Chris Brown’s Cameo Causes a Ratings Flop for ‘Black-ish’

Snapshot of Chris Brown appearing on 'Black-ish'
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The ratings are in.  And Chris Brown’s appearance on ‘Black-ish’ was officially a dud.

It looks like Disney|ABC’s risky gamble on Chris Brown just backfired.  Big time.  Despite a heavily publicized cameo appearance, Chris Brown failed to deliver any ratings bounce whatsoever.  In fact, the show edged slightly downward from the previous week’s episode, which didn’t feature any celebrity appearances.

According to stats shared this morning by Variety, ‘Black-ish’ failed to cross the 5 million-mark once again.  Instead, the show drew an estimated 4.95 million with a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demo.  Those lackluster ratings may explain the desperate attempt to juice ratings with the appearance of Brown.

Other shows simply crushed Black-ish on Wednesday.  In fact, leading show ‘Empire’ experienced one of its worst ratings performances ever, but still finished with 6.8 million viewers.  Even ‘The Goldbergs,’ which debuted for the first time, crossed the 6 million mark.

All of which raises the question: is Black-ish really that desperate?  For some reason, Disney refused to cancel the appearance, despite heavy pressure from viewers and media outlets.  Perhaps Disney hoped that controversy could court ratings, but the exact opposite may have occurred.  Instead of spiking viewers based on controversy, the appearance of Brown may have alienated family-oriented viewers.

Additionally, viewers concerned about the impact on the African-American community also tuned out, unwilling to support the crass casting decision.


All of those reactions could cause serious damage for this show.  And a flat-out cancellation sooner than scheduled.

We’ll be the first to report it.

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Typical American BS reporting. Why didn’t you add previous figures so readers could see through your bs. “appearance officially a dud” “just backfired. Big time” “edged slightly downward” – All of that is complete drivel. Black-ish had an increase (albeit small) of 0.86% viewers from 4.883m to 4.925m viewers of the last episode. Also note that it figures had been below the 5million mark in the past but got better. Nowhere did i see this drivel you posted in the numbers.

  2. J

    Paul you’re a hater of the first order. I love how you wrote about how fake news is a problem, but then misreport on particular artists because they don’t measure up to some moral standard that you’ve concocted. Stay journalistically excellent ?

  3. African American Man

    Stupid ass Article. Not even a Chris Brown Supporter. But why is it a crime to have Chris Brown on a show, and forgive an African American, However, charlie Sheen was granted his own show. This writer is a dumb ass.

  4. Tyller

    So immature ??? acting like the man done the worst sin ever

  5. Jordan lopez

    You are the worst. Chris will bounce back, he has been around for over 10 years, he’s not going anywhere but you surely will lol