‘Big Bang’s TOP Is Not Dead’ (Official Statement Issued)

Reports of Big Bang's TOP death have been greatly exaggerated.
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Reports of TOP’s death have been greatly exaggerated.  Just this morning, Big Bang label YG Entertainment issued an official statement on the matter.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Big Bang’s TOP is very much alive and breathing.  Earlier, the Korean rapper overdosed on a brutal cocktail of substances, and rush into intensive care.  The cocktail included a nasty mix of tranquilizers, washed down with a slosh of alcohol.

“Big Bang’s TOP is not dead.”

That’s enough to kill someone or create serious brain damage.  Thankfully, Big Bang rapper TOP looks to have experienced neither.  “Big Bang’s TOP is not dead,” one medical source relayed, while pointing to consciousness and recovery.  Earlier, the patient was unresponsive and unconscious, but displaying vital signs.

The combination of tranquilizer and alchohol sounds like a suspiciously lethal self-injection.  But there’s no indication that TOP (real name: Choi Seung-hyun) was trying to kill himself.

The incident follows an arrest over marijuana consumption.  The rapper soon plead guilty and apologized to fans.  The South Korean military quickly delisted the rapper.

The rapper will soon relocate to an entirely different facility. According to an official statement issued by YG Entertainment, Seung-hyun is very much awake.  But the label also acknowledged that fans and visitors were thronging the rapper’s room, making it tough for other patients.  That includes a gaggle of reporters, all of whom thronged around TOP’s ward at Ewha Womans University Makdong Hospital.

Here’s the official statement on the matter:

“We offer our deep apologies to any patients inconvenienced over the past few days.  Accordingly, TOP will move from the intensive care unit to the general ward, based on the advice of medical staff.

“TOP’s guardian has requested a transfer into a different facility with single rooms. This will make visiting him a smoother process. We will not be releasing the name of the new hospital as we wish to avoid the situation we faced at the first hospital. We ask for your understanding.”

Earlier, the rapper’s mother revealed that her son was close to death, and unresponsive.  That conflicted with numerous reports from Korean media, resulting to a mix of panic and confusion among fans.


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  1. Sheedy

    This article presents a much more dramatic scenario than what every other news source is stating: no alcohol was involved. The overdose was prescription medication for stress, similar to Valium. There’s already been fake news from the Seoul police regarding the events, so why discredit yourselves by publishing something that leans towards sensationalism? I guess I won’t be relying on you for responsible journalism in the future.

    • Girl Bye

      If you didn’t know already, all this loser does is lie. He has a dick complex with BTS and likes to ride on the backs of REAL celebs like Perez Hilton does. Maybe Perez and Paul should have tea parties together and exchange bullshit fairy tales to make themselves feel better.

      • Has A Heart

        Seriously? Someone nearly died and that is what you have to say – talking about his penis size complex? How would you know? Get some help. The world doesn’t need people like you. Do you have the capacity to even care about someone who is obviously suffering with mental issues? What a creep you are.

  2. Girl Bye

    Please go find a dark cave somewhere and LIVE there. How can you call yourself anything but a self loathing leech??? You are NOT a human being. You are NOT a journalist. You CAN’T tell the truth. What good are you? Liars go to hell you know. I wish someone would shut your shit down. I guess us ARMYs will have to keep appealing to BigHit cause I doubt YG cares enough about TOP to do anything about you.

  3. HarryPotterxBTS

    Just somebody go to this biitches headquarters and bomb it……u rotten mudblood …..

  4. y'all are out of control

    I don’t remember anyone saying that he was dead wtf

  5. Has A Heart

    To all you vile and disgusting people who are so brave online saying things you would never say face to face — How about ACTING like you are an example to children, hopefully the way you were able to observe adults when you were a child. Only when we are examples of what to be is the world a pleasant and safe place to live. You guys are nothing but assholes wasting oxygen. Hateful acts and words reveal a lot about you and none of it is good. Peace.