Breaking: Chris Brown Suffers Massive Leak of 46 Unauthorized Songs

Hackers say ‘Here you go!’ to Chris Brown fans.

Chris Brown’s recently released single, ‘Party’ with Gucci Mane and Usher, hit number 1 on Urban radio.  The RIAA also certified the single platinum.  But that’s about the end of the good news.

This week, a leaker posted forty-six unauthorized Chris Brown tracks.

The leaker named the forty-six tracks The Heartbreak On A Full Moon Mixtape.  In the past several months, other Chris Brown material has leaked, including ‘Surprise You’ with Kid Ink & Ty Dolla Sign.

The tracks include collaborations from top hip-hop and R&B stars.  Listeners have identified tracks with Lil Wayne, French Montana, R. Kelly, Tupac Shakur, G-Eazy, Tyga, 2 Chainz, Sevyn Streeter, and Rihanna.

Chris Brown has yet to comment on the leak.  However, not all of the songs appear to be from a single mixtape.  Rather, the songs may have also come from an upcoming album, or may also be tracks from previous albums.

You can check out the complete list of songs leaked below.

  • Heartbreak
  • All My Ladies
  • Call Me
  • Captain Save A Hoe ft. French Montana
  • Closer
  • Cold Heart
  • Daddy
  • Escape Your Heartbreak
  • Exposure
  • Favorite Girl
  • Flat Line
  • Good Times
  • Hi Lo
  • Hold Me Down
  • In Da Club ft. 2 Chainz
  • In Your Life ft. G-Eazy
  • It Burns Slow
  • Jumping Out Of The Plane (Remix) Luvaboy TJ & Newz Huddle
  • M. F. T. R (Remix)
  • Notice (Heartbreak)
  • Played Yourself ft. Lil Wayne
  • Same Girl
  • Same Shit
  • Scream My Name (Demo)
  • Sedated
  • Sex You Up (X)
  • She Gon’ Crazy ft Tyga
  • Solid Gold
  • Stars
  • Take It Off
  • Till The Morning ft. 2pac
  • To The Side
  • Trippin’ Ft Tyga & R Kelly
  • Used To (Nobody) ft. Rihanna
  • Way Out
  • Whine It ft. Sean Kingston
  • African Bad Girl ft. Wizkid
  • 10 Feet
  • All Me (Lyrica Anderson)
  • Bad Bitches Ideas
  • Geronimo
  • Life Of A Young Nigga
  • Love Rip
  • Parachute ft. Sevyn Streeter
  • Straight Up ft. Tyga
  • Wasting Tim

Image by Eva Rinaldi (CC by 2.0)

38 Responses

  1. Linda

    When is he dropping his New album Heart break On a Full Moon?

  2. No name

    Why is their so much HATE for this Man??? He is very talented.,and Blessed with a gift..
    Why Hate??
    Just change the Stations..
    We are in the USA…
    He is a Man ..
    When you hate you can’t appreciate! !!
    Move On..Like Time. .
    Stop Hating. ..
    Grow. .

    • eatadick

      stop hating? grow up? maybe some people haven’t forgot that he beat the shit out of a women, you fuckin douche.

      • Sonic45

        No one has forgotten that. Dumb fuck. But his talent is no doubt amazing!

      • Julia McGarr

        No one has forgotten that. Do you know how many men in this world have beaten women? Have they been forgotten? Do we even know their names? What did rihanna do after she was beaten? Released a song with Eminem called love the way you lie. Obviously she wasn’t too broken up about the whole thing. Chris brown is a man who mad mistakes just like every single other person in this world. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” There are A LOT of people out there who have done A LOT worse than Chris brown. Him beating rihanna happened 8 years ago. That does not define his talent. He is EXTREMELY talented and it sucks being famous because everyone knows your personal life and you become your one mistake. What about all the woman beaters who aren’t famous? Nobody’s hating on them because nobody even knows who they are. Is that fair? Leave the man alone. I’m sure he already feels like a piece of shit for doing what he did. He doesn’t need to STILL be reminded about it 8 years later. I’m sure rihanna doesn’t wanna be reminded about it either. So just shut your mouth and move on. Rihanna did, Chris did, and now you should too. Hes never even done anything to you. So why don’t you just mind your own business?

        • Linah

          I love you……people rape and murders everyday..others rapes their own daughters ….but chris this .rihanna that …people please wat d u gain ; by hating him…the more richer and creative he become…and the Lord Almighty appreciates him..amen

      • Cb

        N so the fuck what but you the same person who wants someone to forget about your past

      • Love Bug

        Please just get your life that man did his time if Rihanna forgive him why can’t you forgive him for one it’s really not your business

      • R.LYNN.67


      • Love Bug

        Please just get your life that man did his time if Rihanna forgive him why can’t you forgive him for one it’s really not your business

    • 24k

      I feel you God bless u Chris Brown frm Tampa fl.

      • 24k

        I understand we all dnt feel him 4 putting his hands on women and he should get some serious help in that department real talk I pray the Lord shine a lite on his life of that matter ….

    • Carl.

      Talented…??? Yeah right. What the FUCK happened to black R&B/hip-hop?? Chris Brown’s “music” is garbage. Brothers dying their hair blonde and trying to be hard???!! Groups like the Chain-Smokers and Adele have more soul in their music then these so-called American R&B artist these days. You guys are lost. Talented, psst.

    • Anonymous

      Because he’s an abuser. This isn’t rocket science, y’all are just purposely dense about it.

  3. Ghost

    Y’all are so smart but so stupid at the same time. He’s already commented on the leak & he confirmed that some of those songs aren’t his, they’re songs written for other artist. And they’re not apart of a mixtape, the fans called it a mixtape cause it’s close to the release of his new album.


    He’s amazing and everyone always just remembers the bad things and not the good things. @Mrsz_Breezy ???

  5. Shytown1975

    She never should have touch his phone, i agree he should had never put hands on her but shit happens.

  6. Frank

    Read some above comments… The hate is pretty atrocious! I’m not Chris Brown fanboy and I don’t tolerate violence either but what he did was done and he woulda served time in jail for it or got his name slandered already. Look at what tremendous music was made! It was leaked for the people but the people were gonna hear it anyway! Let the man do his thing and let the people enjoy the music. 😀 gn ❤️

  7. rikki

    lets clear this up he doesn’t beat on women he beats on sluts hoes beeitches baby mammas and female felons, a real woman would leave and never come back

  8. John

    That young man is very talented. Who ever wrote this is just a big hater. Chris Brown much love to you brother.

  9. Buggie Bug.

    I love all of of Chris Brown music. But its not for us to hate him or judge him he have to take that up with GOD.God bless him with this gift ok

  10. rachel

    well its nothing compered to the music he has locked away so keep trying…your not a tb (teambreezy) for leaking his music at all. 46 damn there 3 ablums.

  11. X

    These comments are a sad reminder of how fucked up this industry is. To all the guys defending Chris Brown, tell me you’d be this forgiving if some artist beat the shit out of your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, or any other woman you really care about. As long as good music comes out of it, right? Any guy who hits a woman deserves to be in jail, talent or no talent.

    And imagine how much talent is being suppressed, how much talent we’re not exposed to, because of how physically, emotionally, and spiritually violent some guys are

  12. XxX

    Chris Brown is got alot to offer… let the man be.