If Rap Monster Goes Solo, BTS ‘Trainees’ Could Keep the Group Alive

Rap Monster poses with the BTS supporting cast. It's one of Kpop's fastest-growing stories, with increasing pressure on staying together.
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Rap Monster poses with the BTS supporting cast. It's one of Kpop's fastest-growing stories, with increasing pressure on staying together.
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Rap Monster poses with the BTS supporting cast.

It’s the biggest threat that any successful group faces: the top guy going solo.  Now, a ‘trainee’ program could give BTS’ management the insurance plan it needs if Rap Monster (or anyone else) decides to leave.

BTS is currently enjoying meteoric success and global fandom.  But surging success can sometimes intensify internal tensions, with hectic schedules and demanding fans pushing performers to the brink.  And on top of mounting stress, mega-success also has a way of breeding massive egos, with disastrous results for a large group.

For management and labels, in-fighting is just the start.  Eventually, solo ventures and internal wars can be disastrous, with creativity and growth severely inhibited.  Indeed, some of the greatest groups in history have been ruined by egos and solo ventures.

Enter BTS, one of the fastest-rising Kpop groups on the planet.

Recently, its lead singer, Rap Monster, has been dangerously dabbling into solo waters.  A recent collaboration with rapper Wale sent a warning flare to fans, with upcoming collaborations potentially involving heavyweights like The Chainsmokers.

Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

Whether Rap Monster ultimately goes solo is speculation at this stage.  Earlier, DMN pointed out that Rap Monster was having difficulty achieving the same traction outside of BTS.  That could turn a solo mission into a suicide mission, though Rap Monster’s individual popularity could start to grow in the coming months and years.

BTS ‘Trainees’ = Insurance

Now, the Kpop industry seems to be instituting a smart insurance policy.  The backup plan involves ‘trainees,’ which are essentially mini-groups attached to the main group.  Those smaller groups can, from time to time, ‘graduate’ members into the main group.

Trainees can also keep the membership fresh.  And even — in the worst case scenario — build up replacements for defecting superstars like Rap Monster.  In the end, not one member — or even group of members — can dismantle the group.  The result is a brand name that’s bigger than any one member, and can’t be brought down by one person leaving.

BTS Battles More Plagiarism Charges as Rap Monster Confession Surfaces

Already, BTS management group Big Hit Entertainment has teased a trainee program.  “BTS’ brother group has been discussed in the agency but nothing has been confirmed,” Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk told OSEN this week.  “We do have several trainees but it’s unknown what will happen.”

That said, the Bangtan Boys won’t be accepting any girls.  “One thing I can say for sure is that we don’t have any girl trainees,” Bang Si Hyuk clarified.  “I think I saw something about a BTS sister group on the web but we don’t have any girl trainees.”

For BTS ARMYs, the hope is that the group remains intact forever.  But in the fickle Kpop world, lineups and loyalties can quickly shift around.  That includes tempting solo offers, with trainees potentially keeping the show on the road.

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  1. TaeTheBear

    Hey hey whoa whoa what is this inflammatory article? Who even said anything about Rap Mon having a solo career? Have you seen their latest performance in Bangkok? They didn’t look like a group that was going to dismantle ANY time soon. Also, Rap Mon is NOT AT ALL the kind who would leave his group just because he gets to have a solo career. BTS is his FAMILY. Finally, LOL what do you mean renew the membership? This is not a Google page that you can keep refreshing. BTS is BTS for life; it isn’t BTS without ALL seven of its members. Seriously tho, join the fandom. We’re the best people you can come across. It might also do your saltiness some good.

    • Free world

      This is my first and last post, I would recommend people to stop posting comments on his articles. I understand you want to defend the band and erase these lies, but you’re just giving this washed up mediocre journlist, correction…arsehole the attention he just does not deserve! Peace out!

    • army

      Wow, best trashy article I’ve ever read. Searched bts news on Google, hoping for a quick update on what band activities are going on and on the 7th page of Google, I know that no one ever goes past the 2nd page, I found this pathetic website. Is it even a real news site cause never heard of it


      I noted that he called RM a “singer”, and I was like “That’s not his position but he does have a lovely voice”

  2. TaeTheBear

    Also, the pic is saying some funny shit like Rap Monster poses with the BTS supporting cast. They’re not the SUPPORTING CAST, they’re the other members of the band. Like how you white people have Coldplay, BTS is a BAND. Maybe Chris Martin is the only guy getting screen time in his band’s MVs but that ain’t the case with BTS, mister.

  3. BTS

    woahhhhh slow your roll paul, what you mean supporting cast?

  4. HobiIsSunshine

    Rapmon’s not going ANYWHERE.

    Why do you have to be such a troll? why do you hate BTS so much?
    at this point, you’re essentially DEDICATING Your life to make bulls*** Lies so you can play journalist and pretend your articles are the best thing since chocolate chip cookies. but in reality you’re a sad, pathetic LOW-LIFE parasite who bullies others to make himself feel better

  5. Paul the honourable man

    Copying Allkpop articles+ personal biased opinions of Paul without any solid evidence + shading bts fans+ “rapmonsters failed collboration”+unprofessional journalism= digital music news
    I Am sure it feels so good to get attention by spreading lies and hurting people. Plz continue your noble and respected occupation. What a great contribution to the society Paul .( i wonder how much bts antis are paying you)

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    This article is not saying that Rap Monster is going solo. But there’s always a threat with a group that has a strong lead (take NSYNC + Justin Timberlake). This is just an analysis of what a trainee program might be doing to protect against any issues.

    • Poul Restinhell

      How many times do we need to tell you that Namjoon is NOT going solo? You keep saying that EVERY single article about BTS when he has NO INTENTIONS TO GO SOLO. His collaborations with other artists is because THEY WANTED TO COLLABORATE WITH HIM. And once again, they’re merely collaborations! Articles are supposed to be FACTUAL, not ‘oh I think blah blah blah is gonna happen’. And your attitude towards BTS sucks. You’re just another one of those hateful antis. Grow up.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but JT’s “supporting cast” were a bunch of forgettables – it was bound to happen. BTS is a strong unit.

    • I wish you could stop about the solo thing.

      You should really be careful of your article bruh. You’re insulting his love and loyalty to BTS. It will never happen dude. Nice try

    • find a new career

      Paul, just stop. It’s really common for members in a kpop group to collaborate with other artists, even other bts members have, that alone is no reason to suspect a solo career. Secondly, he doesn’t even have a “strong lead” above the other members considering hes one of the least popular? Did you even do any research, are you trying to look like a moron? And trainees are most usually for the purpose of creating a new group, you have no basis to be making those speculations other than you just randomly thought it up. Its really pathetic that a grown man is actually writing this junk,you have no skill whatsoever in journalism and this garbage is just shameful, honestly.

    • Mello

      That’s not at all what a training program is. All BTS members went through training like every other Kpop group. Do some research.

    • I'm seriously so pissed

      First of all,Rap Monster is not the lead singer. He is the Lead Rapper. Get your facts straight before writing something. And would you please stop saying that Rap Monster is trying to go solo? cause he’s not. It was a collaboration with Walle, just like any other COLLABORATION!! Why does it make a difference when it comes to Rap Monster or anyone in BTS? They have a collab and suddenly you assume that they are preparing to go solo. If you really knew BTS, you would know that their like brothers, and would NEVER leave anyone behind. Band PD’s was referring to debuting a NEW boy group. Not replacing Rap Monster with trainees.




    • Wait

      I run a KPop blog and their are no such thing as “trainees” step into a experience group. No Korean gossip site has stated these claim but you are the first and only. Something telling me your just saying and making up stuff to add to your stories. Plus you always add something about Rap monster at the end to spice it up and get people to react. To be honest you may want to keep reporting on BTS cause those are the only articles you actually get responses out of, SORRY BAE. Still waiting on that article about BTS being nominated for a Billboard award.

    • Aifa

      Okay, but I hope you know that your articles on BTS just come across as irrelevant and cheap click-baits, so please rethink your approach.

    • KimoraK

      “Rap Monster posing with BTS supporting casts”. can you even tell them apart by looking at them? Do you even know their names by looking at their photo individually? There is no such thing as Rap monster & BTS, because he is one of the seven talents that makes up BTS. “Supporting casts” you say in photo caption? No.. Mr Ignorant that is BTS we all love.

    • Really??

      You claim that this article is not about Rapmonster is going solo, but your whole article screams “HE’S GOING TO GO SOLO”

      Honestly, all of your articles about BTS are unprofessional, please at least cite sources, etc.

    • Really??

      There are so many problems with this article, and one of the biggest I see is how you labeled the picture as “Rapmonster poses with the BTS supporting cast.

      Last time I checked, they were “BTS” Not “Rapmonster and supporting cast” You seem determined to label BTS as a group that only cares about money and fame.

      And do you think a label can only have one group? Just because Bighit wants to start a new group doesn’t mean they are an “insurance” in case something goes wrong. Many idols suffered to try to do what they love and they are served with heaping spoonfuls of criticism and yet you label them as “insurance”? Shame on you!

      In an earlier article, you talked about Big Bang. YG ent, the label that owns Big Bang also owns other groups like Winner and BlackPink. Are these groups also insurance to?

      In my opinion, it seems as if you are completely biased against BTS. Are you even a real reporter?

    • Really??

      Also Armies, remember that Armies are the face of BTS so don’t be immature like Paul.

    • divya

      yea well your analysis is invalid with false information and a strangely obvious bias. GUYS IGNORE, FROM NOW ON, IF YOU SEE ANY ARTICLES FROM ‘DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS’ TALKING ABOUT BTS, BIGHIT OR ANY MEMBERS. SIMPLY IGNORE. TELL OTHERS TO DO SO AS WELL.

    • Emma

      I think you misunderstood what ‘trainee’ means. It’s nothing to do with a smaller group with members that will ‘graduate’ into the older group. It just means people being trained to form a new group. When they say BTS’s trainee ‘brother group’ it means a new group that will debut under the same company, none of the trainees will join BTS. Where did you get that from??

    • A.R.M.Y?

      If you seriously think NSYNC and BTS are on the same page, you know nothing about our boys. Please don’t write more article… ever. Thanks. Bye.

    • Jackson

      Paul you are EXTREMELY uninformed and I’m disappointed in you. RM has no intentions of leaving BTS and he’s stated it before. So please, Paul, stop.

    • Your Quite Infuriating

      Fellow ARMIES have told you hundreds of times by now. Trainees are not trained to replace any existing Kpop groups members. Once a group has debuted its rare to get any add on members. The only group I can think of that ever did that was SUPER JUNIOR and Kyuhyun didn’t replace anyone. He simply was accepted as a new member and that was it. Plus Rapmoster has stated that he won’t be going solo. There was a time in which Rapmonster was pranked by the his boss and the fellow members (who by the way are not “supporting cast”) and he was asked “BANGTAN Boys or solo?” And without hesitation he said “BANGTAN Boys”. It’s very rude for you as a grown man to degrade the accomplishments and presences of our boys. And I’m not sure if you unknowingly did this or not, but you angered a lot of ARMIES out there and even JOURNALISTS. Even I an adolescent knows that if I am to write something I need to do research to get accurate info, and your lack of knowledge on how the KPop industry works is infuriating. You who can’t even take the time to research accordingly is judging Rapmonster and spreading false info on how our world works? You should really be ashamed, but also be glad that all we ARMIES are giving you is a warning. Because if this gets out to other ARMIES (who are all around the world) you will get more feedback just in a more intense and hateful manner.

    • Your internet mother!

      Just because you’re using the internet as a channel for your self doesn’t mean you should toss your morality away, it’s not right to spread lies and hate for no reason other than to get traffic because BTS are popular. You need to think about what you do online, because this sort of thing is very low. You know the other members are not supporting cast, you’re just being amoral because you think it’s ok because you’re on the internet. You’re not a baby, the internet contains real people who can get hurt so stop hurting others!

    • tpaschal

      I call BS. You obviously have an axe to grind, or are deliberately trolling. Grow up or go away, troll.

  7. #Stopaul2k17

    Paul honestly are you that bored with you’re life , making negative articles about BTS all the damn time

  8. Neville Longbottom

    Plenty of kpop groups have members who do solo promotions while also remaining a part of the group. Rap Monster has already released a mixtape 2 years ago and that hasn’t seemed to cause any tensions with the group. The same goes for the mixtape that Suga released back in August.

    Also, there’s an old video of Bang PD asking Rap Monster if he wants to go solo or if he wants to stay with BTS, and he chose BTS.

    So I think we shouldn’t be worried about the group at this point.

    Also, trainees wouldn’t be added to BTS, they are in BigHit to make their own group or to be soloists.

  9. Zara

    Good journalism requires research and knowledge of the topic. You are completely wrong about the industry and the terms you used incorrectly are important, notable Kpop jargon. Also, a deeper analysis into the ethos of BigHit as a company and the dynamics of BTS as a group would have helped supplement your ideas and legitimate your argument.

    • HopeFan

      Agreed. Journalism should strive to present an accurate, holistic representation of events with one’s analyses as only an extension of the delineation of the main facts. Terrible American journalism is a very significant reason why its current president is a bullshitting populist. So you are basically only further destroying the integrity of good journalism with your terribly supported and unresearched articles.



  11. Not Today

    Honestly, at this point, I just pity you. You don’t even deserve my fury, because you’re not a journalist, just a salty anty, who likes to create false rumors and drama.

  12. paul resnikoff please resnik-fuck-off

    This guy just writes all these super negative bts articles for quick clicks and attention, if you look his non-bts articles get basically 0 attention. This is just really shitty and pathetic journalism, this guy cant actually write anything decent that people will read so he relies on inflammatory articles using false info about successful people like bts. I wouldnt even say hes doing this cus hes an anti, hes just a lame journalist that doesn’t appear to even know kpop very well, hes just saying what he thinks will get a reaction. He should get a new job, hes a deplorable “journalist”; he gives a terrible image to this site as well so hopefully they’ll fire him soon! and remember Armys: BTS are called “bulletproof” because this kinda pathetic shit doesn’t phase them, stan legends stan bts! 🙂

    • elmindreda

      Lmao!! He’s not a journalist! Not even close. Just a wannabe without the skills of a real journalist who is out to get some hits by stirring up controversy. So lame.

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    • Just another reader

      CYPHER PT.4!!!! WOAHHH….
      This is Absolutely for him?✌

  14. Stop Writing, Paul

    Dear Paul,
    Rapmon is NOT going solo! How many times do we have to tell you this?? What have you got against Rapmon?? Why do you always say he is going solo IN EVERY FLIPPING ARTICLE YOU WRITE?!?!?!?!?! Just stop, Paul, please. For your sake and ours. Everyone knows digitalmusic.com is bull. So stop. Nobody cares about these articles anymore, we just want you to stop trying to convince people that Rapmon is leaving. He isn’t. I will never read another of your articles ever again, BECAUSE THEY SUCK. Go away and get a real job, Paul.

    • TaeTheBear

      I had such a good laugh reading this over and over again. I’m back because your saltiness needs to be exposed, Mr. Know-it-Paul. Seriously though, GET A LIFE.



  16. Get a life, dude

    Hi there,
    Just read your article and I understand that you’re doing this as it gives you money but don’t trash people. You may defend yourself like “I’m not an anti-fan” or whatever, I don’t fucking care but this just crossed the line! Paul, I’m not sure how old you are but you’re acting worse than a 3-year-old kid. Sometimes I think maybe you tried out for Bighit auditions and did not make it and then you let out the grudge towards our boys. AND THAT’S JUST PATHETIC! So be A MAN, stop messing around with BTS and let the boy live in their own world! World peace, man! World peace!



  18. pls do research next time

    I have to point out that you have the system of trainees entirely wrong. Trainees in the Kpop industry do not work by “attaching” to the main group; they are separate from BTS. BigHit is hoping to form a new boy group with these trainees, not replace any members!

  19. HATER!!!


  20. Mello

    You really don’t do any research, that’s not what a training program is, not even close.

  21. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, thanks for all of the information on training programs, I appreciate the information. And yes, I don’t know this is a confirmed plan, just as there’s nothing beyond a string of solo projects to suggest that Rap Monster would consider a solo move.

    I will say, pretty interesting the reaction on Rap Monster going solo. If it’s not a possibility, why is everyone freaking out about it?

    • Anonymous

      If it’s not a possibility, why are you writing about it?

      Please stop hating on BTS. I know you probably don’t consider what you are writing ‘hate’ but you can seriously affect us ARMY’s deeply. And DO YOUR RESEARCH!

    • Jacqueline Fucking Cruz

      Because you write lies. I have never been this mad, holy shit this anger is fucking unreal. Leave BTS family alone

    • lol

      Because you obviously haven’t done your research , you’re making articles about BTS to get popularity seeing as your other articles have gone to shit

    • KimoraK

      Noone is freaking about Namjoon going solo, we however, get pissed at your absolute lack of knowledge about BTS and Kpop World, the cultural values they hold dear and baseless assumptions, attention seeking articles, trying to tag along at someone’s success to get your career going are quite intolerable. And your ignorance about cultural values and what korean believes in, judging them by your personal views just shows the kind of person you are. It might do you good if uou remember these in the future.

    • I pity Paul

      You do know that in kpop if a group member goes solo it doesn’t mean they’ve left the group, right? Obviously you don’t. Just quit journalism if you’re going to keep spreading lies.

    • pathetic paul

      Dear pathetic attention whore and pathetic excuse of a man,
      I never knew it would come to a point where a 13 year old would have to tell you that people are allowed to express their feelings and of course a lunatic like you would be able to, too. But that doesn’t mean that you can question why people feel the way they do. And you know bts’ popularity so you making a pathetic and false article about them and especially targeting their leader namjoon would make you seem like you want attention even more. The fact that theres not much information about your topic and it’s mostly based off of your opinion it’s no use for anyone to read. You’re jealous aren’t you? i know you will be laughing at my question behind a screen but there’s enough proof in your articles to prove it. Now you maybe asking what proof is, right? of course because you don’t have any. Here, its simple : real information. Easy. I KNOW RIGHT? Now, im not going to start swearing and going off at you like some other people so you might as well chill with this stuff and take it seriously. I could take this to so many other levels such as exposure and racism but no, I’ll be the mature 13 year old while you can be the butthurt old man you are. Also, here’s a tip for you : act your age and get out of other people’s business especially if you do not have the proper info to justify your opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bighit sued you for this so continue on with your day and wait until you become unsuccessful bashing other people who have a higher social status. Nice try paul, i applaud you for trying with the worst effort ever. Actually this is pretty fuuny, don’t you think? an immature “man” being lectured by a 13 year old. If you see this email me : CuppyCake020@gmail.com. Gamsahamnida and have a somewhat bad day. Annyeong pathetic paul.

    • Your Quite Infuriating

      No one is “freaking it about it” we’re simply infuriated that you would suggest such a thing without doing proper research, so as their fandom we plan to set you straight. Is natural to come to the defense of my bias.ordo you not even know what that is?

  22. Salty much

    Are you even a journalist or just some salty person on the internet.
    Rapmon isnt even going solo, he just expressing himself and releasing songs for their fans to to enjoy.

    Btw, please look up what training program in Kpop actually means. It makes you really look unprofessional.

  23. REE Ality

    This music all sucks and always will suck. A rapping K-pop group? Give me a break. Globally popular? yeah, among idiots. BTW, the chainsmokers also stink.

    • Your Quite Infuriating

      I feel really bad for you. I understand that you may not like KPop or any Pop for that matter,so here’s my advice. Stay the fuck away. If you don’t like it and plan to insult the whole KPop world your better off not being here, because let’s be honest. KPop is one of the most well received, recognized,and respected genres of music. Most Asian people like KPop and Asians make up most of this worlds population, so yes KPop is popular globally. And if you say KPop is only popular among idiots you just insulted ALL KPop FANDOMS and ARTISTS. Who could low key annihilate you with their mere presence at any time. Hell if they wanted to they could sick a bunch of people on your ass, online or not. But no one abuses their power like that, especially our boys and girls we call Idols.

  24. Smoky Bobinson

    There hasn’t been a single band from Japan or Korea to really make a dent in the anglophile world. The music is sometimes ok, but the vocals are awful. Babymetal was good because you couldn’t understand them, and the music was tolerable. These asian bands want to sell out so bad they stink from the gate. Korea is even worse than Japan. Just horrid.

    • Smoky Bobinson I'll Pray for You

      You must be living under a rock. First of all Baby Metal is specifically JPop mixed with Metal. It’s fine if you like Baby Metal and all,but please do not insult KPop. I’m telling you this for your own good. KPop actually is more globally recognized than most other Asian Pop. In fact BTS won a Billboard Music Award. If an EXO-L,I GOT 7,CARAT, or any other KPopper in a fandom read your comment you’d experience a lot of… unpleasant things. Just because you may have a dislike towards BTS you should not insult all the Korean Artists who trained for a minimum of 4 years before debuting as an idol and their fans. All the ARMYS who saw your post were mature enough to not lash out on you. So be thankful, because just like the American Army BTS’s ARMIES have a presence EVERYWHERE and will ANNIHILATE anyone who insults our boys.

    • Your Quite Infuriating

      You know what’s just so horrid? You. Smoky bobinson I feel really bad for you, because everything you just said can be easily debunked. If anything we can say the same thing about your “Anglophile World” simply because your biased saying that “the vocals are awful”. Actually your extremely biased to the point in which I wonder if your a 3 year old jumping into the smaller tide pool just because the bigger one is to big. There’s also the fact that KPop in generally can be found anywhere. Fandoms are global and are the most loyal out of all. If you search hard enough you can find kpoppers anywhere. Just like if i search hard enough in American I could probably find some fans of your “Anglophile World”. Buts that’s more unlikely because your world isn’t as influential as mine. And that’s a fact. A huge portion might not know of KPop in your world but people are still aware, and almost every country out there is also aware of KPop. While your world isn’t as globally known mine is, and such it’s so much easier to find Kpoppers in America. In fact here we have a KCon. For what you ask? Well KPop of course.

  25. Jacqueline Fucking Cruz

    Can someone please take this shit down?

    It is obvious that whoever wrote this does not know SHIT about BTS. Rap monster leaving? Are you fucking crazy? BTS is BTS with all 7 members. If one original leaves its over, even with the addition of a trainee.

    My boy Namjoon is not going anywhere. Just because he released a single with Wale does not mean he is thinking about leaving. Min Yoongi (Suga) released a mixtape but that didnt mean he wanted to leave.

    Do not write shit about BTS if you do not know that BTS are FAMILY. AND they write there own music. Of course he makes music with other artists. Music is his life. He is enjoying himself. I am so upset. Bruh.

  26. #prayforpaul he needs it

    may the facts of rapmon not going solo guide you to not write bullshit articles about bts
    and also please listen to cypher pt.4 the lyrics are for you.

  27. laughing monster

    Haha. This site is just so…I don’t know. Laugh-worthy. I’ve seen one too many shady and exaggerated articles that I already consider it as satirical. Haha.

    I don’t think RapMon is going anywhere. It’s normal for Kpop groups to venture to their solo careers, but they never break up. You know why? Those people strived and lived for majority of their lives. Those kind of things will never break the bond of BTS.

  28. i need holy water after reading this shit

    is this all you can do? write false articles about bangtan cause you can’t find something else to do with your life except spread lies? can you just shut up and rot in the sewers where you and your stupid, saggy ass along with your dumb, bullshit article belong?


    “Supporting cast”? what even? Honestly do you not have anything else to do with your life. If Namjoon were to go solo, it does not mean he’s leaving the group like how american artists be like. Get your life together and stop writing trash articles. I will pray for you to repent from your evil, snake-like ways and stop targeting BTS and ARMYs and calling it just having an insight or whatever you say.

  30. Wings

    Trying to get fame about BTS. Lol someone who doesn’t know much about K-Pop or BTS should not be spreading false rumors. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  31. A HUMAN

    (310) 928-1489

    Mailing Address:
    Digital Music News
    1124 20th Street, Ste. 206
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    this is the address and the telephone no.

  32. Wait

    I’m going to start a petition on this “reporter/owner” to get this sight taken down. Or get him a Law suit with a BIGHIT he must don’t know KPop companies sue haters.

  33. You miserable 0phuman being, Paul

    How about you stop writing this bullshit and try to find something you’re actually good at? That might be hard tho considering how much of a salty ass miserable idiot you are.
    SORRY BAE, but they ain’t breaking up. NOT TODAY. Or TOMORROW.?
    They’re family. And we ARMYs are gonna be with them through everything​ ?
    Get a life.

  34. You miserable human being, Paul

    How about you stop writing this bullshit and try to find something you’re actually good at? That might be hard tho considering how much of a salty ass miserable idiot you are.
    SORRY BAE, but they ain’t breaking up. NOT TODAY. Or TOMORROW.?
    They’re family. And we ARMYs are gonna be with them through everything​ ?
    Get a life.

  35. Mae

    This article has honestly got to be the biggest abomination to prance around posing as “journalism” I have ever seen. This just seems like an outsider trying to connect random dots about a subject they clearly don’t understand. The only thing you have really accomplished is creating another click bait article and sullying your credibility as a writer.

    By the sheer amount logical fallices and lack of evidence you present in your article, it is clear that you do not have much knowledge on BTS or K-pop in general, so I will help you a bit.

    First of all, Rap Monster is not a singer, but I’ll give you a hint about his position…his name is RAP Monster not SING Monster.

    Many artists that have started off in groups do go solo at one point or just escape the group, and the Korean music industry is no different. But most of the time it is not because a member thinks that they will be successful on their own, many of the idols are unhappy, sometimes because of mistreatment, Exo’s former member Tao, or other circumstances, 2pm’s former leader Jay Park. However, their is also the fact that many idols decide to leave their groups because of the contracts with the company, sometimes called “slave contracts”, a very famous example would be a lawsuit between three TVXQ members and SM Entertainment.

    There are countless examples of artists pursuing solo careers while continuing to stay in their groups, see Big Bang, Girls Generation, Infinite, Sistar, Ikon, Winner, and an abundance of other groups.

    Although I cannot claim that the members of BTS do not have these “massive egos”, because I don’t know them personally and neither do you, they have always behaved with the utmost respect to each other, their seniors, and most of all, their fans. They appear to be very humble in the face of the recent scandals and massive amounts of success. And many of the members have already worked on solo projects, Rap Monster and Suga have released mix tapes, the vocal line does covers, and V has started acting.

    Now there are cases in which trainees replace a member of a group, such as Youngji of the disbanded group Kara, and many current and past members of active girl group Nine Muses, but these are few and far between. The main purpose of these systems is to train younger generations for future groups, M-net’s reality program “Produce 101” uses this idea to make a temporary super group, I suggest you watch it to gain a minuscule understanding of the system. And the idea that Bighit would add any new member is highly unlikely in the event someone leaves, as most global groups have never attempted that. I don’t believe their company would try adding any female trainees to the BTS, aka Bangtan BOYS, aka Bulletproof BOYscouts. Did you even read your article? Because any writer would see that point is, well, pointless.

    I also saw in one of your replies you used *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake as an example, but I think that would be like comparing apples and oranges. It is not only a matter of the differences in American and Korean entertainment industries, but also a problem of different cultural values, as Korean culture is traditionally polite, throwing their whole group under the bus could be suicidal for a solo career.

    In another reply you wrote “If it’s not a possibility, why is everyone freaking out about it?”, but the reason most people have an issue is that you come across as completely biased and uneducated about BTS and anything related to K-pop, but I have seen other articles written by you involving similar topics so it leaves me baffled.

    I hope that you will use my critiques and improve your writing and journalism skills. And maybe delete this article while your at it.

    • Anon

      by far, this is one of the most comment that I agree and can comprehend with. strong power thank you

    • Anon

      You should honestly take this dude’s job. You’re a better writer than him lol

    • Thank You Mae

      I thank you for laying it all out for this so called journalist. I could not have given a better explanation. But one thing is for sure. He doesn’t have any jams.

  36. #Ya playa haters you should love yourself

    “Even if you don’t like me, you know me
    Even if you don’t like me, you know me
    I like hate comments more than no comments
    I don’t know you
    But you know my name”

  37. mu ni paul boleh pi mampuih

    hidup la kau dengan hasil kutuk orang,bagi la makan anak bini duit haram…nak haram betul paul ni….mak kau hijau……

  38. KimoraK

    To me, this airhead baseless sad excuse of a writer is just hungry for attention, knowing that BTS has a strong fan base, and if he writes this kind of article he’d get a lot of readers and a lot of clicks to his article, with BTS as keyword his article would be amongst the top search result, it seems like he’s the type who believes in no such thing as bad publicity, would say anything, add anything to get more attention even if there’s no fact supporting it. Taking advantage of BTS’s thousands of fans across the world. What a sad excuse..!!!! adding his own assumptions, when asked he says ‘analysis’ whose analysis? Oh wait, that was his personal opinion and assumption, N’sync…? Let’s not compare the west and the east on this topic, wake up and earn your bread and butter the honest way, really, its Pathetic how desperate you seem, writing these kind of article everytime you feel like noone showed interests in your other articles that doesn’t contain BTS in it. Learn something from BTS, such young age and how hard they work without proper sleep, putting their blood and sweat, heart and soul to be what they are ” BTS” . And what are you..? They can teach you a thing or two about honesty and sincerity, Live right, show some respect.

  39. lmao

    can bighit start suing this fuck because he’s obviously aiming to piss armys off for any relevance. that’s what you do when you’re not a legitimate journalist source

  40. alice

    HE NOT A ”LEAD SINGER” BOII WTF. have.u.ever.even.done.ANY.sort.of.research.
    bruh smh, im still laughing at you pathetic artice.
    and theyre not a supporting group, theyre his family

  41. Poor Pathetic Paul Restinpieces :(

    You shouldn’t be writing about a band in which you have no knowledge of.