YouTuber Ricegum Faces Legal Action for Physically Assaulting Gabbie Hanna

Did Popular YouTube Vlogger ricegum Assault a Female Youtube Star?
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Did Popular YouTube Vlogger ricegum Assault a Female Youtube Star?
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Did Youtuber ricegum actually strike fellow Youtuber Gabbie Hanna?

Popular YouTuber ricegum is known for his not-so-nice music tracks directed at other vloggers and music stars.  Specifically, his diss tracks have drawn the ire of Pewdiepie and Blink182’s Travis Barker.  In one track, he attacked Barker’s (then) 10-year-old daughter, Alabama Barker, for not “acting her age.”

This time, he may have gone too far.

Fellow YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, host of The Gabbie Show, posted a Snapchat video challenging ricegum to a freestyle battle.  On Tuesday night, both unexpectedly showed up to a party.  She posted another Snapchat video showing the popular YouTuber exhausted and refusing her challenge. She then made the following joke at his expense:

“All right, so rice doesn’t have his ghostwriter today. It’s fine. I think we can still battle. I think we’re good. No?”

Ricegum, looking away from the camera, simply smiled and laughed off her comment.  Later on, in a dark room, Gabbie posted a video of herself in tears.  She accused the popular Youtuber of hitting her.

“Okay, so update, sorry if it looks like I’m crying. Ricegum didn’t think that joke was very funny and he hit me in the middle of a party and shattered my phone, I can show you that in a sec.  I’m standing out on the balcony so that it doesn’t, like, make a scene.  He literally, like, everybody’s like, “did he hit you?” and I was like, “yeah, he did.”  And my phone is broken, the screen is broken, the back camera is broken, so I need to get a new phone.”

In the past, ricegum has taken direct shots at Hanna.  On his YouTube channel, he posted a diss track insulting her voice, videos, and facial appearance.  He also called her a “joke thief.”  She responded with her own video.

The 20-year old Asian rapper has slightly more than 5.3 million subscribers.  She currently has close to 4 million subscribers. Following the debacle, ricegum’s videos subscriptions have slowly decreased, and Gabbie Hannah’s subscriptions dramatically increased.

In the Snapchat video following the alleged physical assault, Gabbie showed fans her bruises.  She hasn’t ruled out legal action, but did ask the Asian rapper to pay for her broken cellphone.  Directed at him, she asked him the following question:

“But I make a joke about your scandal and you hit me?”

You can watch the video below.


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  1. Jimmy

    Nice clickbait title you fucking idiot. He faces legal action? You just said on your post that he doesn’t. Also what kind of fucking idiot goes to Snapchat instead of the police when getting assaulted? I’ll tell you, a liar.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Jimmy, thanks for commenting but I’d ask that you show a decent level of constructive response and respect. The article clearly states that Gabbie is reserving the right to take legal action for an assault she has reported. That’s the article I’m reading.

      • Anonymous

        So you only want to hear positive criticism and not actual constructive criticism? First you must understand, it is not up to Gabbie if charges are pressed it is up to the District Attorney in the area of the offense. This is nothing but bullshit clickbait ad revenue generation at its finest.

      • Anonymous

        “A decent level of constructive response and respect” like you showed Kim K when she was robbed?

        Classic Paul.

      • Liam

        He actually didn’t hit her and paid her two thousand dollars to repair her phone. Also he is looking to take legal action since he didn’t hit her and she said he did which is pure slander.

        • Lucifer

          Well he did strike her though. She has proof and other people have said he was overly aggressive which could result in all the marks she showed on her channel. He has no grounds for a slander suit at all. She told the truth and he’s just a punk ass kid who can dish out shit talking but can’t take it ??

        • Lucifer

          And he only ended up paying her $1,100 which is what her phone is worth. She send him back the extra money he accidentally sent, which she proves in her video

    • Nathan

      The fact that you are defending a person that makes fun of people for a living, has the reputation of making fun of children, and gets offended for a simple joke a Youtuber known for making clean humor made about him is so downgrading.

      • Anonymous

        lol i love gabbie but her stuff isn’t clean humor

    • Brii

      NO. Gabbie is not a liar. If he didn’t hit her, she wouldn’t have said that. Who would say that? There’s evidence you ignorant walnut.

        • Cari

          Anyone can lie on a twitter account and why would Gabby want to start stuff with him and break her phone just for some popularity stunt as far as I can see she is telling the truth

    • Alice

      You talk as if you know exactly what you’re talking about. Why are you getting so mad about the clickbait, sweetheart? Go find another asshole deadbeat to watch on YouTube and stop being so aggressive for attention. It makes you look like a fucking idiot.

  2. Legal Action?

    Whats the legal action he’s currently facing? It says hes facing legal action, but there is not legal action listed, not even a quote from her saying that. Sorry I might have missed it, i’ll go back and read the article again though. Can you please clarify? Normally if someone is facing legal action there is currently legal action against them. Are you using “facing legal action” in the sense of it is possible that someone might think about filing charges. Again just a clarification.

    • Claire

      She hasn’t taken any legal action but apparently Rice Gum has. In an interview done with Drama Alert (not the best channel I know) he says that some legal action is in the works because “you can’t tell the world I hit a girl”.

    • U suck

      Well maybe this wouldn’t have happened if she had kept that tweet to herself. You know how the saying goes… if it’s not nice,keep it to yourself. Like it’s not his fault that she took a video that was meant as a joke to far. She wouldn’t have gotten herself into this if it wasn’t for her own actions so it is her own fault

      • Jake

        You say that, but RiseGums content is not nice either, and he is making a career out of it, if she can’t say that he assaulted her, then he shouldn’t be allowed to bully other YouTubers and children.

      • Lizzie

        lol your comment is so hypocritical. same goes for him– none of this wouldn’t have gone down if he didn’t take a comment “that was meant ass a joke” too far. The difference is that Gabbie didn’t go and attempt abuse and destruction of property in response. She just tried to joke about it and his “scandals” just as he did to her. The difference is she did it to his face. He can’t take what he dishes and has to result in violence to keep his ego afloat and that’s wrong.

        Because she spoke to him she deserves physical harm? Rethink your statement because that’s what makes so many abuse victims live with it for so long thinking they “deserve” it and it’s their fault when it’s not. No, it was Rice’s decision to inflict destruction. He could have just walked away so really he put himself in that position. He also didn’t have to talk about Gabbie’s ish and left that for her to deal with. Had he not posted a video about something that wasn’t his business, he wouldn’t be in the place where Gabbie would come up to him about his issues. So if you really look at it, he started ALL of this and got himself into it not the other way around.

      • Bernard

        So maybe Gabbie should have kept that tweet to herself, an opinion she had every right to share, just like Ricegum should keep his mouth shut in his videos, when he slanders and bullies people???
        The tweet wasn’t even directed towards him. He’s just so insecure about himself that he has to make everything personal. He publically made fun of her appearance and then assaulted her, and you’re saying she deserved it because she made a tweet expressing her opinion? Yeah, you’re a fucking moron.

      • Clarification

        She knew the video was a joke, she said that in her video, the video on snapchat she was trying to get ricegum to do a rap battle with her, he declined and so she made a joke about ricegum having a ghost writer scandal, then he smashed her phone. This was entirely ricegums fault, he needs to take it as well as he can dish it. Like seriously check your facts. You look like a moron.

  3. Jordan

    Why is this article so biased towards Ricegum? In Gabbie’s video she explained it and she wasn’t hit, she clearly explained her arm was twisted and her phone was shattered and she had proof about her phone. I’m sure Ricegum will put a video up about the situation and we can see both sides of the story, but Gabbie did have marks on her legs, arms, and shoulders.

  4. Jimmy Is Smart

    No, Jimmy is very good boy. You insufferable dolt.

  5. Asian rapper

    “Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.Asian Rapper.”

    You don’t need to state it 30000 times as if its the focus of the story you stupid fuck. Looks like any dipshit with a keyboard can pass as “media” now.

    • Anonymous

      um,,, they said it twice. im ok with hyperbole but it seems like a bit much

    • Bizzy

      They’ve only said the expression twice, and it’s in the last two paragraphs of the article. Congratulations, now you yourself, look like a stupid fuck.

  6. I'm sorry for this essay of a comment

    DISCLAIMER: I am neither a Gabbie fan or a RiceGum fan, but just someone that is curious and is interested in the truth. What I am gathering from this is that at the party, Gabbie made a joke about Rice to his face, and he turned aggressive, and twisted her arm, broke her phone, and scratched her (I’m going by the physical evidence and her account). While I do think that Gabbie is in the wrong for recording things he didn’t want recorded, I still think it is unacceptable for him to resort to violence. After checking both twitters, it’s clear that Gabbie has the “receipts” as people call it. Rice recently posted a twitter video (now deleted, but Gabbie saved it) of him mocking her (and indirectly discrediting victims of stuff like this) by scratching himself and pretending to be hurt, however, on John Scarce’s show, he said he didn’t have the fingernails to scratch (in the video where he scratches himself, the scratches are QUITE red) was incredibly distasteful, and with every post/tweet, he’s just making the situation worse for himself. Although both are in the wrong, I will not side with anyone until more information emerges. Instead of Rice trying to validate his actions and deny everything, he should own up to his mistakes.

  7. george

    i can’t believe anyone is defending ricegum for violent and aggressive behavior. there is not excuse. it doesn’t matter what gabbie did beforehand no one deserves that. he is in the wrong.

  8. #IStandWithGabbie

    I would choose Gabbie over Ricegum any day cause she makes me smile. When I’m upset about something, all I need to do is watch her storytime videos.
    And when you are a social media personality, your biggest strength are your fans. So she Snapchated about it. She made it very clear in the snaps that Ricegum did not beat her up. He held her down and twisted her arm as he was trying to snatch away her phone so that he could delete the quoted snap.

    • Elliot

      Please learn how to speak proper English and construct full sentences before making posts about your irrelevant opinions on the internet.

  9. Anonymous

    This is so ridiculous. I really don’t care for either of them, but Gabby is twisting this story sooooo far just to get back at Ricegum. I mean think about it, they were at a birthday party, in LA, with a bunch of people. You would think someone would have said something or done something if Ricegum was “pinning her to the ground” like she claims. And NO ONE other than Gabby is saying that she was “hit or scratched” or whatever she claims, but there were other people who were at the party actively stating that Ricegum never hit her. Not to mention, Ricegum asked her to stop recording and not post to Snapchat MULTIPLE times before he snatched her phone and threw it to the ground. Ricegum obviously shouldn’t have broken her property, and hes making things a lot worse with all his tweets. Gabby is smart, she knows what shes doing. Assault is an extremely sensitive topic, of course its gonna generate this much buzz. This is exactly what Gabby wanted, shes getting back at Ricegum in the biggest possible way, by snatching his subscribers by playing the victim. Absolutely ridiculous.

  10. whocares

    Man fuck whoever wrote this article. Why the fuck do you have to mention that he is an Asian rapper, and not use his name. You used her name, but when you mention him he suddenly becomes “Asian Rapper”. Man stfu, I see why this is a struggling site, with people who want to be reporters, and write articles, but are actually high school drop outs. Pieces of absolute shit. Ricegum has a name you know. If he was black or white, I assure you this piece of shit writer would call him by his real name. No one goes, oh yeah , the 20 year old black rapper. You should just quit, and don’t let your newborns learn the fucking racist ways you abide by.

    • Elliot

      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
      “a program to combat racism”
      synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism
      “Aborigines are the main victims of racism in Australia”
      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
      noun: racism
      “theories of racism”.

      He said it twice.
      He said it because RiceGum, is Asian.
      Stating it, does not make him racist.
      Please do not throw around a word like this, especially one of such importance. It’s insulting, and frankly, makes you look extremely uneducated and like a fuckin idiot.

  11. RiceGumDeservesToGoToJail

    In what fucking way or angle is it okay for a man to hold down a girl just for him to get the phone and have it smashed? I’m not a fan of either, but you seriously can’t let him go with this. He clearly needs help. Someone recommend him a good psychiatrist please before it’s too late. Just the fact that a lot of people are actually okay with what his doing and a lot of people actually look up to him for that. What has humanity become?

  12. Elliot

    Everyone who seems to support ricegum tends to say the same things, which are completely either out of context, or have zero credibility. I’m not even on either of their sides, but when you look at the story, all RiceGum does is lie. he fucked up, and now that it’s been brought to public, he doesn’t know how to handle a situation that’s completely out of his control, and he’s too prideful to actually come out and apologise. As for Gabbie, I just think she’s irritating, but I don’t think her points are invalid. She’s mentioned that even had she not been assaulted, that he should still be responsible for property damage. Which he payed for.
    The reason why she’s still upset at him for the situation, is because even though he apologised, she recognises that he feels no remorse for the situation, and fears that it may happen again in the future. I don’t like her, but she’s totally right. This egomaniacle, sexist, bully needs to be filtered out of the fucking gene pool. Hopefully he’ll mature with age.

  13. Twitturd

    How pathetic are millennials

    No wonder no one respects your generation

  14. Anonymous

    Alright, having looked at all the evidence…. (this is just my opinion) I think legal action should be taken against Ricegum. I have looked at both sides and Ricegum has proven to be extremely immature. It’s ridiculous that he can’t take a joke and resulted to physical violence. You know cops get harassed and filmed all the time, are they taking peoples phones and smashing them? Hell no! What makes him better? He has already stated he had to forcefully take her phone from her. (Although isn’t very creditable considering he slightly changes his story each time.) He could have addressed the situation more maturely. But, no and like a child tries to make himself look like hes right. As a victim of domestic violence i have watched this behavior before. Explosive temper, the need to be right and in control, trying to make the other person submit through violence and then talk shit about them to make them feel low. Absolutely disgusting!

  15. Bret

    Bloggers, Vloggers, whatever. Millinennial faggots with no talent beefing like anyone cares… Ricegum should try physically assaulting an actual rapper and see what happens… Wish these idiots were around in the 90’s especially during the Death Row era. They would’ve been running for cover and yelling stupid shit like “fighting is stupid dude”. Lol. Smh.

  16. Alva

    Good. I hate rice gum because he is always hurting other people’s feelings. He always acts cool infront of the camera but is always making fun of other people. Also what he did to Gabbie was wrong.

  17. I'm a fan of neither but I hate gabbie

    I know this is a old article and thread and we know now that gabbie was lying but I could tell that she was lying in the first place. And you guys aren’t idiots especially the ones who still supported gabbie.

  18. I'm a fan of neither but I hate gabbie

    I meant to say that the gabbie supporters ARE idiots. It auto corrected to aren’t. B Y E

  19. Clarification

    uhhmm nobody knows for sure if he hit her or not so thats kinda a harsh claim… and he didn’t pay $2,000 Gabbie cleared that part up in her video maybe watch that before making accusations.