What Smartphone Users Can Look Forward to with Google Play Music as Samsung’s Default App

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Source: Pixabay

There is a new collaboration in the mobile technology world and it involves some great news for music lovers.

In his recent blog, published last April 21st, Google Play Music’s Lead Product Manager Elias Roman announced that Samsung has partnered with Google. According to Elias, Google Play Music “will be the default music player and music service on new Samsung phones and tablets globally”.

Prior to Google Play Music, Samsung launched Milk Music in 2014. Milk Music was Samsung’s own streaming music service which was developed to be an alternative to ad-supported services such as Spotify and Pandora. The service was powered by Slacker Radio, is free to listen to, and has no ads. It also allows users to choose from 200 pre-made stations and create their own.

While there are positive reviews about Milk Music, it lacked a few features that users find essential in a music player, such as an offline mode or the capability to purchase tracks for offline listening. Eventually, Samsung shut down Milk Music in September of 2016, which paved the way for its new default music app Google Play Music – one of the top six music streaming apps, according to TechDigg.

So what does Google Play Music for Samsung offer to users of the brand’s phones – including the new flagship, the Samsung S8 Galaxy, made available on April 21st? Let’s take a look:

100,000 Free Songs

Using the new service, Samsung tablet and smartphone owners will be able to download 100,000 songs for free and save them on Google Play Music’s cloud locker, allowing them to stream the songs from anywhere. Uploading the tracks is also a free feature and does not require a monthly subscription. For all other Google Play Music users, the limit is 50,000 songs.


Google’s numerous efforts to ensure web security – including regularly updating Google website security requirements – gives users more reasons to trust in its products, including Google Play Music. It is important for users to know that they are using a mobile platform helps protect against SQL injections and other online threats. SQL injections are a sophisticated method of cyber attack that uses malicious code to manipulate databases, gaining access to information not intended to be accessible. Google has successfully dealt with SQL injections in many ways in the past, including adding encryption to its products, which is good news for users of the new Google Play Music for Samsung devices. This gives them the assurance that all of their online information are kept safe and secure.

Playback with Voice Command

Google Play Music is integrated with Samsung’s artificial intelligence system, Bixby. This AI is designed to make device interaction easier, taking out the complexities in using fully-featured devices. Samsung describes Bixby as the solution to a problem most users experience with devices that are too complicated that it has become very confusing and difficult to operate them. This integration makes it possible to playback music using voice commands. What makes this a great feature is that it gives users more abilities when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Watch this video to see how Bixby works:

Free 3-Month Trial

Additionally, new Samsung smartphone and tablet users will get a free 3-month trial of Google Play Music. This will give users access to 40 million songs and thousands of curated playlists which is similar to Spotify. This free trial offer is also bundled with access to YouTube Red – a paid monthly subscription service from YouTube that eliminates ads from all videos.

Needless to say, having Google Play Music as the new default music player for Samsung smartphones and tablets does offer some great features that mobile users would appreciate.