Fans Beg Justin Bieber to Cancel Shows Amidst Jihadi Threats

In the face of fans’ worries over possible terror attacks in the UK, Justin Bieber flat-out says no to cancellation petitions.

Following Monday’s Manchester suicide bombing attack, Ariana Grande cancelled the rest of her European tour.  Other artists, including Blondie and Take That, have cancelled several UK performances.

Not all have taken the same approach.  In the face of jihadist terrorism, Shawn Mendes said that his UK shows will go on.  Justin Bieber has also refused to postpone his upcoming performances in the UK.  Now, fans have urged the singer to cancel his shows out of fear over the singer’s life.

Monday’s suicide bombing attack killed twenty-two fans and injured fifty-nine others.  In a statement, Ariana Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, wrote,

“I will honour those that lost by living each day full.  Full of fun, full of laughter, full of joy.  I welcome the differences of my neighbour.  The wish of terrorism is to take away that feeling of freedom and joy.  No.  That is my answer.  No.  We cant [sic] allow it.  Fear cannot rule the day.”

Braun also represents Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber, among other clients.

Not all music fans have taken Braun’s approach, however.  Fearing for their lives, some have expressed their worries over attending concerts in the UK.  This fear has prompted Live Nation to reportedly offer refunds for some shows in the country.

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to express their concerns over Justin Bieber’s UK shows.  Fans fear that terrorists may target the singer during his UK performances.

For security reasons, cancel Justin’s show in the UK, I beg you, with all my heart, please.

We know Justin wants to give his best to fans, but now the best is he stay safe.

Please cancel the Justin Bieber show in Dublin.  We are all scared.

Cancel Justin’s concert in the UK, please!  We want him to be safe, please.”

Speaking with Reuters, one fan said that she may sell her tickets for the singer’s Ireland performance.

“I just don’t want what I would hope to be a great night to end in something like [May 22nd]. It’s frightening to think that it could have been any of us.  And it really shows that you never know what’s around the corner.”

The responses came after Bieber’s manager (also Braun) posted a solemn message honoring the victims of Monday’s attack.  Calling all terror attacks “cowardly acts,” Braun asked the world to mourn for the families of the victims.


So far, the singer and his manager have yet to respond to the flurry of comments posted by fans.  Justin Bieber’s webpage shows that his shows in the country will continue as planned. He’ll perform in Dublin on June 21st. He’ll also perform in Cardiff on June 30th and stop by Hyde Park on July 2nd.

Bieber joins other mainstream artists in continuing with their performances.  Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, and Lorde have all kept their UK dates.

Image by Adam Sundana (CC by 2.0)

One Response

  1. Jacob

    The tie between Western civilization, rock and roll, and Christianity are so heavily intertwined that understanding how this is so takes much, much more time than you will spend reading this post. Of course, one can argue that Justin’s music is not really rock and roll but his is part of the huge wave of music produced in western societies.

    Islam know that if they successfully stifle the production of music within the Western world, they will have removed one critical pillar that gives the Western world it’s strength, so you will see this attack on music only increasing over time.

    Now. for those of you that think that rock and roll is pure devil music, I would argue that it is just a matter of religious perspective. The document at shows how the arguably best rock and roll act of all time incorporated Christianity into their messaging. One day rock and roll and Christianity will be outlawed to the point that none reading this can imagine.

    As far as what Justin decides to do, I must say I can not recommend which way he should go. Just be aware of what is really going on I suppose is why I’m making this comment.

    Over the next two or three decades things are going to get very serious, very serious indeed.

    Take care of those around you.