Plastic Surgery Addicts BTS Introduce Protective Sunscreen Line

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Kpop superstars BTS are notorious for their heavy use of plastic surgery.  Now, the group is introducing a line of surgery-friendly cosmetics to protect against harmful UV rays.

Want to look like BTS?  That’s gonna cost you: even the smallest nip/tuck can cost thousands of dollars.  And if you want a glassy face like BTS, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands in cosmetic surgery.

But expensive surgery or not, it’s critically important to protect against the sun. With that in mind, the members of BTS are introducing a protective line of sunscreens.  As part of a deal with VT Cosmetics, BTS is introducing a sun-protection line called ‘BTS x VT Essence Sun Pact’.

It’s another perfect marketing play.  And here’s the kicker: each member of BTS will his own special product!  That’s smart marketing, and a great way to increase revenues from heavy-spending ARMYs.  Accordingly, ‘BTS x VT Essence’ will be offered in 7 shades: blue, yellow, grey, white, green, purple, and pink.

Importantly, Rap Monster is part of this lineup, though we’re unsure which color.  That is a strong showing of solidarity, especially given persistent rumors of a solo career.

Of course, BTS is targeting its younger fanbase.  “BTS x VT Essence Sun Pact is targeted toward domestic and global customers in their early 10s and 20s,” reads an official statement.

The sun care line will initially be available on starting Friday (June 16th).

Currently, the site features a Michael Jackson-looking Jeong Eun Chae.

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All of which brings us to the elephant in the room: is cosmetic surgery getting completely out of control in Kpop and South Korea?

That’s an increasingly uncomfortable question, especially given Kpop’s younger fan base.  Indeed, some Kpop labels actually require their groups to get surgery, according to insiders.  And the practice is notoriously widespread among both female and male Kpop groups.  All of which puts enormous pressure on younger fans to consider expensive, complicated surgeries.

Meanwhile, ARMYs remain adamant that BTS hasn’t had surgery.  But that is getting increasingly difficult to believe, especially with pictures like this:

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Now, the question is whether American audiences will truly warm to the Bangtan Boys, or if they prefer a more authentic look.  Indeed, surging demand for Kpop among American teenage girls suggests a huge demand for younger boy bands.  So why isn’t there an American boy band to fill the void?

Enter Timbaland, who recently join the ABC talent competition, ‘Boy Band’.  The show could signal the beginning of a brand-new era of American boy bands.  “I want to continue giving back to music as I have been,”Timbaland told Variety.

“I’m ready to find the next boy band that could change our business.”


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  1. CL

    Uh Paul Reskinoff, Please do your homework. That photo is not of a BTS member, but a girl wearing makeup to look like BTS.

    BTS members are well-known, for NOT having had plastic surgery.

    • Jay Lin Tag

      chill… do your homework sister. You are trash!

      • Taylor

        Jay Lin Tag:

        The poster is correct. The photo originally posted above (now changed), was of a YouTuber who applies makeup to resemble BTS:

        Paul Reskinoff took the photo down but still has the photo of the YouTuber on his article on whether BTS is overdosing on plastic surgery, which is a speculation that is completely unfounded.

      • gkmyc

        Seriously army saw bts bare faces, pimple faces. So we didn’t believe your shits.
        How dare you put jhope’s face in this article. This makes me angrier.?
        Don’t mess with bts, army.
        Go to hell.

        • gkmyc

          We don’t like bts because of their faces.
          I personally felt in love with them only listening to music with out music videos.
          Bts won awards for music talent not for the visuals.
          You talk like the chated in a beauty contest.
          What a joke!

          • Int army

            I agree we shouldn’t judge people by the way they look, people like the writer to this article try and find the stupidest reasons to bring other people down or start drama. BTS IS BEAUTIFUL in their way, their personality ect.

          • Lit i.c.u.balanced int

            Hi my name is lit.When something becomes popular the crowds injoy it there always going to be haters and lovers shut up and change station as long as they came up with it create ate it from scratch their style then I respect if I like it not other than people who take music and think their gonna be able to copy someone that’s where the stupid music starts now you imataters who need to find themselves quit trying to be like someone else cause your going sound stupid with sic ass beat

        • Willow

          FOR REAL! Like please leave our hope alone and I’m not even GOING to mention how both of those photos are photoshopped and the first is heavily whitewashed but sure he’s had “plastic surgery” I’m honestly so done with him and hope he gets taken down

        • LITTLE SATAN!!??

          I agree wth we listening to this fake ass Donald trump, like wtf he wishes he looked as good as BTS He’s the one who need plastic surgery like umm have u seen him even with thousands of plastic surgery he’s barely gonna pass the Freddy Kruger stage I mean sorry but he pisses me off spreading lies about BTS WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU I SWEAR DAMN!! he’ssss just jealous that he don’t have them abs or them rap skills huh? Answer this Paul are you writing about BTS because if you wrote about yourself nobody will give a shit?!

          • Stahb it

            True. BTS is also well known as one of the Kpop Boy Bands who never had any plastic surgeries. He talks like he holds some evidence and papers for that. We’ve been with them for 4 years, while he’s just there on his seat typing words that his hatred and insecurity is telling him to write. If his brain could speak, he’d be speechless. And comparing to the old photos of the boys, it’s clear that they weren’t any changes in their features. It’s just a part of being a celebrity because you need to take care of your features, but BTS never went to that maximum level of going under the knife.

          • BTS ARMY

            and he says like they’re addicted but in the Kpop industry and Korea in general plastic surgery is quite normal, and BTS dont even have that much

        • bts trash indeed

          yah I agree, and I have an ugly pimple face too. I mean not on my whole face just on my nose and the corner of my forehead. I think BTS should lay off of the heavy makeup, since that causes your pores to be clogged. I recommend using a charcoal mask since that gets rid of the blackheads and whiteheads on your face, and exfoliate your skin (lush products are the best cause they’re vegan and I live near the biggest mall on the east coast sooo I’M BUYING ALL OF THE LUSH PRODUCTS)
          oh right back to the topic
          pail, do you realize that you’re spreading fake news? BTS has never done plastic surgery, and j-hope isn’t even gonna get near a knife or needle. (I feel so sorry for him because if he gets a giant cut on his body and he has a percentage of getting tetanus from it, he has to take the motherfluffing stupid tetanus shot which has a needle (obviously) J-Hope is using makeup! Makeup does not involve needles, or knives! Okay?!

        • Aly

          It’s so stupid! Like really Hoseok? The one who is afraid to get his ears pierced is the one they choose to put in the article -.- don’t mess with boy. I feel like this was done just to get A.R.M.Y to attack

      • Ffs

        Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your life?

      • ARMY!

        You’re a journalist. Not a racist. Did they do plastic surgeries? Oh mama. Nah! ARMY saw their bare and throwback pictures. Do you think you will get a promote after this junk? I will put my dump on you! Plastic surgery? I think you should get one. To get your bashers out. Little bastard. Freaky shit

        • What a shit "Journalist"

          OMG I can’t already. You really hate BTS that much huh? Too bad it’s not working. U know what just leave BTS alone and start working on real stuff? Are u even a journalist? Bet ya not

          • devoted army

            this journalist is very stereotypical about koreans. seems like he thinks every person in korea did plastic surgeries. he thought every idol group member did ps. is it that hard to believe that someone is just naturally gorg? to compare before and after pictures, you prolly need to know what LOSING WEIGHT is 🙂 to add, if they did ps in the middle of their career, they would have no updates and interactions w fans or so for 2-3 weeks cuz their faces needs to heal after they cut through the skin. did they ever? nuh huh.

          • bts trash indeed

            he’s also the owner of this website sooo
            he shouldn’t be

        • Havira

          Don’t get pissed off but just know that this is just my perspective. We ARMYs have to make people understand about the boys in a very kind manner. That is what makes us the best fandom in the world. If we are rude to people like Paul, we are bringing the standards down. Maybe Paul didn’t know much about Bts and yes it is not right to write an article without knowing them properly but I think we should just make him understand in a well mannered way.

    • madein

      when i saw this article, i immediately thought it was written by you. guess, i was right. you realised that bts being media kings, you can get attention by writing shitty articles like this. you have no respect for yourself or your profession for that matter. asdfghjkl****!!!

      • Irene

        We thought the same thing. When I saw this on my Google Cards, I immediately knew that this ***hole wrote it.

      • Ayo

        I thought I was going to have an heart attack when I saw this .I was like what what how dare you

        • Christine

          This article is trash. It is a complete offense to us ARMYs and contains false information about BTS, who isn’t made out of plastic . That other article about BTS having plastic surgery is also false and you should actually do your research b4 having a huge clan of ARMYs coming your way defending our boys

          • ARMY FOREVER

            He should not start crap cause non of this is true it’s all crap he should do his research and be careful cause a wave of ARMYS are coming his way and I’m one of those ARMYS


      F I R E T H I S R U D E A F C R E A T U R E L O O K I N G A S S


        PREACH lmao funny how uneducated people can write about idols like this . can we write an article about this dusty musty crusty looking untalented ass too ? just throw yourself out the window if you’re salty about how they look & how they’re more talented then your stupid ass “writer” self .

    • FuckYouRekinsoff

      Listen, bitch.
      I don’t usually go on social media and rant, but I’ll make an exception for you.
      Mr. Too Jealous Presumptuous Pompous Ass, I would very kindly request you to keep your jealousy of BTS in front of the mirror, and not bring it to the internet.

      Oh, and fuck off.

    • FuckYouRekinsoff

      Listen, Mr. Too Jealous Presumptuous Pompous Ass, I would very kindly request you to keep your jealousy of BTS in front of the mirror, and not bring it to the internet.

      Oh, and fuck off.

    • btsno1

      guys find a way to let bts know bc im pretty sure they can sue him!!!

      • Bloom of Winx Club

        Yeah they can definitely find a way to sue him but the boys are very kind n humble n won’t do anything as such.

    • LazySuga

      To all my fellow Armys. This isnt the first time this person has tried to gain attention by writing bullshit about BTS. Ignore him and don’t click on the article because he knows this is what he should do to make money. His opinion doesn’t matter anyway.
      You Paul, it is not becoming being so salty, man. Here you are begging for attention while they are famous all over the world and have tons of money. So, you can write as many salty articles as you want. Who cares about what you think? Salt can cause heart problems, be careful.

      • We need to stop paying attention for paul

        it’s true because he needs us to regulary visit this site, he needs view and clicks to make him rich!!

    • Ale

      This article is pure shit, do your research hun, they look pretty much the same since their early teenage years, they’ve only changed because of make up and a proper diet, so do you’re self a favor and delete this garbage

    • IDK

      I hope Paul’s child(ren) or his relative will stan BTS someday. Remember, karma exists!

    • Luna

      yeahh what a suck!! dont use BTS to get attentionn!! shameless people

      • PCY

        Fuck off you bitch ass stupid ass hoe. Go fuck urself u loser with no life. BTS didn’t do surgery and ur fucking jealous u dumb white bitch.

    • Winda

      Right…..he write this article like he knew everything about BTS ckckck.

    • ꜱᴀᴅɢɪʀʟ-

      Gosh calm your tits..your making us look like a bunch of overexaggerating 9 year-olds..

    • Nicky

      Exactly this person is some trash. K that was mean but this is just FAKE NEWS!

    • serving justice to those bullshitted

      you’re incredibly sad. if i asked you to give me absolutely solid, concrete evidence that bts has ever had plastic surgery? some extreme ARMYs like to photoshop and whitewash artists because that’s how culture in Korea can be, and yes, it is toxic, but you have no proof. i recommend knowing your shit before ignorantly and stupidly spewing out fake bullshit and in the end only embarrassing yourself. instead of taking down one picture, how about you take down this entire infectious article?

    • Arianna

      This is the most halarious thing ever I can’t believe you actually call yourself a publisher this is all bull****. None of these allegations are true. This is a joke.

    • Anon

      YES EXACTLY! Are you telling us that the angel J-Hope had plastic surgery when he can’t even get his ears pierced because he’s too afraid of sharp objects?!

      • Mia


    • springbutterflytears

      NOT. NOT. NOT.




    • A.R.M.Y

      Listen up Paul rest in cough!!
      None of these are true and I can’t believe that you are that desperate for game and to spread rumors about our boys is just ridiculous go and do something better with your life, like maybe legally change your last name to something more easier to pronounce and spell.

    • X

      Paul Reskinfuck, honestly go to fuck off. Don’t fucking mention Bangtan in your shitty articles because you end up looking like a complete fool, stop being so fucking ignorant and incompetent. You should change your career if you can’t even write an accurate article, really. Spare yourself the embarrassment.
      Sincerely, X.

      • Army

        Lmao and just letting you know man, you’re going down. If I were you, I’d be scared… I mean, you just made more than 6 million people hate you and you’re delusional if you think this shit is gonna go unnoticed by BigHit Ent. Watch out for that lawsuit lol.

    • Anonymous

      You really don’t know about the many concerts and photos where BTS clearly showed us that they have got acne and skin problems, sometimes because of makeup. Those were times when ARMYs were worried sick for them and when BTS didn’t have money even to produce an MV, more to have surgery…

    • Person

      So i see that you have something against bts. Now im ok with that, but im not ok with you spreading false rumors about bts. Bts is known for not having plastic surgery. And if you did some research about them and found their baby pictures, YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THEY HAVE THE SAME FACES. the picture that you put in your article of the member known as Jhope, in the picture on top, HE WAS WEARING WHITENING MAKEUP. The picture below, HES WEARING DARKENING MAKEUP. the whitening make up style is very common in korea, but again, ITS MAKEUP. Please look up their bare faces and you will see that there is no difference but the fact that theyre growing up. Please next time, dont attack people who have done nothing to you.

    • Maple

      I shouldn’t waste my time on writting this comment. I shouldn’t have wasted my time by reading those lies in the first place.
      Congratulation mister, you are now “famous” for being a horrible and hateful person. What have they even done for you to write all those mean and untrue articles about them? Why do you do this?
      Because they are amazing?
      Because they are really talented?
      Because they are adorable and funny?
      Or, maybe because they are popular…it’s that one right?
      So desperate to put the spotlight on you, you endlessly attack a group that had done nothing wrong (except killing ARMYs with their beautiful songs/voices/dances, but that’s something else…) knowing that there will always be protective ARMYs to read your trash articles.
      Well, you reached your goal. Everyone hates you now. You got the attention you wanted: petitions are going around, insults too and a million emails are being sent to BigHit to report your disgusting behaviour. We are all hoping that they will take legal action against for you spreading false information.
      So, again, congratulation.
      Have a horrible day

    • WildStrawberry

      This article is complete BS! I hate your work, you don’t respect yourself or others! Making up lies just so people’ll read your stupid article! How DARE you. Completely disrespectful. I hope your account gets taken down. In fact I bet ALL of us A.R.M.Y’s would absolutely LOVE it if it got taken down. You should be absolutely ashamed.
      I apologize for being so hot-headed. You just REALLY triggered me.

    • GabrielA

      Someone need to do their homework ’cause BTS has never had plastic surgery that is one of the many tho vs they are well known for so quit trying to start crap

    • Rainee

      listen you trolling asshole… stop talking about our boys like this… Namjoon is not fucking leaving the damn group, and THEY DID NOT GET FUCKING SURGERY!!! it’s called makeup for a fucking reason… they have tan skin but use makeup for that bomb ass porcelain effect… do your damn homework. The picture you used is a damn youtuber who does kpop idol inspired makeup videos… key fucking word… MAKEUP you damn bird brain… and us armys will protect our boys at all costs… don’t attack us because we know how to remain loyal to our fandom and our oppas.. and we love BTS for beinf BTS… being their individual selves and actually having a real personality other than these pop stars in america who only wants the benefit of people listening to their music… they never include their fans while bts always fins a way to include ARMY… I hope you know you sound like a dumb ass saying fake ass bullshit and attacking a fandom with almost 10 million people in it…

    • Boo

      BTS did not get plastic surgery twits! If they did, wouldn’t they ALL look perfect?! Not saying that they aren’t already perfect based on personality tho…

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow look at you saying they had Surgery on their faces, How would you know? Your a grown man acting like you’d know ? You don’t know them, You don’t know their exact decisions, Your very disrespectful stating they had A lot of Cosmetic Surgery. That’s all bull shit, Your article is all bull shit, Don’t go around writing Rude articles stating facts that aren’t true.

      • You and your shitty Article

        I wish you’d state some more fake articles you wrote on our boys I wish you’d make more… Keep on going see how far it takes you… Your a grown man and you sound like a FUCKEN IDIOT, Such a FUCKEN should writing this, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE FANS UPSET, SO WE HOPE YOUR HAPPY. ALL THIS IS BULLSHIT THAT ISNT TRUE SO GO F YOURSELF ??

    • Bro

      I mean, they might have gotten a little surgery, but what’s wrong with plastic surgery? Just because they got some work done, it doesn’t change them for who they are. They’re selling their music, what they’ve done with their face, doesn’t matter

    • Anonymous

      The only surgery they’ve had was Namjoon. And that was becaus he couldn’t breathe properly. If you look back at their yearbook photos, you’ll see that they’re features look exactly the same. What do you have against BTS anyways? They’re such kind, generous, and inspiring people who spread inspiration messages.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao y’all seen Hoseok’s old pics, he literally looks the same but he worked his ass to lose weight

    • An EXTREMELY angry person


    • Someone

      Late to the party but BTS have not had plastic surgery. Do your homework. The first Hoseok has been whitewashed, and otherwise, it’s make-up. Geez, check your favts before calling them ‘Plastic Surgery Addicts’.

    • Noice army

      BTS HAS NEVER DONE ANY PLASTIC SURGERY STOP SPREADING HATE! They don’t deserve this, they don’t deserve your nonsense and stupidity.

  2. kookie

    Good job getting the attention you wanted, I hope you’re proud.

    And that’s not a picture of a member of BTS, that’s somebody cosplaying one of them, please do your research before posting stuff like this.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      C’mon you’re crazy. I just put a picture of J Hope up there for you.

      • afgfdh

        Yeah okay, like such a beautiful angel even looks like that

      • seokjin

        I understand that you’re an EXO-L, that’s fine, but do you really have to go around starting a fan war? You are just spoiling your own fandom’s name.

        • seokjin

          Well, Paul, he hasn’t had any plastic surgery, so how would he look bad because he got some? Just please, don’t spread fake news, it’s gonna get you in trouble some day.

        • bts army

          well u ask people to stop trying to bullshit u when u yourself bullshit false stuff about bts huh at least our bullshits about u are facts unlike urs to bts which are completely false! get ur facts straight boiii do u honestly call urself a man? smh people like this exist wtf

        • youlacklogic

          You’re bullshitting yourself. I’m not even a fan of them, but how could they afford to get plastic surgery. And even if I’m not a fan, a lot of my classmates know that they’re natural. They were struggling financially back then. I’m laughing so hard at your stupidity

        • 당신의 바보에요

          Paul, sweetie, if BTS has had plastic surgery wouldn’t you think that they and every Korean news outlet would be talking about it. You just think this because you want your 5 seconds of fame by starting rumors.

        • dont mention us in your article

          Lol this whole article and that journalist is stupid af but i feel like you are the one starting a fan war by dragging exols into this. There is no proof whatsoever whether hes an exol or not. Thanks for starting it. – passingby EXO-L

          • passerby

            Don’t claim him if he ever tried to say he’s an exo l. I know exo ls are are also good people. Disown this kind of hater.

        • WTF

          YOU’RE DESPERATE. Just own it and stop trying to bullshit BTS & ARMYs.

        • ARMY

          Try writing a better article next time, one that is actually true and based on facts instead of basing it on your insecure and immature thoughts about them. Try doing research too, you could absolutely benefit from it and have much more positive attention. Oh and I’ve got reciepts if you want to see the pre-debut of BTS, try playing the spot the difference game, surely you’ll fail.

        • ihatesnakeu

          yow ma boys can’t even afford their meals back then now you’re talking shit like plastic surgery? Try harder

        • LNYQ

          He doesn’t even have PIERCINGS, due to his fear of sharp objects, you’re telling me that he went under a knife? Please show me your valid evidence, PSD documents, interview videos, surgeons admitting to operating on BTS or even BTS themselves talking about their own looks. BTS is all natural, they DID NOT get plastic surgery. I don’t think you have legal documents or proof to prove your testimony, please try again next time when yoh wisen up. Must be sad to be visually impaired and greatly jealous of how handsome 7 young successful men are compared to you, I can’t relate.

        • Paul's Brain: Error 404 Not Found

          Lol, you’re just bashing on them and probably insecure and jealous because they were born like that. And fuck u for making this page for u to get famous. Before you make an article, R E S E A R C H. Their childhood photos are all over the internet. Or maybe you really didnt want to research cuz ur insecurity is overflowing and u made this to make urself feel better when other ignorant people believe this bullshit article to feed your security

        • Pissed

          Don’t you have a life. There’s a thing called make up. Not that our boys don’t already look beautiful naturally. Have you ever seen them without make up…?

        • Cindy

          What has life come to when you choose to talk about plastic surgery out of all the things you could talk about a boundary breaking kpop star. It’s really disappointing to see an article like this when I google bts. What have you done for the world but spread hate?

        • I hearteu bts

          Wtf stupid its a woman trying to cosplay j hope. Do ur f****** research.

        • AC

          This entire monologue of yours is a shallow piece of trash masquerading as an article. If you’re going to write something, why not write something substantial instead of this useless ‘article’? Grow up for God’s sake. IDC what fandom you’re from but if you have to falsify things and spend time in bringing others down, it just shows your lack of faith in your own artist and shows how you’ve failed at being a true fan.

        • Lmao please

          Lmao you have an ugly personality to judge people by their faces and who cares even if they really had plastic surgery because we follow them for their talents which is why you’re not doing well because you definitely do not have the talent for actually searching up real news and not offending people just to get attention. One against 5 million plus of us? Want to fight? You’re always welcome since you aren’t BTS’s friend.

        • SavageYoongi

          saying you have nothing against ARMY after writing this bullshit? Ugh! Aren’t you aware that camera angle and make up exist?! Try doing a search hun. And use bare face pictures! Stupid Asshole!

        • jimin

          yo brother you suck ya

          just wanted to let you know that i hope you get fired bc your stanky ass aint gonna get anywhere

          and also maybe since they endorse this product ,, you should try bc they look ten thousand times better than you 🙂

        • Lexie

          Aww guys, don’t get mad that he can’t deal with how perfect they are. We all get it, it’s hard to believe at first with all their perfection but we’ll get through it together.

        • STOP

          How far into k-pop have
          you gone? You do realize that a lot of the industry is makeup and editing, right? The pictures of J-hope you used are severely airbrushed. Yeah PS is pretty notorious in SK but that doesn’t mean BTS has done it to the extent you’ve mentioned in this article. Have you seen any predebut/evolution pictures of BTS? It’s pretty evident they haven’t. They’re known to be all-natural. And if they did, it wasn’t drastic at all compared to many idols out there. So please stop writing things like this, it’s embarrassing for this site.

        • Peace girl

          ? why you bring EXOL name here?. Don’t bring EXOL in your article. We even didn’t know this writer. Don’t starting fan war please

      • Hobi

        I love how you changed the photo to J-Hope, and yes, he’s so beautiful that he didn’t even need plastic surgery to look like that 🙂

      • name

        Did you even try to make your story believable? BTS does not have the money for plastic surgery, as you said yourself “even the smallest nip/tuck can cost you thousands. And if you want a glassy face like BTS, you’re looking for hundreds of thousands in cosmetic surgery.” Also, have you looked at younger photos of BTS, plastic surgery would have changed their faces so much, or did you just think that they had plastic surgery when they were 12? Bravo! You got noticed!! How does it feel to be hated by over 6 million people?

      • bts army

        if what youre trying to do here is put a bad name for bts well u have just failed because bts and armys are like family and we support and love each other, we let nothing get between us and absolutely we wont let some stupid article written by some dumbas* author get between us. this article is stupid YOU ARE STUPID. if ur intention was really to bring bts down well i hope that ur carrer goes downhill.


        hey you sir all of your article is not true, i have seen all your articles about BTS your not giving an information, your making BTS look bad in the eyes of public. i got really pissed you compared only 2 photos,huh there are so many photos of BTS in there childhood days and see it for yourself, your a journalists that supposed to give a good and positive articles unless someone’s paying you or your just attention seeker. i’m gonna email all of your works to bighit entertainment this can be illegal because your putting someone’s reputation down.

      • Zara

        You’re an actual fucking idiot. Didn’t they teach you to do research before writing an article…you’re clearly too used to shitty white standards of beauty and stereotypes of Asians


        you’re seriously messing with the wrong fandom.

      • Dearest Paul, please tc

        Paul, they are loved by millions and you are hated by millions for using such words.
        Thanks for ruining my day. I bet you are happy now that thousands of people are feeling upset. If you are going through some serious issues, then I suggest you go see a doc or something. The other sites who have covered the same story don’t sound as triggered as you always do. Tbh, I am not even mad at you anymore. I strongly suggest you to see a doc. Please get some help because I don’t think it’ll be pleasant for anyone to be surrounded by such negative vibes. It must be hard for you to be surrounded by hatred and jealousy that you feel towards the boys and their growing fandom. I hope someday the medication may bring you peace. But you are a man, so grow up please think of the people you are hurting and more importantly yourself.

      • btsno1

        lol i think you’re the one who needs plastic surgery or maybe…you did have one and turn out uglier ?

      • I got Jams

        we dont need you to give us pics of jhope he will do that himself they are just hella handsome just deal with that and ever heard the difference of the side and front of a face .. news flash its different and also makeup exists go fight with some other fandom pls ARMY is to big of a family to mess with

      • Army

        Just stop writing articles about them. We all know you’re a shitty attention seeker who can’t write a good article.

      • Geez

        Thats a one of a hell lot of cheap reporting…where did you get your degree? Probably you dont have one…to low bro, low and no class

      • STOP

        Also, Timbaland’s new show Boy Band is pretty similar to Produce 101, a South Korean show where they have tens of contestants form teams/compete to create the “ultimate group”. Season 1 was w/ all girls and they formed IOI (sadly now disbanded). Season 2 is all boys and it’s ongoing.

      • TaeMin Valdivia

        In those pictures he’s obviously goning to look different. The angles. One is from the side, the other in front. And someone could’ve done some editing to change his skin tone. Just because a person looks different in two different pictures, that doesn’t mean the got surgery

      • min yoongi

        there’s this thing called research. try it. BTS is known for looking the most natural in the industry. you’re making yourself look bad.

      • Better than you

        Hey you fucktard
        Crawl back inside your mother and don’t come back out again until you’ve matured into a proper human being

      • Spread love, not hate

        hello. here’s a video of J-hope screaming his ass off. I hope you enjoy the video cause he’s pretty hilarious, but also see that his face is not as “stiff” due to all the alleged “plastic surgery” you’ve mentioned. He is able to move his face quite well. thanks.

      • Naruto

        Srsly man… before you put a pic on JHope ro someone you think looks like him, memorize the Bts members faces, and DO some reaserch about Their past and present faces. Measure them and u Will see that their faces are the same. Only the pubertet hit them and made them look manlier than before like all the other men in the world.

      • BTS's Biggest Troll (Makes me LOL)

        LMAO PAUL just lay off BTS topics….I swear every time I read one I already know what to expect. “BTS are notorious for their heavy use of Plastic surgery” or something like that like bro you’re just trolling hardcore

      • KookieCheeky

        You know what? Before publishing this kind of shitty article, why don’t you first provide us some proof or evidence that they really did have a plastic surgery? ‘Cause actually, your article will be invalid without any proofs to justify what you are saying. And please, just because they’ve changed doesn’t mean that they have undergone a surgery. Like what the actual fuck?! 3 freakin’ years could actually make a lot of difference on a person’s physical appearance. And knowing that their age when they debuted were just about 16-21 years old, their still undergoing puberty and that’s why some of them looks more mature now.
        So just please. Stop spreading this kind of things without any solid proof. And stop using BTS’ name as a click bait. Actually, this makes you a lousy journalist. You’re just a gossiper who wants to spread false rumor to destroy someones career.

      • KookieCheeky

        You know what? Before publishing this kind of shitty article, why don’t you first provide us some proof or evidence that they really did have a plastic surgery? ‘Cause actually, your article will be invalid without any proofs to justify what you are saying. And please, just because they’ve changed doesn’t mean that they have undergone a surgery. Like what the actual fuck?! 3 freakin’ years could actually make a lot of difference on a person’s physical appearance. And knowing that their age when they debuted were just about 16-21 years old, their still undergoing puberty and that’s why some of them looks more mature now.
        So just please. Stop spreading this kind of things without any solid proof. And stop using BTS’ name as a click bait. Actually, this makes you a lousy journalist. You’re just a gossiper who wants to spread false rumor to destroy someone’s career.

    • btsno1

      guys find a way to let bts know bc im pretty sure they can sue him!!!

  3. soon angelic

    Paul, ur a sad man making money off fake news that you know is not true. So pls, for the sake of the Kpop community, sit your ASS down.
    Thank you so much.
    Soon Ae

  4. F you, Paul Reskinoff.

    Great, another white person getting pissy that BTS is doing so well in the Korean AND western music industry. Also, much of BTS’ fanbase
    is American and trust me, we don’t need a shitty American boy band to fill the void. We’ve already got great bands like BTS and other K-Pop groups who are doing very, very well.

    Take your fake news elsewhere and actually get some accurate information, would you?

  5. that one army

    Ummmm ok… did you see their pre debut and childhood pictures?They look exactly the same! The third picture isn’t even of BTS. Do your research next time!

    • Paul Resnikoff

      OK, please show me J Hope’s childhood photo. I don’t even think his mom can recognize him now.

      • Anonymous

        What a fuck-up. Hey, get your mom to read one of these shit articles and we’ll see if she recognizes you.

        • Sarah

          omg that comeback was so amazing i wanna hug you xD. also, F U PAUL no one cares about you and your terrible article we know you’re looking for attention. Well you u can stop cause they’re already getting enough from Vogue, Billboard and News Channels across the world 😉

          • Keishay Crawford

            You are a peice of trash. You need to be stopped. You have the wrong job. Im gonna need for you to quit and get a job at McDonalds or something because . . . really? This article is so incorrect. Its based off of rumors. You need to get your facts together. As far as JHope goes, he has been a beautiful ray of sunshine and happiness since birth and HES TOO AFRAID TO GET HIS EARS PEIRCED and you’re trying to tell me that he got plastic surgery???!!??! That doesn’t add up. You sound dumb get your life together. So again, you are a peice of trash trying to hop on Bangtans rise to success. Honestly how dumb can you be?! Do you know how powerful ARMY is? What did you think would happen? HELLOOOOO you are incorrect and ignorant and please get a new job. Please. You don’t deserve to know who these precious 7 people are.

      • Anonymous

        You motherfucker .. go for to hell . You are a lump of shit istg . I really want Bighit to take some action against you losers!!! Paul , go to hell .

      • Fuck Paul

        You’re actually a dumbass. So you’re blatantly saying that you wrote this without even ATTEMPTING to look at pictures. Unprofessional and absolutely stupid.

      • bts army

        you son of a b he didnt have any plastic surgery done!! and neither did any member of bts so stop spreading false rumors! pssh what a journalist

      • Crystal T

        Oh my goodness, Paul, for goodness’ sake, they just released their baby pictures during their Home Party for their 4th anniversary, proof enough?

      • HappyHuman

        try to make some effort at least, please. google maybe is my last resort if I don’t want to make even the slightest effort. google ‘jhope kid’. two words. please be more rational and professional. I hope no such thing as a baseless article from you in the future.


        This is targeted harassment. Jhope had looked like that since before pre debut, were do you think his company could get money to give Jhope plastic surgery when they could hardly afford to feed the boys sometimes let alone thousands of dollars worth of surgery. His sister looks the same as him, even his mother and father. So I don’t understand how you can justify any of these fulse accusations. If you continue to carry on with this behaviour I am not affraid to contact big hit entertainment and report you for false accusations that can cause damage to the image of bts and their company.

        • btsno1

          just report!!! find a way to let bts and bighit know so they can sue him!!’

      • :)

        where do i begin?
        1) that photo isn’t j hope
        2) bitch, plastic surgery addicts? god that is over exaggeration at its finest
        3) lmao you’re so unprofessional. “michael jackson- looking” bitch are you any better?
        4) please honestly for the sake of your career, don’t write anything about shit you know nothing about.

      • ttt

        You know this thing called the GOOGLE? It’s available to you….isn’t that dandy!? I mean im assuming you don’t live in a place like china.

      • aussie army

        uhh ok, if i look at my childhood photos i look different. i guess i got plastic surgery!

      • Yook Min Ri

        Oh, honey! I think you have been living under a rock, since BTS debuted. What you think is plastic surgery, is actually our boys growing into the beautiful men that they are…ofcourse, a person’s facial structure changes over the years, but only people like you would call that ‘plastic surgery’, in normal people’s terms, it’s called ‘adolescents’, or ‘adulthood’ that does it.
        I feel really sorry for you, who’s body-shaming such amazing men, just for popularity of a few seconds…Sad…Really sad…?

      • Insane Paul!!

        That’s your job to find his childhood picture before even posting an article about his changed looks.. And you call yourself a journalist?????!!!!!…

      • ExoL n Army

        Why the duck do you care if she doesn’t recognize him u pick of shit move on bitch we all he looks fucking gorgeous than your sick face butch get a life for all I know u r a girl or even a wastage of air

      • Send help for Paul

        Lmao plastic surgery addicts? They even showed their childhood photos THEMSELVES in BTS home party 2017. If they had surgery they why would they show their pre debut pictures in the first place? you better check those photos since there’s no difference. Dude you’re embarrassing yourself pls stop ?

      • Grey

        Can you please just change you career ? You’re dirty minded and disrespectful. You’re using your assumptions to publish an article ? And you call yourself journalist ? Stop hurting the world. Liar.

      • Paul resnikfuckoff

        Tbh dickhead you deserve more shit and hate than Donald trump

      • TaeMin Valdivia

        In his childhood photos he looks like the bubbly sunshine he know and love. Plus there’s a thing called puberty honey

      • A.R.M.Y

        I bet your mom couldn’t recognize you as a human being when you were born. She probably thought you were medusa. I’m surprised that you weren’t thrown in a trashcan when you were a baby. Did you graduate from high school? Because it seems like you didn’t even graduate from elementary school. Don’t call yourself a journalist because a journalist writes news about real things and obviously you don’t. Oh, and obviously you have millions of A.R.M.Y’s coming to tell you about your shitty self that you should know about.

        • A.R.M.Y


          FYI I can tell you that J-hopes mom is proud of him unlike your mom who is disappointed of you.


          I’m pretty sure you need plastic surgery but we all know you can’t afford it. Maybe with the money you get with this shitty article you can fix your shitty face.

      • ARMY Forever

        Actually we can show you his childhood photos and his high school photos and his pre debut photos and his photos over the past 4 years of being in BTS he has never had plastic surgery he has always been a natural beauty along with the other member, also even if they did get plastic surgery it’s not a bad thing they are NOT famous for being “good looking” it is for their talent and hard work, don’t think that bighit is above suing your fake ass cause they will. f**ck off Paul

      • Bitch you had one job

        lmao please you go find it for yourself since you are a ‘journalist’ and you should be able to find things better than most people can to get ACCURATE and FACTUAL ‘Facts’

      • BRUH

        Have you heard of P U B E R T Y? (Spell it with me now) Or have you not gone through that yet? Because you still seem like a ten year old to me.

      • PCY

        Dude you need help…… I think you have brain issues. Stop saying shit like this, we know ur doing it for attention. Are you jealous of them? We can gladly show u pics of his childhood. He still look the same, and ever heard of makeup? Are you REALLY that stupid? I don’t u understand how you can be that dumb….. please educate me and don’t give me a smart remark cause you look and sound like a 12 year old.

      • BTS!!

        U seriously haven’t seen south Korea…they take care if their skin everyday..and that’s the reason to their beauty..Google it..all south Koreans look like that

      • Ew Paul is mentally depressed

        I don’t have enough middle fingers to show you how I feel about this article.

      • Oh Please Paul

        First off Paul JHopes mother can indeed recognize him. In fact pictures of him and his mother, father, and sister have all been uploaded onto the internet. They all look alike and I’m pretty sure you can’t get the same look as your parents if they had plastic surgery. It’s all in the genes. Plus BTS released their baby photos and Big Hit actually released a picture of JHope in Highschool.

  6. Juiny

    This is literally the most bullshit article I’ve ever seen xD stop being petty and do your homework – but then again you’re not a real reporter.

  7. Woah

    Hey Paul u know what??
    I never ever waited a second to read your article??
    Because I really wanted salty people like you to type some comments against bts
    I want people to be jealous of bts
    They worked hard
    When vogue and billboard are praising them and making them global icons u being a Dickless douchebagh can do nothing.
    Like do you even have some recognition
    And last thing when you are washing your ass after shifting
    Washington your mouth and hands cause it comes from there..

  8. Dear Author

    Dear dumba$$ who wrote this, congratulations on writing possibly the worst article I’ve ever seen. You clearly haven’t done your research or you’d know that not a SINGLE member has had ANY work done. If they would have, trust me, their fans would have noticed by now. But they haven’t and you look ridiculous. You can literally look at any of their childhood pics and see they look the same…unless you’re gonna try to say that they’ve had plastic surgery as CHILDREN. You’re a sh*t writer.

  9. Anonymous

    Stop writing these immature pieces of shit to get attention, you cheap ass man-whore. If you can actually look in the mirror and call yourself a legit journalist, then you’re telling a big, fat lie to yourself and you better wake the fuck up. At least retain some dignity while you’re at it, because disrespecting others isn’t doing shit for you

  10. Da_ISY

    You’re telling me a guy who’s scared to even get piercings would get that close to a needle? Oh wow. You are so full of it! Go and find something else to crap on. What a waste of time reading this.


      OMG, I could related this so much, the only guy with no piercing how could resnikoff claims he got surgery before. Are you admire them too much, RESNIKOFF?

  11. Kookie kookie

    Take your stupid articles and leave. Strong power thank you.

  12. Hikari

    Wow! The amount of false information in this blog is astonishing, it’s pathetically laughable. Sure, S. Korea is known for its excessive plastic surgery, but that doesn’t state BTS is one of them. Find one credible, official, and trustful statement that they did have plastic surgery and I’ll believe you (though we both doubt it, huh).
    And please, sunscreen cosmetics and plastic surgery are definitively and literally different; or should I send you a reliable dictionary for you to understand it?

  13. ImHuman

    You really hate bts, dont you? What an immature writer…

  14. Youainthaveone


    This should be reported to the company, as well as the other so called article.

  15. Alexa

    Haha Probably Other Person Needed More a Operation!! U Know !How Is Possible Do This Type Of Things To Catch Attention! cuz Nobody Know who You Are!!

  16. Isigh

    This is the most vicious article from a so-called reporter. Do you even have any proof to say any of BTS members got plastic surgery? and you use the word “addict” to smear them. You’ve been writing several articles which are not only biased yet provocative towards BTS and their fans. Whyyy? You probably got issues. Get over it and live a life. Stop haunting them like a pathetic ghost.

  17. Shinhye

    This Person Is Reporter ?
    Or Just a hater,envy and Malicious person?

  18. :/

    Your articles really must be flopping considering you turn towards hate to get some reads :/ Here’s a useful tip: educate yourself on a topic before writing about it.

  19. Heh

    Woooww. Great job bud. I see u. Using bts for attention. Not in a very good way though. Plastic surgery isnt even a bad thing, though im sure bts hasnt done it since they have the same features before and after debut with makeup enhancing it. BTW u must be on drugs cause Joon’s features look extactly the same. ??. Sry to break it to u but ur antics failed and just made u look stupid. Ive looked through your reports on kpop and they’re all dumb, lacking information. Find a difderent job. You obvously aint cutting it.

  20. dear paul resnikoff

    hey Paul Resnikoff i have two words nine letters for u YOU ARE SAD

  21. what an 'author'

    if anyone here believes that this article is false and this paul resnikoff guy is only tryna get attention, report it to digital music news’ email and let this author get what he deserves.

  22. Kay then

    I never knew clear skin meant plastic surgury. wHOOPS. I guess most my friends had plastoc surgury done

  23. Useyourbraincells

    How does an ambitious fake reporter living like? Get a life!
    Stop accusing people like you do know them from head to toe..And your words was harsh not to be noticed as an “anti”. And reading the article there’s not even a bit of sensible thing . And you call yourself reporter? RIP media

  24. Useyourbraincells

    And wait..Do you even know that you could end up in jail because of this? Bighit’s not gonna let this pass for sure. My fam must report your ass so you could shut your dumb mouth . You don’t even have a proof and you’re acting like a credible person? And why do we even have to show you baby pictures of BTS? Isn’t it your job to do so? You’re making it easy for your homework boi.

  25. Aku nogori sosat

    Jiba Bote betoi ekau ni paul…..idup la ekau wat firnoh ke orang mkn la doit harom tooo moge omak n abah ekau tak nyesal dpt anok bengong mcm ekau busok ati,boleh pogi ko liang lahad trus ajo la…. sadis aku tgk ekau ni Paul tuo2 still tolih berito sampoh takdo bokti sokati tok nenek ekau jo tolih article puiiii… sadis aku mengenang cg2 ekau yg ngajo jdi manosia tapi ekau jadi sopa setan…

  26. asme

    so… um it’s proven that jhope’s never had plastic surgery. there’s pictures of when he was younger and he looks exactly the same. two bts members, namjoon and jimin has minor surgeries. just nose jobs and they’re not even noticeable

  27. Anonymous

    BTS haven’t had plastic surgery though??? They recently showed baby pictures of all of the members and you can tell by looking at them that they haven’t done anything like that! Stop spreading lies, please.


    Paul, I think you don’t understand the difference between makeup and plastic surgery. Yes I accept they(or any other KPOP group) gets heavy makeup for any CFs or MVs etc. But did you ever check their faces now without makeup? If not you should (you should have done your research before writing any hate article. This tells you are a terrible journalist). JHope still looks same as in his predebut days. It is only the makeup that is changing his/any other members’ looks.

    You seriously need to stop your hate against BTS. It is getting out of hand!!
    You don’t like them, don’t write anything about them!!
    Else our ARMY fam will ensure you never write anything at all, let alone BTS.

  29. Lynixx

    Just to educate you, BTS didn’t have the money to even afford that kind of treatment back in the day. I’ve been a fan since their pre-debut as well and their company couldn’t even provide the necessary living expenses and meal cares. They only had about 20 staff members. Saying they had surgery is the most illogical statement without actually having a proper background check, just groundless rumors and gossip. Please calculate the aspects properly next time or you’ll end up sounding ignorant, AGAIN.

  30. Paul Resnikoff is a miserable creature.

    wow…what a very fucked up animal you are Paul Reskinoff …my God… do you even check yourself??
    “Plastic surgery addicts” .. you and your fellow BTS antifans are the only ones saying that BTS had plastic surgery. Yet we know what BTS looked like since they were young, until high school, middle school, until now. Their pictures are all over the internet. You can find many pictures of BTS looking exactly like what they looked like since they were young. But of course, it’s much more easy for you to just spout hateful and libelous articles about BTS rather than searching and getting your facts right. I wonder why you hate BTS so much..Is your life such a fucking bullshit since you’re like that? A miserable liar. My God. I hope you and this piece of shit hate blogsite where you hide yourself get struck by lightning so you can be enlightened. You seem to be in the dark. Piece of trash.

  31. Carol

    Uhhh sit down. Yall really scratching around to find some dirt to put on bts. Smh

  32. Crystal T

    Dear ARMYs reading this, BTS doesn’t even know him, neither is he a person that creates a “huge impact “, so, he’s just a teeny tiny speck of an anti fan, wanting to get attention for his petty little self, but in the end, he doesn’t matter at all to any ARMYs or BTS themselves, so, no need to worry about him, he’s just a meaningless speck in the world of Bangtan… Peace out, Paulie.. Go back to your own place and just face a wall and think about how much embarrassment you’ve caused yourself, sucker


    “Digital Music News is the leading authority for music industry professionals worldwide. We are based in Santa Monica, CA. More about us here.”


  34. pjmkth

    Tf? Lmao do your research and stop giving false information.


    im a black woman used to read your news and i kind of know BTS and i feel so dumb now i know everyone not just in the article, but every trash article is FAKE

  36. WTF


  37. Mae美

    So Paul, right off the bat I have a few critiques for this article as well as some other things (which I shall get to later). But first let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the title of this article. Now I understand these “click bait” titles have become very popular because there is a direct correlation with the obscene amounts of hyperbole used and the number of views of an article has, but come on man. “Plastic Surgery Addicts BTS” is way too extreme. I’m not going to deny, nor acknowledge, that any of the members have had plastic surgery (which I personally don’t see any problem in, but to each their own I guess). But until they have attempted to turn themselves into a living, Asian Ken Doll or they are looking to get their fifth breast augmentation, that is a very hasty jump to make. Speaking of hasty things, have you heard of the hasty generalization, sometimes called the faulty generalization? If you have taken a middle school English class you should already know that this is one of the most common logical fallacies that people use in any argument, and basically career suicide for any respectable journalist. But you knew that didn’t you? I mean you run a “Digital Music News” website to I assume you have had some formal education in English. Back to the generalization thing, now the only member you clearly accuse of having a scintilla of plastic surgery is J-Hope, but you accuse the other six members by association.

    I also enjoy how you managed to include a reference to another article– which I also commented on– midway through the article. Butter me up and call me impressed!

    My next big issue would be the rude remark about the model, Jeong Eun Chae. I understand everybody has their own perceptions of beauty, but is comparing her to Michael Jackson really fair?

    And one more article critique, maybe try not to tailspin from topic to topic so much. I mean it basically goes plastic surgery then sunscreen, then plastic surgery, then RM going solo, then Korean beauty standards, then Timbaland and some show. I got dizzy reading the article the first time, and had to take a seat when I read it another time to “digest” what I had read.

    Now I would love to leave it here but let’s take a stroll downtown to the comment section. I see that you responded to some comment but there is one in particular I would like to take some time to analyze. Wherein you state that you “have nothing against ARMYs, just be honest. J Hope looks worse than a Beverly Hills housewife when it comes to plastic surgery. Just own it and stop trying to bullshit me”. Maybe if this way the first article I had seen, I might have believed that you had nothing against ARMYs or BTS. But you have something against the latter. Everyone that puts themselves in the public eye or publishes some writing on the internet sets themselves up to be criticized, their is no exception. Not BTS, not you, not me. But when someone claiming to be a journalist or a writer continues to publish articles that boarder on slander, they have a grudge or some resentment. Especially when their argument is clouded by faulty logic. The whole “J Hope looks worse than a Beverly housewife” is ,again, mean-spirited and rude. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

    And it’s best not to curse at your readers when they critique you. But again, that’s in my unprofessional, not educated, non-digital-music-news-website-owning opinion. I hope that you will take the time and reflect on this article as well as others. And I would like to take this time to apologize for all the mean or idiotic comments left by my fellow ARMYs. We can be very defensive over what we love, and that can cloud our judgement.

    • Ishita

      Wow, I’ve seriously never read as well informed a comment as yours. You weren’t even mean and you didn’t use bad language.
      Respect to you.

    • Adel

      Thank you for relaying everything I wanted to convey, Mae. Excellent comment, unlike the load of trash I read earlier.

      Paul, how about you stop focusing on BTS’ appearance – which is rather shallow of you, I have to say – and work on your own blatantly-obvious character flaws. If anyone is an addict around here, it’s you and your addiction to slander. And may I suggest that you take a page out of BTS’ compassion-filled and constructive book, and strive to be a better person – rather than spread hate through your obscure, lackluster site.

    • Lexie

      I love you, and I must admit I’ve made some comments… I don’t exactly remember how they were so oops, but I agree we should some at least a little less just bashing and something a bit more educated, and this is what we needed! I’d like to see Paul have a “bullshit” comeback for this.

    • Park Chim Chim

      I love you’re response to him, and yes sorry I cursed at you as well Paul, but honestly what did you expect? We are called ARMY……..

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Mae美, thank you for you detailed comment. Yes, you will find that I can dish it AND I can take it.

      First off, are you actually trying to tell me that BTS hasn’t been under the knife multiple times? You have to remember, I’m in Los Angeles, five miles from Beverly Hills, which is a major center for plastic surgery in the US. I actually used to have an office there, in a plastic surgery center so I think I know a little bit about this!

      And yes, look at J Hope. You’re going to tell me that this guy doesn’t have a serious addiction to plastic surgery?

      As for Jeong Eun Chae, yeah she looks like Michael Jackson! Same nose, and both had tons of plastic surgery! Only difference is that Michael Jackson denied it (LOL), while Jeong Eun Chae doesn’t. At least she has the honesty to come out and say it to her fans, unlike Bangtan.

      Seriously, I’m not trying to tell you whether plastic surgery is right. But please, stop lying to my face!

      • Mae美

        Dear Paul, I’m sorry if you believed I was lying to your face, that was not my intention. However, I will clarify a few things.

        I never said that they didn’t have any plastic surgery, however I never said that they did. I believe my exact words were “I’m not going to deny, nor acknowledge, that any of the members have had plastic surgery”. You don’t know me, but I’m not a person that takes gossip as the word of the lord. So unless the members admit to having surgery, I’m not going to throw my judgement either way. Although I would have to agree that I have my suspicions.

        And you probably do have more knowledge on the plastic surgery industry from having such a close proximation to Beverly Hills than I do. After all I am just a young girl from a very small town. But I can’t take your judgement with complete seriousness as you aren’t a plastic surgeon yourself, as far as I know.

        Now onto J-Hope. I believe it would be a quick jump to assume he is a plastic surgery addict. He may have had a nose job and a double eyelid surgery, but that’s becoming the norm in South Korea. And again,I think it would be quick to assume that he is an addict, but I don’t know what he does privately.

        I wasn’t aware that Jeong Eun Chae had come out about having surgery, which is amazing in my opinion. If BTS decides to admit to anything, that will be a million times better than denying it. And you are entitled to your own opinion as well, but comparing her to Jackson is kinda rude.

      • INFIRES

        dude have you see their pictures of their childhood and before debut, they all look the same

      • A.R.M.Y


        First off, I’m surprise they didn’t give you free plastic surgery. You sure need it.

        Second off, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. How can you say that they are “plastic surgery addicts” when you only looked at pictures. Have you interview them? Have you talked to them? I, and many other people, would like to see the sources that you used to write this article.

        Third off, get a damn life because I’m sure you don’t have one.

      • American A.R.M.Y

        Please stop giving American publicists a bad name. As an American I have been a KPop fan for years and BTS has become more popular than ever because of their amazing talent including choreography, song lyrics, and genuine connection to their millions of fans …as a writer you should really focus on that! American A.R.M.Y

      • BTS is the shit, you're just shit

        Yo buddy, I don’t think you know how to dish it out and take it. why? because you posting more false articles like this to defame bts proves you’re nothing but a petty & prideful coward who can’t make enough money so he uses BTS to do it. i’m sorry but that’s the wrong way to go. it’s embarrassing to the human race. also idk what your goal is but bts is natural. they went through something called puberty (idk if you know what that is but i’m willing to link you to some sites that will educate you) & use makeup. why makeup? because makeup makes them stand out on stage & adds to the cool effects. we’ve seen them without it & they just look like adult versions of their kid selves with dyed hair. its nothing nobody else can achieve. let’s see you rock some cool ass orange hair & eyeliner! then we’ll talk.

        • BTS is the shit, you're just shit

          the other thing is, not everyone loves them for how they look. i fell in love with their amazing personalities, something you should take notes from. then i listened to their music & fell in love even more. sure they’re all visuals & ‘eye candy’ as people like to put it, but they have good hearts & they care about us. if you’re only focusing on their looks, then you must find your own looks lacking. this site isn’t going to be ‘successful’ in the long run. eventually you’re going to see your mistake, bts will continue to grow, & army along with them. there’s just nothing more you can do.

      • You are messing with the wrong people

        Lol who are you trying to convince. Hope didn’t have any surgery. And neither did any of the boys, if they have the bravery to perform in front of millions of people. Then I know that if they did have surgery they would tell us. And not you.

      • Loyal ARMY

        How can you possibly compare someones nose by looking at the side of the face and then looking at the same person face on? Of course the nose will appear different, you are literally looking at it from different angles. The face also can seem different based on the lighting in a photo, if a person has aged, the style of make-up (I won’t even start on your pointless and futile rant about that), the weather and, of course, the angle and distance a photo was taken from. How the persons make-up was done will obviously affect how a person will look. I’m not even going to start on angles because (hopefully) you understand how that will change the way a person looks. And even if any of the BTS members (no need to start a panic that they will split because each member had no doubt shown their loyalty for the time being) did get plastic surgery it certainly is not an addiction. Many idols get things done and that is their personal choice and we have no right to judge them. ARMIES will always care about the boys.

      • you wish you could get this dick

        Hey Paul! Have you ever heard of puberty? it generally makes a person’s face look fuller, and even different sometimes! Another thing that can alter the appearance of a face is makeup! using it right can make a face look completely different 🙂 hope you stop being a dick and stop riding off of BTS’ fame
        Thanks ^-^


    BTS did not have plastic surgery tho. Only you Paul and your fellow BTS haters were the only ones accusing BTS of plastic surgery. Even Korean outlets know that BTS members are natural.

    Especially JHope. JHope’s pictures are all over the internet. From baby pictures, to his maybe 6th or 8th birthday picture, his high school pictures, graduation photo, middles school pictures, pictures when he was still a trainee.. all of those showed that he looked exactly the same. If you Paul is so envious of JHope’s face, you should know that JHope’s prominent cheekbones ang sharp jawline are the features he is known for since he was young. And fyi, he has a sister who looked exactly like him they may even be called fraternal twins. That’s genetic Paul.

    Worthless piece of article.

  39. Ishita

    Mr. Paul,
    No offence but this article, simply isn’t true. I’d recommend you to check out their older photos. Nothing’s changed. I know South Korea is known for its lax attitude towards cosmetic enhancements but , not a single member of Bangtan Sonyeondan has had any kind of surgery.
    I mean, you’ve gotta be kinda dumb to actually make visibly untrue allegations against someone who’s worked hard to get where they are now.
    Also, your mentioning that cosmetic surgeries are expensive and your allegations that BTS have had tons of them are contradictory and proof of your having done no research work AT ALL about them because BTS were on the verge of disbandment at a certain time (initially) in their career. They couldn’t have been able to afford the surgeries.
    Do proper research work if you truly are passionate about your work and want to bring positive changes in the world through your journalism rather than plain mudslinging at hardworking people.

  40. jinrae

    Report this ‘journalist’ to BigHit for spreading false accusations against BTS . This is defamation.

  41. myna-re

    Congratulations! You finally have some traffic on your website. It’s incredibly sad that you had to resort to triggering ARMYs with fake news in order to get some clicks.

    I’d like to point out the fact you called them plastic surgery addicts. Yes – plastic surgery is famous in Korea and I’m fairly sure one of the members has had minor work done predebut (not J-Hope tho, that nose runs in his family!) How does that take anything away from them as a group?

    In addition, plastic surgery addiction is a genuine condition and throwing the phrase around isn’t cool or respectful dude. Park Bom is a celebrity who had plastic surgery addiction, and it’s a serious problem so don’t use it to describe people who are not even remotely close to being addicted.

    BigHit was broke as fuck when BTS debuted – I don’t believe they even had enough money for a big practice room, let alone surgery!

    Also, American singers have lots of work done but I don’t see anyone saying anything about that.

    Finally, you are genuinely a terrible person for suggesting that Rap Monster had solo rumours; we as ARMYs know that this incredible guy was the reason BTS was formed and would be the last person to leave the group – but it’s not like you care, do you? Continue being uneducated and writing nonsensical articles to clickbait us; we understand, it’s the only way you can keep the website going.

    just love yourself – clearly nobody else does

  42. Vkookmin

    Such a terrible journalist..u have hatred towards jhope

  43. Paul you and your site will get sued soon

    Wow! I wonder how can someone steep so low… Anyway Paul plz click on this link
    Those antis who are paying you won’t be able to protect from an actual lawsuit Do you have any fucking idea that defamation is a crime in south korea?dont worry i and a lot of army’s have already emailed about you and your site to
    bighit. You are in trouble mate

  44. Xin

    Really? I never read any of your article that you are not talking shit! Like seriously?what the hell! Get a life paul! Stop talking nonsense! My boys doesnt go under the knife and they doesnt need any! And oh do your work properly! At least make some research!

  45. Paul, you're Racist, Bigoted, and embarrassing

    Wow congratulations paul! It’s great you find pleasure in bashing other cultures and their apprearances.

    It almost hilarious how you’ve stooped so low you think bullying other people will benefit you. Can you not see how racist you are being? Are you intentionally trying to discriminate against South Koreans? Do you honestly think critiquing a woman’s appearance is going to do anything.

    Your sexism is showing buddy.

    Your inability to accept or learn about different cultures is concerning, and trying to put down others is a best representation of Americans.

    It is sad you believe judging other people and falsely accusing them is your job. Did you ever picture yourself sitting behind a computer screen, fabricating lies about other people?

    This is also harmful for your website. Are your coworkers embarrassed from your actions?

    Your lack of research is quite obvious. What is your issue? What are you trying to prove? What do you have against South Koreans?

    Also from your last article, STOP WESTERNIZING OTHER CULTURES!

    • To the so called "reporter"

      Exactly what I wanted to say…this is straight up racism!

  46. J-hope

    okay why in the world are you telling me that I had plastic surgery?

  47. e.a

    I didn’t think it would be nearly half too much to expect a reporter to be able to properly collect and assimilate his grade-school research, before leaping to stereotype and generalise an otherwise critical socio-cultural issue of plastic surgery addiction, to all group of successful Korean idols. It clearly shows a sore absence of professionalism, and an unfortunate surplus of uncultured ignorance. I won’t go into too much of the details of research – it might just be too informative for you – but a really quite blatant sign of the BTS members’ lack of plastic surgery is this: that if you simply inspect the facials of each member of BTS closely, you might just be able to recognise several natural facial features, which clearly allude to the absence of any plastic-surgery procedures previously undergone in those respective areas. These features include single eyelids (Jin, Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jimin, V), as well as flat noses. These, of course, are natural Korean attributes, but which are unfortunately ‘removed’, ‘enhanced’ or ‘fixed’, by many other Korean idols who are pressured to do so, in a world whose standards of beauty – along with many others – are largely dominated by eurocentric ideals.

  48. tsk pfft

    hey paul, exo is having a comeback soon. why don’t you talk about that and start with your money collecting instead of busy going around talking about shits about bangtan and collect some false facts? just please, leave the boys alone jerk

  49. only armys

    I swear to god this mofo is out here parading around as some sort of journalist…IF YOUR GUNNA MAKE ACCUSATIONS GIVE ME THE DAMN PROOF. Boy… you are a straight up BTS anti and we know it. Lol.

  50. Strawberry Lace

    Hoe your shit journalist leave my boys alone before I ram your head up your ass BTS are Natural Beauty’s and have never had surgery so sashay away you shadey anti

  51. only armys

    You are out here acting like there are serious rumors that BTS members had plastic surgery WHEN NO ONE IS ACCUSING BTS OF PLASTIC SURGERY. BOI. If there were plastic surgery rumors trending about BTS, shit would be on allkpop in an instant.

    On top of that the plastic surgery rumors that surfaced previously due to j-hope having straighter and more upright nose than normal in korea were already DEBUNKED.

    Boy unless you live under a rock you have google so look up his predebut pictures.

    Im so sorry that insecurities about your own looks really gets to you so much that you go out of your way to spread false accusations about bts 🙁

    You really must be so proud of your writing. I mean …a1, you could totally write for the rolling stones if you wanted…. NOT.

  52. only armys


  53. lmao

    Author is quite unprofessional and honestly an embarrassment to humanity. Absolute child. He even edited the article after fans told him the original picture he uploaded was not J-Hope. There’s still typos in the article lmao. And no one from BTS got any plastic surgery done. People seriously need to stop believing every South Korean citizen / artist gets plastic surgery done. There are factually more people from overseas that come to Korea for plastic surgery.

  54. you need to get your brain a surgery,paul.

    please do some research before making an article,cuz this just ridiculous.

  55. Facts

    Guys ignore him…

    The only reason he makes articles like this is because he’s irrelevant and it’s the only way people will click on his articles

  56. ♥️?

    Thank u Paul ur article was so filled with toxic statements that I killed some BTS haters with the poison dripping from it…

  57. ☠️☠️☠️

    Some one fucking go to Santa Monica , CA and freaking chop off his dick

  58. plzz help

    BTW Mr.Paul Resnikoff……what is the connection between Plastic Surgery and Sunscreen…my parents and I use sunscreen everyday…it’s not dangerous right I’m ? scared?❓?❓?❓?❓?❓?❓?❓?❓❓?❓?❓???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓???????????????????????????????????

  59. im??¿

    I don’t even know where to start..imagine being so desperate to get attention that you need to spread lies that you have no way of backing up. Do you have any sense at all? If you’re going to write an article about their product, then write about their product without bashing them and starting battles that can easily be avoided. Don’t rope them in with a different topic that has nothing to do with the product. They worked very hard to be where they are(without surgery, mind you). Stop being a trash journalist just for the reads.


    Reading the title makes my blood boil but I’m going to be calm as possible. To the author of this article, haven’t you heard the word RESEARCH? None of our boys have had plastic surgery. BTS’s principles are against those. PLEASE WRITE OTHER TOPICS BECAUSE YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG FANDOM. I hope God would bless your brain to be smarter because idiots like you should be cancelled from this world.



  62. a reader

    honestly, what the fuck is wrong with you? the least thing you could do before creating such shitty article is to do your research and find evidence of any of BTS members ever doing a plastic surgery. not that you’d find any. god, you’re making my eyes bleed with your stupidity.

  63. False Information!!

    This author is just spreading wrong information to his readers. Please take this article down and please make sure to do your research. And as a writer, you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading such false information to your audience!

  64. FuckYouRekinsoff

    Listen, Mr. Jealous Presumptuous Pompous Ass, keep your jealousy of BTS’ undeniably natural visuals in front of the mirror, and instead of (trying to) degrade BTS with completely disgusting articles like this, try to think about the world’s problems like, I don’t know, adult illiteracy and world hunger.

  65. FuckYouRekinsoff

    There’s a special place in hell of the people like you who want attention at the expense of other people who are CLEARLY more successful that you.

  66. Ruby

    Do your research before you post bullshit like this. I don’t understand why you are doing this ARMY’s and BTS have never done anything to you, so how about you keep us out of this. You are just like the kids in my school. Nasty and mean. They pick on people for no reason just for a source of entertainment. So it’d be greatly appreciated if you’d stop. Thanks

  67. Someone who binds feet of stupid bitches

    Ok! You know what Paul whatever your shitty ass fucking crap fucked up name is, BTS looks exactly like their Pre-debut days, even until now. In their debut days they couldn’t even fully afford food, some of them would starve and be happy with ramen! So please fix up and articulate your stupid information before posting shit fucked up bullshit

  68. what

    This journalist is very unproffesional lmao why r u still here, your article doesn’t make any sense at all. Give us proofs about them being plastic surgery addicts and we’ll stop

  69. The writer is problematic pls save him

    HAHAHAHAHA OMG. If they are plastic surgery addicts then why do they have the guts to show their childhood pictures themselves? This article is so dumb im—

  70. Dearest Paul, please tc

    Paul, they are loved by millions and you are hated by millions for using such words.
    Thanks for ruining my day. I bet you are happy now that thousands of people are feeling upset. If you are going through some serious issues, then I suggest you go see a doc or something. The other sites who have covered the same story don’t sound as triggered as you always do. Tbh, I am not even mad at you anymore. I strongly suggest you to see a doc. Please get some help because I don’t think it’ll be pleasant for anyone to be surrounded by such negative vibes. It must be hard for you to be surrounded by hatred and jealousy that you feel towards the boys and their growing fandom. I hope someday the medication may bring you peace. But you are a man, so grow up please think of the people you are hurting and more importantly yourself.

  71. Learn to be a Journalist if you want to be a Journalist

    Prettttttty sure as a journalist, if you realize this many of your comments are negative for the same reason, you did something wrong. But naturally the high and mighty Paul Resnikoff is too arrogant to own up to his mistakes (especially the ones he obviously aware of; you’re not fooling anyone). What a truly inarticulate and unprofessional writer, this is just sad.


    Paul Resnikoff is a paid antifan tho.. there is a BTS antifan on twitter, she tagged Paul and DigitalMusicNews and thanked him for his “help” …

    Whenever BTS is on the news for good news, Paul would make a libelous article against BTS. Look even, his hateful articles are only targeting BTS. I even wonder if he will write an article about those other groups. But no.. Paul still wrote an article about BTS again.

    • Lana

      I know right Selja personally knows the staff called Noah of DMN and tweeted to all the antis to email their rubbish to this “music site” Koreaboo itself reported that Selja is working with a journalist which is most probably paul.

  73. YouGotNoJams

    Ive been ignoring your articles for sometime now, but this…..
    Listen I don’t know how do you even have this job, you’re a disgrace honestly. making such big accusations without facts or proof. I’ve been an Army for 4 years dear, and let me tell you none of this boys had plastic surgery. You’re a grown ass man … but you’re so damn stupid I cant even… You’ll do & say anything to get every bit of attention. But don’t you worry most of us have emailed & reported this false accusations to BigHit. Don’t be surprised when you petty little dumb ass will get sued. Change your damn career, get a life. This job most definitely not for you.

  74. CheckYourFacts

    Does Digital Music News let anybody write their articles??
    Like who is this dude and is he getting paid for writing whatever.
    My god, does he call himself a journalist. Aagh..Scary


      lol apparently they should just disband, get a life and change careers

  75. Anonymous

    What the hell?? Seriously, i feel sorry for you. So desperate for attention. Do you really think that writing such lousy articles on such talented people will get you anywhere? Shame on you.

  76. -anonymous-

    What the hell?? Seriously, i feel sorry for you. So desperate for attention. Do you really think that writing such lousy articles on such talented people will get you anywhere? Shame on you.

  77. Lana

    Guys he is spreading false info even though now it seems harmless in future he might spread worse rumours.Plz inform about this site to all the army fanclubs especially the Korean ones since most of the k armys know bighit and Bts personal. Let’s get him sued



  79. stop pls lol

    wHAT IS THIS this is so funny this literally sounds like a parody article or something written on

  80. sign petition against Paul at

    This is why I started that petiton against thise business and Paul . Please keep adding more evidence for me to present to BIGHIT legal team. thanksPaul, and no your not stopping BTS. Keep making BTS popular in the USA. your only helping them.


    Paul, i really hope you realize what you’ve done. You’re messing with the wrong fandom, and we’re reporting this to Bighit for sure. They’re going to sue you so bad. So take my advice and keep BTS and ARMY off your retarded website. thx

  82. Get off your high horse

    Get your brain checked maybe? Or go for respect lessons. You’re an adult, be one. Or at the very least, pretend to be one.

  83. Wtf...

    How do we report this man? This has gone too far.

  84. ok

    tbh bts cant even afford proper meal to eat that time and then theyll get plastic surgery?

  85. A reader

    Just use your brain for a bit…if they had plastic surgery as YOU say wouldn’t they opt to look like dolls that is almost perfect like gods? But they do have have some flaws and are not up to the Korean beauty standards that the Koreans expect the idols to be.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are going to be sued.

  86. Neera_Army

    Lol do your research boi? Jung Hoseok is scared of snakes and lots of other stuff. How tf would he be able to go under the knife?? And maybe there’s some other forms of plastic surgery but trust me, Hoseok will never ever do surgery. They don’t even have time to go through all tht surgery shit cause they’re too busy practicing and having a life unlike you.

    So my advice is to research first before writing anything. Dont even try to start something with Armys cause there’s gonna be consequences.

  87. Sarah

    Paul, you need to find another way to feed your family.

    Writing these pathetic, defaming articles just to get a rise out of most young adults and teenagers, is a bit weird. I’ve seen your picture. And I get a creepy vibe from.

    Please keep Paul away from the children.

  88. LMFAO

    I seldom waste time on leaving comments but Bitch just fuck off. Whether you’re a hater or just using bts to catch attention (a.k.a attention seeker), just fuck the ass off.
    Ask someone to go get you a new brain coz I think your current one is either out of order or you don’t even have one. I thought article writers would search for information before writing an article, but no I was wrong, you’re not a writer but just a hater~ and guess what? Haters only bring new cypher~ Now who’s the real winner here?

  89. Anonymous

    Why is there no action being taken against this writer whose continuously writing false news against a popular boy band. The article is completely baseless.How much ever u hate sm1 writing u can’t just write any fake news about them. I am shocked for how long this has been going on. The writer shud literally b sued for this.

  90. Sarah

    There are a ton of people reporting this website and your name and articles to their company, BigHit. This has gone on too far.

    You must really want to be sued and have the inability to pay for your bills and feed your family.

    You guys are going to go hungry, soon. Have fun.

  91. how about no

    You’re probably another anti who’s trying to defame another kpop group. This article is completely and purely based on your own opinion. It’s not like showing J-hope’s picture will serve as proof to your baseless accusations of them EVEN being addicted to plastic surgery. Well, if you’re fishing for attention here it is CONGRATULATIONS

  92. Fuck u knob jockey

    For one you absolute moron he hasn’t changed and for two from the very first word of this article you’ve been nothing but slanderous trying to get shine of them because they’re a hot topic right. Ow why don’t you write about something suspenseful by the look s of it you could do with some work yourself

  93. vtff

    Lmao I can always imagine how you look when you write bs article like this typing aggressively on your keyboard face all red and scrunched up “fuck bts fuck bts fuck bts”

  94. ...........

    I’m not here to curse you out, but you need to know that those 7 amazing people are natrullay talented and beautiful and you shouldn’t hate on that. I don’t know why people like you say things like this to them. They have sacrificed and worked more than anyone I’ve ever seen, and to write that article your not only picking a fight with big hit entertainment but with army. So I hope you know that no matter what army will be by bts’s side no matter what. I hope you regret what you wrote an apologize to bts. If you don’t want over 5 million people hating on you I suggest you take the article down. And to all the army’s let’s stay strong and protect our boys. ( By the way Paul ,whatever your name is, your lucky you haven’t met me in real life. Because I would have knocked you senseless.)

  95. Park Chim Chim

    It amazes me how hard people try to get attention nowadays. This “journalist” most likely knows little to nothing about BTS as a group, but still decided to spew a article of bullshit just to get a little taste of BTS’s growing success. Congratulations, you got lots of attention, but not for being a good writer who is KNOWLEDGABLE. Instead you have succeeded at pissing off the most loyal fan base I know. Good luck hun, someday this will come back and bite you in the ass.

    • Park Chim Chim

      Btw I hope you realize you are racist and Big Hit coukd sue you. Also, with BTS huge fan base and almost daily release of pictures/videos, don’t you think ARMY would have been able to tell at some point if a member changed their face? We’re not all as idiotic as your articles.

  96. Stating facts and evidences please

    Although I’m still a secondary student, I feel shame on you writing this bullshit article. Please think before you write unless you don’t have a brain. Be a professional and ethical writer before it’s too late. Stop writing rubbish if you know nothing about them. Attention seekers like you need to seek for consultation before you doing something worst than this. So, hope you find a good psychologist and be a valuable journalist.

  97. GetYoShitRight

    Oh. Wow I didn’t think that growing up, having a haircut and applying make up was considered plastic surgery.
    I guess all humans have had plastic surgery then, lol.

  98. Pathetic fella

    I feel sorry for you that you only have ugly face and your pathetic articles to support your life whereas BTS have everything they earned with their hardwork and passion. The more you accuse them, the stronger we protect them, that’s what ARMY’s job. We’ll make you regret for writing this shit.



  100. Paul Resnikoff

    Does anyone have an update on when the BTS sun care line goes live? It’s not yet posted on VT Cosmetics’ site. I emailed them to see but no response yet.

  101. Anonymous

    How depressed and lifeless do you actually have to be to write a post like this? Obviously you don’t feel good about yourself if you feel the need to diss others in order to feel good. Maybe YOU are so desperate to get a plastic surgery you need to write fake news about someone at the other side of the world.

  102. Someguywhoknowsyoursecret

    What a pathetic human being. I’d be careful of what I write if I were you. You may never know but someone may know your dirty little secret.

    • lana

      Secret disclose it c’mon don’t keep this sistah in pain lol

    • Zoe

      Are you talking about him and his association with the antis or probably SM?

  103. lana

    Paul it’s OK i understand your problem. I know that you have to rely on cheap attention and hate to fill your stomach and pay your bills. But seriously don’t steep so low You are even worse than Perez Hilton

  104. Army

    You need to stop making rumors. Maybe do some research before you type and publish.

  105. Someone who wants to slap & put people like Paul FuckOff (or whatever his name is) back in their place

    Dude, is it really so hard to believe that there are such good looking people out there? You look like a dying duck doesn’t mean everyone has to look that way. If you’re ugly, that’s your problem. It doesn’t mean others have to be ugly too. And if you still have a problem, then go get a plastic surgery done yourself.

    Remember one thing before stating such baseless and stupid rumours though: you might have 1 or 2 supporters (probably even they are just stupid ANTIs who’re jealous of BTS and their popularity), but BTS has zillions of fans who would go all out to protect their boys. If and when a need arises for that, trust me you’ll wish that you were better off dead and decaying in a ditch somewhere. We won’t let you off easily which is why you should just shut your stupid mouth and not come up with any other idiotic rumours.

  106. BTSforlifeu

    Yo, idk if you’ve realised…but BTS is way better off in life than you will EVER be so stop being such a sore-losing, attention seeker. I’m sure other ARMYS would agree. Us ARMYS will take you DOWN. So be prepared. Good luck. You’re gonna need it’

  107. Anonymous

    just wait when the fans will attack you…. making money with false rumors tf just quit your job!! ./.

  108. AGAIN?

    I would suggest getting brain and eye surgery, it appears you are in desperate need of it seeing as you clearly don’t even know what BTS looks like, let alone know the difference between makeup and surgery.

  109. ARMYz attack

    don’t you dare tell false rumors about BTS you don’t know how the fans can bring you down

  110. BTSlegends

    Do you even have proof that’s just normal pics… did you even meet them? No of course you didn’t.. you’re making false rumors about them cause now they’re popular as hell tf DUDE U FKING USER, using others and making false rumors to have money dude GROW UP….also don’t you dare tell another false rumors about them you’ll go down just wait

  111. hello mr paul bij reinsk-off

    dude, go to hell with u and ur job. put ur job as a reporter to a garbage bag. maybe with the money u get u can do a brain surgery for such a click bait. no bts members ever do surgery and what is mean by surgery is to undergo those knives process. do ur research properly, watch every single vids, know their personality rather than simply judging. and go to instagram, check @mejiwoo103 to see the beauty resemblances of j-hope and his sister. that angelic nose literally runs down their family from his father side. don’t simply write a shitty article if u urself even wrongly put j-hope’s poster in ur article smh.

  112. lol

    yo paul there’s this awesome website i found it’s awesome if you need to look up basic facts about bts

    another awesome site is google images, there you can look up shit like “j-hope predebut” and “j-hope 2017” just to compare

  113. lol

    also why don’t you ever write about how exo has plastic surgery? the most recent example is probably kai’s nose job but i reckon you’re too busy jacking it to his fancams

    • lol go there to look up basic info about bts
      click the button that says “images” it takes you to google images. there you can look at “j-hope predebut” to compare.

      jesus fuck if only i could make money writing utter drivel….sadly i have a job :/

  114. lol go there to look up basic info about bts
    click the button that says “images” it takes you to google images. there you can look at “j-hope predebut” to compare.

    jesus fuck if only i could make money writing utter drivel….sadly i have a job :/

  115. GOD

    Who dah FUCK do u think u are u piece of shit!!! Did u eat trash sed JIN* … I shouldn’t even be here bcuz yah making money outta it but BITCH let me tell u don’t be making assumptions or considerations to spread the negativity under BTS’s name. TBH bitch I don’t give a fuck even if they have don’t what u have sed, they are beautiful beings from their souls. If u belong to the ARMY fandom and are reading this please report this unesessity which may become even worst if any member sees it. Their English is getting much better now.

    Finally, to the author of this half-ass article u go n have a good life with all lah that money cuz soon u propably can’t tell anyone ur name on the street and karma is a bitch…. GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for ur concern to BTS …..

  116. min yoongi

    So fly above your face that became a corpse
    Click clack to the bang, you and you
    I’m always thankful, for not earning anything so easily
    Why is it my fault, that your life is noncommittal
    Keep on living like that vaguely
    Sorry but continue to look
    Because I’m gonna earn more from now
    By all means please healthily

    stay healthy, paul boy 🙂

  117. my eyes are bleeding dude

    paul i thought this was digitalMUSICnews, not digitalPLASTICSURGERYnews. I would expect to find this shit on a magazine waiting on line at stop&shop, not on a site supposedly about music.

  118. A.R.M.Y

    Paul who gave you your diploma?
    Paul do you have any talent?
    Paul who hired you?
    Paul how are you still alive?
    Paul please stop writing fake news and write about how you are probably going to get sued.

  119. Fuck u

    Um no they never had plastic surgery. You need to get your fucking facts straight. You are putting out rumors thats aren’t true. And its pissing me the fuck off. STOP DOING THIS. NOBODY IS GOING TO BELIEVE YOU. You fucking have some lying problems. You’ve probably lied your whole life… You better take this off. Bts is just perfect and thats all. Your just jealous bc you can’t look that beautiful, YOU CAN’T LOOK LIKE A BEAUTIFUL ANGLE. leave them alone!!! Your a stupid bitch.

  120. wearecomingforyou

    motherfucker get a fucking life and leave our boys alone you gaesaeki. fuck off

  121. Stupid Article


  122. ARMY'S Unite.

    LOL. This is funny. This has to be a joke, right? You can’t actually be serious. You and your articles make me sick, Paul; and I hope someday you will understand the true meaning of what plastic surgery is, and that some people are actually born naturally beautiful. Just because you’re jealous that someone naturally appeared this way doesn’t mean you should shoot them down and spread lies. If you actually believe this is true, go do some research and learn something, will you? And if you’re doing this for attention from ARMY’s, how desperate do you have to be to pull this kind of idiocy? I bet your parents are very proud of you. Not. I pity you and your desire for attention.

  123. Paul, you've got no jams

    You’re trying so hard to get attention, but you’re failing. Do you know why you’re failing? Because you have no substantiated proof that BTS had plastic surgery. All you’ve got are 2 photos of J-Hope that are fairly recent, but show no signs of plastic surgery on the nose, eyes, mouth, face or whatever. The only thing that is different is that those 2 photos are taken from a different angle, which makes it hard to compare J-Hope’s feature. Thus, your statement that BTS had plastic surgery is invalid.

    P.S. Thank you for your promoting BTS and their cosmetics line with your lame-ass hate for the group. You are only helping BTS gain a better reputation among fans and the public, not the other way around. On the other hand, as the fandom becomes larger and throws hate on you for your fucked -up articles, your career will end. So, KEEP STRUGGLING 🙂

  124. Blank

    Please don’t create and spread false news!
    BTS are never plastic surgery

    Do you know “puberty”?

    • lmao

      obviously not, he’s clearly a little boy. bet his voice hasn’t cracked yet and he’s jealous of bts’ looks.

  125. Jen

    Too bad there’s no plastic surgery for attitude because you clearly need one. We would appreciate it if you stop giving racist comments.
    Thank you.

  126. Meow

    Istg if bts’ agency know abt u spreading fake ass news abt bts,, they could sue u

    • jjanggu

      me and some armys already sent email to bighit. hoping they will take legal action as soon as possible


    Stop creating fake article!
    Shut the fuck up!

  128. You're A Bad Liar

    Don’t touch our bangtan!
    BTS never plastic surgery,
    Don’t make stupid article without any facts about it btchs.

  129. I LOVE BTS

    P L A S T I C S U R G E R Y ? ? ?
    Among all lies that ppl have said about bts, this is the shittiest.
    Fuck off, your stupid website isn’t gaining popularity fuckers.

  130. nonsense

    Are this site doing this just because of popularity.! How well do you know BTS ? Well I like BTS very much because of their inspirational music not because of their faces…..Did any BTS member share this to you directly about this shittt you are spreading???Huh? This is nonsense.!

  131. Bts?

    Bullshit ! Do your research properly.”They look different,so they had plastic surgery …” Are you really that stupid…they obiviously look different …they exercise and diet and also people look different when they grow up..on top of that their makeup is a factor too…if you really want attention that badly then write something meaningful instead of dissing on bts…you really are SAD

  132. lmao

    this is actually funny i’m crying asdfhks. i just can’t seem to be mad at stupid people.

  133. Let BigHit do their job.

    ( here is BigHit email address to anyone reporting ?

  134. Let BigHit do their job.

    Guys, just remember to screenshot all this paul guy articles & report him to BigHit ( ok?

  135. Let BigHit do their job.

    I’ll just keep spamming BigHit email address just so everyone you know where to report all these articles ?

  136. Let BigHit do their job.

    Remember guys, this email adress ( is there for a reason ?

  137. Let BigHit do their job.

    Like how crazy we are when it come to voting bangtan abt any award, let have the same energy on reporting this guy to (, ok?☺


    To put this simply, Paul, you are a worthless piece of shit. It is people like you that bring a bad name to journalists. Journalism is about finding true facts (emphasis on TRUE facts) and then report them, but all I can seen in this article, is that you are a racist scumbag. Just fuck off and live your life knowing that no one will ever love you.

  139. Let BigHit do their job.

    Never stop reporting this guy until he stop. Just forward all these articles to ( & let the magic does it work???

  140. Let BigHit do their job.

    Guys, just stop ranting and start reporting. Here ( & do what you gotta do.

  141. Anonymous

    ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL??? Do your research before you sprout shit about people you don’t even TRY to know. And you call yourself a journalist? What bull

  142. attention seekiing article

    BTS looking so unrealistically good looking that even reporters are shook.


    This is Big Hit Entertainment.
    On November 2016, our label announced that we would be taking strong legal action against those who were spreading malicious rumors, falsehoods, and attacks on character online and were hurting the BTS members’ and our label’s character. We are now letting you know how the status of the lawsuit has progressed until now.
    Our label’s law firm has carefully categorized 240,000 evidence and proof that have been sent to our label. We complied a list of various offenders who can be punished under the current law on defamation involving the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information.
    We will be requesting an official investigation to the police through our law firm on the people who have written malicious rumors, falsehoods, and attacks on character and hurt BTS severely online. We will also take every legal action possible based on the police investigation, and make sure they are punished without any settlements.
    We are letting you know that Big Hit Entertainment will be taking strict legal measures and will not be staying silence against some netizens’ actions of continuousm malivious critificism and attacks on character on our label artists’ creation, music promotions, and private lives.
    Thank you.

  144. El


  145. ARMY enojada

    Para de una vez maldito hijo de puta ¿no tienes nada mejor de qué hablar que inventas mentiras para llamar la atención? Consíguete una vida y vete a la mierda.

  146. Anonymous

    Look whos in trouble…..? Good luck Paul Resnikoff

  147. jfc

    I suggest you do your fucking research and know what puberty fucking is. It’s sad that people like you use BTS for your article to get so much attention. Us Army’s should report this to bighit.

  148. FuckoffPaul

    You’re so pathetic. Trying to create rumours just for money. BTS have acne and skin issues like most people but are obviously photoshopped and wear makeup for photoshoots. Shocker. And the fact that you put Jhope’s picture is disgusting. Don’t go on saying he’s plastic just because he’s better looking than 3/4 of the world’s population. His nose has always been like that and his family’s nose is similar to his. And you’re calling them plastic surgery ADDICTS? Whose ass are you getting this information from? You’re honestly so pathetic and I’ve seen your previous shitty articles that were similar to this. Fuck off, Paul. Shame on you.

  149. Tim Kimchi.

    Plastic surgery geisha- face looking no rhythm having faggots. “Rap Monster”…???!! Yeah right. These guys will remain big in Korea because they have no ideal how to set the standards of REAL music over here. In America we will adore them pet them on the head and send them home afterwards and let the real talent take over, again. At least the British pop invasion of the 60s was an authentic movement, with actual game changing talent… Not a bunch of dumb teenage girl fans screaming and faggot teenage boys…. Do you really think we will be talking about these guys/girls/whatever in 20 years? Maybe as a novelty act but nothing entered into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame or anything important. And by the way for you touch sensitive Millennials this is not hate speech, but Truth speech;)

  150. Fuck u Paul

    I can’t wait when big hit sue u ! Omg I just can’t wait ??

  151. Anonymous

    I think what is really interesting is that this Paul guy calls his website a “leading source”, yet it seems he is the only writer (I am using that term loosely) and he never provides sources or actual interviews and facts.

    As an American, I have never even heard of your paltry website until you tried to drag a group in the mud when you yourself have no leg to stand on.

    Bts has not had plastic surgery. A simple google search for bts without makeup would prove that. Bighit was barely able to afford food for their staff in the beginning – praytell how would bts afford surgery then?

    This is defamation and libel and you actually CAN be prosecuted for this. False information is a major headache for a “journalist” so I suggest you pull this article and apologize to bighit and bts.

    -signed, an actual journalist and writer



  153. Get your facts right already

    BTS are actually ‘notorious’, more like praised, for NOT having plastic surgery. They are some of THE MOST natural beauties in the Kpop industry. With growing up and some makeup, people may think that they have had plastic surgery, but they have not.

  154. Angry Af army

    What do you think making our boys look dirty, are u trying to be edgy or smth because bitch what is this? I bet that some people might actually belive in that fake bullshit and talk that bts had plactic surgery like hoe staph making my babies look bad and don’t ever do that again ir you will really regret your fucking decision. I’m like this fucking close to swing my hands like bish hold my wig

  155. Kiteloom

    Your article is too one sided and it seems you’re spreading hate more than offering your opinion. Don’t write articles like this about anyone it will only get you bad attention

  156. GET A LIFE

    Seriously get a life man just because you see someone richer more handsome and more popular than you doesn’t mean that he/they have had plastic surgery get your shit together and grow up will you kid ? If you need attention find something else and leave Bangtan and army alone.

  157. GROW UP

    WOW I’m not even gonna insult you. You’re an adult man and yet you’re behaving worse than a child in primary school, so rather than insulting you, I’m gonna say that I pity you. If you ever wanted to become a journalist or anything like that, I understand why you didn’t achieve it. Spreading false rumors without proof about anything and with the single goal of attracting attention (because obviously you couldn’t attract it otherwise and had to address a huge fandom) is NOT how a media person should behave. You just got scolded by an 18-year-old. I wouldn’t be proud if I were you.

  158. Please Stop

    Do you have any evidence that BTS has any Plastic Surgery? You’re assuming they did and you decide to single BTS out to “claim” they have plastic surgery. Also, please do not drag the EXO-Ls to this. You can try to write nice articles about EXO but it is irrelevant to write negative articles about BTS. You clearly do not have manners because if you don’t have anything nice to say. You are getting the attention you want Paul but you’re creating a negative atmosphere around yourself. And can you please have the show Boy Band stay in its lane. There’s no apparent reason to include them in this article. You absolutely are a disgrace to the K-Pop fandom, Paul.

  159. Eat shit and die ?

    ‘My coverage focus spans streaming platforms, artist royalties, format disruption, vinyl, copyright battles, startup struggles, and financing/m&a’, hmmm I think you left out the part that you make shit up. If you had done your research (which most GOOD reporters/writers do) you would know that the company that bts is signed with was a poor company up until about a year or two ago. Which means that there is no way in hell they would have been able to get plastic surgery for all of the members, not to mention how extensive you describe their surgeries to be. ‘Overdosed on plastic surgery’?? Bitch, please. There’s this thing called puberty (must’ve skipped you…) that turns little boys and girls into grown adults. I sure as hell don’t look the same as I did 4 years ago. Most people mine and bts’s ages (late teens/early twenties) change a lot physically before we’re done growing. Honestly, how can you not know how puberty works? Are you really that stupid? Here you are, a middle aged man going nowhere in life, stuck in a rut, writing articles with false statements about people who are literally half your age, people who are absolutely amazing in every single way. That’s how you’re spending your life. Writing. False. Shit. But hey, to each his own, right? I’m just glad I’m not wasting my life away like you are. Oh and by the way, BIGHIT ENT. CAN SUE YOU FOR DEFAMATION AND SLANDER. Tell us when you’re about to kick the bucket so we can all show up to your funeral and dance on your grave

  160. Azlina

    ARMYs, just ignore this piece of shit.. He’s not gonna stop hating on BTS anyways and BTS members don’t even care about this. I know you guys are angry because he even included a photo of J-Hope but I need you guys to chill.. This so-called “journalist” or wtv shit just want attention.. I pity you Mr Paul Resnikoff for being so low.. Have you had no shame at all hating on BTS? You mentioned that the members had a plastic surgery, do you have any records of them doing so? Lol, just because of them promoting skin care product, you wanna get attention? Ouh since you are the “founder” of this site, then do reply to our comments. Don’t be a coward hiding behind the keyboard.. ? And if you feel hurt just by this small comment of mine, do lemme know. I’ll be more than glad to help you with your low attitude.
    Email me personally if you’re unhappy about it. ???

  161. Azlina

    ARMYs, just ignore this piece of shit.. He’s not gonna stop hating on BTS anyways and BTS members don’t even care about this. I know you guys are angry because he even included a photo of J-Hope but I need you guys to chill.. This so-called “journalist” or wtv shit just want attention.. I pity you Mr Paul Resnikoff for being so low.. Have you had no shame at all hating on BTS? You mentioned that the members had a plastic surgery, do you have any records of them doing so? Lol, just because of them promoting skin care product, you wanna get attention? Ouh since you are the “founder” of this site, then do reply to our comments. Don’t be a coward hiding behind the keyboard.. ? And if you feel hurt just by this small comment of mine, do lemme know. I’ll be more than glad to help you with your low attitude.
    Email me personally ( if you’re unhappy about it. ???

  162. Gally

    You’re really trying to piss BTS fans off? The fans who voted over 300 million times just to get their boys to the BBMAs? Like I don’t think you realize how many die hard fans BTS have. We will shut you the fck down, don’t test us. You attack BTS, you attack ARMY!! Back down because when we shoot, we never miss our target.

  163. CodeMint

    U wrote to much bullshit, let’s see when BigHit. Found u and sue you. And maybe i’m going to havk this site later. I know u want attention, but u make a mistake to mess with ARMYs. Say bye to this website soon

  164. ANGRYARMY ಠ_ಠ

    Yo what in the actual f**k? Your a journalist? Last time I heard is a journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public THAT ARE REAL? Do your job right please? And actually do research ??







  166. Shenya

    This really sucks… he’s joking right?

    He said BTS were fakes that had plastic surgery too many times..

    They are actually well known for no plastic surgery u dumbass.. please dont insult something without research (I can insult him becuz I did research, i even went through his old fake articles and he is a dumbass becuz he spread fake ass rumours)

    He used two photos to compare Jhope supposedly “before and after” surgery but they looked the same. One just on an angle and with enhanced and darkened makeup while the other was direct and with paler makeup…

    Seriously it’s called makeup. U can’t compare two photos of the same person with different toning, different timelines, different lighting and different angles… just doesn’t work like that.

    He does not make any sense this hurts to even look at his face now knowing that he’s telling lies for attention… he’s a real attention seeker

    I wonder if he had kids or families? Anyone related to him would be so disapointed if they knew the truth behind his “famous articles” (more like famous for lies)

    Please do research before u say and insult extremely famous people that can legit sue u in an instant! Your life costs nothing more than a gucci watch for Taehyung if u are gonna continue treating it this way. Stop telling lies for such horrible attention. Ur future generation will be so freaking embarassed knowing that they were related to you.

  167. Elena

    Plastic Surgery? Please, do your research. Look at their pre debut photos, their features are the exact same as they are now. They come from humble backgrounds, and none of them had the kind of money to get surgery. Their current appearances are due to puberty, working out, their amazing yet intense dance routines, good skincare, healthy dieting, appropriate stage makeup? Which as a side note since your sexist, racist ass seem to relate this to “drag makeup”, many male artists do use makeup for concerts or photoshoots in the Western world. So please, stop embarrasing yourself.

  168. Taegot ?

    Hum ok. So is it my turn now ?~
    So first, BTS are hard worker who loves there fans, you don’t now how hard they work since there debut. Second, Namjoon is indispensable for BTS like BTS is indispensable for him. Without one of the member is not BTS anymore. Plus you talking about them like you now them but, hey, you now what ? You’re not interesting. So stop saying shit when you don’t even now what you’re talking about…
    For me this is propagant, not a documentary about somthing true, this is not news, and you’re not a journalist, you’re a lier.

    Have a nice day~ ?

  169. kRys Nicole


  170. Sophia


    I´m out of here ….>

  171. Money

    Uh bitch do ur fuking homework. Our boys DONT HAVE plastic surgery. Even if they did, army would still love them. SO STOP USING OUR BOYS, OUR FANDOM AS CHILCKBAIT. THIS SHIT WON’T GET YOU ANYWHERE. SO PACK YOUR SHIT UP AND LEAVE. I mean the fact that you have to use click bait in the first place means that your carrier if failing quite a bit. Maybe move on? Graduate from using click bait? Like a real fucking adult? Thanks

  172. Mymy(queenyati_)

    I find the fact that you, a grown man, are spreading lies and rumors about boy bands on the internet amusing. I cannot believe that there is someone less mature than me when I was a child. I would appreciate if you actually did research (no, reading the wiki to learn their names does not count as research) and provided evidence to support your claims. When has any official statement come out about their supposed use of plastic surgery? Were you there when the surgery happened since you say it did? How did they pay for the plastic surgery? If you have no answer for these questions, or the answers are “I haven’t seen one,” “No,” and “I do not know,” Then you should stop spreading lies. If you lied less in your articles maybe it’d give the illusion that you’re a decent writer. Here are a few definitions that you should keep in mind while writing articles about any human being:
    The act of defaming; calumny, slander, or libel.
    1. (Law) the injuring of a person’s good name or reputation. Compare libel, slander
    2. (Law) the act of defaming or state of being defamed
    plural noun: facts
    a thing that is indisputably the case.
    “the most commonly known fact about hedgehogs is that they have fleas”
    used in discussing the significance of something that is the case.
    noun: the fact that
    “the real problem facing them is the fact that their funds are being cut”
    a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
    noun: lie; plural noun: lies
    an intentionally false statement.
    “Mungo felt a pang of shame at telling Alice a lie”
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    “a program to combat racism”
    1. Adorable Representative M.C for Youth
    2. The loyal fandom for KPop band BTS. ARMYs love and support BTS, and do not stand for lies, rumors, or hate.
    “ARMYs are some of the most dedicated fans I’ve seen.”
    (cr: Me)
    I sincerely hope this gets to you in some way. I hope you realize that you are an adult, not a child (though being a child still is no excuse for this immature behavior.) I hope That you, a grown man who might even have a spouse and child(ren), can start acting like an adult. Please try to act like you are above three years old.
    A Concerned ARMY
    Calling BTS “Plastic Surgery Addicts” may count as defamation of character and if so, can be punishable by law. As much as I’d enjoy you getting some type of punishment for this, I feel that drama would not be ideal for either party. Please stop using such fictitious statements in such a certain manner.

  173. Anonymous igotArmy-L

    BTS is extremely against plastic surgery. Have you seen Rapmonster’s mixtape? Have you listened to Do you? They promote loving who you are and being yourself. Plus idk if you know of it but for things like posters and such this wonderful thing called Photoshop exists. When it comes to things like that the company is always in charge which is why many photos are whitewashed etc. But the members all show us what they naturally look like. For example Taehyung on his live sessions show us his pimples and most members do bare faced selfies. I don’t know if you saw the episode where they pulled a prank on Rap Monster where he was asked by a higher up in the company if he rather BTS or a Solo Career..Even though they were poor then and had to share EVERYTHING he immediately said BTS. Their brotherhood will never be broken and neither the group for a long time. And within kpop groups its extremely common for units to be formed and members to go do something outside the group. Taehyung also known as V acted in a drama called Hwarang, Yoongi also known as Suga produced his own mixtape and he produced a song for Suran, Rapmonster collaborated with Wale. It’s a normal incident in the kpop industry.


    This petty bitter ass old white man.. Has nothing better to do with his life than hate and say completely false things disrespecting 7 happy young boys AND Kpop AND disrespecting the entire country of South Korea???? Not even low key about it! He literally just compared a Korean women to Michael Jackson… This guy obviously knows nothing about Korean culture at all someone please get this clueless racist low life man off the internet if he’s just gonna post troll shit like this… And please TAKE THIS POST DOWN and the others too if you don’t want to ruin your name and reputation which you’ve already done because you’re basically a joke now an even americans can tell that this post is a load of crap…

  175. Hobi

    Listen Paul sweetie I’m sorry you’re bitter that you’ll never be as attractive nor successful as BTS, but that doesn’t give you the right to make a bullshit article. If you actually did your research like a respectable author, you’d realize that all bts members features are the same as they were when they were children:) I know you might not understand how puberty works, but people’s features look slightly different when they get older, what a concept I know! Maybe you should consider some plastic surgery, might help you feel more confident❤️



  177. Burn baby burn

    Dear Paul.
    Are you perhaps… 10 years old? This is very childish. BTS is well known for not being under knife. Hoseok can’t even get his ears pieced because he’s scared of sharp objects, yet you’re using him as a prove that they’ve got plastic surgery.
    And what proves my point, they’re all very good looking, but they do not fit in korean beauty standards, as many other idols do.
    Please grow up, we all know you’re jealous of them, but it doesn’t mean you have to try bring them down.
    And even if they got plastic surgery, it shouldn’t itch your fat ass anyways.

  178. Rachel


  179. Tae's wife

    I feel so bad for him cuz he needs ARMYs’ attention to keep his job.. Got no concrete proof of plastic surgery but needed to say something bizarre and untrue about BTS to make ends meet. So sad…

  180. ....dude....stob it pls...

    Hey, you know that we are already used to these kinds of stuff right? (you would know if you’ve done you’re research properly)…Please stop whatever you’re doing even if people pay you to do it, because doing this won’t benefit you or the rest of humanity. Please don’t waste time trying to gain attention.Please wash your dirty hands from typing such false words unto the internet…(don’t worry, we already know that you don’t have good sources cause you used pictures from a cosplay makeup tutorial video that is totally different from J-hope, and that the main source is from your head only ;)) please don’t do this awful, hideous thing because you might go to court and this might get you killed one day (but I guess that’s fine also)….Please also pray to Christian ChimChim to forgive your sins…(you need jisoos man, I’m not kidding…also, you’re statements in the comment section are just HILARIOUS! because not only would it not be a decent argument, but it’s more like provocation(childish rlly)…honestly dude, I try to restrain from using profane language but really though….You deserve it :D….(also Christian ChimChim forgives me already, not you :P)

    Get .The.Fuck.Off.My.Fandom.Attention.Whore.

  181. Pada Gucci

    It’s okay ARMY, we know that he knows nothing about BTS. If he did his proper research, he would know that rap monster has already had a solo debut ?? this pabo!!

  182. :D

    stfu paul and go get a life instead of spreading fake news. oh and i bet youre jealous cause they look much much better than your fugly ass personality. pity ur life dude

  183. mmm

    why are you judging their faces when you look like a freaking dolphin ._.

  184. karina

    wth are you talking about. just because they use makeup which might make them look different. doesn’t mean they had plastic surgery and you don’t have proof to show that they did. what your saying isn’t enough proof. make sure your better on your research. bts hasn’t had plastic surgery so stop making stuff up

  185. Tae's Bunny


  186. Paul's neighbor

    Paul honey,
    Why don’t you go drink some bubble tea and give an honest thought about your overtly pathetic existence.. it’ll be an amazing experience for you , I’m sure..(sarcasm alert hon) thing I’m pretty sure of.. you’re secretly a BTS stan eh??? aww don’t be shy you fucktard…just accept it…if not why would you be so interested in BTS???

    haha..and btw you suck at writing…good thing this website is your own shit…who in the right mind would ever hire a waste if breathe like you babe?
    *dramatic sigh*



  188. Oh god here we go again

    It’s so funny how Paul hardly ever replies to comments which include proof that his statements are false. Funny.

  189. A Little Tip

    The person who wrote this article is one of the few authors on this (clearly) dying platform. Notice how all of his articles, aside from the one’s bashing idols, have only one or two comments? Yet, he literally makes up 90% of the ‘trending’ page.
    I think it’d be best to completely ignore his page, and let him and this company fizzle out and die.

    • A Little Tip

      Lol my dumbass forgot he’s the founder of this ‘company’. Just stop going onto this website and his ad rev will die in a heartbeat

  190. ARMY

    Mr. Paul, I’m writing this in the kindest way possible.
    Please take this article down. You can’t write all these stuff if you don’t have sufficient proof. By the look of the comment section you already got a lifetime supply of hate. Isn’t that enough? Peace✌️

  191. Grrrrrrrr!

    You are insane. Period. BTS doesn’t deserve this. How dare you.. and please leave J-Hope alone! Grrrrr!

  192. anonymous

    honestly what the fuck is this, this is just bullshit.
    all of bts are natural beauties, unlike you.

  193. Surfing o

    This article is really stupid, as well as its writer. I just keep face palming all the time when I read his articles coz does this guy have real proofs they underwent plastic surgery except for pictures? Doesn’t he have anything good to do except write negative articles about BTS? Was he insecure? And hey Paul, why don’t you just overdose yourself with proper netiquettes instead of writing shitty articles like this? I feel sorry for you and your career… And using J-hope’s pictures as an example? Just what kind of person are you? A writing dickhead?

  194. Skylar

    This is fucking hilarious. It is a fucking disrespectful joke that you are still allowed to write anything anywhere. I strongly suggest you fucking stop before you really anger the ARMY and they bring this to BigHit’s attention. Stop talking shit like you know these people, BTS members are known for not having surgery as it is very common amongst Korean idols. And a couple of pictures of Hoseok? THE BOY WON’T EVEN HAVE HIS EARS PIERCED. You better fucking stop this defamating now, NOW, the ARMY is a very dedicated fandom and we will fight for our members. I don’t give a shit how ridiculous this may sound, teamwork makes the dream work, bitch. Get a life and tread carefully, mate.

  195. Nicole

    You say “Kpop superstars BTS are notorious for their heavy use of plastic surgery.” I have two things to say about this. #1, it’s not a valid statement at all and #2, what proof do you have??

    It’s pretty obvious that you want to cause problems for them and their career. Is this blatantly absurd and disgusting article all you can write?? This just shows you’re running out of ideas and you’re desperate. There is plenty of TRUE news out there that’s not hard to find- AT ALL. Please do thorough research before making articles like this, Mr. Paul. And by the way you should apologize to BTS for writing this article because deep down you know you did wrong.

  196. Paul ResinPeace

    Paul resinkoff is such a smart ass.. He knows how to sell his stories.. He must be aware that he will have no readers if he don’t use BTS’ name.. Way to go Paul!! But seriously, I think you’re the one who needs a plastic surgery and u must think that way too.. Oops sorry, I think plastic surgery is not enough to fix that ugly face of yours. You need a to undergo “total renovation” or “reconstruction”.

  197. mir

    i cant tell if this is sarcastic or not? like this sounds like the biggest joke ever. if not then i am sorry for the poor human being who thinks like this. im more wondering how he even got a job when his iq is so low? i mean, low iq is the only explanation for him being so ignorant and trying to compare two pictures that dont even show the same angle, not even in the same lighting, and one is a professional photo and the other is fantaken? is this news site so irrelevant that they have to slander bts just to get a few more views? tragic.

  198. PiSsEd HuMAn

    this is so wrong i’m baffled. i have never seen a more incorrect website. not even just this post, but all the other shit ones on this website. i’m cackling at this wtf where did you even come about this information? what mentally sick person wrote this article and who gave it the ‘okay’ to publish it? who the hell would want this on their website? omg business done right fam you’re doing great honey good job ruining YOUR image lmfaoooo i’m shook

  199. H E L L O G E T Y O U R F A C T S R I G H T B R U H

    Sorry they aint mirrors. The truly ugly one is you and u really need to take brain surgery to up ur knowledge. Hello kpop idols are kpop idols for a reason k. If they all took plastic surgery then why wouldnt regular people just be kpop idols?

  200. ayo

    first of all; this article itself is so insulting like how low are you on job offers that you have to write something like this? and criticizing korea being overrun with plastic surgery when america itself is full of beauty standards and heavy makeup looks is just no.

  201. Voldemort

    I will praise you, Paul. You certainly know how to get attention, but it is wrong nevertheless. BTS have never gone through plastic surgery. Why do you have to criticise Korea? It’s EASTERN culture, therefore their norm. Do you know the difference between puberty and surgery? Just asking.

  202. Iulia98

    Wow!You don’t have anything else to do.It s so clear that they didn’t t have any plastic surgery.Sunscreen protection doesn’t t have anything to do with plastic surgery.
    ”Known for heavy plastic surgery”,”plastic surgery addict” You make me laugh.
    And what is with that picture?What a bad example to demonstrate what you have said.The angle is so different, how can you compare these pictures.
    Your statements don’t have good arguments even if they had or not plastic surgery.
    BTS is BTS with or without plastic surgery.The inside is the same and ARMY may like them because of how they look, but there are so many bands with good visuals.
    We like them for their personalities, talent, hard work, lack of perfection(and that they don t hide it), the message of their songs(ex.Change by RM&Wale, Not today).
    The next time you want to say something bad about someone be sure your information is 100% right and that you have how to demonstrate that.

    P.S.Why do you have to say something bad about someone when you can say so many good things.Especially about BTS.


    What do you mean by this? “But that is getting increasingly difficult to believe, especially with pictures like this” maybe you should go meet JHope in person and try to touch his nose, or probably bring along a plastic surgery doctor with you to confirm that his nose is original you loser piece of writer. What do you care about their face so much? Jealous much? One day you will regret what you did when karma hits you back. You definitely will get it back. Such a baseless piece of s****y article. Surgery friendly cosmetics? Whut? You serious? What is wrong with you? Do you even know what is meant by PUBERTY? P. U. B. E. R. T. Y. PU-BER-TY. If you dont know what it means or how to spell it maybe you should go back to the kindergarden and learn back how to spell and PROBABLY HOW TO RESPECT OTHER. MIGHT AS WELL THINK MORE THAN ONCE ON FINDING A JOB CAREER RATHER THAN BEING A WRITER BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU WRITING’S S**KS

  204. You better stop writing thse baseless articles


  205. um


    paul, your research is again, lacking. I can’t believe you don’t even have the common sense to not post such shit upon this website.

    you need help.

  206. Mr. Jamless

    Do you really think J-Hope got plastic surgery when he’s too scared of sharp objects that he did’t even get his ears pierced? If you look at his pre debut photos you can clearly see that his nose and eyes are the same, same goes for the other members.


    Okay let me tell you, BTS DID NOT DO PLASTIC SURGERY OR EVEN OVERDOSES WITH IT. Do your research bitch, its clear in the pictures that BTS DID NOT PERFORM ANY SURGERIES ON THEIR FACES. Can’t see it? Bitch where’s your eyes? USE YOUR EYES AND COMMON SENSE! Fuck off please, you ain’t becoming famous for writing shitty articles. BYE.

  208. Tae with kookies

    Oh, so if someone is taking a good care of their skin, it immediately means they have plastic surgery?? WOW, I can see that obviously ur just jelly.

  209. Paul's At It Again

    You know what’s even funnier than this article itself, all the related articles:

    Paul Resnikoff

    Paul Resnikoff

    Paul Resnikoff

    Paul Resnikoff

    You can clearly see what this guy’s opinion on BTS is just by looking at all of these titles.

  210. P I Z Z A T I M E

    This is the most s a l t y comment section I’ve seen since Mayweather Vs Mcgregor

  211. Tahj Bennett

    You couldn’t be more wrong. As for their “glassy skin” they use korean skin care products for which that is the desired effect. Why don’t you google korean skin care regimens and see the routines they do to maintain their skin. You think their skin looks fake because American skin is garbage and you’ve never seen actual healthy skin before. I’m American and I follow their skin care practices now and my skin looks better everyday

  212. horton hears a lying ass bitch

    Lmao they haven’t had plastic surgery nice try though

  213. Don't you feel ashamed?

    Please don’t dishonor BTS they are not just handsome guys they are musicians. They do their music and performance. Respect them.

    Do you seriously believe that all Korean popstars get surgery? You stupid man…
    I’m Korean, I know Korea has super advanced technique of surgery operations than other countries but that applies same for other medical technologies. And you know what? Korea has many high level massage shops and skin care shops, which have professional beauty managers who have PhD in Human Body. I’m not joking. It’s obvious that Korea has Many industries related to beauty and high cosmetic technology.
    Korean society has a great interest in beauty. That’s why all Koreans you see are beautiful, stylish, have no wrinkles on the face. They seem like that. In fact, There are Pretty, handsome and stylish people spread out in the neighborhood. Since most of people have interested in their styles. It is a problem that our society tends to neglect internal beauty compared to external beauty though.
    Is there any problem with Korean popstars? Especially BTS? I know there are some Korean idols got surgery but they are minorities. And look at their face. Do you seriously think those faces got surgery? Nonsense. Operated face is easily exposed as Koreans have such techs. Reporters like paul living somewhere bring pictures of their childhood faces and have comparison.
    When I hear some people say Koreans are all doing plastic surgery, I ignore them because they are so ridiculous. First, I scout at the stupidity that they think plastic surgery is the only way to be pretty in a short period of time. Second, I shake my head as they cannot show a reliable evidence. Guys please remember the term “sweeping generalization fallacy.” …I believe you’d know this word.
    If you wanted to get the advertising money through this dissemination of false information and the exaggeration of Korean stars, congratulations. You succeeded, displeasing and hurting many people.

  214. Dear Mr. Paul

    So are you saying that good singers are not supposed to look good? And why is it so hard to believe that someone is beautiful? I mean, is beauty that hard to believe, especially when it’s an Asian? Hello, we’re not all banana-yellow and have slanting eyes! I knew I would be spitting shit the moment I see the author’s name (yes, you are gaining reputation for being, stupid, Mr. Resnikoff) but it does no harm to read some stupid shit every now and then in your life. Sometimes I think we shouldn’t waste our time reading these articles and leaving comments at all because that would give the author and the post too much attention that they don’t deserve.

  215. Anonymous

    Half the ‘evidence’ there was fake. If you’re e going to post something do your research. It’s not plastic surgery, it’s amazing skincare. If you care about plastic surgery that much then why don’t you publish articles about other people who have done plastic surgery. Don’t pretend that other artists haven’t got a thing or two fixed ?.

  216. Paul is a jealous and insecure excuse of a man

    Where did u get ur journalism degree from? I don’t think there was a single objective paragraph in you article. Instead, it was filled with jealousy and bias. Keep your envious thoughts to yourself cuz while your sitting behind a screen writing hate, BTS are being unbothered kings and making millions.

  217. DUMBASS

    Ok im going to say this and im going to say this once…Shut the F*** up ok. It’s called hormones and growing up. I Mean look ur dumbass probably looks different every 2 to 3 years I mean come on… And why did you put Hoseok in there, it just asking to be bashed and fucking ran over. and the pictures are photoshopped but if you look at them the first one is called smiling (which you probably never do) and if you looked at him smiling in his debut days hell even his predebut days his smile is always like that. So please shut the fuck up and get your facts strait.

    Thank you not really dumbass

  218. Multi-fandom GuRrRlL

    It’s sad that no amount of plastic surgery will fix your brain and stuck-up ass

  219. Multi-fandom GuRrRlL

    the worst part is, the title claims BTS are “plastic surgery addicts”

  220. Anonymous

    ??? they don’t need plastic surgery they are already beautiful with their natural beauty (they don’t need makeup either, I mean have you seen them without makeup, they look human. Yes. But they look like beautiful humans) they are so kind hearted, that them looking good is just a bonus for the fans.

  221. Dont publish things without confirming

    I gotta say one thing… Get your facts straight.. First of all plastic surgery is normal in korea so you are no one to judge even if they did those surgeries.. You can have your opinion but dont publish it in articles because it’s not gonna be appreciated at all… Second even a surgery expert commented that they didnt have surgery and most of the changes resulted from puberty and weight loss.. I mean look at their crazy routine… Third dont see whitewashed photos and photos with makeup on.. If u see the natural ones you would know they are normal… So please dont call BTS addicts in a title which should have been dedicated to sunscreen launch when they are naturally beautiful

  222. someone slap this guy with a dead fish

    u idiot.

    there is no point bickering w/ u assholes.
    lord knows why ur hatin on them so much

    love yourself, sweetie

    cuz if u keep like that, no one else will

  223. hey author, go commit self-deletus

    just because someone’s looks mature with age, doesn’t mean they got plastic surgery. in that case everyone did. stop trying to bring them down, because in the end karma will get ya. they have accomplished many things; breaking world records, while ya type random ass shit away to get a salary.

    from: legit everyone who read this, including moi
    to: a fucking asshole

    ya better stop before i find u w/ the rest of the bts army

    and u don’t want that to happen….

    srsly, imagine being a retard who has to do this for a living

    welp bye ya ugly shit bag.

    hope u at least gain 1/2 a braincell, and do some research first.

    good luck sweetie, this ain’t gonna always cut it.