Big Bang’s TOP Cheats Death; Recognizes His Mother…

Following a harrowing overdose ordeal, Big Bang’s TOP has regained consciousness and doesn’t appear to have suffered brain damage.

On Monday, police indicted Big Bang’s TOP for smoking marijuana four times with a female trainee. The next day, police found TOP lying unconscious at a different police station and rushed him to the hospital. Now, after losing consciousness due to a drug overdose, the Big Bang rapper appears to have survived the ordeal.

Amidst TOP’s hospitalization, conflicting news reports spread across Asian news agencies. The Korean Herald said that the singer had regained consciousness, a fact that hospital authorities later contradicted. Then, a police rep false told the media that the Big Bang rapper had merely fallen asleep and was actually doing fine. Following a press conference, TOP’s mother slammed the media and police agencies for spreading false information. Confirming TOP’s (then) poor medical condition, she said,

“My son is still unconscious and to read articles that say he’s “deep in sleep” is hurtful.  Please edit and refrain from saying such things.  We don’t know how things will turn out.  My son is in critical condition.  I see my son dying but I also see reports saying he’s just sleeping.  Isn’t that wrongful reporting?”

TOP’s medical team held a press conference yesterday. Dismissing rumors that the singer stayed at the ICU for “privacy,” one doctor said, referring to the singer by name,

Choi’s condition is very bad.

Another confirmed his condition.

He has not fully recovered from lethargy and is unable to make normal eye contact.

Speaking with allkpop on Tuesday, an insider underscored doctors’ and fans’ concerns,

Due to the lack of oxygen, he may have possible brain damage.

Now, it appears that the Big Bang rapper has pulled out of the worst. Speaking with Koreaboo, an insider said,

T.O.P has regained consciousness. He will most likely be leaving the hospital and be officially discharged tomorrow. There’s a high chance that will happen.

At a press conference, TOP’s mother said,

He’s gotten a lot better.

TOP’s mother then confirmed that the rapper made eye contact with her and recognized her.

TOP will most likely receive a hospital discharge from Ehwa Woman’s University Hospital’s ICU tomorrow. However, his treatment will not end with his discharge.

At a press conference, doctors stated that the Big Bang rapper will require, along with other medical treatment, psychological treatment. TOP’s guardian will decide which hospital will administer further treatment following his discharge.

Doctors confirmed that the Big Bang rapper will require 1-2 weeks to fully recover.

Image from Instagram/choi_seung_hyun_tttop

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  1. Sheena

    I’m so happy to hear he’s gonna be ok. God is good. Luv me some big bang and luv me some t.o.p.

    • Anah

      I love TOP and I hope he isn’t distressed about his career or anything, and I hope he doesn’t feel guilty or ashamed. I just want him to focus on himself for a little while and I hope all of his fans give him space and understanding and I hope the public treats him with compassion.


    My goodness. I hope this is all real information, and that he really is okay. Good job, T.O.P.! We are all rooting for you!

      • Rika

        Ypu are an idiot. Alcohol is so much worse than Marijuana. Any research willtell you this.
        Even so, people don’t deserve to dod because they take drugs. If anything they should get help.

      • Brittani

        Do wish ill on any person who has taken drugs? That’s pretty horrible of you.

        I’m glad TOP is doing better and I hope he fully recovers.

        I also hope Korea looks st their overly strict drug laws. It makes no sense to treat marijuana this seriously but allow people to drink alcohol, which is way more harmful to your body.

        • ChristineR

          As a mother of four teenagers/20-somethings I could not agree more. This is just so sad….The guilt laid upon this young man is extreme and uncalled for.

      • mzee

        marijuana isnt a bad drug. It has helped a lot of people who have suffered from mental illness, and neurological conditions. Ppl with anxieties use it as a seditative to calm thier nerves from panic attacks. To say to support somone who takes drugs is a hypricate. Everyone takes a certain drug to help a specific disorders/health condition. Read about it instead of being so judgemental about it.

      • A.L.P.

        It’s something that you wouldn’t understand, unless you knew about him and what kind of person he really is as well as being a fan of his music. Also, if you’ve never had anxiety and had an attack because of it, then you definitely wouldn’t understand why medication is needed. Anxiety and panic disorder are two thing I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Being someone who suffers from anxiety, its super scary. It’s one of those things that you words can’t explain precisely…you have to feel it to know. Smoking weed IS illegal in Korea, however, in my opinion, drinking alcohol is worse. Marijuana is from a plant….you know…NATURE. Smoking ciggerettes is also worse for your body because of all the chemicals and preservatives they put in them to make them taste better and last longer. In short, hell yes we are rooting for him to be back and healthy. Even if I wasn’t a fan, I would still wish him well. No one deserves to die before their time, NO ONE!

      • Callie Horton

        Look T.O.P knows he made a mistake by doing the drugs but have u not hear that he wrote a LETTER to APOLOGIZE for worrying so many people because he was too ASHAMED to do it in PERSON. Yes his fans are rooting for him to pull through and get well.That’s how to show some respect and I think you should try it some time.

      • TaMae

        He smoked four times, the guy isn’t a criminal. Hell yeah, we’re still gonna root for him.

  3. ICU

    I am a nurse in the ICU ward where T.O.P was committed and treated while unconscious. I was not
    working directly on him but know the status from the unit in charge.

    T.O.P has passed away after suffering from a massive overdose that did shut down his brain. He was really taking strong tranquilizers and alcohol, what we don’t know if this was suicide. He was brain dead for many hours. His mother’s comments were correct but getting censored by the hospital and media, also the management agency I think. Now Korean Media will be preparing a full report to deliver the news within 24 hours.

    I knew this information for many hours and cried after I learned this. But I felt I needed to get it out because so many fans have not been getting the truth.

    Thank you and bless T.O.P and Big Bang forever. I am so sorry to report this.

    • Lila

      Are you trolling!? This is not an issue to be joking about or laying false claims on.

        • Truths.

          THIS is why they have stress…???!! Oh my poor little sensitive millenial. Sound so stupid. Dumb bitch. Smh. Lol.

          • A.L.P.

            Seriously? Grow up, will you. Also, the only one sounding “dumb” is you right now. How about you try again with an intelligent response this time. Further more, I understood what that person meant. It may not be everything that stresses an idol out but it still contributes. I mean some random “nurse” claiming to be from the ICU that he was admitted into, giving a false report about his “death” is just sick and disturbing to say the least…

    • Kadyn

      If that’s your idea of a joke, I just want you to know, it’s not funny.

    • choiseunghyuns_lover

      I hope you are fucking kidding right now. This is not a matter of joking.

    • krystall28

      That’s very ugly to make a joke of this nature. That would be terrible if something happened to you for lying. Not cute.

    • ...

      Please don’t make jokes like that. It’s not funny. That’s just very sad and angers me a lot.

    • Zara

      People like you make me sick! what do you benefit from your lies or wishing evil to other people? what did TOP do to you? I recommend you check yourself into that ICU and get your dead brain scanned. I’m sorry I’m even wasting my time responding to your troll comment, but you seriously disgust me.

    • Rei

      You are a serious mental case. Can’t believe you can make a joke on something like this.

    • K.P.

      I would hope this is a lie. But it if it, I don’t see what satisfaction you get from it. Besides, AllKpop ran this same story 18 hours ago, so how come there’s been nothing on your version yet? If you really do work there, regardless of the veracity, you could lose your job. If you don’t AND if it’s not, then you really need to grow up and/or get a life!

      • ICU

        Before dying, T.O.P wrote two notes: one for his mom, another one for all the fans.

        You will see the death notice posted tomorrow across Korea Media.

        • Tha Ru

          What the fuck? Are you mad or something. You should see a psychiatrist. T.O.P. gonna be ok.

    • Michelle

      List.nurse? If so you just lost your job. I’m a nurse and we can’t disclose patient information. In America it’s against the law. You can be fired,and sued.

    • Brittani

      His mother said his condition is much better now though. Why would they lie and say he has regained consciousness and can now make eye contact?

      Why would you lie about something like this?

    • Callie Horton

      You got to be kidding me…is this some kind of sick joke???

    • Eca

      If you are really a nurse, I hope the hospital you work for will fire you and have your license revoked and that you will be blacklisted from all hospitals or any other healthcare companies anywhere- in Korea and internatonally. Even the doctors had to get the patient’s close family’s consent before making a statement to the public. You have no code of conduct!

  4. Blaa

    Seriously? one or two weeks recovery time from a near death? He might be released tomorrow? I’m no doctor but this seems to be an awfully short amount of time for someone who nearly died because of an overdose.
    Korean media sometimes shockes me.

    • Ann

      News reporting that he might be able to leave the ICU not release from hospital.

    • Taki - painterofgreece_2ne1 at instagram

      Yes, seriously, I recovered from a double thoracotomy, and was was was released from the hospital within 2 weeks after they stapled me together.

  5. mari

    I’m honestly so happy he pulled through. It’s a miracle, and I knew he would make it. Seunghyun fighting!

  6. Mage

    Personally, I doubt they will give T.0.P. the space he deserves. He is a celebrity, but then again the paparazzi in South Korea is vastly different from other parts of the globe. Even if the members are technically rivals in the music industry, I hope they are able to support each other.

  7. Taki - painterofgreece_2ne1 at instagram

    God… some of you are such loosers! Blessings to T.O.P.’s supporters… the rest of you are just probably a bunch of pimply faced netzins, who are jealous of his success. You morons come crawling from under your rock whenever something terrible happens, and leave your useless, and quite sick comments for people to read.
    Of course this is a reflection on your worthless parents who raised you like this.
    It is really amazing, how such a tiny country like South Korea can outwardly try to tell the world of respect, yet nobody there seems to respect each other there, most especially twords the people who really have sacrificed their entire lives to entertain you. Such hypocrisy among your own.
    So for all of you pimply faced jealous netzins… and the other sick commentators, please go screw off, or at least go back to the irresponsible parents who raised you like this and request that they spank you.
    Shame on you!

  8. Rebecca Evanson

    I am miss him wait to me back message on Facebook T.O.P I am worried about him