BTS Faces Brand-New Plagiarism Charges on ‘Bon Voyage’

BTS 'No Signal' Intro
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Last year, BTS faced blistering accusations of plagiarizing Big Bang’s ‘No Signal’ intro.  Are they doing it all over again?

Is BTS blatantly copying Big Bang — again?

That’s the latest accusation facing the group after the release of their ‘Bon Voyage’ season two trailer.  ‘Bon Voyage’ is a series that follows the Kpop group as they adventure in exotic locations.

But it may also be a secret insult against Big Bang.

For season 2, BTS hits Hawaii and goes through the basic tourist routine: snorkeling, skydiving, and watching sunsets.  But before the video can even begin, BTS shockingly reuses the ‘No Signal’ intro that generated so much controversy in 2016.

That’s when the group was heavily blasted by Big Bang VIPs for using the multi-colored ‘No Signal’ motif to intro their performance at the Gaonchart Music Awards.  VIPs quickly noted that Big Bang’s T.O.P had used the same exact intro idea just months earlier.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two intros.

First, here’s the Big Bang intro used by T.O.P:

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And here’s the intro subsequently used by the Bangtan Boys:

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The similarities were just too close to be ignored.  But BTS quickly denied the allegations, claiming that Gaonchart organizers concocted the introduction.  “Our side did not prepare the production for BTS’ stage in general,” the group’s label Big Hit Entertainment stated.

Of course, BTS definitely approved this intro from Bon Voyage.

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The ‘No Signal’ motif even appears later in the ‘Bon Voyage’ video.

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All of which raises the question: is BTS just adding insult to injury, rubbing Big Bang’s face in their newfound success?

The strike could be happening at a cruel moment.  Big Bang’s T.O.P is suffering through a low-point, nearly dying after a tranquilizer overdose.  Meanwhile, G-Dragon seems to be battling through drastic weight loss, and maybe anorexia after his solo tour.

Here’s a look at the ‘Bon Voyage’ season two trailer.

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    • Geoff

      I agree with u like. Just stop, somehow it’s just annoying me.

      • False accusations by fake reporter

        This so called Paul should really prepare for an outrage and a huge waves of reports.

      • devoted army

        yeah me too. does bringing bts down and trying to make ppl hate them rly bless ur career or in any ways make ur life better? nah. u need to know that bigbang doesnt own that 🙂

      • Fake Reporters

        I wish these fake reporters would end this madness. Don’t spread rumors like this, because all you will get is hate. It may be because they want attention. These reporters are attention whores.

        • hate fake reporters *cough*specially you*cough*

          yeah. maybe he thinks this is the way he could be ‘famous’ or ‘well known’ , for spreading fake news!!

    • Jfjfjfj

      Omg, Calvin Harris and Rihanna used the no signal sign in there mv This Is What You Came For, they must have totally totally totally copied Big Bang! No of course not losers

    • Anon

      Can’t we sue Paul for defamation?
      I mean he’s writing baseless shit to bring BTS down obviously.

      • a smartass unlike paul

        good point. or maybe he just likes pissing off armys lol.

        • seokjinnie

          He wants money. The more army’s click on these, the more money he gets.

    • Anonymous

      I know that I will get a lot of hate on this comment. But I haven’t heard a single Kpop song that I like yet. No disrespect of any kind to kpop, because I know that it just isn’t my taste of music. However, my younger sister is completely obsessed with this style of music. She is so obsessed to the point where she was depressed, and unhappy with herself, because she couldn’t be like them. I witnessed this for a couple of years, nothing I could say or do would bring her courage to face the world, back up. I started worrying when she was saying she was thinking about killing herself. I was so scared, because my parents couldn’t seem to do anything. My sister is highly obsessed with people who have no idea in the world she exists. And the makes me upset. Not at Kpop, but at the fact that they only Upload and put on the internet an image of what they want people to see. My sister truly believes that these people are perfect and that she would be happy living with them for the rest of her life. I know that this doesn’t only happen with Kpop, and it happens with every genre of music, and things. But this is just an awareness message, because I am scared, not only for my sister, but for everyone who has an obsession which has taken over them to the point where they are extremely unhappy. Please be cautious. Thank you!

  1. Hannah

    Guys. Don’t worry. Army are working to report this guy. Just ignore him and his pettiness. His life must be so boringm

      • Elsa

        He’s the founder of this website, jack shit is going to happen lmao

  2. ugh

    … seriously?

    Big Bang/TOP did not invent the SMPTE color bars. And they certainly weren’t the first group to use them as imagery. Stop reaching.

  3. *verifies that this page has no humanity* nope, at least do

    Guess whos getting dissed in cypher pt5!
    *cough* YOU *cough*
    its gonna burn

    • Ddaeng

      Please, he’s not relevant enough to be addressed or dissed ?A poorly written personal blog review. Even calling him fake ‘reporter’ is a waste. His name & reporter should never be in the same sentence.

  4. army forever

    Omg! “Rubbing on BigBang’s face” can they be anymore dramatic, they are lit drama queen, did yg patent the ‘no signal’ or something. NO! So just mind your own bussiness, you whining jealous baby

  5. minahkim

    Guys(armies)! Don’t give this shit, they’re just jealous. We will always be there to protect our boys



    *HEY paul!! we NEED to see in a PERSON. duh u trying enough to be brave and evil to hate on BTS behind ur s*** article. let me know where do u live,u never know what will i do if i ever meet u!!

  7. Angry A.R.M.Y

    Okay first thing. BigBang did not invent that pic
    Bts has not Plagarised it. The only charges they are facing arw the ones from people like you. So please do us a fav and check your info before you post this. Also BTSs role models are BigBang members. They wont do anything to hurt them.

  8. Fuck off Paul

    Ikr! as soon as I saw the title I knew who it was. He can just leave cause the door is wide open.

  9. Anonymous

    Guys I copied Big Bang I put the same glitch picture in my school presentation oh my VIP will sue me what should I do

  10. Anonymous

    Guys I copied Big Bang I put the same glitch picture in my school presentation oh my VIP will sue me what should I do I’m going to get sued by YG

      • Anonymous

        And let’s say I am ARMY and I don’t care about this shit

  11. grow up

    okay first, big bang did not invent the no signal image. second, you do know that bts looks up to big bang right, with jungkook and jimin even having a bias in the group. seriously you did see the fancam of both groups interacting at the award show last year right? so much fangirling was happening on bangtans side. and thirdly, if you actually got to know the bts group half as well as an army does then you would know that the boys aren’t like that. you don’t have to like the group, but seriously stop slandering bts. idiot.

  12. Invisistill

    As a 80s/90s kid everyone used that as a cut-to. This is really stupid.

  13. Bts fan

    This article is pure thrash. What a petty moron.

  14. paul is bitter because bts are breaking records meanwhile he's writing for a website with the word digital in the title

    because bigbang has totally trademarked the “no signal” screens that have been appearing on literally every television in existence since they were invented, right?

    • Bb bp

      The title bashes bts but the content bashes bigbang ..congrats yg family for g dragon for having the most countries with top 1 in worldwide itunes album chart among korean and to blackping having the most viewed group video entitled as if it your last in 24 hours not only in kpop group but worldwide.

  15. someone you can share your wifi with

    honestly, im quite impressed with those people called true haters. no matter who they hate or how much the hatred is (until it couldn’t be measured anymore), the true haters will still digging ‘facts’, following their updates, looking for infos and all. its impressive to me though cause this paul boy has all the time to get up to date all about bangtan and wasting his internet on something he hates pfft (better kau bagi aku je wifi kau tu) why don’t you try to like them instead? no harm will follow you, I guarantee.

  16. Nah

    Paul this is so unproffesional. Youre ruining the image of this site, im not a fan of bts but you sound… so dumb. That ‘No Signal’ thing has been used already a long time ago, not just bigbang…

    • Your internet mother!

      I know, this has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read on the internet, and that’s saying a lot. Yes I am a BTS fan but even otherwise, I don’t believe someone would actually think BigBang own the “No Signal” image that’s been used universally for decades. I’ve got to laugh really. I think Paul must know and is just writing a load of rubbish for traffic. Anyway, he’s not getting my traffic (well maybe if I need a good laugh every once in a while)! See ya Paul, have a good life, lol amazing!

  17. Send help for Paul

    Guys! PLS send screenshots about this, even Paul’s other articles about BTS! We all need answers here and we have to email them about Paul so they might notice when there’s a lot of emails about this issue. Ok tnx im out.

  18. anon

    you know the articles that you write about bts are defamation/slanderous? well done on ruining any credibility this site may have once had in the past



  20. Find some actuall material to write about

    It’s true bts did plagiarise big bang they’ve were born first then bts were born .big bag was a group first then bts decided to copy them again

    • Anonymous

      and actually big bang copied tons of musicians that stand before their existence too..just like what others did lmao can someone improve himself without any reference?

    • Paul you’re a fucking hoe

      Actually no… BTS did not plagiarize anyone, I’m pretty damn sure Bib Bang do not own the SMPTE color bars that have legit been around since televisions were first invented.

  21. Paul is shit bts is hit

    Wow why don’t you change the name of your “music” website to lol. Seriously actually Big Bang plagiarized that damn screen from Spongebob Squarepants lol but whatever big bang are God right? They are the sole creator of this entire universe.

  22. Sarcasm queen

    OMG my bigbang oppas invented everything.,the tie that you are wearing, the oxygen that you are respiring,the food that you are eating ,the skin that you have.. Get it? How inauthentic bts is? Like they had the guts to use the iconic trademark no signal screen which no one other than Big Bang have used before ? I sent an email to YG personally requesting him to file a
    million dollar lawsuit against nasty bts and they said they will share the penalized money with all the VIPs

  23. Hardcore Blink

    Dear Paul Resnikoff, this attempt by BTS is a nothing but a savage way to show u guys that they don’t give a fuck about haters, they can fucking do whatever they want…and I work in a Broadcasting company which uses this no signal out ro for 20years….so I can sue BigBang as well…but I know…outro can’t be copyrighted so I won’t attempt….BTS is currently the best Kpop Group, better than Bigbang…even Kpop agencies CEOs agrees….so no matter what you do you can’t pull BTS down….

    So calm urself and read this article

    And I swear to god if u do this with BLinks and BLACKPINK I will rape you…public..

  24. Anon

    Dear Paul,
    What a pathetic life you have.I feel sorry for you bro…get a life and grow sound like a jealous kid who got his candy stolen by some rando…haha… I’ll pray for your soul..Amen.

    P.s you suck at your job.

    P.p.s I’m one hundred percent sure that BTS don’t even know you don’t try this hard son..go meditate ?

  25. Paul needs help, refer him to psychiatrist please!

    Pathetic as always Paul..really, you should check yourself in a mental hospital already. Your nonsense hate against BTS is consuming you so much.
    Going to a psychologist or psychiatrist will help you.

  26. Paul is a pathetic psycho

    I know that a BTS antifan is paying Paul to write libelous articles about BTS , but Paul’s pure personal hatred against BTS and ARMYs are bordering on psychotic, it’s getting scary.
    One day Paul will go to a killing spree..that’s how scary Paul is getting nowadays. Psychotic. Full of hatred. Pitiful.

  27. BossAssBitch

    While Paul is providing Big Hit with more evidence to that are to be used against him in order to sue him for defamation, BTS remains unbothered and adds a couple of millions of dollars to their bank account with every breath they take.

  28. An Annoyed Human

    First, I can’t believe this writer could think BTS would decide to “secretly insult” BigBang, especially since quite a few of BigBang’s members are BTS’s role model’s. The controversy from 2016 didn’t persuade me that the stole BigBang’s “Original” intro because who doesn’t use the “No Signal” once in their life. It was just an intro, it’s also quite likely some western singers used “No Signal” (I don’t actually know, that’s why I said “likely”). Is it just me or is this reporter just an angry VIP trying to throw shade? (Probably)

    • An Annoyed Human

      I also think BigBang doesn’t give two shits about this.


    for God’s sake could you just stop spreading news about BTS with out even getting the words confirmed by BigHit? Cut your bullshit juseyo

  30. You idiot

    do you really want attention that much? guess so.. i feel sorry for u.. Not.

  31. PAUL THE -

    Once upon a time, there was this jealous human-look-like shit, that had nothing better to do ( in his life ) than to hate seven boys. Very cool, Paul, I hope your mommy’s proud of you.

  32. Anonymous

    As a VIP, I have to say, we have a lot more to worry about, than with this shit, so stop.

  33. Chong Jojun Balsa

    This guy’s been loving all the attention. Good or bad it’s still attention. Good luck on your life though, it won’t be long ’til someone will end it. hahaha

  34. Amen.

    Army..??!!! To stop Paul from writing the TRUTH…??!! These dumb ass kids sound so fuckin’ stupid defending these geisha-faced-faggot wannabe “artist”… Paul is just doing his reporting, in America that’s called Freedom of speech you dumb shits. The coolest thing about this site is that I could leave a comment and not have to hear back from you dummies. So yes I guess it’s called trolling, but I can do that. FUCK all Kpop CRAP. Thank God they will all grow up and no one will know about them in 20 years.

    • Don't mess with armies

      If you don’t care about “all kpop crap” why are you in this website then. Get ur life straight. Don’t disrespect army’s. If you knew the truth then you wouldn’t bash against us about commenting.

    • can you please shut the FUCK up

      Well then us ARMYs can say whatever we want about this Paul guy because according to you, it’s ” freedom of speech”. Also, I never knew that using an intro that had been invented since there was colour television was considered “copying”. You do know that you sound pathetic trying to defend this Paul guy right? Ahhhh I get it now, he probably bribed you to defend him from all the hate he is getting from ARMYs. Is it tiring trying to defend this lil shit? Poor you, it must’ve been hard. Oh no, what should we do now?

    • ARMY forever

      All Kpop crap?? The only crap that even exists is you.

    • Paul you’re a fucking hoe

      You know what else is in America? Defamation. Libel. Slander. AKA, grounds for a lawsuit against this dipshit that thinks that Big Bang, somehow, owns the SMPTE color bars that have been around for decades. Righttttt…

  35. Somebody with half a brain

    Uh, for one thing BTS are HUGE fans of Big Bang and would never dare be salty or give shade on their idols… For another thing I never knew Big Bang has copyrights on something that’s pretty much been around since the invention of, idk, color tv?… Like, can you get a writer with even just half a brain please…

  36. ARMY can be better than the author

    Hey ARMY instead of insulting the dweeb for posting trash articles let’s write a systematic response to every inaccuracy in the comment section of future articles of this nature. The first person to comment can begin the retort and future commentators can continue if needed by replying to the first commentator. That way we can create a thread containing the truth so that non BTS fans will have the opportunity to learn how unreliable the article was. I hope we can adopt this method or something similar since swearing at the author hasn’t made him remove, correct or stop writing these faulty articles. Remember we are the face of Bangtan

  37. Punishable by Law

    I kid you not, this ‘no signal’ screen is used absolutely everywhere. Other kpop artists are and even youtubers use it. I see it everyday on television and it was a legal requirement that it be used for my media exam.

    I think you, Paul, need to stop this foolish crusade to damage the reputation of BTS. What you are doing is clearly targeting BTS specifically. Other ‘news’ you post regarding other groups is positive with perhaps the occasional genuine scandal. However, every single BTS article you publish is slander and reflects the group negatively. This is considered defamation and if Bighit decide to do so they CAN press charges. If this doesn’t stop, as a law student I will personally gather all evidence I can find and present it to Bighit. You are using the media to tarnish the reputation of BTS with biased, unsourced, and pure hateful commentary. It ends NOW!

  38. Sincerely, Someone who wishes you a healthy mental recovery

    Omg!! Then am I accused as well?? Cuz that is exactly what appeared on my television screen when I lost signal! ? like srsly? Get a life! I am pretty sure VIPs are not that shallow! T.O.P did not invent that damn thing! And why would BTS rub their success in BigBang’s face? What’s there to rub in the first place? They are huge fanbiys of BigBang for god’s sake!

  39. Anonymous

    Why do u bother writing senseless shenanigans that noone believes?

  40. Anonymous

    Since I first saw the issue with the ‘no signal’, I wanted to saw that bts has done no signal before on their live performance before any of these issue started rising. Of course there’s gunna be thing that people do stuff that people have already done and it’s gunna continue to happen that life. It’s tiring to see these articles by you, and read by them when they’re just biased by being against bts. If you want respect as a writer, then learn to respect what you write and who you write about.

  41. Ajmeri_Promi

    Gosh this fucking site is really annoying?
    This stupid continuously spreading false news n exaggerated everything. We should take some strict action??

  42. Anonymous

    I swear do people understand the true meaning of the word “plagiarism?” Because WOW. This is freakin ridiculous. It was ridiculous when these accusations happened last year and it’s ridiculous now. This is NOT plagiarism. Because T.O.P and BIGBANG do not own the rights to that signal. They did NOT invent it. It is NOT their intellectual property. It does NOT belong to them. They have absolutely NO rights over it. Just because T.O.P happened to use it in a live performance does not mean that other artists are now suddenly forbidden from ever using it again. Because BIGBANG are nowhere near the first artists to use it and they certainly won’t be the last. I would also like to point out that BIGBANG “borrowed” ideas from Michael Jackson in a live performance. And it’s not just me saying that. BIGBANG themselves straight up said in an interview -and this is a direct quote- “we borrowed the idea from Michael Jackson.” So why is it ok for BIGBANG to “borrow” ideas from other artists but BTS using the “No Signal” is not ok and suddenly it’s “plagiarism” just because T.O.P happened to use it? Which again this is NOT plagiarism because like I said BIGBANG do NOT own the legal rights to that signal. They did NOT invent it. It is NOT their property. It does NOT belong to them.

  43. Very pissed off at PAUL RESNIKOFF

    Paul, do you even know the real meaning of plagiarism? Big Bang may have been the first band to use this intro, but it’s not owned by them because these intros are used in so many videos such as tv shows and projects. Whoever created this intro gave permission to other people to use it because it is NOT COPYRIGHTED!!!! Since this intro does not belong to Big Bang, you should not write an article regarding BTS’ use of the intro interpreted in a way that makes them look like they did something illegal. It’s okay that not everyone likes BTS but writing false articles about them will get you nowhere near popularity but only hate. So if you want to continue ruining your life writing articles that defame other artists, then go ahead. No one will believe you. If you don’t have the right information and evidence to back up your claim, I suggest you buy a dictionary and something called logic.

  44. Get a life and watch some Bangtan Bombs Paul


    Yeah, I get it, BTS is MUCH more popular and successful than you’ll ever be in your entire miserable life, (not that you have one). But that doesn’t mean you can go around spread all this false crap about BTS. Instead of writing all these crappy and fake articles, how about you go and inform yourself on how BTS made it to the top while watching some crack videos and Bangtan Bombs. Okay?

    Like seriously. You don’t know annyeonghasayo? You don’t know infires? You seriously have no jams.

  45. VIP and ARMY

    bruh… just chill Paul and get your a life…you aren’t a reporter! Your research is miserable…you will pay for this one day…The only thing I can do is to give the comments here right… so Paul
    I hope you stay healthy 🙂

  46. ARMY

    Now you know how it feels when you’re a Muslim and trying to defend Islam by saying (if you don’t know the truth then don’t talk) I’m a Muslim ARMY and now i have 2 important things to me that i have to defend ❤❤



  48. paul is so......gosh....

    Who knows how to delete the site?

  49. True army❤


  50. you're a middle aged man why are you so obsessed with insulting a korean boy band

    paul bruh you need to get some help

  51. Lol does your wife not sleep with you anymore? Kids ignore you when you go home? I would hate you too.

  52. Proud BTS army


  53. A.R.M.Y

    IF YOU WERE TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK, look at how damn happy BTS was in the trailer for Bon Voyage season 2! Why the hell are VIP’s demanding apologies, I demand them leave BTS alone! ‘BTS copied BigBang T.O.P’s intro’. If that is so then why is BigBang copying from the T.V in the first place.

  54. our faves remains unbothered

    bitch its a no signal sign. how many times will we say that top doesnt own the no signal sign? fucking grow up dude. (bes nakakaputangina talaga siya)

  55. DAT Boi

    I’m like 9999% sure that Big Bang is BTS’ role model soooo….they wouldn’t mock them ? Taehyung especially expressed his love for big bang and they can often be seen dancing to it, singing their songs or even just playing it in the background. BTS has a tonne of respect for those in the industry of entertainment. Especially their Sunbaes which includes big bang.

  56. Anonymous

    Bitch it’s not like bigbang own everything… Don’t get me wrong I’m a Vip and an army. this really annoyed me

  57. Beutiful cute and angry ARMY dissing paulsh*t

    pffft! this article is trash !!!!! hahahahaha better throw it in the garbage paul or else you are the who will be thrown in the garbage with the mighty ARMYS! Grrr! take my advice paully ^_^ awabyu! ^_- (eww that last worf I said is shit! hahahaha btw be ready for cyher pt 5)

  58. Never visiting this site again

    I’m not an ‘Army’, but I’m very put off by this piece of trash posting. I say ‘postng’, because ‘news’ and ‘article’, would be false descriptions. The title/heading is misleading clickbait and the content is horse shit. Do you even understand what the implications of “Brand-New Plagerism Charges’? It implies that a crime was committed and legal action is involved. It also implies a history of similar crimes being committed by the accused. The title/headline and the entire posting is inflammatory, full of unwarranted defamation. I am 40+yrs old and let me tell you. Neither T.O.P. or Big Bang were remotely the first to use the t.v. signoff signal on stage or video. And how massive a piece of shit must you be to even insinuate that BTS (or anyone) would use their rise in popularity, as an opportunity to kick and step on Big Bang, T.O.P., or any other artist, when they are down or vulnerable? Grow the fuck up and get some integrity before you continue posting anything you think is ‘news’ worthy.

  59. Paul...

    Your writing is seriously pitiful. Do you not have something better to waste your time on? I honestly cannot believe someone has not reported you yet.

  60. with best wishes (?)

    ”… is BTS just adding insult to injury, rubbing Big Bang’s face in their newfound success?” and other.
    I’m sorry, but you have no shame or what? You dare to talk about controversy? The only one making ”controversy” (out of nothing) is you and it’s not even funny.
    You know it’s not the best way to make views? That’s quite pitiable way…

  61. Yeah~

    Honestly, I think writing this kind of articles are pointless. It’s not like we can change anything. It already happened, the boys denied the allegations so why don’t we just forget about that? I mean, let the boys have their chills.

  62. Just Stop.

    I’m so sorry that Big Bang invented the ‘no signal’. Not to offend anyone, but just because Big Bang used that before BTS, doesn’t mean they OWN it. Say.. If I wear a red polo, would that mean no one can?
    This article is just asking to be bashed. I suppose there’s nothing else to report, yeah?

  63. Oh

    Oh, and might I add that they’re BTS’ role models? Do your research. If you did, this article wouldn’t have existed. And again, Big Bang does NOT own that intro. None of them are trying to insult each other. Why must you try to create some poor excuse of news?

  64. Diabeticsuga

    Bigbang isn’t the only victim, SHINee, EXO as well. The members attend their concerts with their notes and conveniently forget where they copied it from. They are black stain on creativity.

  65. Fabi

    Paul, come out of the closet already! I know you like them but they don’t like you and you are just bitter. Stop it. You are lame enough.

  66. Common sense

    Nothing is NEW UNDER THE FUCKING SUN YOU DUCKING IDIOTS WHO CLAIM EVERYTHING IS A DAMN COPY. Where there is success, there’s fucking assholes who want to tear them down.

    • Common sense

      When autocorrect says ducking but you mean FUCKING

  67. Army

    Wow people really do anything for views these days.
    From writing fake news to even making a big deal about things no one is really worried about. It’s funny when nonpopular sites fake write things about successful people who don’t even know they exist just to try to receive any type of attention. That’s how low this writer is and the site for allowing such content.

  68. StopUrHarassment.

    So you telling me that Bigbang or whatever invented the no signal thing so that he has a copyright on it??!!!

    Just search the damN history before writing article and accusing a global artist for your fame… ?

  69. Hiss

    A poorly written personal blog review that is claimed to be an ‘article’. Even calling him fake ‘reporter’ is a waste. His name & reporter should never be in the same sentence.