Breaking: Berklee College of Music Causes Major Backlash With International Music Community, Future Uncertain

Berklee Backlash
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Berklee Backlash
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Berklee Backlash

Full disclosure, I just gave the Careerealism Keynote presentation at Berklee College of Music last week.

When I was on campus I was warmly invited into classrooms and my presentation went off without a hitch. I was introduced by the chair and founder of the Music Business department, Don Gorder and the chair of the Professional Music department, Sean P. Hagon. It was a humbling experience for me and I was absolutely honored to be welcomed into such an influential institution.

So, it comes with great disappointment that I must now report the news that Berklee College of Music is eliminating something that is so meaningful to me. And to the music community at large. When Berklee takes a stand like this, the international music community takes notice. And we’re not happy. As a trumpet player, this hits me hard. And it hits me deep.

I like to consider myself an open minded person, Berklee. And I’m always one to encourage the industry to challenge itself to push for progress – never dwell in the past. But this time, you’ve gone too far.

I strongly encourage you to rethink this through. You’re simply breaking my heart.

See Berklee College of Music’s full statement and explanation on this blasphemous decision below from the President of the university, Roger H. Brown.

Brown, Berklee, you’ve been put on notice.

3 Responses

  1. Jordan

    A sharp individual will take notice that these draconian, mixolidian, even gregorian, cuts will leave our entire community feeling flat.

    I will not rest until the whole note of this travesty is clearly understood!

  2. Paul Resnikoff

    This is just going to fuel the A# black market!

  3. Anonymous

    I hate click bait don’t you. Either write or don’t but don’t use this leading garbage. It sucks.