Breaking: Big Bang’s TOP Is ‘Close to Dying,’ Mother Says (Update)

Did the media wrongfully report Big Bang’s TOP’s real condition?

On Monday, police officially indicted Big Bang’s TOP for smoking marijuana four times.  Days before, the Big Bang rapper had posted a handwritten apology to fans.

Less than a day later after being discharged from his mandatory military service, police found the rapper lying unconscious.  From the police station, they rushed the rapper to a Seoul medical center yesterday.  Yet, amidst conflicting reports about the rapper’s true condition, TOP’s mother has begged the media to stop spreading false information.

After TOP’s hospitalization, conflicting reports immediately spread across Asian news agencies.  The Korean Herald said that TOP had overdosed on muscle relaxants and that he had regained consciousness.  Police later confirmed that the rapper had overdosed on tranquilizers.  Then, a police rep said that TOP had not lost consciousness at all; he merely fell asleep.  The Big Bang rapper had taken anti-anxiety medicine, which had sleeping pill ingredients.  Then, speaking with allkpop, another source said that the singer remained unconsciousness and may have suffered brain damage.  With the hashtag #StayStrongTop, stunned and worried Big Bang superfans (or VIPs) waited for new developments.

Earlier today, doctors at the Ewha Womans University Medical Care held a press conference.  With permission from the rapper’s mother, they explained TOP’s current medical condition.  Referring to the rapper by his real name (Choi Seung-hyun), one doctor said,

“Choi’s condition is very bad.”

The doctor added that the Big Bang rapper may have “overdosed on benzodiazepine.”  The Benzodiazepine class of tranquilizers includes Valium and Xanax.  The doctor didn’t specify if the rapper had a prescription for the medication.

Another doctor told reporters,

“He has not fully recovered from lethargy and is unable to make normal eye contact.”

The doctor added that it could take a week for the rapper to recover.

Following initial news reports that they rapper merely slept, TOP’s mother slammed the media.  Sharing a real update on his condition, his mother tearfully declared,

“My son is still unconscious and to read articles that say he’s “deep in sleep” is hurtful.  Please edit and refrain from saying such things.  We don’t know how things will turn out.  My son is in critical condition.  I see my son dying but I also see reports saying he’s just sleeping.  Isn’t that wrongful reporting?”

Confirming an insider’s claim to allkpop, the Big Bang rapper’s mother stated that he may have suffered brain damage.

Due to the lack of oxygen, he may have possible brain damage.

Big Bang’s label YG Entertainment confirmed his mother’s statement.  Revealing the true extent of his critical condition, YG said,

“When T.O.P’s mother saw the police quote she was furious.  T.O.P is currently wearing an oxygen mask and he is unconscious.  Visitation rights are restricted and only close relatives are looking over him.”

The alleged police source had told the media that the rapper hadn’t fallen asleep.  He merely stayed in the intensive care unit for privacy.  The “source” claimed,

Reports that he is unconscious are not true, he is in a state of deep sleep due to sleep-inducing substances in his sedatives and the test results on his blood, urine, and CT all came back normal and the family has been notified.

Cited by multiple South Korean media outlets, including Seoul News, the source said,

T.O.P was responsive when pinched and called by his name he wasn’t carried when he was being transported to the hospital but someone was supporting him out.

When pressed about why it took so long to get the Big Bang rapper to the hospital, the source explained,

He was snoring and mumbling so we were trying to be considerate thinking that he was tired.”

TOP remains in critical condition.  A team of doctors will continue monitoring his condition.

Update: June 8, 2017

After a press conference earlier today, doctors have since upgraded TOP’s medical condition. You can check it out here.

Image from Instagram/choi_seung_hyun_tttop

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  1. Girl Bye

    WTAF??? Now you have to feed on Big Bangs pain??? BTS slaying it too hard for you?

    1) This is old news.

    2) Don’t be a piece of shit to jump on the click bait band wagon here. EVERY fandom is rallying around TOP and someone, somewhere will figure out how to shut you down.

    Go play dress up or dance to your Barney music.

    • ...

      This isn’t even about BTS? What are you even saying?

    • BabyMelon

      Why are you talking about BTS right now? This isn’t old news. It’s happening right now. Not everything is about BTS, and has to be about BTS. Show some respect.

      • ImHumanTho

        the thing is that the journalist that wrote this article was only writing bad things abt BTS he made kpop in general look bad and now hes writing abt TOPs condition ? With what right ? Anyways he said that all of these articles are for gaining views and then money hes using us Kpopers

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never felt so ashamed of a fellow ARMY.

      • Jane

        Come to America. Marijuana is legalized in multiple states. No one is perfect, not even you. Don’t be so quick to judge others.

        • Chochocho


      • Crystal

        Im an army but right now are not talking about BTS have some respect

      • Sica

        Who are you to judge ?
        A nobody. That’s right.
        you don’t know what people go through.

    • .

      stfu not everything is about bts. and this isn’t “old news”

    • Rei

      Your other fellow army are joining together showing genuine support to TOP as a sign of respect and truly care for him. You on the other hand, well, have you no shame?

    • Infires

      i can’t believe how thick you are, if you were a true ARMY you would respect other groups. stop making everything about BTS, because this is not about BTS.

    • anonymous

      This is not old news. This is happening right now. A real person is hospitalized with the very real possibility of dying and all you care about is petty fandom bullshit?? It’s people like you who make me scared to tell anyone I’m an ARMY. You make the whole kpop fandom look terrible to people outside of it. Girl bye.

    • momo

      Im an ARMY and BTS is my bias group, but Big Bang is one of my favorite groups as well. When it comes to someones life it dosen’t matter if you are an ARMY, VIP, ect. its about respect and even thought you do not stan big bang at least show some respect. If you don’t have anything positive to say then shut up.

    • Soo Min Hee

      Shut the fuck up, don’t you dare dragged BTS into this situation. T.O.P is sick, T.O.P is probably on the verge of death right now and you dare bring BTS into this? This isn’t old news if it was T.O.P would’ve BEEN spoken out about it. Not every little thing Kpop related revolves around BTS. As an ARMY, I love them, but as a VIP I will not stand for the disrespect of a man who is in need of love and support. If you’re not willing to do that, cool, leave and never speak of it. Why even stumble upon this post to say some shit that’s going to get you cursed out? Don’t disrespectful other fandoms, you’re going to start an unnecessary war between VIP and BTS. Our boys don’t need the stress.. STOP STRESSING KPOP IDOLS OUT CAUSE SHIT LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN AND WE MAY LOSE A LEGEND OF K-POP!

      • xax

        @Soo Min Hee preach, great minds think alike (I was too lazy to type so much) thanks

    • ...

      What the hell is wrong with you. I am an army too but this is about humanity. Show some respect.

    • xax

      Right now I feel the ultimate need to slap you. Not as an ARMY, Not as a VIP, but as a person in general, because I’m pretty sure whosoever raised you thought you respect.

    • Cunt

      Bitch not every thing is about Bts and as well it real new he did overdosed

    • T.O.P_supporter

      Wtf…first BTS isn’t even even relivent to what is being talked about rn and second T.O.P has gas all over the world who r worried about him and this artical is just helping to know his acutal condition……

    • Callie_Horton

      Wtf…first BTS isn’t even relivent to what is being talked about rn and second T.O.P has fans all over the world who are worried about him and this artical is just helping to know his acutal condition……

    • ...

      What the heck does BTS have to do with this? Like what are you even talking about???? I’m trying to understand.. And this isn’t old news it’s literally happening right now.

    • ...

      Okay, So I’m an ARMY, but I don’t think you should be saying that at all; bringing up BTS slaying too hard when our Boys don’t even have anything to do with T.O.P’s horrid condition is just not right at all. He’s really in critical condition at this moment and that isn’t something to be joking about or saying it’s fake or whatever!! Now I get that BTS doesn’t relvolve around everything so let’s not bring our boys (BTS) into something thats not related to whatever situation is happening. Lets hope T.O.P is okay and positive results are received back. Let’s have hope that He will be okay. ??

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t old news okay? This is new. I’m an ARMY too, but clearly this is a serious matter based on someone else’s condition, not everything is about BTS okay? BTS is a great group but show some respect to other members and groups as well, they deserve just as much love as BTS do. This isn’t something you go here commenting something rude about, TOP’s condition is worrying every fan, and hearing something like that from you, I feel absolutely disgusted on how you could say such things, especially not only is it showing disrespect, you’re also not setting a good image for BTS and the fandom itself.

    • anonymous

      bitch shut the fuck up
      have some respect please

    • Ciel Phantomhive

      why are you mentioning bts in this ??

    • Secret Multi-Fandom-er

      This is not old news. Its happening right now. I can’t believe ARMY’s are so worked up about this. T.O.P’s condition is really serious and all you care about is BTS right now? Not everything has to be about BTS. I don’t know what the writer of the article has said about BTS or other groups but the main problem we have to focus on is T.O.P. Please stop stating things when you don’t know the truth.

    • Truth

      Girl bye. Listen you selfish selfcentered twat. You should not be able to comment under your brain fully developes. Don’t think too much and lose sleep over it you dumb pathetic child. Big Bang is the sunbae group, bts seniors. Those who are even aware of bts will know Big Bang already if not first. Grow up and stop your retarded paranoia. Lol. How embarrassing

    • Don't Even

      Why in the H*** are you talking about BTS where in this article dose it say BTS you mindless scumb bag and for your information this is not old new it’s brand new so you really can talk because you can’t even use profanity right so check your spelling before you post. And also TOP did this because he was unhappy and wanted some closer but when he sales up his mom and friends will get him the help he needs and everything will go back to normally hopfuly.
      #StayStrongTop #Heartue

    • Violet

      Uhh…this isnt about BTS? I mean I have nth against BTS bt this is TOP not BTS lmao wat are u even doing here? 😀 Darling the door’s to the left just let yourself out ??

    • Areum

      He’s not dead yet. Dont say such things. Omg!!!

      • Matt

        He’s dead, dude… Nobody comes back from this… See: Every musician overdose in history.

        • xax

          Have you ever tried overdosing to get ur facts right, u can’t know something till u try it.

        • Fxxkyou

          Really dude? This isnt the first time that top attempted to suicide thru drug overdose. Then you’re saying no one comes back after drug overdose? Really bitch

          All of the haters here are obviously in their 10’s wanting their handsome untalented oppas fuck them.

      • Callie_Horton

        @A r e u m Key word ‘yet’…..TOP could die and all u have to say is ‘he’s not dead yet’ really?

    • Rei

      He’s still alive, so rip goes back to you. May your dead attitude rip too.

  2. Rudy

    Interesting they use the term boy band. Dudes like 30 years old.

    • Aku

      Interesting that’s all you got from the article.

    • Derani

      Sigh, they are technically boybands. After reading this article, that’s the only feedback you can give? Shame.

  3. ...

    This news is incorrect he didn’t walk into the hospital he was carried in and the doctors stated in the medical briefing they just had that yes he’s in a bad condition right now but he should be better in a week or two. Do your research instead of posting information from rumored news and making fans more worried you should have waited until after the briefing to write something

    • EddyBee

      There was nothing in here that said he walked into a hospital. The article states that the police rushed him to the hospital.

      • EddyBee

        You may have mistaken the article citing ‘unreliabile sources’ as to the paragraph you’re reading. Please read again before jumping down someone’s throat.

  4. rain4flowers

    I really hope TOP pulls through.
    These damn netizens with there turned up noses like their shit don’t stink talking much crap about weed usage.
    TOP was probably so stressed out. My heart hurts and goes out to his family. I will be alongside the VIP’s praying for TOPs recovery.

    • Jane

      Completely agree with you. Netizens are miserable people who hide behind their computers and are quick to judge others. NO ONE is perfect. We are all human.

  5. Saba

    This is not the most accurate or upto date news. There is a more accurate news translated from His Doctor’s official press conference. I suggest readers to look that up.

  6. Giota

    I dont even like Kpop or Pop in general..
    But thats just sad..Hope he recovers fast,My prays are with him and his family

  7. soon angelic

    I love BigBang and everything they do, but hearing that TOP was in the marijuana scandal, I was very disappointed in him, and hoped that he learned from the experience. But now, seeing as he is unconcious and ‘close to death’, I really pray for the Lord to save him because death isn’t what I would wish on my worst enemies.

  8. Miissy

    Guys this website isn’t credible and is the only source that reports this, don’t let them scare us

  9. Eden

    I’m about o break into tears! I’m so sad. TOP and his family are in my prayers. I hope the VIPs and press aren’t bothering the family/doctors. #staystrongtop


    All this over some weed? I don’t care if it is illegal; he does not need to take shit for smoking something that helps with his anxiety. If he needs tranquilizers then the anxiety is really bad. What do people do when finding this out? HARASS HIM! Well no shit he will OD just trying to calm himself down. STOP STIGMATIZING MENTAL ILLNESS DAMMIT! Please be okay, T.O.P.! You are always in my prayers. This makes me cry so much. I have anxiety too, and I can really sympathize with him. It gets really bad sometimes. Get well soon, T.O.P. and I hope to see you with your group singing and well. PRAYING FOR YOU!

  11. ;-;

    Oh man. I really hope he gets better. I don’t want to lose my bias ;-;

  12. Anonymous

    My prayers too his family, especially his Mother! May God bless, and protect him.

  13. Molly

    Really is unfair a natural plant thats been around probably longer than humans and cant kill you unless you eat like a half ton of it, can be illegal, and people who are caught using it treated so cruel.. YET the drugs he overdosed on are addictive, deadly, and LEGAL.
    South Korea is no better than Nazi Germany with how they treat people like that.
    What was he apologizing for? It needs to be the other way around..Him, his family, friends, fans, are owed an apology for CRAP South Korea law.
    Now with that rant aside, I would like to say that I hope if he does pass away, it will be peaceful. If he doesn’t, I hope he recovers soon & is able to live a healthy & happy life.

  14. JFF

    Er, sorry, but at which point does his mother SAY he’s “close to dying’??

    Answer? Nowhere despite the over dramtic headline.

    Media making drama again. FFS!

  15. ahpril

    Guys instead of fighting….let’s pray for T.O.Ps recovery..that’s what he needs right now..he is just also a human that made mistakes too..and he deserves to recover and live..T.O.P get well soon and God Blew..

  16. Alex

    I mean i’ve loved Big Bang for a very long time, one of my first kpop groups so i’m proud to be a V.I.P but t.o.p is still human at the end of the day, he will experience things others do, i know we are all scared but we have to be supportive for our t.o.p & as for the comment of BTS yes im in that fandom too, but try checking your news and maybe also think what to type before thinking you’re a know it all, not every kpop news is about them xx

  17. Anastasia

    Poor Choi,
    I’ve been depressed before, overdosed, hurt myself on purpose and I feel so bad that very few fans can show sympathy and understanding. Sometimes when you need help the most is when people turn their backs. I can vouch for that. I was in the ER just a week ago stumbling into the hospital with broken bones, bloody knees and elbows, bruises everywhere, tears rolling down my face and neck, covered in dirt and gravel, half alive, ALONE and when I needed help my family were the only true people I had. and they were on the opposite side of the planet. Come run away with me! We can be broken together sweet man. I’m not a psychotic obsessed fan girl but you’re a beautiful person and deserve a beautiful person with a big heart who can support you maturely. Darling, Choi you deserve a get away and peace. If life becomes overwhelming and you feel distraught it’s okay to say, “I quit.” Find a way out, just please no more hurting youself. I had a job that I was dedicated to for 5 years, made a name for myself started becoming a local favorite mixologist but I wasnt happy. My management treated me like shit so one day I said, “Dave I quit, I QUIT find someone else to walk on.” And I dedicated my time to drinking wine and painting, dancing in clubs as a side job when my art wouldnt sell and I dont regret anything. I dont mind going to bed hungry sometimes because I feel free. You don’t have to choose me, shit babe you dont even know me lol. I just listen to some of your songs and admire your taste in art, music and wine from what I see on IG we have a lot in common, if anything find someone like me who undersands the pain, who wants to mend you, who is broken too. Watch the movie What Dreams may Come with Robin Williams, it will make you cry and feel so alive. You’re not alone, I doubt youll ever see this, but if you do I hope it helps. I hope whoever sees this ad feels broken and alone, I hope it helps you too. Get well soon Choi, I’ll pray for you.

  18. Shellepink

    T.O.P. stay strong, VIP’s love and support you. We won’t turn on you because of smoking pot. You are a wonderful artist, please stay with us. Be brace, come back stronger. Choi Seung Hyung Fighting!!!

  19. Sierra

    I think that right now TOP just needs all his fans to believe in him right now because he’s in really bad conditions.. If you are really a fan just be there for him. If I could say anything to TOP it would be to get through this. I know you were probably under a lot of stress with things in your life.. You have to get through this though.. you have so many people that care about you and love you too much to lose you.. please get through this for not only your fans but for you parents and family as well.. I’ll be thinking about you while you recover and love you.. -sisi

  20. rikki

    NEVER HEARD OF IT…are they supposed to be the next something or other? please explain why this is important

    thank you

  21. #StayStrongT.O.P

    T.O.P, you are one of my favorite people because you are just amazing in general. I hope that you get better as soon as you can! Doctors, I am rooting for you! Please do your best!
    But I feel like people are taking this too far. Also not though. He probably knew that weed was illegal, but they government knows that there are other serious things going on with drugs. Weed isn’t as bad as people make it seem, but it’s still illegal, i guess. I don’t really agree with “jail time” and “no more music career” stuff because it’s weed, he didn’t smoke some super bad hard drug.
    T.O.P, I will always be your fan, and so will many others. We’re rooting for you! Get better is all that i can say right now.
    People of the world, just……please understand that he’s a sick man and that all he did was use a drug. #StayStrongT.O.P !!
    (And to the people/person who is/are bringing BTS or other idol [groups] into this situation, that’s really stupid and disrespectful because they legit have NOTHING to do with this. They might even be mourning too!! T.O.P is amazing and nobody is perfect. BTS is great. I’m even wearing my BTS sweater right now. But they have nothing to do with the dying idol named Choi Seung-hyun.)

    #StayStrongT.O.P !!
    We love you!!