Kpop Group BTS Officially Changing Their Name to ‘BTX’

BTS Officially Changing Their Name to BTX
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Kpop superstars BTS will officially change their name to ‘BTX,’ according to a label statement.  The unexpected announcement will be made to fans on Saturday in Anaheim, California.

In a move that may generate controversy, Kpop group BTS is officially changing their name to ‘BTX’.  The change is designed to appeal to a broader worldwide audience, while heralding a new era for the group.  “‘BTS’ was the first stage of this important group,” a press release issued by label Big Hit Entertainment states.  “Now, we’re proud to welcome the entire world to the next phase of our growth.”

The formal statement was leaked to Digital Music News early Saturday morning by a label staffer.  The release was originally scheduled to coincide with an announcement by the group to their fans.

The release, verified by DMN, notes that ‘X’ is much more powerful than ‘S’.  It’s also more hip-hop, which the group takes seriously.  “The group agrees that ‘X’ signals something bigger and stronger, and fits the global powerhouse the Bangtan Boyz are becoming.”

The group voted 4-3 to approve the name change, with former ‘BTS’ members Rap Monster and Jimin leading the charge.  “As you can tell from my name I am a rapper,” Rap Monster states in the official release.  “And as a young boy, I learned from the greatest rappers, DMX and Xzibit.  But I realized these rappers are not named ‘DMS’ or ‘Szibit,’ so we could not be ‘BTS’ either and truly succeed.”

“Bangtan Boyz”

On that note, the group will not change their ‘Bangtan Boys’ full name, though the spelling will change to ‘Bangtan Boyz’.  Accordingly, ‘BTS’ is history and will be officially retired.

Inside the 4-3 vote.

Others voting in favor of the name change include Suga and J-Hope, who are part of the ‘rapper line’ of BTX.  Jimin, who recently suffered major death threats, approved the change as it makes the group tougher.  “We have always been tough, but now the world will recognize,” Jimin said.  “I hope people will think twice before threatening BTX or the Bangtan Boyz ever again.”

Mandatory merchandise upgrade policy.

As for merchandize, BTX is will tell all ARMYs to keep their old merchandise as mementos.  But after the Wings Tour 2017 concludes, only fans wearing approved ‘BTX’ t-shirts and merchandise will be permitted at shows. “We want all ARMYs to join us in this change, so we can all be stronger and bigger,” the release states.  “We will be offering all new BTX merchandise this weekend, with some great new designs!”

The official announcement happens Saturday evening at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.  Stay tuned for more developments!



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    • paul's stupidity

      Paul’s way of april fool. I am sorry for him.

      • WiseGirl_Yourstalker

        your right haha stupid people just believe him bangtan sonyeondan mean bulletproof boyscout,so why would it chang its meaning?then why didn’t he explain the meaning of X since BTS has a meaning?sorry for my english grammar but just understand it coz im a korean trying to speak english so you all can understand and i noticed that this article is posted in april fool’s day then why you all taking this seriously?another question showed in my brain,why would he write a post like this when nothing is helpful?he’s just wasting his time and he’s just earning some bashers i think this article is just a joke and it is posted in april 1 2017 april fools day so its mean you all are being fooled so guys dont take this seriously

      • Fu Koff

        It’s obviously a shitty April Fools joke but he didn’t even bother saying it was an April Fools joke unlike the article about spotify. Like we get it, you hate BTS.

    • Digital Music News is Crap

      Omg .. the logo.. is so COOL! I mean happy april fools

    • Anastasia

      Your username fits so well with your comment??

    • ©

      I represent all ARMYs, even the Kiss Army. I know this article is 100% fact and I LOVE the new name! Keep it up BTXYZ!

    • My face looks like our shunshine’s face while reading this???? and paul honey, did you edit that yourself? That’s cute. Real cute love ????????

    • Anonymous

      omg this is not happening…………………………………………………its fake lol look at the time it was posted btw happy april fools day bot u are not pranking us armies

    • Anonymous

      This is not real because why would Bts change there name to Bts like that does not make sense what the fuck

    • Anonymous

      They couldn’t even get Namjoons name right. They put Rap Monster I stead of real me, my god-

    • Anonymous

      They couldn’t even get Namjoons name right. They put Rap Monster I stead of real me, my god-

  1. Why

    I can’t tell if this is an April Fools Joke (it most likely is) or if Paul Resnikoff is spreading fake news AGAIN since he’s written so many crappy articles like this

  2. Anonymous

    You just…aren’t a very good writer Paul. I am cringing so hard.

  3. i swear

    paul if you’re bullshitting again i swear to god

  4. Digital music news is fucking bullshit and retarded, fuck the parents who raised this person

    This is total bullshit. Who is this guy who keeps writing shit about BTS like seriously ?
    It’s actually pissing me off. Like most of the articles are fucking rude and as well as trying to humiliate them. R u retarded BTS wil never change their name u fucktard. BTS has a meaning bangtan soneyondan, b for bang, t for tan and S FOR SONEYONDAN YOU SON OF A BASTARD. R u that bored with your life. Seriously ? get a life.

    • Lisa

      It’s obviouslyrics an April fools joke. Lmao chill, you’realized making ARMY look bad, lol stop

      • g r e y e l l e

        im pissed too because they wrongly posted about namjoon

        • jennie

          The article they did on rapmonster was complete bullshit


          Why he change their group name BTS to BTX

      • sigh

        Look, a lot of people are mad becuase of this website, why dont you look at his article and decide yourself? i personally hate him inside but his articles are targeting BTS


        it would be fine if this was the only thing but saying rap mon failed his SOLO attempt when he got 2mil with no promotions or warnings of the MV being released is stupid. Adding this would obviously piss fans off, especially since these articles can turn possible new fans off


        Well, it does kinda piss ARMY off. And we’re ARMY, we get protective of our boys like all the others. There are many types of ARMY so just chill okay? We didn’t know it was an april fools joke at first.

  5. Really?

    Ok this is definitely an April fools joke. Why would they change their name?

    • IKR


  6. Like wtf

    Like seriously if it’s another bullshit like u did with rapmonster than really please stop it don’t u have anything else to do in life
    N I won’t believe it until SOOMPI confirms it

  7. saraia

    Hmmm in one way its good but still bts name is the best.
    However,I think its april fool joke.

  8. happy paul's day

    so basically this is just a prank to celebrate April fools’ day. well this is a good click bait though … not kidding.

  9. your website is shit

    you know what digital music news how about just throw yourself into the sea of shit and you’re going to be the king there

  10. Joke

    Seriously?! Happy failed April Fools Day to you too!

  11. Anonymous

    If it were true, it would have been trending hours ago, and there’s the lack of official statement from both the group and company. It’s a joke, guys.

  12. srsly?!

    this is obviously a April fools joke! I was srsly scared for a second there.shut your shit Paul,you are really hurting some people’s feelings there. x(

  13. Anonymous101

    Bruh, this prank is soooo lame -.- do a better job next time please + If it WERE real, then SOOMPI will confirm it or other TRUSTWORTHY websites (cough unlike u cough) 🙂

  14. LMAO

    This is so hilarious. Geez,we know its April Fool,at least tell a believable lie next time XD

  15. wut

    If it’s true, I like bts more. Sounds more like them

  16. Paul you little...

    xD nice joke but BTS will never do that! 😉

  17. Shame on You Mr. Writer

    Stop spreading false rumours about our boys. We ARMY’s stand for BTS a.k.a Bangtan Sonyeondan

  18. Kpopgirl

    Omg, Bts I Love you (all) so much!!! You are so amazing!! ????

  19. Paul is bae (cypher4)

    You again… that’s a bad joke… but nice try 😉

  20. awm awmi

    The name BTS is the besttttttt name for them , hope it’s just really a joke for April fool .

  21. Haha jinja!

    Im not shocked because this is not true. Jinjaa!??? Plz stop writing shit news about them and making money! We A.R.M.Ys will know the news before u do..

  22. Get It Together

    I have seen your attempts at articles so many times. This is just sad. Do you really want attention that bad? Even if it’s in the form of hate? Don’t you have friends you could go bother? Stop pissing off army’s with your stupid “articles”. Just because you don’t have friends does t mean that you have to bother us. Now, whenever I see “Digital Music News”, I think, “Look, it’s another article filled with bullshit.” I feel like I’m trying to make a second grader understand whenever I write these comments. I hope you think well about your actions before actually acting them out. In the end, it’s just bad for you. Don’t you have a life? You aren’t given a life so that you could piss off other people. Go live your life but stop trying to make people stop living theirs.

  23. kim

    Paul, why you never write about other kpop group, I feel sorry for you,if you want more money and attention so much, find another job, the way you write your articles about bts, u act like you know them, but you don’t, listen to cypher part 1-4

  24. Taetae is Life

    Srsly Paul, I’m so done with this. ARMYs love BTS just the way they are, and even though it’s April Fools day, this is a stupid article. Go find some other band to tell lies about.

  25. Paul Resnikoff

    Good morning everyone, just a quick update: I just got off the phone with Jimin himself! He said the group will be making the formal announcement at the Honda Center tonight, at which point fans can go buy all the new BTX merchandise. Now remember: you can still wear the BTS gear at the Wings Tour 2017, but afterwards the band will enforce a ‘no BTS’ policy meaning NO BTS gear allowed at any performances. If you have a BTS tattoo, you must also have this removed.

    I’ll have more updates as I get them!

    • Uh..okay

      Dude ?? you’re hilarious ??? nice prank. A no BTS policy?????? More than half the worlds got BTS merchandise ??? they wouldn’t do this to their fans. Their name holds lots of records and memories they wouldn’t just change it, think again dude? I think it would’ve gone through koreaboo and all the other popular articles before this one, no offense, and yea Jimin can’t speak English ? you don’t make sense

    • Paul Resnik(Fuck)off

      You are so so so rude, your every article is against BTS, why don’t you fuck off. If you have time to waste, please don’t in this way. Get a job boy or just die !!!!!!!! And what the heck is this “verify your humanity” really ??


      This person is on to something.


      I mean, do you hate them that much?

    • ?An ARMY ?

      THAT’S A LIE OMFG ???? YOU CAN’T COMMUNICATE WITH JIMIN BECAUSE HE CAN’T TALK ENGLISH AT ALL. ???? Boi you ain’t right, just wait til Bighit sues you. We ARMYs will make sure of that, I’m not even kidding. ??

    • pabo

      woah.jinja?jimin said that?he cant even speak english you pabo!

    • Random Citizen

      Hahahaha dude. That moment when you wrote about that DMX thing, it threw away your claims. Haha try better next time. Armys know BTS better than whatever you are claiming them to be. And that statement of jimin and RM is total lie. They never spoke anything like that. Theyre not rude like you so…. Nice try. Try another article, maybe you get the attention you need and make this website the most unreliable news site xDDD

    • i m not f'ing reading your articles again coz they are pure bullshit

      get a life…


      Look Paul Whatever. I get it. You’re trying to make money and all that crap. But hear this. At least make the story believable. Something we would actually believe. First of all, Jimin can’t speak English. Second of all, Jimin and Rapmonster’s personality is not like that. Jimin is not the type to change something so valuable and significant just because of something that is not even important. Have you met them in person? Just try to survive while some armys will eat you alive okay?

    • HAHA


  26. SHAYE

    why man why am doing a celebrity project on BTS now I’ll have to put a breaking news in it that they changed there name so what about there other songs what is going to happen I fell sad cus now the ARMY will have to buy new things and if you have anything in BTS they won’t allow you to go to there concert like omg no BTS WAS MA LIFE BuT there logo go is COOL SO AMM GOING WITH BTX HAPPY APRIL FOOLS

  27. Tira

    This is obviously a (poorly written) April Fool’s joke. Everyone needs to chill.

  28. paul not different with selja(twitter) !!!

    u just harness april fools for u’r trash assholefvck article,,.! worst think to the thing!

  29. Dude wtf

    I really dislike this person. If this is an April fools joke idgas this is not the first time this shithead writes fake/negative bullshit about BTS. U just hating on em cuz they took ur Beyonce’s shit, fuck out of here


    Don’t worry Paul,we will see you in Cyper Part. 5

    • i m not f'ing reading your articles again coz they are pure bullshit

      i will be waiting for this dude to get dragged

  31. Not True

    This is fake and probably an April Fools Joke. BTS wouldn’t leak it to DMN because you post so many articles insulting them.

  32. Bitch wtf

    Wtf is this bs, is this even true? ??? it is April fools day today too so. Someone said they just got off the phone with Jimin, ??f*ck off ???

  33. Paul Resnikoff

    Jimin says sorry for any pain this has caused. But it’s for the greater good for the group.

    He’s also issuing a death threat to anyone threatening his life (i.e., ‘reverse death threat’).

    More ahead!

    • Really now? -.-

      i can’t believe you’re still going on about this….. you’re really looking for attention aren’t you? tsk tsk

    • about to end your career :)

      I will be taking action with this , I have previously read many of your articles about BTS and their members and taken various screenshots of your degrading , derogatory and down right fake claims about them and I will personally be reporting you to bighit so that they will take legal action against you. Have fun in court.

    • Paul Resnik(Fuck)off

      Am I suppose to get angry on what you wrote or laugh badly on you.

    • Cypher PT4

      Paul sweetie, your ignorance is so cute. Perhaps you just wanted someone to spend your April’s Fool day with. BTS Rapmon had clearly stated in his solo songs that he’s “Not pop, not rock and not hiphop” so why on earth would a leader of BTS that says that would be okay with changing their group name because *hiphop is their main genre* or some bullshit you stated in the news. I guess RM was right, motherfuckers do keep motherfucking all day – like you…BTS is a free-flowing group with many genres that touched many aspects in life. It is so disappointing to see fake news being posted about them. Do you like the hate you’re getting? Are insults really that entertaining for you? Ah, I guess haters should keep on loving themselves because nobody else will (unless it’s their family members).

    • i m not f'ing reading your articles again coz they are pure bullshit

      don’t you have a job. is this what you get paid for? you unemployed shit

    • Tasteless joke

      This joke is really insensitive. These death threats are not a matter you should joke around with. You have no clue where to draw the line. Think about this, if your mother for instance received death threats and now you go joking around to others saying oh my mom is now sending them death threats too lol then go April fools… what would people think of you? Your image has already been damaged don’t try too hard to damage it any further

    • U are caught in a lie

      Are u fing serious boi this is fake -_-

  34. hypocrite

    quite hypocritical of you to call armys ‘low-lifes’ when you’re a grown ass man spending your time writing slander about a kpop group, pathetic

  35. LMAOOO

    When you can’t even tell is this is an April Fool article or another crappy fake news article Paul usually writes

  36. AWWW Paul, you're so cute ?

    Lol he doesn’t realize what BTS stands for. ??? His ignorance is on fully display, as per usual.

  37. Paul Resnik(Fuck)off

    You are so so so rude. Your every article is against BTS. Why dont you fuck off. If you have time to waste please don’t waste in this way, get a job boy or just die !!!. And what the heck is this “verify your humanity” really ??

  38. Anonymous

    ???this has to be a lie right.Like it really has to because it’s April fools.

  39. Bts

    ???this has to be a lie right.Like it really has to because it’s April fools.

  40. Lea

    this is the same site who wrote shit about rap monster? bch you aint funny as f. nobody gives fuq about ur april fools day. so shut the fck up and mind ur own ass.

  41. AK

    Phew! Forgot it was April Fool’s Day. I was cringing at BTX.

  42. Paul Resnikoff

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments and constructive feedback. Now, I’m off the the Honda Center to meet the guys and prepare for their monumental announcement.

    BTS is RIP! Time for a bigger, badder, tougher BTX!

    Bangtan BoyZ!

    • i m not f'ing reading your articles again coz they are pure bullshit

      they should kick your ass

  43. Tamvill69

    Guys it meant (Bangtan Sonyondan) right ???
    Also it’s an April fools joke it got out in April 1 !!

  44. It's BTS not BTX

    I seriously hope this is an April Fools joke or just Paul being an idiot, spreading rumours.

  45. Stupid DMN

    This fucking retard digital music news. I really hope tht who make this article die in crash, get killed or else. Amen.

  46. Down with Digital Muzic Newz

    Dear Paulina Recktschnoff,

    No one wants you on the internet.

    Good day

  47. Wake Up Paul

    They didn’t announce anything concerning a name change @ the concert.

    So, dear Paul, because you don’t understand shit, let me educate you on a basic fact about this k-pop group, seeing as you’ve bought tickets for a group you have no idea about. Smart.

    It’s BTS, misguided old fool. Not BTX. It’s Bangtan Sonyeondan, not Bangtan Xonyeondan. It’s Bangtan Boys, not Bangtan BoyZ. Learn to recognize the difference between “S” and “X” and “Z” of the English language. I’d recommend a nearby preschool.

    How could you be so delusional as to think you’re worth Jimin’s time? Especially right before a big concert?

  48. The actual fuck

    Guys this shit is faker than Kim K’s ass.
    It would be extremely wastful and stupid to do this, they have been using Bts for so long and have a load of March and CDs with thatname so why change it?
    This fucker has been known for making up newa without proof or background information.

    Don’t give this more fame, don’t share this shit

  49. Tenzy

    Stop spreading false rumors lol if u don’t love them atleast don’t hate them lol

  50. HAHA... not funny

    I was so scared for moment cause I truthfully don’t like the X. It kinda makes things weird, and what’s up with the Bangtan Boyz? BTS is the perfect name. Seriously, I thought it was real for a moment until I saw the comments. BTS, FIGHTING!!!!!!

  51. lol have faith

    Come on, question it. Would Rap Monster with an IQ of 148 really be dumb enough to change it from “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which is a name with actual meaning to “Bangtan X/Zonyeondan”, which is a pathetic excuse of a group name? Korean fans everywhere would drop BTS/X/Z quicker than Paul’s intelligence as he wrote this article. BigHit wouldn’t give enough shits to produce new merchandise when they could use it to boost the boys’ popularities in smarter, less cringy ways. The part about how X is also more “cool” and “powerful” than S is also kind of really freaking stupid. I actually believed this article at first before I took a step back and realized shame on me, there are so many areas that need patching to prove this article real… Oh, Paul. I can go on, you know? 4/1/17 was a very enjoyable day.

  52. i m not f'ing reading your articles again coz they are pure bullshit

    i emailed this dude to stop writing fake articles and he asks me what is specifically ‘fake’, everything you write is bullshit . Get a life…

  53. Paul Resnikoff

    Hey BTX fans, quick update: I just got a text from Rap Monster himself, who said the group decided not to announce the name change on stage at the Honda Center because they didn’t have all the merchandise ready. Now, keep in mind, once the name change is official, you MUST change all of your merchandise or you will not be permitted at any BTX shows.

    More news as I get it!

    • So done with this shit

      Please don’t bother to give us any of your “updates” your april fools joke has already been found out and at this point the way you are still keeping up with the joke is actually annoying af. Drop it already.

    • So done with your shit -_-

      Please don’t bother to give us any of your “updates” your april fools joke has already been found out and at this point the way you are still keeping up with the joke is actually annoying af. Drop it already.



  54. Paul Resnikoff

    I’m an unprofessional jackass. I’ll keep writing these anti-BTS articles to shit on your waffles. I love it when you read the while she-bang and comment. Feeds revenue to this site. Site views and ads, baby! Fingerbang galore! Woohoo!

  55. Paul is caught in a lie smh

    What…? -_- stahb it Paul, with all these fake articles. Do you really have nothing to write about…? xD

  56. why seriously -_-

    wtf do you really have nothing to write about?
    xDDD this is so funny!
    Why tf would bts change their name? And plus, so many ppl would write the article before you. -_- stop lying.

  57. try smthing more believable!!

    Happy april fools to u too….-_-

  58. Anonymous

    Stop writing hateful articles about BTS!!! You don’t link sources at all which makes your articles bullshit!

  59. You got not jam

    Is this site runs by a human at all?? If this is intended for april’s fool, the thing is that it’s not working. First of all, Jimin doesn’t know how to speak english. His vocabulary is pretty much limited and when he is clueless he will say sorry, I dun speak engrish. And Rapmon and Jimin are not supposed to give information as classified as this if it is true. They have their own team to handle their marketing. So this is full of shit. You guys are just riding on BTS name for fame and making fake rumors doesn’t make it any better. It’s like rubbing salt to a wound full of pus. Please find other things to make as articles, something more legit and good quality and has nothing to do with ruining people’s careers. Maybe rumors give you more views on this site but making haters can go as far as this. Just imagine your future, saying how you get success by making false shits on other people (BTS!!!). Try saying that to your grandchildren. There’s nothing to be proud of. I bet you are older than us but be more wiser too.

  60. I can

    I’m cringing so hard. “But I realized these rappers are not named ‘DMS’ or ‘Szibit,’ so we could not be ‘BTS’ either and truly succeed.”
    Obviously this is fake and so stupid. What would ‘BTX’ even stand for? They don’t have X in the Korean language. -.-
    Stop making shit up for attention, will ya?

  61. I fucking can't

    I’m cringing so hard. “But I realized these rappers are not named ‘DMS’ or ‘Szibit,’ so we could not be ‘BTS’ either and truly succeed.”
    Obviously this is fake and so stupid. What would ‘BTX’ even stand for? They don’t have X in the Korean language. -.-
    Stop making shit up for attention, will ya?

  62. A.R.M.Y

    WOW! You think this is funny? Get a life and a proper job, stop hating on a group cause you’re jealous of them! BigHit will have seen these articles you have written and lets be honest they would have been reported by now!

  63. .

    this is an april fools joke but its just about as accurate as everything paul writes about bts so whats the difference


    Bts doesn’t even stand for bangtan boys
    its stands for bangtan sonyeontan mufucker

  65. shitty april fools

    wow you must be so full of yourself right now, Paul. You’re so fucking hilarious, i forgot to fucking laugh.

    get a life bitch.

  66. What the actual fuck

    Of all of this bullshit, the only thing that I’d actually want irl is Bangtan to be more hip-hop again