TWICE Accused of Plagiarizing EXO’s ‘Supernatural’ Concept

Kpop group TWICE. Did they rip off EXO?
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Members of the Kpop group TWICE are now facing allegations of plagiarism.  But are they simply ‘borrowing’ a good idea?

As TWICE continues to explode, Korea’s biggest female export is now facing plagiarism accusations.  According to allegations surfacing this week, the 9-group Kpop group lifted their recent ‘supernatural’ concept from EXO, who trotted out the idea last year.

The idea works like this.  Ahead of TWICE’s upcoming release, ‘Signal,’ each member of the group is assuming a special superpower.  For example, members Nayeon and Jungyeon assume the power to control time, while Sana can become invisible.  Tzuyu can suddenly exert super-strength, Momo can accelerate at superhuman speeds, Mina can hypnotize others, and Jihyo gains x-ray vision.

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Pretty simple, right?

Well, so was this.

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Others laughed at the accusations, simply because the concept of supernatural powers have existed for thousands of years.  Indeed, Greek mythology and ancient religions feature lots of superhuman capabilities.  So perhaps it’s a bit of stretch to say that anyone from the Kpop world invented this idea (just sayin’…)

That said, EXO is widely recognized as the first group to bring superpowers into Kpop.

That makes it a copycat move, according to pissed off EXO followers, referred to as EXO-Ls.  “True, EXO didn’t create the supernatural concept, but they were the first to debut with that concept in Kpop,” one fan declared.  “So as an EXO-L I’m kinda ticked.”

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Other Ls expressed similar frustrations, especially since the group wasn’t credited by TWICE.  But is this becoming a broken record among overzealous Kpop fans?  Earlier this year, members of the Kpop group BTS were accused of blatantly copying a performance intro video created by Big Bang.  Just a few months later, BTS fans blasted G-friend for stealing a light stick concept.

And so forth…

So far, nobody from EXO’s camp has complained.  But a thank you would be nice!


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  1. anonymous

    News? Or is it just another clickbait article so that you can get yourself more money? The music video isn’t even out yet and there’s ‘plagiarism’ already.

  2. ragnbonegirl

    Honestly exo wasn’t the first K-pop group with the supernatural concept..2pm’s heartbeat had a zombie concept, iu’s lost child which had a supernatural concept .these songs were released even before exo’s debut. Even after exo there were many groups with supernatural concepts like vixx ,4 minute, ft island, dreamcatcher….
    These immature exo fans think exo created the entire universe… Seriously they have to stop whining about each and every thing

    • Btsexostan ❤

      Is not the same cause exo debuted with the supernatural concept and having super powers and being a zombie are two different concept (just saying) but I do think twice is not copying exo and that exo does not own that concept so is ok for anyone to use it but there’s always silly fans that have nothing to do instead of hating on other groups they should focus on their life and their favorite group

    • Do Kyungsoo

      Yeah, but EXO DEBUTED with the power, they still got it… Its still in them. They are… How do u say this… Its like BTS and their concept ..they take ideas from a book and then make it into a theory, just like EXO, its their concept its like they were born with it.. But Twice already debuted and they didn’t debut with that concept… It’s literally copyright for stealing some groups concept… ?

      • anonymous

        so true, even though I’m okay with twice with this concept…I’m kinda not okay at the same time…

    • Piss Off

      This is so stupid, music has no originality anymore. People buy and listen to music because ideas and concepts are often repeated. First, Exo is not the first group to ‘bring’ the concept of supernatural theme into Kpop, it’s laughable. Secondly, Exo members had no input whatsoever into how the concept was implemented, COME ON, it’s SM we’re talking about, do you really think individual creativity is on the top of their list, NO, its revenue. Thirdly, it is questionable that EXO has claim to the theme, just because they ‘debuted’ with it. Since they debuted with 12 members and now only has 9, I think it’s safe to say the concept no longer matters, people move on.

  3. Anonymous

    You call yourself a “News”? Garbage article! Exo should sue DC and marvel? Also all astrophysics for using the word exoplanet!? These dumb EXOL are the same as this article, GARBAGE!

    • Anonymous

      I’m an exo-l and an once, and i think it would be offensive to call exo-ls dumb because in the once community, we don’t hate on other groups. If you say those mean words then you are not a true once.

    • Anonymous

      pls don’t judge the fandom by it’s fans
      and don’t judge the fans by it’s fandom

    • Idk

      Exo was the 1st group to bring the super power concept in “KPOP”. So why the hell are you bringing DC and Marvel into this??? Stop embarrassing yourself. Oh and I don’t think a “garbage” like you should be calling others that.

  4. Anonymous

    I know exo didn’t created this but still why would they do this??? As an exo l… I know it’s quiet immature of me to get irritated but I just can’t help my heart…

    • anonymous

      same, couldn’t agree more. I know (of course) Exo didn’t create the supernatural concept but would everyone who thinks Exo-Ls are being childish really gonna be the same when their favorites get “copied” by another group? I think not cause everyone is biased in this world and people think just that they’re not by choosing a side where the majority agrees on. lol

  5. just me

    OMG! IT’S PAUL, AGAIN! I was wondering who wrote an article like this…

    • Anonymous

      Seem like he doesn’t like kpop at all.
      Most of his target is kpop grp.

  6. Anonymous

    “According to allegations surfacing this week, the 9-group Kpop group lifted their recent ‘supernatural’ concept from EXO, who trotted out the idea last year.”

    What do you mean trotted out the idea last year? They have been using the alien and super power concept since their debut. EXO is short for EXO planet and EXO members have super powers. their concerts are called “EXO Planet #1, 2, 3”. EXO-Ls are called “stars” in the official EXO fan app. EXO incorporated their super powers in their choreography. Here is the link and educate yourself:

    Of course EXO did not invent superpowers. But JYP should have expected this allegations since the superpowers of some of the Twice members are the same with EXO’s. When there a lot of similarities, is it still called “borrowing”? How do you draw the line between “copying” and “borrowing”? Besides, “borrowing” an idea discourages creativity. Is it so hard to come up with an original concept nowadays?

    • Hjkf

      I do find it laughable that you believe huge organisations like SM encourages individual creavity. No, their acievements are in overworking artists and exploiting them for profits, welcome to the real world. You do know SM probably ‘borrowed’ the supernatural theme idea from another kpop video.


    Everyone just ignore this fucking idiot. Twice did NOT steal/plagiarize the concept at ALL. Yes it’s a somewhat similar concept, but it’s not the EXACT concept. EXO concept is that are BORN with powers, and their from another planet! TWICE however GAINED super powers, and are from EARTH.
    Yes they both have super powers, but its basically a TOTALLY different concept.

    Like I said IGNORE this FUCKING idiot, who uses nothing but clickbaited shit, and idiotic made up nonsense

  8. Anonymous

    Hey, Paul!

    Not enough that you are hating on BTS, now you are hating TWCIE, too?!

    You are a fucking leech!

    Get a life and learn to write legitimate articles, asswipe!

  9. Paul Resnikoff


    Keep on checking out my HATE articles for BTS and TWICE, y’all!

    I need those clicks and views counter to the max!

    Thanks to you, I’m near my goal of buying a car. Money, baby! Yeah! Woof woof!

    See next time, K-Poppers. Peace out.

  10. Don't care

    Just shut up … People with their craziness

  11. Jkwtfsmh

    The thing that pisses me off is the fact that their powers come so close to exo and that once are calling us exol’s immature. Remember once’s you guy’s were getting pissed off when a girl group did the same cheerleader concept as twice cheer up and a few similar dance steps and you guys were acting like exols too so you guy have no room to speak.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I better not hear these twice stans complain when other groups copy or “borrow” an idea from Twice. they are quick to point fingers that exo-ls are being immature about this. Karma is a bitch and since everybody in kpop is saying that nobody “owns” a concept, then its bound to happen to twice too.

    • Derp

      Actually, their powers do not come as close. EXO-K powers are Teleportation for Kai, Fire for ChanYeol , Water for Suho, Earth for D.O, Light for Baekhyun, and a Wind for Sehun. For EXO-M powers, Telekinesis for Luhan, Flight for Kris, Healing for Lay, Time Control for Tao, Lightning for Chen,and Frost for Xiu Min. While TWICE’s powers are Time Control for Nayeon, Time Stopping for Jeongyeon, Super Speed for Momo, Invisibility for Sana, X-Ray Vision for Jihyo, Hypnosis for Mina, Cloning for Dahyun, Telekinesis for Chaeyoung, and Super Strength for Tzuyu. Only two TWICE members share the same abilities as two EXO members. But who cares? A lot of superheroes share the same abilities and no one complains.

  12. Anonymous

    I think TWICE was just inspired by EXO. Now shut your mouth-holes and get over it.


    Oh its you again! Not only BTS but Twice too? I thought someone disposed your trash self, smh. I prefer you get a life because its really tiring to see you causing problems in the kpop world. You dont belong here, fuck off.

  14. Fuck exo

    If anything exo copied TWICE, given how stupid they are. TWICE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> exo.

  15. Darkness

    Exo fans tsk tsk when twice debut or other group debut for cute concept no article for plagiarism? Now they get popular attacking of what concept they going to do. Is exo are sinking? Then why?

  16. Arzach

    I just stopped to look how idiot the guy that made this article should feel now