Big Bang, CL, BTS & Rap Monster Top the Chainsmokers Collaboration List

The Chainsmokers pictured. Big Bang, CL, BTS & Rap Monster Top the Chainsmokers Collaboration List
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Turns out The Chainsmokers are huge Kpop fans.  But who will they collaborate with?  Now, it looks like it’s down to Big Bang, CL, BTS, and Rap Monster.

The Chainsmokers not only listen to Kpop, they absolutely love the genre!  That’s a bug spreading across America, with artists like BTS and EXO hosting sold out shows in major US cities.  BTS just finished an impressive tour that included Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, while EXO is now hitting sold-out shows in New York and Los Angeles (for now).

(And by the way, Digital Music News will be on hand for EXO’s upcoming show in Los Angeles on April 28th.  So get ready for some exclusive information on the show and interviews with the group.) 

EXO hasn’t made the Chainsmokers’ shortlist — at least for now.  So far, Kpop stars Big Bang, CL, BTS, and Rap Monster have been specifically mentioned — or at least shouted out — by the EDM duo.

G-Dragon ‘Cry for Help’ Puts Big Bang VIPs on Suicide Alert

In a recent interview with Yonhap News, the Chainsmokers specifically mentioned Big Bang and CL as favorites.  And earlier, the group tweeted with BTS after the group pumped their latest album, Memories… Do Not Open.

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BTS’ Twitter account reaches more than 50 million dedicated ARMYs, so the tweet was definitely appreciated.  But Big Bang and CL also have immense followings, all of which shifts the discussion towards the best creative fit.

Just recently, the Chainsmokers and Coldplay released ‘Something Just Like This,’ a track that instantly scored a YouTube viewing record. Of course, the DJ/producer duo is used to scoring lots of collaborations, though a Kpop duet could break brand-new records.

BTS vs. Rap Monster

As for the Bangtan Boys, one lingering question is who the Chainsmokers would collaborate with.  Rap Monster himself has been venturing into solo waters, with a recent track with DC-based rapper Wale.  That video sorely underperformed next to BTS videos like ‘Not Today,’ raising the question over whether Rap Monster’s solo efforts are distracting from the group.

More as this develops!




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  1. Anonymous

    So Resnikoff is an EXO-L. This explains his months-long quest to crap on BTS at every opportunity.

    • iranian army

      Of course he is by comparing his articles about bts with those about exo his true nature can easily be exposed.

  2. what's your problem

    whats your vendetta against rap monster? there was no need for that shady paragraph at the bottom, just say you hate bts and go

    • Anonymous

      Haha! Seriously, Resnikoff cannot help himself. I’m convinced that he’s actually a 10 year old. No adult is this unprofessional and transparent.

  3. what's your problem

    whats your vendetta against rap monster? there was no need for that shady paragraph at the bottom

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    ARMYs, please calm down. I’m not anti-Bangtan. I’m only questioning whether or not Rap Monster is doing the best thing by venturing out into solo waters. Frankly, I think it’s way too soon and the numbers prove it.

    As for EXO, yes they invited me to their show. I didn’t see any invitation from BTS when they came to LA.

    • Btsbts

      Why would they invite you? You insult them ALL the time

    • Anonymous

      why would they invite someone who constantly writes slander about them? And for the millionth time, when rap monster was asked to choose between bts and a solo career, he chose bts. The wale collab was released for free on soundcloud and not an official single.

    • ARMY

      So you’re bitter. Why would they invite you anyway? I don’t even know you? All BTS invited are the ones ARMY know also. BTS are inviting their long time friends in LA when they are not yet that famous. They wanna thank them for helping their group In American hustle life. Keone Madrid, Their long time choreographer also. How bout you? Have you done something for BTS for them to rise and be known? All you did was to slander every holes you could find. If I were you, Attend BTS concert. They will probably notice you and meet them backstage. BTS are kind people, It’s your problem.

    • Good Riddance Paul

      Dude, first you write all sorts of horrible stuff about BTS, then expect them to invite you to their show? What kind of a person, in their right mind, would even think about that? Can’t you at least write one article about BTS without slandering them? As for the Rap Monster thing, get your facts straight before reporting this. It was simply a COLLABORATION not an attempt at a solo. According to you, any artist that collaborates with another wants to go solo.(btw, just cause EXO invited you to their show, you’re being biased? Even if you like EXO’s music and am a EXO-L, yous sill don’t need to bring EXO in to an EXO unrelated article.)


      I pity u so much. I wish they would invite u so that you will get burned by the amount of roast and savageness of yoongi spitting at your ass. not to mention the ARMYs also. I wish you choke urself and resign and live a better life.

    • Anonymous

      I dont know whether you are worth calling a journalist. Who ever paying you must be super jeolous of the success of bts and would do any cheap thing fake article to bring them down but sorry they are too high for you reach. You even make your bias group EXO look cheap and fill threaten by bts successed. I doubt they will be happy to see your article. I bet they wont even invite you to their concert if they know how shitty you are. I am glad you are not a fan of bts coz cancerous like you can make them look cheap

    • NIkkie

      Why haven’t you made a article about BTS being the first KPop group ever to be nominated at the American Billboard awards? EXo-L may got a billboard in TIME SQUARE. army got BTS to the billboard awards.

    • you know you are very negative biased....

      with the article that you have been writing …i doubt they will ever invite you…..

    • yanira hernandez bts fangurl

      OK first you should let them be they are doing great since when they came here you should maybe be less judge mental about the situation and maybe you just have jealousy since they didn’t decide to invite they wouldn’t choose to as for how defiantly judgmental u are

    • One deeply disturbed ARMY

      Hi Paul
      There are quite a few things which I disagree with in the third and fourth sentence of your first paragraph of your statement.
      First of all, as an author of an article you should not be giving your own opinion on whatever or whichever matter. Regardless of the type of news, be it entertainment or political, because then it is something called propaganda (which in this case is anti-propaganda against BTS’s Rap Monster, mind you this is not the first time you have gave your own opinion on BTS issues). As a writer, this is standard devices which you should know, and before you go deny it I shall directly quote you, ‘I’m only questioning whether or not Rap Monster is doing the best thing.’ This clearly states that you yourself, the author, is questioning the issue. ‘Frankly, I think it’s way too soon and the numbers prove it.’ This is obviously, quite frankly, giving your opinion and you speak of statistics? Well, I would love to see some of your research so that I can see exactly where you got your statistics from.
      Kind Regards
      A heartfelt ARMY

    • Your mom is whoreable

      Haha, bullshit. Seriously guys, every time he makes an article about Bangtan, at the end he’s always like,
      “Blah blah blah BTS are being loved and appreciated blah blah blah
      BUT THEN

      Like bullshit! If you’re going to criticize BTS, at least get the facts right! You are such a crappy writer, I mean, at least learn how to get some research! If you put this less effort into your researching, you have no right to write about such a vague topic.

      Your article was so disgusting that I started cracking up while reading your article in disbelief. You’re so pathetic that you’re even failing at becoming an attention whore, so get off the internet and go get a life, bitch.

    • :-)

      its hilarious how low hes going just because the boys font want to invite some nobody reporter to their show instead of writing articles why dont you changed your carrer path to keeping grudges bc you got the being an asshole part all good anw

    • I love rm,jn,sg,jh,jm,v,jk so im an army

      Boi who are you tho why should BTS invite you:v they have more fans who love all of the 7 seven member, so why should you?? Go love ur self first

  5. Paul Resnikoff

    Sorry if you don’t like the analysis about Rap Monster’s solo career prospects. Frankly I think his venture with Wale proves he should be sticking with BTS. Thanks for respecting that analysis ARMYs.

    • Army

      All bts members have solo tracks. They don’t do as go as they do with they group songs, but we still like them. BTS is a group a lot of kpop groups have members that do solo acts. I can see from all your articles that you an exo-l. Can you please stop the aggressive articles towards BTS. We know you like exo, but it’s really unfair that you write bias articles towards bts. why you said that rap monster should be stick with bts? He’s not trying to leave the group.

    • Anonymous

      Are you seriously this daft, Paul? The problem everyone has with you is that you’re attempting to disguise a heavily-biased, inflammatory, rumor-churning, BTS-hate blog as legitimate journalism. At every turn, you make some subtle, some over-the-top digs at either BTS or their fandom. None of it is credible or professional. You really have no shame, and frankly, i wonder why you even bother trying to defend yourself at all. You know what you’re doing, and you don’t seem to respect BTS or their fans, so why bother joining the conversation and asking, “why so mad?”

      • Ghost

        He defends himself because Army will continue to comment. When you comment in masses, you are helping in the hits to his site. This site sells advertising and businesses like to see consistent massive hits on sites they wish to advertise on. Your comments will not change him. You will simply continue to help this site generate money.

    • .

      What about literally any of the collabs or solo work exo members have done? I dont see you saying yixing is going to leave every time exo is mentioned when he came out with a full solo album (and with 3 members already gone its way more likely for a member to leave compared to a group like bts). Stop being so biased.


    I don’t know if you like to ignore the facts or just basically troll people, probably both, but let me clear things up for you. Rap Monster isn’t trying to go solo. In no way, shape, or form is he going off on his own. If you didn’t know in kpop, some idols in big groups sometimes make their own separate songs or albums, but never leave their main group that they are under. That is what rap monster did. He made one song with someone, that is it. He isn’t trying to leave bts. Heck, that isn’t his only song he made before that was away from bts. Even suga came out with his own album.

    I feel as though you read these comments Paul, so listen up. We know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you want out of doing this. These half-baked articles to get more money for yourself, because probably this website was quickly going down the drain if not for these kinds of articles. It’s easy for you to write these types of articles, because even before bts was famous no one cared. Why write about something that won’t bring in the real money? So now with bts rising to the top so fast you think what a great idea to jump on the bandwagon that can potentially grab more audience, which means more money.

    You’re not a true writer, because a true writer wouldn’t steep so low to become a bottom feeder and just get the dirty scraps off the floor. Truthfully, what gets me isn’t what you write, I can care less because I know you at least have half lies, which to me classifies these articles as faulty all together. No, what really bothers me is how low you’re willing to go to make some extra cash off of innocent people and thinks that’s okay; that you have the audacity to be able to sleep peacefully at night makes me want to vomit.

    You probably won’t reply, that’s fine, but know this: sooner or later you will be caught. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but when it comes I hope you remember this. LOL

  7. I know why

    ARMYs, calm down indeed. Paul got paid to bash BTS at every opportunities. That’s why you can’t reason with him because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  8. AK

    I think Paul is secretly enjoying every moment of his notoriety with ARMY’s. He just won’t stop provoking.

  9. Paul Resnikoff

    BTS is a great group, but they are not without controversy. Also, it’s funny how ARMYs rarely show appreciation or positive comments when we write positive articles. And, you’re welcome for the increased security at Honda Center after our in-depth coverage of the situation involving Jimin.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right! Positive article my ass. Just point out how many article you wrote about bts being unbiased with them? None. Some of your so called positive bts article always have some underlying statement which always ticked army of. And about controversy, every celebrity had controversy at some point of their career and BTS is no exception. But persons like you leave no stone unturned to make the so called rumour into some sensational commodity to sell it even if that means giving your biased opinion and stiring disruption among people. So just fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      You pluck so-called “controversies” from the mouths of 12 year old antis and attempt to elevate them to some criminal level. BTS is about as innocuous a music group as you can hope for these days, so shame on you for making a career out of dragging them. As for your “positive” articles about BTS, there have been all of one or two in the last three months that have appeared neutral, at best, and even those contain some subtle dig here and there. As for added security, you’re absolutely disgusting for taking credit for that, especially since yours was the only article on that subject that tried to rationalize what prompted the threats (Jimin’s supposed disdain of international fans). Must be nice going through life without a moral compass to limit your abhorrent behavior.

    • Abby

      I’m sorry for all the hate you’re getting, especially all the comments on your articles that tell you to “go kill yourself.” That’s not right, and I apologize on behalf of the immature fans who have been so violent-tongued. I think the reason ARMYS have so much trouble appreciating your positive articles about BTS is because they are often overshadowed by the negative ones, and are few and far between in comparison.
      Also, no, BTS is not without controversy, but often times you write about these controversies in an incredibly opinion-biased form. You have also (unnecessarily, in my opinion) brought up numerous controversies about the group that have already been resolved. I think that is what so many ARMYS take exception to in your articles.

      • Jay

        Don’t bother explaining this to him (or apologizing to him). These frustrations were brought up to him over and over for months, and he continues down this path of manipulating facts and even creating his own tabloid fodder. This is why fans won’t give him a chance now – he clearly knows what he’s doing and has zero respect for BTS and their fans. Playing innocent is just part of his game

    • John Cook

      Many flaws within your comment that I can point out:
      1. The death threat ‘security increase’ that was because of “… (your) in-depth coverage of the situation involving Jimin.” was NOT in anyway your doing. All ARMYs came together and brought to light the death threats. Your “indepth coverage” didn’t cover anything other than the fact that Jimin got a death threat.
      2. “… show appreciation or positive comments when we write positive articles…” You are suggesting that we are writing ‘negative comments’ on a negative article, Which clearly shows that you admit that there are negative articles about BTS that you have written.

    • You insolent piece of garbage

      Please share a positive article about BTS because I haven’t seen one yet written by you. 🙂 Thanks!

  10. poor paul

    Reading your articles really just gives me a headache. At the same time, I also feel sorry for you. I hope your life gets better some day Paul.

  11. AK

    Paul loves to play pretend-naive to rouse up the comment section with enraged ARMY’s. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing. Well played, sir.

  12. ?

    Seriously, my fellow Armys. Don’t even bother anymore. He’s obviously got nothing better to do.

  13. Anonymous

    Everyone – just stop reading his articles and he will lose his advertising. He does this for clicks.

  14. Anonymous

    To be honest, this Rap Monster thing you wrote about in the article has nothing to do with the overall meaning of how Chainsmoker’s want to collaborate with these artists. However, you just had to add it in there, that Rap Monster wants to become a soloist, and how he failed? Well he doesn’t, it was simply a collaboration, and he did not fail, because that one video got so many times more views than any of your articles will ever get.

  15. done

    The way he mentioned exo in this was highkey pathetic and delusional sounding lol. “They didnt mention exo but anyways im sure they love exo and want to collab!!!1!” so irrelevant, act your age please

  16. Smarter than you...-_-

    Exo didn’t sell out their tour in America actually. Not saying that to bash them, they sold REALLY well. However, you literally don’t research for your articles and then you have the nerve to hate on someone you know nothing about. This is just proof of that…