Spotify Introduces ‘Codes’ to Stimulate More Sharing

Spotify introduces Spotify Codes; music discovery feature
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Spotify introduces Spotify Codes, a new way to share and discover music.

This week, Spotify launched an new way for users to share music on the app.  And it’s as simple as taking a picture of the code attached to the song art.

You can find these codes directly on the Spotify app, have a friend send you one, or capture one printed on a flyer or billboard. Once you scan the code, you have access to more music from the artists, tracks, and albums you love.

In addition, you can easily follow your friends favorite playlist.

Cool right?!

How do I access these codes?

  1. When you are listening to a song on the Spotify app and want to dig into it some more, simply click the (…) to the right of the song on the screen.  
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2. Artwork for this particular song will pop up on your screen.  You will then see a code appear below the artwork.  Simply tap this code, and the artwork will enhance.  Now you have the option to take a screenshot, or save the image in your photo gallery.

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3. More ways to capture codes include taking a picture from a flyer, billboard, or a friend’s phone.  Or, having one sent to you from somewhere else.

4. Now you are able to scan the code and continue to build your music library with songs, playlists, and profiles you love.

How do I scan my Code?

Easy. Just click on the camera icon located to the right of the search bar.  Next, choose your code from the camera roll.  This will scan your code.  Now it will direct you to that piece of content; playlist, album, etc.

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Keep in mind that this new feature goes beyond sharing music.  It also invites artists,  labels and brands to innovate ways to instantly engage with fans through Spotify.

I can already think of a number of ways companies can use this code feature to promote a product or song. It shall be fun to see what’s coming.

Spotify Codes are currently being rolled out to all users across both Android and IOS globally.

4 Responses

  1. Hannah

    Blah – it was SO difficult prior to this innovation to say “you gotta check out __SONG__ by __ARTIST__.” Seriously, so sick of companies adding uneccesary complexity for the sake of innovation. Who is asking for this new service? I can’t imagine myself ever using it.

  2. E

    Remember how well QR codes went over? Way to create a clunky multi step process to share a song

  3. Odette

    I think it’s great, man. Links you right to the playlist or song without having to scroll through a ton of other playlists or songs with similar names. People need to chill. It’s not like you can’t still share and search for songs the traditional way. Jesus.