Terrorists Win? Ariana Grande Cancels Entire Remaining Tour

Ariana Grande (photo: Lindsay Daniella CC by 2.0)
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Ariana Grande (photo: Lindsay Daniella CC by 2.0)
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Ariana Grande (photo: Lindsay Daniella CC by 2.0)

After ISIS claims responsibility for a heinous act Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande has indefinitely postponed the remaining dates of her UK and European tour.

A shaken Ariana Grande has now canceled the remaining dates of her British and European tour, according to details emerging this morning.  The dates may be rescheduled, but for now, they are indefinitely postponed.

An official statement confirming the cancellations could arrive today.  The tour included upcoming dates in London, Belgium, Poland, and Switzerland.

The decision comes as Manchester deals with a horrifying aftermath.  The blast on Monday evening has now claimed lives of 22, including attendees as young as 8.  Others remain missing, while the number of injured reaches 60.

Meanwhile, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the heinous act.  Immediately after the incident, police traced to explosion to a suicide bomber.  Authorities have not released the identity of that bomber, and it’s unclear if there were accomplices.  Separately, coordinated police forces are raiding suspected safe houses while pursuing leads, with raids and at least one arrest already occurring.

Exactly how Grande herself is doing remains unclear.

Grande is undoubtedly accustomed to the pressures of stardom.  But there isn’t a guidebook for this one, and the risk of serious PTSD trauma and other problems hover.

In the panicked hours following the attack, Ariana Grande tweeted a sorrowful message to fans.

“broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

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Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ tour included three UK dates, of which Manchester was the first.  Now, an upcoming date at London’s O2 Arena has been nixed.  Other dates in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland are also not happening.

What’s next.

The next steps are difficult to predict, and largely depend on Grande’s resolve following the attacks.  But if past is prologue, this could be a difficult march back for the 23 year-old singer.  In the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack in Paris during an Eagles of Death Metal performance, lead singer Jesse Hughes suffered from severe trauma.  Additionally, Hughes outspoken opinions about the incident resulted in numerous cancellations from politically-sensitive promoters.

For Grande, the Manchester attacks are a somewhat different animal.  But unless you’re the person on stage with fans dying at your show, it’s impossible to predict the mental fallout and recovery process.

More details ahead.


23 Responses

  1. rikki

    no great loss she is the epitome of McMusic cheap disposable assembly line mush.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about the music, but 22 innocent people were killed. Have some respect you dumb shit.

      • rikki

        maybe she will give up being an idiot and apologize for her pro immigrant anti trump stance and just go away.

        • wtf

          did you know: the alleged bomber was born in the UK? Since you probably don’t know what that means, I’ll spell it out for you: he wasn’t an immigrant.

        • Rick Shaw

          Look in a mirror and repeat – awa tana siam. That should do the trick.

    • Julie Newsome

      Nobody really cares whether you like her music or not , many do .this is about lives lost at one of her concerts

  2. Anonymous

    Yea…why is your article fairly tactful but the headline is like the scummiest clickbait you could think of?

  3. Paul Resnikoff

    This was a heinous act of cowardice. But terrorists are not an army, they are a small group that functions by leveraging the maximum amount of fear, panic and terror through acts like this.

    When a major tour drawing hundreds of thousands of fans and tens of millions of dollars is canceled and disrupted, they celebrate this as a victory.

    • AlexKx

      ACTUALLY there is an organization whose modis operandi says that you are to covert or be killed. With your higher edu-macation do you have any idea which one that is?

  4. Anonymous

    The title of this article suggests that Ariana should tough it out and continue, and it’s somehow a wrong move to cancel the tour. I think that is rather insensitive. She went through an incredibly traumatic event. Of course she should cancel, and do whatever she needs to do to heal. ISIS doesn’t care about Ariana Grande or her tour. They only care about inflicting death and terror.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I can see how you would get that impression, but no, Ariana Grande is a human being. It’s a natural reaction. I’m just describing how terrorists leverage their numbers and win ‘battles’ in their ‘war’…

  5. Caldren

    If Ariana continues touring it risks a potential second terrorist attack in which her decision to go on would have put people’s lives at risks. I think its somewhat of a no-brainer that she cancels the tour, given the high risk of attacks in the area.

    If it was a death metal band with a bunch of tough guys at the show, I would say ‘dont let the terrorists win’. But we are talking about children here. I doubt their parents would let them go to the show anyway given they are in a week.

    At least for now, I think cancelling in that region is a smart move. Fighting back at terrorists would be careless and out right dumb.

  6. Xavier

    One of the objectives of the terrorists is to disrupt our normal lives though fear. It’s not only about killing people, it’s also about making sure we are scare about going to concerts, festivals, use public transportation, etc. It’s about changing our lives and habits.

    While I totally understand their reasons to cancel, and I cannot even imagine how she’s feeling, I think she and her team need to give the decision a second thought.

    We cannot give the terrorists what they want. We are more than them, we are better than them.

    • Max

      Exactly right. “Terrorists Win?” is not snarky. It’s a legitimate point that’s been raised among reasonable people since 9/11.

      • Anonymous

        I think that if people simply continue to go to concerts in Europe in general, and show that they’re not afraid to go to concerts and meet in large gatherings, then the terrorists won’t win. Ariana can do whatever she likes. This is not about her.

  7. William

    I don’t know what I would do if were her and neither do any of you. But I do agree with Paul in that as far as Terrorists are concerned, this is a victory. Her cancelling her tour is also a sign of victory in their minds.

    Again, I don’t know what I would do if I were in her shoes.

  8. AlexKx

    When you say “terrorists” does this include people who misunderstand what “Islam” means or those who understand?

  9. Topher

    Why no update about the benefit concert? Apparently she is not letting terrorists win… doh!

  10. Casper

    After Paul posts this article, Ariana continues the tour and throws a benefit concert… not saying it was Paul that sparked it, but it very well could have been.