When Is Beyonce Giving Birth? Here’s What MDs Estimate…

Beyonce poses pregnant on Instagram. When is Beyonce giving birth?
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Latest Beyonce Estimated Due Date: May 17th, 2017

Beyonce is likely to give birth shortly after mid-May, according to the latest doctor estimates.  In early February of this year, Beyonce and husband Jay Z announced the pregnancy, which is now confirmed as twins.

The exact date of conception has not been revealed.  Frankly, Beyonce and Jay Z may not know the conception moment themselves.  But as of today (April 12th), Beyonce has been estimated to be 33 weeks pregnant.  The estimate comes from Dr. Lama Tolaymat, an OB-GYN from Orlando who shared her findings with Elite Daily last week.

So, when is Beyonce giving birth, exactly?

An exact prediction is of course impossible (at least in 2017).  But Tolaymat examined several pictures posted by the pop superstar, specifically on Instagram.  Those pictures offer critical clues to trained doctors, who can ‘guestimate’ length based on ‘bump size’ and other factors.

Especially this one, which features lots of useful angles.

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Other doctors have also chimed in.  The standard pregnancy period is roughly 40 weeks.  In the case of twins, that window is typically shortened by two weeks, leaving the duration at 38 weeks.

All of which means that Beyonce is probably due within 5 weeks.  Specifically, a 38-week birth would peg the date at May 17th, which is a Wednesday.

Now, a few other variations should be considered.

Analyzing ‘bump size’ gets a lot more complicated with twins.  A great deal depends on the exact positions the twins are resting, according to doctors.  Accordingly, ‘bumps’ can look quite enormous, even weeks away from the actual birthing date.  That can lead some to think a twins pregnancy is more advanced than it really is.

And what about the gender of the twins?  That’s anyone’s guess, with details on the ultrasounds kept ultra-private by the Carters.  That said, you can actually bet on Vegas whether this goes boy/boy, boy/girl, or girl/girl.  Or you can just stick to craps.

So when is Beyonce giving birth?  That’s our best answer — any more questions, consult Mother Nature!

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