Are BTS ARMYs Too Cheap to Buy a Times Square Billboard?

EXO billboard ads in Times Square. Can the BTS ARMY match that commitment?
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That’s the taunt after EXO fans dropped millions on a splashy Times Square billboard.  Can ARMYs match that spending power, or all they all talk?

It was the ultimate statement by one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world.  In celebration of EXO’s fifth birthday, a massive group of EXO-L reserved multiple Times Square advertisements.  In total, 11 different ads, including videos, were blasted to hundreds of thousands of onlookers.

And that wasn’t the first time.  Earlier, Times Square billboards were reserved for individual EXO members Chanyeol, Lay, and Sehun.  And that’s on top of other ads like wrapped busses and full-blown advertising campaigns.

In total, it seems like the EXO-L Sino-Korean fanbase is dropping millions — a year — just to support their favorite group.  That dedication may explain why EXO has been a higher-ranked Kpop group than BTS, despite massive BTS touring and releases.

But wait: when is BTS’ birthday, anyway?

Unfortunately, the world really has no idea.  And rival fanbases probably blame ARMYs for refusing to commit the money to throw a serious birthday celebration.  So how can they be considered serious Kpop (much less BTS) fans?

That said, ARMYs are definitely pouring lots of money into shows, merchandise, and even album purchases.  Just recently, BTS finished a successful tour that included dates in Japan, Australia, and the Americas.  And show after show, ARMYs were donning BTS gear and pricey ‘ARMY Bomb’ light sticks.

But perhaps ARMYs have a spending limit.  “They are always begging mommy and daddy for money,” one rival VIP explained.  That situation may change as ARMYs mature, however, though that assumes that BTS will last long-term.

Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

Meanwhile, there’s the constant threat of a Rap Monster solo career looming.  So far, Rap Monster’s attempts to go solo have failed, though all it takes is one solo hit to threaten the future of this group.


Written while listening to EXO’s ‘两个视线, 一个视线 (What If..)’

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  1. No one likes your ugly a$$ shit.

    Do you hate them that much?

    • Another bland article, I must be bored

      Paul, I do believe you need to rethink your career. As a writer you have the ability to empower and connect with the public, yet you spend the entire time producing articles that inflict hatred and anger. I understand you want to get a reaction out of armies for your own amusement. However, if you intend to criticise, at least write something constructive.

      • Actually BTS had a times billboard

        Well, turns out c-army ended up getting bts a times billboard and billboard in other squares for their 4th anniversary, check YouTube.

      • Alisa Singh

        I understand your comment I couldn’t agree more. BTS has a very long way to go withy their fan right behind them. Though their fans might not spend on billboards they spend where it counts like their support through every single concert and event, merchandise and not forgetting their endless fanpages where they continue to show the world how great these guys have become. BTS has something no other kpop members have in my eyes they have the love for each other and that makes a band like them last forever. They are all different from each other but together they are perfection .

        • Hellyeahunity

          IKR??? Like all the other kpop groups have only business concerns with each other and bts members love each other so so so much I mean their love grows and grows as rm begs this producer to go solo??? Have you not seen the video?????

          • Naomi

            Ummmm that’s false? Isn’t BTS’s the one with the very business relationship? I can name 10+ groups with a closer and more familial relationship than BTS.

      • EXO-L

        Well not just Chinese fans lol, I’m someone who did contribute to this from USA hah

      • Seokjin

        So bts has no Chinese fans to do that for them?

        • Hellyeahunity

          I’m sorry bts is not a Chinese based group also why is it only the Chinese fans hahahah

      • upurass

        exo is a big fandom. it’s like everywhere especially in china

    • I'm bored rn so…

      bts armys are already contented and we’re not trying to compete anyway what’s with the salt? Paul. Stop hating and stop the fan wars let’s just mind our own business

    • loving BTS MORE because of this article

      im beyond words for this dude.


      He’s making kpop fandoms hate each other by dropping some nonsense articles about BTS and comparing to other group. You must consult to the psychiatrist as soon as possible. Because it might happen that one day you killed yourself because you just want to?

      • Sen

        I’m exol..but I’m sick reading this..fanwar will occur because of this article..duh..I hate it when fan war occurred..exo and BT’s are friend..I love jinsoo(jinxkyungsoo)

        so much…this article is sick*sigh*

        • Nunaya

          Right!!! Like the groups are great friends!!! Chanyeol complimented them with how much engery they have on stage. Can this guy like not be bias. Like its okay to not like a band but respect them. I love Exo and I love BTS. This fanwar needs to stop.

        • Meep

          I like BTS, and I like EXO – So I find it horrible that someone would write an article that is trying to make the fandoms hate each-other. Yes, EXO has times square billboards, that doesn’t mean they are more important than BTS. It just means that EXO-Ls all did something that ARMYs didn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can try and get a fight started over it.

    • just wae

      BTS doesnt need a billboard on the times square, cause they won the billboard AWARD for top social artist. army helps them alot already. and why does it have 2 be a billboard anyway. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE OTHER FANDOMS

    • Please!

      I just wanna say this:
      Don’t hate EXO and don’t hate EXO-L.
      This dude gets paid to this, he couldn’t care less about them.
      Don’t express your anger by saying rude stuff about EXO and EXO-L please! They don’t having anything to do with this!

    • Why can't fandoms just get along?

      you seem to like to spread negativity in your articles. i think its very cool that exo-l are able to do such a cool thing like reserve billboards. you don’t have to insult other groups. you insult army for being childish..but so are you ?? Music is supposed to be something that connects us and you could do something really great with these articles, but this is just hateful

    • (⋋▂⋌)

      same i agree with you. since when did paul discover bts? he probably just discovered them when they did a tour in bts and when they won the bbmas. he just discover them recently. he doesn’t know them as much we armys do. in fact all these articles about bts isn’t really making south korea and america’s relationship good either. “koreans obsess with plastic surgery”, well in america i see idols with lip jobs, butt implants and such, and he’s saying that koreans are obsess with plastic surgery. fucking hypocrite. bts faces look different, well of course they look different, they are asian and are from korea. no duh. they aren’t caucasian. so of course they look different. bts changing their names to “btx”, since when did you know bts and big hit well enough huh. it’s just really offensing since i am south korean. it doesn’t make me feel please with these actions toward bts and they way people say that south koreans are obsess with plastic surgery. i mean yes some do, but they are only doing it since the company either makes them feel depress about their looks, society and netizens (not all netizens, but im just saying) it’s all these stereotypes against us koreans. it really not fair. just because in america, you have freedom of press, that doesn’t mean you can do this. so many people around the world sees this, they have access to social media and internet. it’s not really fair

  2. No one wants you here

    Wow… Stop trying to cause irelevant drama. Are you really that desperate for attention

  3. Literally no one cares you are making me laugh please fire this dickwad

    Paul are you 12?? Please learn how to maybe write about things that people actually give a crap about rather than spending all your time publishing poorly written articles tearing apart a group of hardworking young men with all your stupid and childish accusations. You’re wasting time that could be spent possibly being an actual decent human being you low life asshole my god

  4. <(-︿-)>

    PLEASE! Stop hating on army’s I seriously don’t understand what your problem is!

  5. omigod you dickstain please fucking stop

    Haul your jealous ass somewhere else, alright? All groups are equal in talent and effort, the fandoms don’t need your immaturity right now.

    • Live your life not hating on people you jerk

      I’m also wondering how to do that, I’ve been thinking of doing this since I found out about his site, I can finally rest in peace if he gets what he deserves for always falsely accusing the boys.

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    I’m really sad, and needs attention. It shows on my articles.

    • 미친놈아...

      야이 씨발아 뮈 이런 쫒같은 세끼가있냐
      Paul, I guess you are so desperate to get attention and money by pissing ARMY
      You know what, that is one of stupidest thing that exo-l did with their money. That was such waste of money.
      If any of ARMY wants to do such a thing, I want to stop them and tell them to donate instead.

      야 이 미친 세끼야 아가리 닥치고 살아라

      • Adorablemellow

        Its not stupid its a way of showing support to our group who knows maybe this fans are rich and can buy a billboard for exo ?

      • Don't know man.

        You ruined your comment by saying that was exo-ls did with the money is dumb. Don’t be rude. Isn’t dumb. Exo-ls do a ton of donations (money, blood.. you can name it). Nothing wrong with promotingg and celebrating their 5th anniversary.
        However this paul dude needs to stop. I bet he doesn’t even know a thing about kpop. He probably just gets paid. What a dumb fuck.


      You idiot, every fan base has their differences, Army’s have done so many things in the past. Especially on members brithdays! As an EXO-L im ashamed of you using our fandom as bait to start a new bloody fan war.

      • An Army thats sick of your bullshit posts

        I’m an Army and this artical makes me so angry. I really respect Exo-l’s and that they have done for exo and just because Armys don’t buy BTS billboards in Times square doesn’t mean we don’t love and support thrm in any way we can.

      • an intellectual

        thank you for mentioning this, as both an exo-l and ARMY, i acknowledge all fandoms have different ways of being amazing. EXO have been here longer than BTS so its only logical they would have a bigger fandom and fans that can make money on their own to spend it on their favorite group for special celebrations. Paul needs to stop being biased and produce well written articles which he can since from analyzing this he has the talent to write just doesn’t use it for a good cause.

    • Just ignore him

      This guy is an anti fan of BTS. Which is why he’s doing this. U can just ignore him guys.
      Dude, living with so much hate is not good for your health. They will never know you anyways. Just live more healthily, okay?

    • I hope you are not insane

      i know you want attention so much from Army, but you better not tryin to drag them down, Believe me, an article like bts achievement will attract more Army to support you rather than this. Dont start any bullshit fanwar or else you just the same like THOSE IMMATURE fans

  7. Please STOP

    It is totally obvious that you sir are not an unbiased journalist and infant are a raging jerk! Please stop degrading the passion and love K-pop fans have for their groups by writing these upsetting articles that are mostly if not all untrue. You are just bashing on both BTS and ARMY! It is truly upsetting to see such hate thrown at people who don’t deserve it! I kindly ask you to take into consideration the feelings of those you are writing about before making such hurtful and false statements.


    The moment I saw this article’s name my first thought was ‘Paul Restinhell’s back with his anti articles “. It’s a bad day

    • yo in danger

      Omg so true . I saw the title and I immediately knew who wrote it….i didnt even have to check to know

  9. Are you fucking kidding me?

    Are you really that desperate for attention? Do you really hate BTS? Jesus Christ… I’m a huge ARMY and EXO-L. And i’ll admit, I was a bit triggered when you did these mean articles about BTS. We don’t need your shitty articles right now, please. God!

  10. You're an Idiot

    Rap Monster didn’t “attempt to go solo” he puts out individual content as side projects just like Suga had and J Hope will probably soon do. Just like V with his acting. In a recent interview V and Rap Monster both said they are a group and they can also do side projects but they are staying a group. No one attempted to go solo. You would know that if you actually researched the groups you’re writing about instead of pulling shit out of your ass.

  11. Moma

    Probably not EXOLS spending the money. Probably production company and concert promoters trying to sell tickets. Exo is very good, but it’s clear BTS is more popular in America. They don’t need to advertise. Now be nice. You look desperate.

    • Solidarity

      Exactly you got the nail on the head! The show is tonight and you can still find General Admin tickets on Ticketmaster. Whereas BTS sold out in seconds… Nice try?

    • EXO-L

      Actually it was EXO-L’s who raised the money, and contributed to this project (Me being one who spent $10 to contribute) haha. But this guy seriously needs to stop hating, like come on? Seriously juts because EXO-L’s spent a lot too do something nice for EXO, and he goes out of his way to compare? What next? Saying ARMY’s are to cheap because EXO-L’s bought Sehun some land in Scotland? This guy who writes these articles has a problem honestly

  12. Really?

    are u fucking cray? Really man! U really have nothing better to do with ur life. Ur job is to talk/hate on a group that is doing way better than u financially and call out their fans too. Pls find a better job.

  13. You Idiot

    Just ads at times square billbroad.??? Why not EXO continuously enter billbroad chart likes BTS. . LOSER !!




    • EXO-L

      Leave EXO out of this you fucking idiot. EXO has been in the billboards before, and just because that aren’t now doesn’t mean they aren’t when they have their comeback this year.
      EXO’s style is completely different compared to BTS.
      EXO is better at vocals
      BTS is better at rapping
      Both groups amazing dancers, and both can put on a show (I prefer EXO myself, but that’s my type of music)
      Alongside the fact that EXO-L’s did buy Sehun a land in Scotland, and gave him the title of Lord Sehun (I’m not even joking) Donate to charity for EXO (During their 5th anniversary)

      Sure EXO isn’t in the charts, but you know they haven’t had their comeback yet lmao
      get a life kid. This guy who writes the articles is seriously an idiot searching for attention. And you are also a idiot searching for attention

  14. I'm commenting because you're stupid?

    I’m done with your shits, don’t expect me to keep quiet about this, I am so mad already I can’t calmly type, what do you view us, stupid? Idiots? Paul, I say that this will not go unnoticed, if you continue your shit then I think it’s about time you learn your lesson, stop causing fanwars, you a**hole, do you really want to know how powerful our love for BTS is? it cannot even match the millions of dollars that other fans spends, because it is true admiration and love for the boys, and it outweighs money, do you get it? Are you that low to put this kind of article publicly or no one already loves you so that’s why you hate on other people who work hard, don’t worry, you’ll get the attention you desire, not just that positive I guess, do you even spend time for other things or hating and writing false articles are only what you do? I guess it’s the latter, you’re lucky the fansite masters didn’t see these articles you write or they are just being quiet, remember all people who read your articles are not even one percent of the fandom, imagine what chaos you will face if all fans knew about what you write, think first if you really have a brain, I admit that I’m not even surprised that you wrote this kind of article but I will also admit that it is getting out of hand. Leave the boys alone and learn to enjoy your life instead of hating on other people you ****(-_-)

    • Your Noona

      Wow. Long comment you got there. You’re a true ARMY, eh? Too lazy to read the whole thing. Sorry. 😉

  15. Tuputamadre

    Why would we waste millions on a stupid billboard when we actually do something good and donate money to charity in the name of BTS. Fuck off with your stupid articles and your hate ffs you’re like 40 acting like a 10 year old.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      What are the charitable donations made by ARMY?

      • seriously -_-

        BTS fans around the world bought 7 tons of rice and donated it to charity in BTS’ name

      • Anonymous

        We just donate to unfortunate people. Thats it. Can’t you understand?! So shut up

      • dumbass

        Oh look at that, Paul can’t say anything after being proven wrong. Hmmm….a true professional! Bravo!

      • Give some charity to Paul so he doesn't starve his kids with his failed career

        BTS want ARMYs to spend their time and money to fund actual charities that actually fucking need the money. Before being an ARMY a lot of us are humans, I can’t say the same for someone as pitiful as you.

      • you got no jams

        When the fandom wars are finally over and so is Paul Resnikoff’s career.

      • PAUL RESHITKOFF of digitalmushitnews

        What are the charitable donations made by paul reshitkoff to the entire world??

  16. Mel

    only one CHEAP person I know and he is named PAUL RESNIKOFF. Let’s see how he’ll cheaply defend this article he wrote again.

    • Stupid Paul

      Yes I know right, his act of being innocent and righteous is amusing me, entertain us more Paul, so we can laugh at your stupidity

  17. .

    we’re not exactly rich y’know ;-; why dont you go spend time writing useful articles?

  18. bts is always the best (army) anti s just shut up

    you anti fan can you just shut your mouth you irritate me and army

  19. Poul Restinhell

    Hey, guess what? We don’t bother with buying a Times Square billboard, because we’re busy supporting our faves and landing them nominations in the Billboard Music Awards. We don’t need to buy BTS advertisements, because they’re already known enough that they don’t even need these methods to be recognised. Maybe try again when your faves have come first in the Billboard social 50 chart 19 weeks in a row. Lol, get a life loser.

  20. Anonymous

    That’s it, ARMYs! Let’s ban this site and pay no attention at all after this. Spread the words to your forum sites and through your SNS accounts. We don’t need such toxic things anymore since we’ve had enough!

    • Boycott Paul the Troll

      Best idea I’ve seen on this article!

  21. You Fuking Shit

    Do You Hate BTS So Much?

    But Please Don’t run this way.
    You Know, you got a wrong way.

    So, Don’t Be Angry

  22. ARMY

    Hi, ARMYs or any fans dont comment on his articles maybe then he’ ll stop writing. He really needs attention, that is the reason he writes such non sense.

  23. What is this article?

    Why the heck would we want to spend money on a useless billboard no one’s gonna pay even a side glance to when we can use that time to land our faves an award that would get them recognised? Why should we? There is no point in this article lmao.
    By the way BTS’ anniversary is on the 13th of June in case you missed that.

    • exo L

      don’t call useless something exol doing… u can protect your idols without shading others..

      • We're sorry to all the exo-ls

        Most of the army’s here are very angry including me, and that’s why some of them are unintentionally picking on exo-ls. We’re sorry, it’s just that this paul resnikoff guy has been getting on our nerves for a really long time now and this really is questioning our tolerance level! Once again, really sorry.

  24. Seriously

    BTS’ birthday is June 13th, just because you didn’t research properly to find this information out doesn’t mean the world doesn’t know it.

  25. ...

    I’m an EXO-L and I find this article so silly. Just because one fandom does something another fandom doesn’t need to! And why do you feel the need to write hate articles towards BTS? You should leave it at the article about EXO and that’s it. We don’t need people like you spreading hate between fandoms, it’s disgusting. EXO and BTS are two different groups with two different fandoms. Even though I don’t stan BTS, they have accomplished things EXO hasn’t. Likewise, EXO has accomplished things BTS hasn’t. Why can’t you leave it at that?

  26. Paul Resnikoff

    There’s one thing I should probably clarify here. I, personally, am not calling BTS ‘cheap’ for not spending several million on a Times Square billboard. I’d rather see ARMYs spend the money on someting like empowering young people, etc. That is just the way we sometimes construct titles, we enter the voice of the accusation or provocation, which in this case is a taunt from rival fandom.

    • Anonymous

      Now that comment honestly just proved that you didn’t do your research even more. BTS’s ARMY has donated many things, the rice only being one. BTS themselves have donated money to the victims of the Sewol Ferry Accident’s families. I don’t think you have the right to call people like me, who is only 12, “cheap”. I know there are many people who are inspired by BTS, just because of their songs.
      Please do your research before you write these types of articles, because they are really starting to piss me off.
      *by the way, how can we report this to BigHit? I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about it, but I’m not sure how.

    • Kautsar

      why do you look like you really hate BTS? do they have done anything bad to you? seriously you have to balance the shit about your BTS article, no about every article you write about.
      or maybe that was your writing style
      Maybe your writing style is indeed ‘make the subject looks bad’ kinda style.


      to Paul Resnikoff
      i actually came across this crap while searching for pics of the Time Square Billboards ARMYs put up to celebrate BTS Anniversary, funny the things that come up from a google search, then i read a few other post you have on here and well you don’t really care about ARMYs empowering young people, you are nothing but a troll, if you were a real journalist that had any type of integrity you would have done your research in regards to charitable donations made not only by ARMY, but by BTS as well, i mean all you have to do is google it, but i guess then that wouldn’t feed into the BTS bashing narrative you got going on your little blog here. Your a grown man obsessed with continuously bashing a group of young men who have been working hard since their teens to accomplish their dreams, and if you actually know anything about the training they have gone through it hasn’t been easy, They spread positivity and have meaning in their music, if you actually did the job of a true journalist you would know that they cover topics like school bullying, teen suicide, equality, they tell young girls it’s ok to be yourself, that they are good enough. They tell young people to dream and don’t give up. But in order for you to know any of this you would have to do a little work and we’ve already established based on the multitude of opinion based ramblings you are trying to pass as music journalism, that you are too lazy to research and write a fact based article, too bad you don’t have a smidge of the work ethic that just 1 BTS member has in their pinky. How sad is your life that you are reduced to making up clickbait stories online about kpop boyband probably 20 or 30yrs your junior (who are winning at life by the way) and trying to troll their fan base, now granted BTS fans come in all shades and ages but we all know the majority of which are teenage girls. So your like a 50 yr old man trying to troll teenage girls??really that’s what you wanted to be as a child, a sad old man internet troll??? ok well good luck with that. If you are actually worried (doubtful u r) BTS are very charitable when it comes to their time and money, and ARMY’s aren’t wasting their money but they also have made donations on behalf of BTS as well, i wonder what type of donations you are contributing with the money you are making off the backs of BTS with your crap blog you got here???
      p.s. Just to let you know ARMYs not only bought ad space on multiple Times Square Billboards to celebrate BTS anniversary but also ad time on YouTube, so no they are not cheap and yes they are also very charitable, and no this isn’t the first time the fandom have bought ad space to celebrate BTS as a group and individually, but once again you would of had to have some sort of journalistic integrity to have looked into that before writing this.
      You should change your bashing pattern
      It’ll start to get boring, boring
      Even if you don’t like me, you know me
      I don’t know you
      But you know my name
      Ya playa haters you should love yourself

    • SMH

      this article is basically telling fans that

      spending money on ur idol = love them

  27. Anonymous

    Honestly why even write an article about this? I’m genuinely curious. You said that you’re trying to say how ‘antis’ from other fandoms are using this as a taunt, but why even give them the attention? Literally every single fan base in existence is going to have people like that. It’s just a few people making rude comments. And honestly articles like this just give them attention that they do not deserve. This is why people get so frustrated with your articles. 1. Because your articles are not accurate or truthful and they clearly show your own personal viewpoints and opinions (HUGE journalism no-no). If you’re going to write articles KNOW all of the facts before you state them and be sure that the facts and information you have are truthful and accurate. And 2. Because of the things you choose to write about. If you’re going to going to write articles about BTS then why write about pointless things like this? Literally the only things I’ve seen you write about regarding BTS are things like this. Things that are nothing more than false claims and false accusations and petty drama. Especially when there are so many other things about BTS that you could be writing about instead if you really feel the need to write articles about them. They have so much talent and they work so hard and they have achieved so many incredible things. Just with their WINGS tour alone they have achieved so much. So why not write about things like that? Why not write about the incredible things they’ve accomplished instead of writing about any and every little instance of a few idiots trying to stir up drama?

    • Anonymous

      I also wanted to point out that the article you wrote about Rap Monster’s “failed solo attempt” (I’m only bringing this up now because you talked about it again in this article) is just another example of what I was talking about. Because it’s not even close to true. First of all it did not fail. People really loved it. Second and more importantly Rap Monster was never attempting to go solo in the first place. “Change” was a collabration that he did with Wale. He was never attempting to launch a solo career. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PLEASE just get your facts straight before you write anything!

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Can you really say that Rap Monster doesn’t want to go solo? Imagine if his latest collaboration with Wale got 400 million views. I think that would change the considerations.

        • Anonymous

          Obviously no one can say for sure whether Rap Monster would eventually want to go solo or not because we’re him. So unless he were to come out and straight up say “I want to go solo” we don’t know. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t be writing articles like this because you don’t know either. But I will say that I highly doubt he would. At the very least not any time soon. And I definitely do not think that if “change” got 400 million views it would change anything. At all. Especially when you look at how many times all of the members of BTS INCLUDING Rap Monster have said that they want to stay together as a group as long as they possibly can and how much they all love each other and love working together as a group. And how much they’ve struggled together and how much they’ve been through together to get to where they are now. Among many other reasons. Again I’m not saying that I know for a fact that he would never go solo, I’m just saying that when you really think about it and take everything into consideration, it is very very doubtful. I also think it would take a hell of a lot more than some views to get him to leave the group for a solo career. Not only because of the success they’re having as a group but also because BTS is like a family. And I really don’t think he would walk away from all of that

          • Anonymous

            (Quick correction I meant to say “we’re not him”)

        • Anonymous

          One last thing I forgot to mention is that I never said he would never go solo in the first place. I was simply saying that “change” was not his attempt at launching a full blown solo career.

        • Your Noona

          400 million views? Man, you’re a big dreamer, eh? I don’t think a single KPOP video has 300 million views, although BIGBANG is close! Anyways, even when KPOP singers have a collaboration with famous America singers, they don’t get THAT far. I feel you have lots of hurt emotions right now. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but you should stop posting stuff about BTS and EXO. People seem to dislike your articles. I’m just trying to console you, and lead you to a different path, as your noona! I believe you’ll get there somewhere, but don’t make rumors about KPOP groups, please. Sasaengs get angry, and you get sad. Let’s make it easy by not including KPOP in your articles.

        • BlinkARMY

          Who is your parent kid??? so pity of them for have a useless son/daughter like you?

        • J

          he has been asked if he’d rather go solo or stay, he chose Bangtail without hesitation

        • ARMY-L

          I’m gonna be polite. Stop your bullshit. I love BTS and EXO both and BOTH of them deserve the world. If you really knew the Rap Monster that we know and love, you wouldn’t be in such a mind to even give a second thought about Rap Mon leaving BTS for something like a solo opportunity. Have you even seen that video where BTS pranked him by making their manager scold him and ask him whether he wanted to leave BTS and do something by himself or stay with them throughout? Well, judging by the quality of the crap you’re putting up, you haven’t. This is what happened: HE IMMEDIATELY TURNED DOWN THE OFFER OF GOING SOLO BECAUSE HE LOVES HIS MATES.
          Yes, you might find the offer tempting if you succeeded by yourself, but Rap Mon would never bend as low as you. Know a person before spilling shit about them. And don’t try to spark anything between EXO-Ls and ARMYs, coz we love each other regardless of the few crazy people out there starting fanwars. EXO and BTS love each other too. What more do you want? Or are you just one of those same brainless people out there who wants to start fanwars because his articles aren’t selling as much as he would like them to?

  28. dicknikoff

    well looks like exol dropped some money on your ass to write some shit like this lol…

    • EXOfuckingL

      fuck off bitch. EXOL the biggest fandom they can handle their group being the best group in the history without fucking bullshit u and your faves r involved… keep your shit for yourself and bts haters, the only pathetic fan here is u LOL, dont fucking touch or even mantion EXO OR EXOL !!!!!!! rip

    • EXO

      No one in the EXO-L fandom told him to write this.
      EXO-L’s believe it or not DO RESPECT ARMY’S. Yes not all of them do, but most EXO-L’s support, and respect ARMY’s, and BTS.
      I find it funny that you think that EXO-L’s would tread this low (We have our low points but we would never tread to this low of level)

  29. #1 RM solo stan

    LOOOOOL you’re clearly trying to trigger fans by comparing the two fandom’s for the clicks. I love EXO fans but is it really necessary to compare the two – it was uncalled for & not quite relevant.
    For BTS being a low ranked Kpop group, I’ll let their nomination for Billboards Social Artist alongside the likes of Justin and Selena speak for itself.
    And for ARMYs “refusing to commit the money to throw a serious birthday celebration” you clearly haven’t seen the multiple projects set up by fan pages with billboards & bus’ for individual member’s birthday’s but I understand that you wouldn’t have acknowledged that considering your half-assed research efforts, so I guess we can let that one slide.
    P.S. love hearing opinions from your 100% reliable, unnamed sources in many articles. I look forward to hopefully reading a future BTS article from you that doesn’t try and correlate irrelevant facts, if you can even call them that, with a far-fetched conclusion.

    ~ Written while listening to BTS’ ‘Cypher 4’ & RM ft Wale’s ‘Change’ xo

  30. Annnonymous

    We’d rather donate things into charity using bts’ name reflecting that they are such a good influence to us rather than buying GOOD-FOR-NOTHING-SUPERFICIAL things like billboard ads. that proves NOTHING like an EMPTY-BRAINED-SHALLOW-MINDED person who made this nonsense. I won’t let you talk about my FAMdom this way esp. our boys. YOU MESS WITH THE BULL, YOU’RE GONNA GET THE HORNS. I pity the person who made this..DON’T YOU KNOW HOW SHALLOW MONEY IS. THE AMOUT OF LOVE WE HAVE IN THE FANDOM (ARMY) AND BOYS (BTS) WILL MAKE THAT BILLBOARD ADS AND ACHIEVEMENTS THAT YOU BRAG ON US CRY, RIP THEIR PANTS AND RUN HOME WHINNING.?

  31. Stay away from BTS

    So what? Do you think that we are all rich? Well for your information, all of us aren’t rich. At least we give love and support to BTS. Your just jealous cause they are handsome,successful, and well-loved and you on the other hand, ugly, has no proper lifestyle, and you have a lot of people hating you. I bet your family doesn’t love you. STFU Paul!

  32. Sorry Bae

    Two things you should get straight:
    – I haven’t a single EXO-L bashing ARMYs about this billboard thing. I’m pretty sure lots of EXO-Ls severely dislike you for saying these false statements as someone ARMYs actually get along well with EXO-Ls. Second, BTS’ anniversary hasn’t arrived yet so you can’t say anything about how we didn’t do anything yet. I would like to you spend over a million dollars for a billboard for your cites anniversary Paul. Oh wait, you probably don’t even have that much money -_- Comparison against other idol groups is invalid as it depends on multiple things like companies, how many years they’ve been active, and much more. Stop stirring fan wars between EXO-Ls and ARMYs when we really just want to be friends
    – Rap Monsters ‘Change’ was not an attempt to launch his solo career, it was a collaboration with an American artist taking about important political issues. It did not reach 400 million views as you so quoted that it should have because if it reached that number it would be topping basically all music videos in the kpop world. It did amazing for a solo, as some groups don’t even get as many on non-solo videos. Change was also not advertised much so little ARMYs knew about it.

    I’m very sure that BTS has read your articles as idols read and watch many things that people post about them. I can tell you that BTS, ARMY, and EXO-Ls are not happy.

  33. READ

    I’ve been trying to avoid all the articles about BTS by Digital Music News but curiosity just got better of me.

    ARMY’s when you all show attentions to such makes them want to write more about it and gain attention. They just want more popularity and they know that BTS fandom is the biggest so they write more hateful articles about the boys and us.
    *Don’t stoop to their level and just reply calmly and don’t wish for unfortunate events to happen to them. That’s just disgusting.*

  34. Leave EXO out

    Please stop comparing EXO and BTS or even EXO Ls and Armys for that matter.

    • exol who love bts

      100% AGREE !!! Shout Out for BEXO-L or ARMY-L !!!!
      exol here to support bts. and man stay away from exo like far far away. money exol or any other huge fandom have can be used in a bad way too lol like hire the killer to fucking kill u …. r.i.p bro ^^ byeee

  35. ಠ_ಠ

    put your sad waste of space to use and maybe we’ll rent times square

  36. King

    As Exo-L and VIP let me just say this right now.
    “That’s the taunt after EXO fans dropped millions on a splashy Times Square billboard. Can ARMYs match that spending power, or all they all talk?”
    “It was the ultimate statement by one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world” – FALSE. What Exo-L did for Exo was FOR EXO ALONE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ARMYS. This is just your weird twisted interpretation. ADMIRE EXO-L’s dedication to their group without insulting and provoking other fandoms please.
    This entire article is highly biased and shouldn’t be allowed to be published on a official music website. This isn’t twitter where silly fans fight and insult each other. You just simply disrespected Armys, and made both Exo-L and VIPs look really bad. Whatever that VIP comment you mentioned, obviously does not represent all VIPs and shouldn’t be used like that.
    I feel bad for Armys because of this article and the message behind it. I might not tolerate disrespect from Armys when it happens, but offending BTS’ fandom like this is just not right.
    Delete this article and apologize.

  37. a yoongi stan

    bts don’t need their name on times square when it’s already at the top of the charts

    • exoL+

      dont shade the EXO. just f dont… we here to support bts as well. and for the record exo on the top of the charts and get the best awards and etc. its nothing to do with fucking billboard.
      BTS Fhiting!!!

  38. Seriously?

    Just because you apparently couldn’t bother to google the most simple question, apparently there is no answer… Great research skills, bro! That’s like going “wait… How many probes have we sent to Jupiter…? Well I don’t wanna google it, so the answer is, no one knows!” Also RapMons “solo attempt” wasn’t a failure. It did well. Just because it didn’t get as many views as BTS does as a group doesn’t mean it’s an overall failure. RapMon could do damn well by himself. BAP does well, they’re a successful group, they have great music videos, their albums sell, but have you seen the views on wake me up? It’s a fraction of what RapMon got on his own. But guess what? They’re successful.

  39. You're seriously stupid

    What EXO-L’s did for their faves was great and all, but why not just praise them without dragging BTS and ARMY’s in to this? (This is seriously such a biased video;what do you have against BTS anyways? What’d they ever do to you?)

  40. Watch and hurt, Paul.

    This article is serious bullshit. Obviously your trying to put EXO-L and ARMYs in a war and sparks things that is irrelevant as this. I stan BTS and was a huge EXO-L back then and this kind of stuff disgust me. On the eyes of people, you’re just a sick person seeking for attention. To taunt from a rival fandom? This sounds utterly childish and a complete fucking nonsense. I guess you are jealous that BTS had achieve what EXO does not, but its the same way around, where EXO too had achieve what BTS doesn’t. So why, WHY are you doing this? ARMYs and EXO-Ls respect each other, despite some fake antis tried to hurt the boys.

    Rap Monster, as a leader, a man who leads his members to the way they are now, it would be a lie if he doesn’t have a desire to go solo. But keep this in mind, he has responsibilities to take care of, and he can show his on individual works as a side project out of the group, but still AS A GROUP. BTS is a family, a bond thicker than blood and cannot be separate by fools like you.

    BTS gets recognisation because of their hardwork. Their music appeals the world. Their bonds are no more than a real family. They came from an unknown agency, unlike EXO. They produce most of the music, getting involve in every chance possible, unlike other groups that sings songs thrown to them. Their music, LYRICS especially, is deep in meaning, about life, about our troubles, about things other groups not even dare to talk in their music. WHY? Because only BTS have the guts to be criticize by people, to be mock, to be hurt, to be judge negatively by the likes of you.

    But you know what? Keep doing what you’re doing, publish articles talking shits about BTS and ARMYs, and WATCH.

    WATCH how they climb. Watch how they take all these bullshits, crushing and crumbling them by proving their spots on most recognizable charts in the world, standing alongside well-known musicians, having huge fandom internationally and of course, their specialties– producing greater and better musics by themselves, that appeals more to the world’s ears.

    Watch how BTS is going to take over the world, slowly but surely. Till then,

  41. Paul Resnikoff

    Hi guys, I’m so sorry for all of the bad articles I have written, I am just a big douche-bag and I had no friends when I was in school. I have never felt the love of a woman or anyone, not even my mother. That is why my heart contains an endless void in which I fill via my bullshitting of the Bangtan Boys. I relish in the feeling I get when I read comments from young girls all over the world. Ah, I receive such bliss when they release their passion for me. Yes, I will not lose hope, for I believe there is a girl that will love me some day. Despite my unattractiveness, lack of fashion sense, humor, kindness, consideration, good hygiene habits, eyesight, etc. I remain adamant and steadfast. I long to be the knight in shining armor of a beautiful lass like Miley Cyrus, my ideal lady. However, I am a simple man. I will take the first girl or guy that professes their love for me, and we shall form a partnership and rule Digital Music News together. I will pass on my ways of life to our children, teaching them how to create fake, -0.5 star quality news, so that they will be ensured to find a woman partner in the same way.

    I hope that I can ask forgiveness from all you magnificent human beings, although I know I do not deserve it. I must continue to ask for love in this way. Otherwise, I would live in the streets and have to beg for your love verbally and physically. I am very desperate for funds because I need to put my pet gorilla through college. He is also my lovely son and will some day inherit DMN if he wishes.

    • BlinkARMY

      Whatever you’re doing…pls stay healthy ok…pls get a better life and stay away frm the kpop industry?
      Dont you dare to come back again



  43. Anonymous

    Bruh, wtf is your problem? Sounds like you are an anti-BTS fan and you are instigating a fan war between EXO-Ls and ARMYs. Just because you want a name for yourself doesn’t mean that you could write some bullshit about BTS and their fans for being cheap and shit. ARMYs do care about BTS as much as EXO-Ls care about EXO so don’t make completely false, stupid shit up.

    If you want to make a name for yourself, write something worthwhile and meaningful for your readers, so that you can have a good reputation among fans – and not an infamous one.

  44. Astrid

    Rapmonster’s failed solo career? Bro wtf are you trying to do? Stop causing shit between ARMYs and exo L’s. We can buy Billboards too but we choose to sell out arenas for the boys instead because Billboards are not gonna boost their popularity. Let Exo L’s do what they like and let ARMY’s do what they like. You can stay in your own fucking lane Paul no one needs your negativity.

  45. meme

    ok literally guys, paul is just a huge troll that writes these articles to get a rise out of BTS fans. every time he writes something condescending about BTS, you guys flood the article with comments and ATTENTION – which is what he wants. just stop reacting and he’ll stop writing, because no one can actually be this ridiculous.

  46. ARMY4EVA

    stop creating conflict between fan bases it is not necessary for armys to buy times square billboards to express their love for bts,and armys have supported bts through all these years and we don’t need to advertise our love for them anyways bts doesn’t need billboards they are known enough not that exo isnt…so just stop writing these useless articles and find a better job for yourself

  47. Anonymous

    Before when I read my first article you wrote about BTS, I was pretty pissed off. But now, after seeing all of the comments you get and everything, I could honestly care less. Everyone knows that your articles are all lies and that you are completely biased against BTS. You shouldn’t be comparing any two fandoms or groups. We all know that you are a horrible writer who obviously hasn’t done his research, so please just give up.

  48. Get a life.

    You say that you’re not an bts anti, and that we should appreciate your positive posts about them, you wrote about the death threats targeted at Jimin, you want to take credit for the security being raised, and yet if army’s hadn’t raised the issue to such a point then you probably wouldn’t have even bothered to write about it.
    Stop comparing bts and exo, they’re both amazing groups that have worked hard to reach where they are now. Their fandoms show their love and appreciation for the groups in different ways.
    If you’re making a bunch of fake rumours based on little research for a living, get a fucking life before your five minutes of fame here is over.

  49. PAUL Rest In Peace

    BTS are spending their time happily and nicely while here u are begging for attentions with this articles. seriously.. how to report this guy and this website? tell me and i’ll message my uncle Bang Si Hyuk. 😉

  50. Velma Dinkley

    Y’all forget that Exo have been around for 5 years and bts have only been around for 3-4? For being an entire year or 2 behind Exo btw are doing pretty well for themselves??? get off their case????

  51. Ruzzmero77

    As a journalist you need to show unbiased opinion. And in case you have a personal vendetta on the ARMYs please don’t use the EXO-Ls to get it out on them…
    That being said, I’ve always wondered why do they not spend on their boys’ individual and group birthdays…?

  52. Army-L

    So I know it’s kinda old but shop whatever you r doing do u hate BTS that much..
    N stop putting fight between two fandoms ok
    Ur articles are shitt


    WHY The hell do they need a Time Square Billboard? I mean if I were to show my dedication, I’d buy their merch directly from the store or attend concerts. Remember the saying “it’s always the little things”. If they do billboards in TS? Sure you do you.


    WHY The hell do they need a Time Square Billboard?

  55. Sick and tired of ignorant haters

    You really are an idiot.
    1. Rap Monster never tried leaving BTS and no one is worried about him leaving. It’s VERY normal in Kpop for idols to have solo debuts and also remain active in their respective groups. But you wouldn’t know that…
    2. Army’s age range from children to adults in their 50s. Heck my dad is a fan. You can’t assume ARMYs are a bunch of immature children. Every fandom have their outspoken immature fans, ignore them! Be an adult yourself and stop stooping to their level.
    3. Why the heck would Exo-Ls spend millions in the first place? This is THE most ridiculous and desperate move I’ve ever seen by a fandom. Sorry, but seriously? And then you say ARMY aren’t real fans because they don’t spend thousands or millions on their idols? Whatever. How do you have a job? You don’t put don’t educated facts, you write what fuels the public to gain an audience. Once people are over you, you won’t be able to keep your career.

  56. Digital music news looking for attention

    You must be and exol or ur just fucking jealous
    Ur just Looking for attention. Keep looking deep I think it’s in ur asshole. I use to be both fandoms but after all them Exols be hating I’m permantly army. And I can be salty to Exols if I have to. Respect both god damn it!!!!



      You are a savage !!!

      Even tho i laugh so hard, i hope no feeling are hurt by this article ….

      Every fandom celebrates their own way. This was EXOLs way to celebrate, let’s keep it like that. ☺

    • Aerie92

      Thanks for leaving the fandom, we don’t need fake fans like you in the family.

      All of you fake ones are more than welcome to leave ?, we have been through a lot and we still the strongest one, few less won’t hurt the rest.

      Peace out✌


      im not even an exo-l , but gosh that was harsh
      not all exo-ls are rude you do realize they just want revenge on armys cause some of them say so much shit about exo

    • rude.

      im not even an exo-l , but gosh that was harsh
      not all exo-ls are rude you do realize they just want revenge on armys cause some of them say so much shit about exo

  57. Lily

    ???? PUNYETANG ATTENTION SEEKER Oh well I am sure you are happy nakuha mo ang ATTENTION na gusto mo ???

  58. Tired of useless drama


  59. Your mom is whoreable

    this article left me laughing in disbelief. so you’re trying to stir up some drama between EXO-Ls and ARMYs, eh, Paul?

    like seriously, that quote sounded like it came from your itty bitty disgusting head, and none of this is ARMYs fault.

    But wait: when is BTS’ birthday, anyway?

    “Unfortunately, the world really has no idea. And rival fanbases probably blame ARMYs for refusing to commit the money to throw a serious birthday celebration. So how can they be considered serious Kpop (much less BTS) fans?”

    Like seriously? This is bullshit. If you researched, then you would know that ARMYs love to crowd around the arenas and sing Happy Birthday to their favorite idols, because BTS isn’t expecting some expensive million dollar present. They just want love and support, like they gave to ARMYs.

    And also, have you not been on social media? Oh yeah, I forgot. You would have no reason to go on social media cause you have no friends. Well, on Twitter, there are so many popular tags on every K-pop idol’s birthday, and since BTS uses Twitter to communicate with their fans a lot, they would be touched seeing this action.

    Many BTS members even cried to see their fans support, for example, J-Hope.

    If anyone asked, you would be the one being cheap because you just like to sit around making crappy articles while BTS donates and gives for a good cause.

    Don’t argue with me, for I WILL DESTROY YOU.

    You better turn on your location.


  60. paul is a dick

    why won’t you buy it yourself then? like muthafucka we don’t need that because we can get a billboard by just voting…if you know what i mean…

    bch ARMYs have own issues and so does EXO-Ls…so stop comparing us!!!!

  61. Someone who needs 4 mins of their life back

    Paul, if you didn’t notice your articles about these stuff are getting more hate than appreciation. On behalf of everyone who wasted their time reading your bullshit, we sincerely request you to stop.


    im so so sorry to on behalf of all exo-ls reading this , we do not mean to insult y’all, it’s just that all the ARMYs are very angry right now and are unintentionally bashing exo-ls and exo please ignore them and do not create fanwars cause that’s what paul wants
    just ignore paul

  63. In love with BTS more after reading this article

    F*CK OFF

  64. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

    Actually the only reason i’m not mad to your article is the fact that you put something good at the end,like a wish for bts to last long. But dude,the clickbait is too triggering. Like i do envy exoLs are able to do that, but i love armys as they are tho. ♡(∩o∩)♡

  65. Paul

    Paul i don’t know who you are but i think you seriously need to stop like right now it’s a wonder that you haven’t been fired yet and i hope karma hits you hard that’s it have a nice life

  66. Paul

    Instead of spending a lot of money on Time square we do useful and helpful things with it and so do BTS they we do a lot of charity work and i think that’s way better don’t you agree

  67. J

    It’s stupid stuff like this that starts stupid Fandom Wars, no one likes or needs your stupid as hell articles

  68. Why don't you head on over to Times Square now and see who's on every Billboard in the area for their 4th anniversary? ;)

    Funny how it took 5 years of EXO for EXO-Ls to splurge, yet Chinese ARMY did it after 4. Also I’m sorry but last time I checked EXO weren’t besties with Billboard winners…unlike BTS who are Billboard winners themselves.
    *drops mic*

    • SeoulSisterSopi

      DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Everything you just said!

  69. SeoulSisterSopi

    LMAO, Well BTS are on Times Square RIGHT NOW 11/06/2017 to celebrate 4 years together. What have you got to say now?

  70. Fire your reporters

    Eww how is this trash of a reporter hired lmao.
    Incompetent News website
    Incompetent trash reporter
    Needs to be fired tbh
    True definition of TRASH

  71. DontFight

    Speaking as an ARMY who also appreciates EXO, don’t let these articles fuel fire between the fandom. I’m sure there are many mulitfandomers amongst us and it’s just sad seeing someone who clearly has 0% knowledge on kpop generally making us fight. Each group is unique in its own right and we love them all so let’s not fight please

  72. ???????

    From reading some of Paul’s so called “articles”, it’s so obvious that Paul is an EXO-L. He loves EXO so much that he loves dissing other idols and fandoms. He is not being bias as a writer at all. He likes what he likes and whatever comments you say, he won’t listen or reas because he’s an old man to ever change his mind.

    BTS is trending and popular, so he does it to get reactions from ARMYS, because his group EXO, that he loves so much, didn’t get nominated, invited and win Billboard Top Social.

    BTW, Paul, BTS not only have the Times Square billboard for their 4th Anniversary but BTS also have the NASDAQ building too.

    So can I asked who’s too cheap to not have two ads at Time Square?

  73. Digital music news? More like gossip and fan war news

    wow… you guys are so professional.. I could totally see that just from the way you write! Wow

  74. Briana

    Well now we know Paul is an Anti lol
    Stop trying to start Fanwars!!

  75. Gross

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Stop trying to start a fanwar; I’m sure that the fans of all the groups you stan have tried to distance themselves from you as far as possible like piece of shit that you are.

  76. LMAO


  77. ???????

    I heard that BIGHIT is gonna sued his sorry little ass for lots of $$$$ after all the horrible malicious so-called-news on BTS. I pray that Paul would pay heavily for defamation of BTS and ARMY.

  78. stop writing shit

    Wait so now this is just basically a rude stab at people that aren’t rolling in money? “They are always begging mommy and daddy for money,” one rival VIP explained.

    ^^How is this explaining? this is a VIP not an ARMY. If you want to get actual legit news and not sound like some five year old hater that hides behind a computer screen writing shit about a kpop band to make your sorry pathetic 40-year old self feel better go ask some ARMYs.

    jesus christ do any people beside ARMYs even read these sorry articles? gET A FUCKING LIFE PAUL lol

  79. is it resnikoff or ratshitscough...i am too dumb just like what the author said

    “So far, Rap Monster’s attempts to go solo have failed”
    No, your attempts to be a news reporter have failed.

  80. Someone who is educated about k-pop

    Alright, so I came across this as well. I want to fix something you said (even though it might be dead). I’m going to blatantly say this:

    If you are/would be a k-pop stan/fan, you would be torn from the floor up.

    We’ll only push you right back out through the doors. As I read through the comments, and only a fraction of the actual article, I have came to a conclusion that you’re saying that if you spend money on your favorite idol, you love them.

    You’re absolutely wrong. Are you talking out of your ass or something? Do you reread and revise what you type? I can’t even stress how much you’re wrong. Even though I haven’t been on the actual k-pop platform for long, a lot of people have taught me that you don’t have to spend money to show your appreciation for ones existence.

    Actually, that should be common sense; you’re parents if they were loving enough would even teach you that.

    All you need to do is just be a fan and show your support by being supportive of whatever they do. You’re dead wrong if you think that you must spend cash to keep an actual human being well and alive.

    This is long, yeah, but it will — not should — WILL be enough to get through your hard-head. It’s like things come through one ear and out the next. I’d hate to see you in a debate because you’re contradicting yourself left and right, so much that even the compass can’t figure that shit out.

    If you’re not going to do research and keep trying to start havoc, then you need to stop writing. I aspire to become a journalist or better yet, an author when I get older. I’m so sure that I will not be like you when I grow older and have a life because then I’d become a journalist or a writer for a website just to talk trash about others to get more money in my pocket because oh! I’m so money hungry, let’s try to tilt the wrong fandom(s) and music categories.

    If you did this to get a reaction out of us ARMY then it worked. It worked alright. I’m sure you now realize that the ARMY boat should not be rocked. EVER.

    You probably thought this wouldn’t get any attention, but you were wrong. Maybe you should really think and contemplate who you’re talking to and how many will be against you if you say this horseshit. Here comes a flood of ARMY and EXO-L, and when we call you out you want to be on hush mode?

    No, no, I actually want you to REPLY to me and explain yourself.

    If you’re still alive and functioning here that is.

    I really want you to reply to me, explaining yourself. I’ll go ahead and bookmark this page and check back here every now and then but it’ll sure as hell be more than twice a week.

    Laugh it up now, but I’ll be waiting for you underneath. See you in the reply section, PAUL.

  81. WTF is this article

    So i thought this whole time it was some teenager writing these anti-BTS articles but when i looked you up….I saw you are old. This is just sad in an epic way. Some middle-aged white dude writing extremely biased articles with unfounded references and evidence on one kpop group? It sounds like you really want some attention from BTS. I believe I’ll take a note from their Cypher 4. “You should change your bashing pattern, bae….It’ll start to get boring, boring bae” “Even if you don’t like me, you know me
    I like hate comments more than no comments
    I don’t know you
    But you know my name”

  82. Do you even have a degree?

    Hello. Writing major here. This is not news. You could say that it is actual fake news. News reports fact as best as they know it, and good news companies refrain from adding opinion to it. This is an opinion piece and should thus be labeled as one and not “news” especially since it’s not even true. I would like to let you know that you should go back to school, and learn how to write true news as a journalism major. If you already have a journalism degree, I would like to know where you got it, so that I can make sure that no one goes to that school ever again. Basically, it’s time to actually learn how to write instead of acting like you know everything and can write when you really can’t. Fight me. That is all.

  83. Anon

    that is because ARMYs are more focused on giving donations and such to those who need it, the establish and start projects to help other people. Not to show off? That billboard doesn’t even do anything or has any relevance