Big Bang VIPs Shocked at G-Dragon’s Drastic Weight Loss

Big Bang's G-Dragon
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Big Bang’s G-Dragon looked strikingly thin during an appearance in Wednesday in Seoul. VIPs pointed to drastic weight loss, and expressed concern following T.O.P’s drug overdose.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the members of Big Bang.  Earlier this month, member T.O.P brushed with death after overdosing on tranquilizers (and possibly other drugs).  T.O.P survived, but now attention is shifting towards another potentially troubled member: G-Dragon.

Just yesterday, G-Dragon made an appearance at Chanel’s ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ Exhibition in Seoul.  The singer was looking drastically thin, with VIPs questioning whether the singer is suddenly anorexic.

Here are just a few troubling shots fans snapped (or videotaped) during the event.

Big Bang's G-Dragon
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Big Bang's G-Dragon Performs at Privé
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Big Bang's G-Dragon at Privé
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Now, compare that to this photo from last year’s Gaon Chart Music Awards.

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G-Dragon in Gaon Chart Music Awards, 2016 (Photo: gasi0308 (CC by 2.0))

That was less than one year ago, prompting serious alarms among fans.  “He looks sick,” one fan stated. “He’s so underweight,” another observed.

Others questioned if the singer is suffering from anorexia, or simply not eating regularly on tour.   “He must’ve lost weight from his solo tour,” another fan commented.  “Please eat well.”

Big Bang’s T.O.P Suffers Massive Tranquilizer Overdose (Updated)

Meanwhile, no word on the recovery of fellow Big Banger T.O.P, though it’s hard to imagine either are putting on the pounds.  All of which raises some questions over whether the non-stop rigors of Kpop stardom are affecting the pair.  Just this morning, AoA member ChoA announced her retirement, and blamed depression, anxiety, and persistent insomnia for the break.  Those are hazards for any popular group, though Big Bang has a blaring spotlight to deal with.

All of which raises some questions about newer Kpop outfits like BTS and EXO.  Both groups are now enjoying a surge in popularity, though intense pressure from relentless touring and fan adulation.  Indeed, rumors of forced plastic surgery and grueling appearance schedules is enough to exhaust anyone, and younger stars are undoubtedly susceptible to melting down.

More as this develops.

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    There is a problem with your “https,” no green highlight, you might want to check that out.

  2. Exo-L

    GDragon is overdosing on Crystal Meth I think….or maybe Plastic surgery….anyways he still looks nasty…he can’t even be compared to Baekhyuns sexy face….I guess his surgery went wrong lol…but most likely he is overdosing of Crystal Meth…he is a drugs user all knows…I think he wants to kick bucket already….because he is flopping his Music nowadays

    • Another Exo-L

      Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are so hateful towards him?

    • VIP Army

      Absolutely disgusting. I have massive respect for Exo but they pale in comparison to G-Dragon who is a legend and an icon in all aspects.

      • Kim.

        Legend and icon….????!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Delusional.

    • BB

      G-Dragon is one of the most iconic figures in K-Pop and continues to sell millions. His latest album has been a great success so pease stfu. How can you even compare someone as great and legendary as him to Exo. (Not hating on exo as they are also talented). And seriously, he’s nasty? I for one and millions around the world happen to think he looks hot so sit down.

      • Kim.

        Most iconic figures in pop… Key word: pop. Lol. Boy Bands are not even icons in America so how could some imitation knock-offs from Korea be of such status… Guess no great modern music has ever came from over there… Kind of like a poor man making a million dollars for the first time… Understandable I guess…;)

        • Not U

          FYI Kim,

          G-Dragon and Big Bang are very much loved in the US…where do you live? Under a rock. Or are you some hillbilly who is a son of a short dick?

          Go away, and take your little tail w/ U.

    • K-Pop Girl

      The manners and the rude comments you are showing is uncalled for. as a Fan of Exo and Big Bang I do not agree with your I’ll manners. You can’t assume that he’s doing Crystal meth because for we know he is isn’t and I doubt he’ll stoop to that kind of drugs. So what if he got caught with weed once and is he does smoke it who cares, it’s just weed it’s practically legal in the U.S and most place now. It’s less harmful than drinking alcohol you dip. G-dragon is a very popular, and highly successful artist that is envied by his fan all over the world. For f**cks sake half of EXO might be doing drugs for all we know, just because it’s not scandalized or even if it is doesn’t mean that they’re not or if it true.

    • Maya

      Such a respectless comment you should be ashamed of yourself. As an EXO-L myself I’m ashamed to have you in this fandom. G-Dragon and BigBang are legendary artists and can not be compared to EXO. Next time you better write nothing than write something hateful.

    • sicarose

      Would you like, shut up and respect people? Unlike you, he’s following his dreams and succeeding. Have some respect cause you don’t know what you can cause with a comment like that.

    • Smartiepants

      Your fucking idol can’t never compared of how accomplish is g dragon. Overdosing you say so what many of the greatest genius of history in music has done it. And is his fucking personal life.I can bet your little shitty idol is fucking strangers. And you think your babys in exo havent use plastic surgery their fucking face is silicon you dumb shit

    • Yet Another EXO-L

      Why are you being so salty? You do know that Bacon being Bacon don’t even have a face to show off. Just stop lurking on the internet and enjoy his music will u

    • Havira

      I understand you love EXO. I mean who doesn’t? But that does not give you the right to talk bad things about other artists who try so hard to produce songs that makes us feel good. G-Dragon is amazing and he will continue to be amazing. Please don’t say such things about someone who you don’t even know. He might be suffering from depression for all we know. Just don’t. I apologise if you’re upset by this.

    • Human

      He’s just detoxed ya colon cleansing to be clear of anything for current police inspection

    • unimportant

      So you’re an Exo-L, good for you. Your comment was irrelevant and inappropriate and frankly it’s childish comments like yours that attract unwanted attention. Unless your a stuck up princess who likes this attention

    • An Angry VIP

      You need to gtfo. Obviously you are the one overdosing on Crystal Meth if you think that G-Dragon’s music is flopping. He is 10 million times more successful than you have ever, and will ever be.

      It is people like you who cause so much hatred between fandoms, saying shit like that about members from other bands. How about you just stick to your own damn fandom and stay outta mine if you don’t have anything nice to say?

    • Just another vip

      Can you not talk bad stuff about other band. I get it youre and exo-l. Then why dont you just mind your own fandom bussiness..
      If you dont have any good words to say then please just shut up. Why would you mind even reading about gd article if you dont like it.
      You do realize that people like you are the one making the face of your own fandom look bad.
      If you dont respect my fandom then please at leasy have respect for your own fandom and yourself.

    • Anon

      That is honestly so rude if you don’t have something nice to say them don’t say anything at all!! It’s none of your business anyways

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s kinda plain rude…
      No offence but seriously

    • Multi-Fan

      Um wtf youre just giving a bad name to EXO youre probably not even an Exo-L you’re just trying to make them look bad smh. But dont bash my G-Dragon what you say about him is all false so I couldnt care less about idiotic opinion.

    • dandelion.98

      You’re a total disgrace to your fandom …. please leave this world .
      Gdragon is a legend and all the present Kpop artist look up to him as a role model . He’s just a hard working person trying to pursue his dreams .
      Of course EXO is awesome but not as awesome and cool as the first pioneers of KPOP culture .
      Mind you .
      And you talk shit as if you’ve known him for so many years.. Get a life .

    • phynia from army

      Can we just focus that their in need of love, care and company and judging them based on something that was probably forced upon them is just tactless. You need to be more loving and look at the bigger picture. Your favourite kpop idol could be going through the same things in a couple of years and that’s really sad and frightening for me especially as an army.

    • L

      This is disgusting. You comparing idols to others, while saying they look nasty? This is complete bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that’s entirely bullshit. And I think you know it.

    • Bacon

      Baek who? I know a place that does great “bacon sarnie”. Yeah that’s right, irrelevant because he’s a nobody. Get over it salty fish!

  3. Athina

    No wonder exo-ls are known for being rude and ill mannered. See above comment for example.

    • Maya

      Don’t generalize please. There are black sheeps in every fandom..

      • Anonymous again

        Oh well that’s the darkest sheep I’m looking at

  4. Haneul

    Honestly I hope he gets better and that there is nothing wrong.

  5. Anonymous

    I lost a scary amount of weight when I went on antidepressants because a side effect was suppressing appetite. Maybe G-Dragon is having something similar?

  6. K.J. Y O N G

    gd must be tired because his solo tour. i hope he okay

  7. W O O P

    G-Dragon is just having a rough patch and by drastically losing weight, it doesn’t mean that he’s doing Crystal Meth. And what does his weight loss have got to do with plastic surgery, you stupid asses? Youngjae from BAP took the effort to loose weight and he was accused of plastic surgery. Hahahahaha. You guys are so quick to point a finger and jugde. I guess seeing them successful and loved by practically millions must have sent you off the edge because you want to know why? You’re all so unhappy of that fact? Why, again, do you ask? Because you can’t be successful in life. That really explains why you’re so quick to bash people. This spells another thing; not successful = having lots of time = bored = nothing else to do. So you go around sending childish hate comments when you should be appreciating all the singers’ songs.

  8. 11:24

    gdragon is god- granted the other idols are talented but still its gd- one of the most famous artists. i hope his ok, healthy and not doing drugs. hopefully the big bang members r supportign each other. pray 4 gd and top ;(

  9. 11:24

    gdragon is god- granted the other idols are talented but still its gd- one of the most famous artists. i hope his ok, healthy and not doing drugs. hopefully, the big bang members r supporting each other. pray 4 gd and top ;(
    im despressed now

  10. You say wut

    GD and the rest of BigBang are the KINGS
    Don’t even compare them to those who have not reached half of what they have achieved.

  11. Lala

    Damn! I think he looks hotter than ever! and I most certainly would like to know the “diet” he’s been doing to have lost so much weight in so little time!!

  12. evelyn

    honestly im just fuckin worried,, i just want him to be healthy and happy. even if that means leaving kpop for a while, or smoking some pot here and there or just disappear for a bit.. idc ill love and support him for as long as he needs 🙁

  13. Anonymous.

    G-Dragon uploaded something incredibly ominous on the 12th of October, 2017. Shortly after the completion of his Act 3: M.O.T.T.E world tour, relating to the DVD being released. Subsequently to Dara’s cheerful monologue, the video transitions to saddening music, and G-Dragon undergoing a medical CT scan, which then forwards to a photo of his lungs, appearing diseased. Could G-Dragon be suffering from a detrimental illness that results with drastic weight loss? Is his “detrimental illness” the reason why he has been so sick and despondent as of late? Could it be?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. In the military, gained weight, and doing very well thank you.

  14. Tatina. Soto

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