Following ISP Blocks, Torrent Site Bitsnoop Closes Its Doors

Following ISP Blocks, Torrent Site Bitsnoop Closes Its Doors
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Following ISP Blocks, Torrent Site Bitsnoop Closes Its Doors
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Pascal (Public Domain)

Bitsnoop takes the long digital dirt nap after it just didn’t make enough money following ISP blocks.

After failing to bring in sufficient web traffic, long-time piracy torrent website Bitsnoop shuttered its doors.

The website first came online in 2008 and started off indexing around a million torrents. That number quickly skyrocketed, making Bitsnoop one of the fastest growing torrent sites at the time.

Despite its growth, many ISPs in several countries, including the UK and Italy, had blocked access to Bitsnoop. Following these bans, the website just couldn’t bring in enough revenue and had to close its doors.

Upon navigating to, users are greeted to the following message:

“So long!

It’s been a nice ride, but all things eventually come to an end.

For now check out Zooqle – these guys seem to know their stuff. They took our data and said they will index it eventually.

Thank you. We love you. We will miss you. Keep being awesome.

— Your friendly robots and oppressed meatbags of Bitsnoop, 2008-2017

Users are then automatically directed to torrent search engine Zooqle. However, Bitsnoop didn’t erase all of the site’s information. Instead, Bitsnoop shared its data with the search engine. After 30 seconds, the website will automatically redirect users to the torrent search engine.

The news came right before April 1, known as April Fool’s Day. Many users had believed the closing to be an early April Fool’s joke. However, as of Monday morning, the website still has the same message.

TorrentFreak reached out to the site creator for an interview. However, he preferred not to comment on the site’s closing. Last week, per TF’s count, the website served 23,862834 torrents. TF had also featured the site in their top-ten most-visited torrent sites several times. Prior to the closing, Australia had moved to have Bitsnoop blocked as well.

Zooqla recently launched in 2016 and has steadily expanded following the closing of other major torrent search engines.

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