop artist.

Regardless, as BTS continues to grow, the group will undoubtedly face increased scrutiny — especially in major league markets like the US and Japan.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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    • Mahi

      This is from 2 years ago ?? WTf I freaked out when I saw this. ??

      • yuki

        Me too…. i just read scandal about minhyuk and onew and i saw this…. i really freaked out

      • Anonymous

        so did I… I got p****d off about it for the fact that if you’re gonna o something like this at least do it when it first happens and not make ARMY go nuts on a Bish

    • Elle

      This is probably posted by an anti BTS omh thats like 2 years ago why do you post it now when they are truthfully at the top. Want reasons? I can write a dozen of essays on them and never finish. Gaon awards have already clarified

      • mina

        Yes. Of course digital music news shows its hate for bts in numerous ways .

    • Anna

      fr I mean you clearly are trying to hate on BTS since it happened when they first debuted.

    • Ugh

      How do you get this bullshit taken down? I hate unnecessary things like this. It sucks when you’re not the person on top right? Hop off BTS’ dicks bro.

    • Madein

      This dude is annoying the hell outta me, check his other BTS articles.

      • Lmao

        I’m not even upset to be honest. You can tell everything’s bullshit when he doesn’t even have simple facts right.

    • springbutterflytears


    • anonymous

      He’s tryna dig out any piece of shit he can from BTS…why not consider yourself, Paul R.

    • Jinnie

      Can’t we report this!!! because it’s making more damage to the Fan and the artist themself too.

      And it’s making me angry that an issue happened 3 years back still comes up on those pointless articles. 🙁

    • TGG

      Exactly. RM has apologized. This is such an unprofessional article and I’m even a VIP. Why do I see so many hate posts and articles coming from this website and writer. Terrible, smh.

  1. Paul the Pussy

    I’m excited to see what excuses Paul the Pussy has for ARMYs and KPOP fans today. Like I’ve said before Paul, if your goal is to ruin reputations of Korea’s Industry then go kill yourself cause you be useless. If I was your mom I would’ve killed myself before you were born.

    • Doesn't matter

      What a mess this site is shit you guys are talking about somthing happened two years ago and rm apologized for it !! Why you making bad news and spread rumors ??

      • yo

        I am not a K-pop fan, my best friend is, but a lot of artists plagiarize and go through so much shit for it. The way RM apologized is very sincere, and if he didn’t apologize in the first place then there would be something to talk about. Don’t know about you Paul, but I think I stan BTS now.

  2. anon

    tf this is from 2 years ago
    this dude must really hate them

    • Stop Hating On BTS For N.O Reason

      isn’t obvious ? this is not journalism , i wonder how they let him publish this garbage

      • Sane Witch

        This is journalism and he was just stating a fact. Piss of it’s his job you dimwit.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah but this was from 2 years ago. In the world of journalism, you write stuff that are new. Out of date is an understatement.

        • BTSforever

          You’re all giving loser Paul the attention he wants and the arguments and controversy he wanted to create

  3. Paul, please resign

    Paul is back at it again with the attention seeking, misleading, and fake articles. Why am I not surprised lmao.

  4. Stop Hating On BTS For N.O Reason

    Why are you recycling old news ? This is from 2 years ago … worst journalism I’ve ever witnessed. All your articles concerning BTS have been negative, USELESS and hateful…

  5. Paul STOP

    Can you do something useful with your life? You’re wasting your time writing articles, find something you’re good at, cause you still have a LOOONG way to go buddy 🙂

  6. Trying to Figure Stuff Out

    Dude seriously?

    1. Everyone already knows that the No Signal thing wasn’t BTS’s fault. There were literally so many articles written about it. You can’t miss it.

    2. The hand lotion thing was something you made up. Yours was the only article written about it. The bigger KPOP news websites didn’t mention a thing about that. And clearly because BTS already released hand lotion before Big Bang’s was released. And also because Kpop groups can release whatever merchandise they want, without the worry about copyright infringement.

    3. Again, no other news website is talking about RM’s confession currently. You literally brought up something random from 2015.

    4. Are you really that desperate for attention? I mean, there is a saying that says any news is good news, but I personally would rather be a news website that writes true articles than to be known as a website that slanders artists. Honestly, I feel like your being really petty right now. I bet you want to get back at people for insulting you in the previous articles you wrote, right? Let me just tell you: the only ones really affected by this are fans who read this and yourself. You can keep on writing all the articles you want, but that will only make you look even worse than you already are. You might want to stop.

    5. Here comes the part that people may have different opinions about. Here’s my opinion. If you are easily pissed off, please feel free to stop reading at this point. Now let’s talk about RM’s confession then.

    First of all, I personally don’t believe that those lines that were supposedly lifted are actually too much of a problem. I am not saying that copying is right, but I think RM most likely (no one can be sure but this is just what I’m thinking) did not purposely copy the lines, or maybe did not copy them at all. He may have read them, and then accidentally used them in the song. Or maybe he didn’t actually copy them, but didn’t want to piss more people off so he decided to write an apology.

    Second of all, what matters is that he wrote an apology. Whether or not he intentionally copied, accidentally copied, or didn’t copy at all, he did apologize. In his apology, he did write that he would be more careful about what he wrote in the future. I think that’s really all that matters. RM could have ignored all the news because honestly, there was no real hard evidence, but instead he decided to write an apology. Many artists would have disregarded it.

    Third of all, is a tweet even copyrighted? Let’s say RM really did copy off of a tweet, just for the sake of this argument. Would he even be liable? Even you wondered about this in the article above.

    So that’s that. You literally just brought something up that is totally irrelevant right now by using other incidents that are also completely irrelevant or untrue. That’s one shaky foundation you have right there. Good job.

    • LizaR

      I don’t know about South Korean copyright law but usually Copyright law DOES NOT cover words or phrases. They do cover lyrics in songs but it does not cover some words you wrote and post on Twitter. You’re totally right about that.

    • This Site is Elepahant Crap

      Rap Monster also explained in his apology that he always kept good quotes he reads on Twitter all in one file because he liked the message in them. When he writes music, he occasionally looks at them as inspiration and he must’ve subconsciously copied a few. I honestly don’t think he did it one purpose. Btw subconscious copying is a thing. (Even Sam Smith did it multiple times) and you can’t get a trial for something like that because the person ‘copying’ did not do it intentionally.

    • D97

      Seriously you could be a more successful journalist than this idiot who wrote the article..Not because he wrote negative things about RM, but because your comment makes more sense and actually makes his article more trashy than it is.Him receiving all these negativities about his article means his article is just pure bullshit.

    • BTS Fan

      Thank you! I almost made the mistake of believing this article until I read the comments. I’m sure the “Paul” guy is an anti BTS fan.

      • Anonymous

        This happened 2 years ago let it go I’m sure rap monster did.not mean eny harm in this

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for that. Really. People will not hesitate to hate

    • RM needs a break from hate

      About the quote part. I once wrote a quote for school, then my petty friend said it wasn’t original, and I didn’t even know. Sometimes people have the same Ideas. So to all the petty ass fans, if someone used a quote from a band I liked, I would take it as a form of flattery, or as a mistake. Because seriously, you’re hurt, hun, why cause that was there own personal experience, well it’s also for fans to help them understand they are not alone , so stob it, because someone wrote a song and another artist used the line. I swear, imagine it was ‘we all go through the same things in life together.’ i would piss myself from laughing. Seriously, how old was RM at the time…oh yeah 21 and working his ass off, so yeah people make mistakes, and this is the same for every artist.

  7. J


  8. Anonymous

    Ok wait a minute this happened 2 years ago why are you even bringing this up now? Seriously I feel so bad for BTS right now. They just can’t catch a break lately from all of these ridiculous rumors and ‘controversies’ and accusations. It just seems like it’s been constant the past couple of months. and NONE of them are true. Granted this particular one is something that Rapmon himself has addressed (and he handled it so professionally and maturely and humbly) but again, this happened 2 years ago so what are you hoping to gain by bringing it up now? I honestly don’t get it.

    • Anon

      BigBang must be paying Paul Resnikoff for his articles. The interesting thing is no one will read his website unless he mentions BTS. He must also be getting paid for the hits to his website. Let’s just boycott Digital Music News until Paul gets his act together and does some REAL research. No readers, no subscriptions, no advertisements, no money.

      • Paul nobody cares

        Don’t worry, nobody takes this fake reporter seriously.

      • Tania

        Don’t bring big bang into this. We don’t have to start a fanwar over some shit reporter shit article.

  9. nomuunaa.bts

    You should fire this Paul guy. He is ruining your reputation, if that is what you value. Although, some say bad publicity is still a publicity, no one recovers from it. That’s just how the world works. World is not that bad after all. Please put the stop to his accusations, mistreatment, misinformation, as well as letting him re-uploading his old articles (clearly shows no creativity or jams for you). You will be drowning with him.

    From the bottom of my heart,




  11. Click clack to the bang, f**k you and you

    paul paul paul….. what can i say,
    Ya playa haters you should love yourself
    i hope one day you will hit ur head paul when you read your article….

  12. queen

    wait like.
    none of this makes sense.
    this is 2017 boi.
    the dates i see here are like from 2015.
    like wtf why is this such a big deal like the title is misleading – rm apologized bruh. if legal action were taken why would it happen now when all this happened 2 years ago? what has changed in the status quo? did more recent copyright issues come up or are u just trying to cherry pick everything even remotely negative about BTS? read up on law before u go throwin around those accusations.
    pls stop. no one appreciates what you’re doing – clearly this is to get attention to some no-name news site and make money.

    get a life. im honestly ashamed that there are ppl like u in the world who try to bring others (who are better than ull ever be) down in order to get attention (and money). and not only that, u dont even bother to research ur own topics. u call urself a reporter? a messenger?

    im sure like with all ur other posts ull eventually see all the negative feedback ur getting and post a comment saying, for example, “Kill the messenger, as always” or “It’s the truth” or “They were really out of line” to justify ur actions. BTS and ARMY arent the problem. Guess who is?


  13. Paul Resnikoff

    Well, I’m not sure about you, but I take these sorts of charges pretty seriously. As BTS expands and grows, I think it’s something they need to be a lot more vigilant about.

    This is a group expanding into major markets, they are not local artists anymore. Welcome to the next phase. Sorry if you don’t like the scrutiny that comes with it.

    • I feel bad for reading this article...

      Wow this was like 2 years ago…..yet you´re bringing up something that probably the person that did the quote already got over it….yet your saying you take this seriously when it didnt even have anything to do with you…Legal action would’ve had already happened if the person cared about it a lot….He probably just wanted an apology and got over it, but your saying he´s gonna take legal action….Seriously how stupid are you to assume something…How stupid are you to post something that happened 2 years ago and assume that the person will take legal action, WHEN IT HAPPENED 2 YEARS AGO….don´t you understand posting this was meaningless, stupid, a waste of time, irrelevant (Copyright is bad but really…it was 2 years ago)…and what the hell do you mean by charges…he didnt charge anything so legal action hasn’t even happened yet…Not only does this article sound stupid but everything you say sounds stupid…

      I think you should stop posting these articles because your just bringing things up that already happened, your bringing up things that people have forgotten, your making yourself look really stupid….(I favor another boy band even way more than BTS but i´m not afraid to defend another boy band if needed)…Writing this was a waste of time, but I had to send you straight (If I knew you personally we would’ve never gotten along)…

    • Really PAUL? Grow up!

      Are you even listening to yourself paul ??!! seriously… out of all the articles u have written, i think 90% is scrutinizing BTS. idk what to say anymore, I’m just appalled by the sheer stupidity you’re displaying right now. Please stop proving to everyone over and over again that you’re a person of single digit IQ. There are over a million words in this world but NONE of them can describe how much I wanna slap you with a fish right now!

    • I wish you die and suffer

      I wish you live a miserable life including everyone around you. I hope you suffer in life and your family live a karma life. And ever your are reincarnated again I hope you suffer even more. Im praying for your suffering and everything bad about your life.

    • mel

      just admit it paul , you’re a bts antifan.. guys, remember koreaboo’s news about bts antifan selja contacting all news outlets to spread hate and false accusations against bts? koreaboo has a screenshot of an anti’s tutorial on how to contact this site DMN and the staff named Noah here. koreaboo stated that they (koreaboo) chose to investigate and post only truthful reports and not believe antis immediately. koreaboo also stated there that some news sites chose to ignore the antis’ manipulation. but also that some sites chose to report the lies given by that anti and some bts antifans. this DMN and Paul resnikoff obviously is the site and reporter who chose to spread lies like antis. damn paul, you’re a fucboi of antis obviously.

    • I feel sorry for you

      Yeah but the incident happened over two years ago. All you are doing is stirring up dust and trying to get people to come to your website.

    • Anonymous

      What was the name of that song that had those two twitter lines?
      It was U by Primary released in April 2015, it’s not a song by BTS.

  14. A.R.M.Y

    I heard selja is working with a reporter….Guess who?? This guy here(paul)……….. I’m sure you know about BTS member facing death threats from your fellow workmate(selja). Be ready Paul we have already submitted names including yours and the police knows about it …Keep providing evidence.

  15. army_eomma

    Paul Resnikoff is the founder and publisher of Digital Music News (, a premier industry source for news, information, and analysis, well I guess your good old days are counted…. since your writing is starting to become garbage. Please be fair and leave BTS alone!!!

  16. Moving on

    A.R.M.Y. should just begin to ignore any BTS related article from this source since we are only giving them the recognition they desire and all the news is either old, pointless, or already taken care of. Therefore instead let’s focus on our boys and the positivity and happiness they bring us.

  17. Still Loving BTS No Matter What Happens

    2 years ago?
    I don’t really care.
    Still love them tho.

  18. mel

    just admit it paul , you’re a bts antifan.. guys, remember koreaboo’s news about bts antifan selja contacting all news outlets to spread hate and false accusations against bts? koreaboo has a screenshot of an anti’s tutorial on how to contact this site DMN and the staff named Noah here. koreaboo stated that they (koreaboo) chose to investigate and post only truthful reports and not believe antis immediately. koreaboo also stated there that some news sites chose to ignore the antis’ manipulation. but also that some sites chose to report the lies given by that anti and some bts antifans. this DMN and Paul resnikoff obviously is the site and reporter who chose to spread lies like antis. damn paul, you’re a fucboi of antis obviously.

  19. Another stiupid article

    When I read the title I immediately thought “Is this another article by that Paul Reskoff something?” And when I checked. voila! he really did write it. No one writes oudated stories or wrong information lately other than him.

    • Just sayin'

      The writer is tryin his best to write agood and credible article. That does not make him anti BTS.
      THE TEXT IS AN INFORMATIVE TEXT which means it is just to inform and not to take sides. Get a hold of your brain person.

  20. Paul is a Pabo and an Asshole!!

    Really Paul….fuck the hell off if you don’t have any other thing to write about, other than giving BTS a bad name…you always write shitty articles like this…I wish there was a way to close this fucking digital music news…or report this paul guy cause he is always getting on my nerves…
    …You know what…middle finger for you, please go get a life!!!!

    • Brain dead

      The writer is tryin his best to write agood and credible article. That does not make him anti BTS.
      THE TEXT IS AN INFORMATIVE TEXT which means it is just to inform and not to take sides. Get a hold of your brain person.


    I knew something was off!!!!….Going this low is just pathetic Paul… Get a new target already coz you will fail ths one. Resign before you get fired I’m sure your bosses are getting impatient!!!

  22. Paul Resnikoff

    It’s funny: I never see you guys praising me when I write an article that applauds a BTS accomplishment. Not everything about BTS is going to be fluffy, sorry!

    • Day

      Because what you wrote are mostly biased, negative articles about bts. In my opinion, you’re just happy getting attention from people by using bts as news sources.
      Let’s be honest, how many complimenting news have you written compared to the accusing, degrading ones? Probably 1:10. Of course people won’t remember your-so-called-applauding-news about bts, it’s overshadowed by your negative articles, your biased towards bts.
      You are what you write, brother. If you like getting attention from negative things you wrote, think again. I believe it’s problematic, and I suggest you should talk to somebody wiser or even better psychologist to help you reflect.

    • Paul the Pussy

      Damn what sassy little bitch. Your mom should have commited suicide

    • Good job

      After reading your article!

      First of all, I would like to thank you for putting BTS on spotlight again. You think your article can pull them down from where they are now? Poor you! I tell you a true story.. one of my nonkpop co-worker came to me to understand why BTS was being hate and finally he went search around things about them (including their music) and he loves their music and finally became their new fanboy. You, indeed, contributed the attention of BTS. No wonder, their fan club members grow fastest than any of Kpop groups nowadays. GOOD JOB!

    • patronizing paul

      you’ve never written one completely praising bts before. after acknowledging rap monster’s collab with wale, for example, you immediately says that he’s incapable of going solo. u acknowledge these accomplishments as facts, and then u go to point out that bts has plagiarized, copied, and ultimately failed at what they do.

      there’s a reason why people hate u, paul. none of us are delusional. u are. nobody’s perfect, after all

    • Thank uou for the great article

      I agree!
      Your just doing your job and people are like this who cant accept the facts.

  23. Go Away

    An honest question here: who the fuck passed you on your journalism qualifications? Are you even a qualified journalist? Because I really doubt you are with how incompetent you are in this department with your extremely lacking journalistic skills. Have some pride you loser. Bringing up something that happened 2 years ago that nobody cares about anymore because the situation has been dealt with and rectified, just to bring traffic to your site. How embarrassing for you. Highkey think you’re a laughing stock in the journalism world because you definitely are with music fans. How do you not know you could be sued for the demeaning things you are saying about BTS? Whilst saying it’s “just news that you’re reporting” when half of it is either fake or the word of random people which you have failed to look into before publishing – against showing your uselessness at journalism? Don’t you even know the code of ethics concerning journalism that all journalists are encouraged to follow when reporting on things? Don’t you have respect for your readers to make sure whatever you write is to the upmost accuracy. You’re effectively lying to your readers, how disgusting of you. I suggest you stop writing about BTS all together and I also suggest kpop fans not to even pay attention to this site nor the pathetic author of this stupid article. You’re ridiculous. Now stop mentioning my boys.

  24. ulzzang

    This article is trash. It’s from two years ago lol stop

  25. Misty

    WTF is wrong with this place I see you guys recently posting alot of BTS articles with Allkpop and koreaboo as references and you get ALOT of information wrong, misleading titles, information that happened YEARS ago and just plain made up rumours? Is there no one professional working here. Please get you head out of your ass and stop using BTS for clicks! This was years ago and was already clarified stop trying to cause drama.
    Army please boycoty this place, don’t Give them clicks on ANY of their articles again, its not a legit place for BTS (or Kpop for that) matter news. Be didnit once before let’s do it again am take away some of their revenue and article traffic. This Paul Resnikoff guy choosr the wrong fandom to mess with Spread this around so fanpages and other Armys can know to boycott and know not to come here again, me and some other Armys are goung to track done this Paul guy other social media accounts, you can help along if you like, maybe Big Hit can take legal action action like their doing right now with Antis.

  26. Lmfao?

    This is really sad, this Paul guys probably saw that his Busines is going to shits so he has to stoop this low to make these kinda outdated news articles about KPOP lol, he has been doing this recently alot for clicks I guess he isn’t getting any attention from the western music articles sad lol doesnt deserve to be called a journalist. He is just sime sad white guys sae a picture of him on IG when i looked him up. He even compiled fake news from all of the place to make this sound legit and professional xD
    Army’s, like the Comment above said let’s Spread this around and boycott, the reason Why he countine to make article like think is because we click on them, so remember that.

  27. Wow

    This was years ago tho why you cashing drama don’t you have a life lolthe jounalist even had time to reply to one of the comments , I is a snake ? #ArmysBoydigitmusicnews

  28. Paul the Pussy

    “PAUL IS A PUSSY”- Love, his dead mother

  29. Paul the Pussy

    “Digital music news apologizes for their embarrassing whore of a reporter” by Paul Resnikoff’s Mom who killed herself many many years ago

  30. Paul Resnikoff

    Sorry it turns out that your hero was copying lines and making millions off them? Should you really be mad at me about this?

    • PAUL THE PUSSY 2.0


    • kimi

      Man, we as fans are far more informed on this whole subject than you are XD This is old news and we’ve witnessed everything that happened while it was going on. Who do you think you are going to educate on BTS related drama? BTS fans or people who don’t even know what a kpop group is? Man, go and write actual news. You are a grown man.

    • Yo Paul quit your damn job and go wash the dishes or sumn

      You a uneducated headass and it shows. This is clearly from years ago, you racist dumbo. Why bring up stuff from 2014 in 2017? Shows how ignorant you are, shame on you for writing stuff like this and saying that RM was copying lines to make millions. He don’t need those copied lines when he writes A++ lyrics himself. Get your facts right before you write a damn article, and stop playing the victim. You ain’t shit. Don’t call yourself a reporter, you’re just a racist, problematic, attention seeking fool. Your mom would be ashamed of you.

  31. Agust D

    Everyone here is such a savage haha~ #click-clack-to-the-bang-bang

  32. jade

    Just as i though. ARMY’s will really come here and defend our boys. Next time, please don’t ever click and read any article from “DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS”. Don’t click, read and comment!!!!

  33. Cypher


  34. ,

    Jak śmiesz pisać takie rzeczy o Rap Monie, Armys ci tego nie darują


    Digital Music News Failed Attempt at Publishing Non K-pop Related Articles Proves They’re Nothing Without BTS

  36. kimi

    Man, old news. Honey, stop trying so hard to ride BTS’ fame cock XD

  37. My L (@MyLakusa)

    My goodness, the hate is real by Digital News or do you seek to increase your media reach by publishing instigating articles? RM is like anyone else. I write songs and poetry and I remember reading off my lyrics to a indie producer. He mentioned one of my lines was one he’s heard before. I was shocked as I thought it was all mine. The fact is somethings are commonly said by people, sometimes you hear things you like and they stick with you. You don’t always remember where you heard a line or even if you heard it other than thinking you, yourself came up with it. B.T.S. nor Rap Monster are plagiarists. These boys have surpassed EXO and now they are getting all the hate by fans that can’t stand that fact. I have nothing against EXO, I wish them all the best but all these Kpop fanatics need to stop the assault campaign against B.T.S. These boys work hard and deserve the visibility they are getting. Seeing them online two years ago I said they will be a hit in the U.S and I said most other Kpop groups will not. It is not B.T.S.’s fault that they have what it takes to appeal to the masses in our country and others don’t.

  38. Paul means, "humble." Boy, you ain't humble in any way.

    Looking at how you are able to have the time to type this up, it’s quite a pity to see that you’re career is going down the drain like your hair falling off your head. It’s so sad to see that you’re career has taken a negative toll by writing articles like these, and I’m not just talking about that you write about BTS (thanks for making them more famous); it’s the way you state your articles like everyone and everything is a piece of trash. Stop thinking you can just post whatever you want just because you’re the CEO of a hopeless company. It’s your image before anything else; first impressions matter dumbass. Grow the fuck up if you’re going to post false information and make it seem like it’s a big deal. It’s not like you were ever important anyways.

  39. AVGH

    How do i report this website for false accusations and false news?

  40. Piss Off, Paul

    Fake News! Paul, stop wasting your time writing bullshit hate articles like this shit. What songs are those lyrics even from? Who did rap monster plagiarise off? Where did you get the issued statement from? Not only is this just hating on BTS, your article is shit from a professional standpoint; lacking detail, truth, accuracy and clearly making every effort to defame hardworking talented artists who are more talented than you ever will be. Resign please, BTS is bulletproof and you are Behind The Scenes.

  41. Paul Resnikoff can Paul Res-PISS OFF

    The only legal action ahead is against you, mate.

  42. ARMYnonimous

    Paul baby. You’re disappointing me. This shit was from ages ago and when you wrote ‘rapmonster intentionally copy the word’ yet the dialogue clearly said that it was unintentional… Grow up babe.

  43. army101

    Duh, before you speak plagiarism, show us trademarks or copyrights ..

  44. Shuddup

    Its like a disease with Bighit. Now copying off a better artist with their new album, visuals, they ruin concepts. It is like watching a discount version of superior senior artists. So many nugus who believe in this shit. Really rabid fans they have. As long as they throw the money, BTS will float like the dead log it is.

  45. H

    The one who wrote this article really need some help. Why are you bringing this up now? At least namjoon is not an irrogant person who don’t accept his mistake, he’s a very generous and thoughtful man. He didn’t deny but instantly accepted his wrongdoing and apologized. Now what? After two years,now when they’re at the peak of there careers you want to bring them down? Well bad news for you because BTS will keep shining forever. Go get a life! Bangtan fighting! Army fighting!

  46. Paul can go die in a hole he dug

    Even if they copied some lines subconsciously, their music is still amazing, and their singing, rapping, and dancing skills are off the charts. Good luck saying they cheated in some way to gain their skill in the first place.

  47. Just. No. GoGo. Away.

    Even if RM did end up copying a few lines, that doesn’t change the fact that BTS is still incredibly skilled in singing, rapping, and dancing. You think ARMY only loves BTS for their song lines? Think again, b*tch.

  48. SKIM

    Wow, so much bias, jealousy, and hatred. So obvious the bitterness and jealousy over BTS’ success. Such unprofessional writing. The negative sentiment is so blatant! lol

  49. NAH

    I’m cry laughing. “Plagiarising their way to the top.” No. Nonono. Lemme break it down for you. It seems though your supposed to be a journalist, you’ve not yet grasped the concept of current news, neither have you grasped the concept of research. If you’d researched these boys at all you would know how they came up. But seeing as you’re piss poor at your job I’ll tell you.
    BTS started out as the ultimate underdogs. Their vocal line is strong, their rap line is strong, and their dance exceeds most groups in my opinion. But the truth of the matter was they came from a small company who had a tiny budget that meant they could barely afford to cloth themselves or eat.
    They got where they got because of four things. Their hearts, their hard work, their talent and pure determination. In the early days and even now they received a tidal wave of unwarranted hate from people who (like this article) fabricated rumour and bullied them and their fans for no real reason other than jealousy. They were threatened even back then. That’s how good BTS are. Even as rookies they were a threat. But the hate became so vile and disgusting that it sent many of the members into deep depression. That and this article are wrong for that very reason. They fought mental illness, deep emotional turmoil, physical problems, to be where they are and you’re sat behind a screen telling us they FAKED their way there. NO.
    Noting BTS have ever done that can be considered a mistake was ever done intentionally or maliciously or has gone without apology. As a writer I often write down phrases that I connect with so deeply that when I come back to them it feels as I wrote them. If Namjoon is anything like me and most writers, our notebooks are so random and messy, it’s impossible to separate your work from something that inspired you. I cant tell you how many times someone’s said “Oh cool Virginia Woolf.” And I’ve been like “Huh?” It does not make you thief. It’s an honest a real and common mistake for a writer. Besides Namjoon and Yoongi especially have fought against the harsh prejudice they received for being idols and rappers. You think they would risk tarnishing their reputations that badly by PURPOSLEY copying several phrases.
    Their vocals have improved tenfold, their rappers are, to me, second to none and their dance is legendary. More importantly their artistry, whether it be visual, lyrical or musical is stunning. Between them they’ve probably written and produced thousands and thousands of songs. Most important of all, the relationship they have with their fans is something I’ve never seen before. It’s truly beautiful. They love and respect their fans and treat them like people. They stay up all hours to hop on a Vlive, write songs for them, record covers, edit clips together for them. They do the RUN shows and comebacks, they forego sleep, food, thinking time just to keep ARMY happy.
    If you knew anything you would never DARE say they stole their way to the top. They did no such thing and to say that is an insult. That isn’t journalism. That’s INSULTING.

    • Me again

      Oh and while I’m here stop calling him a pussy. Pussies are much more useful to the world in general. It’s an insult to the female genitalia.

  50. Yoongified

    wow….this site is soooo biased.Every post is like that of an anti.
    MAHN, you gotta stop being desperate for attention and get you facts straight.

    haters gonna hate,players gonna play

  51. Anonymous

    This article looks like copied from another older article.

    “that includes this verse, undoubtedly memorized by thousands of BTS followers”
    Yeah sure!!!! U is not even a song by BTS. How many BTS fans know that song actually?

  52. Erin

    for a moment i thought this was a legit news site but then realised it was digital music news and everything that’s written by paul is all bull

  53. Who tf is this paul shit

    Paul can fuck off, this ?️ really out there bringing up old stuff from 2014. Imagine being this jobless. Someone donate extra braincells to Paul. Mans needs a lot of those. In conclusion: Paul is a jobless attention seeker with no life.

  54. SmugArmy

    Who are you even lol?? Im laughing at this….It seems you have a problem with bts, especially rm? well, imagine being this jobless …bts can’t relate tch…

  55. SHAR


  56. Luci

    So he really did Plagiarism that’s why he went to…….?