Prodigy Died of ‘Accidental Asphyxiation,’ Autopsy to Show

Mobb Deep's Prodigy (right)
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Mobb Deep half Prodigy ultimately died from unintentional suffocation, not sickle cell anemia, an autopsy is expected to show.

Prodigy’s sudden and shocking death may have been preventable, according to unconfirmed details received this morning.  The Mobb Deep rapper died on June 20th, though the cause of death remains unknown.

Earlier, it was confirmed that Prodigy had been committed to hospital care for chronic sickle cell anemia.  The condition, which disproportionately affects those of African descent, requires recurring medical care.  But the disease itself appeared to be manageable, with Prodigy obviously treating the issue successfully for decades.

In fact, Prodigy was on a full-blown Art of Rap tour when the hospitalization occurred.

Now, it appears that Prodigy died of a preventable accident while in hospital care.  A source tied to the death has now informed Digital Music News that an autopsy will mark the cause of death as ‘accidental asphyxiation,’ referring to an object lodged into Prodigy’s windpipe.

That corroborates an earlier (also unconfirmed) report.  Earlier, TMZ claimed that Prodigy had ‘choked on an egg,’ also citing a hospital source.  At present, the family has declined to share the actual cause of death.

Coroners in Las Vegas will be handling the autopsy.  But the source stressed that an autopsy may take several months to formally complete, as standard procedure.

The source also noted that no ‘drugs of excessive quantity’ were found in the rapper’s system.  The suggests a bit of weed, and nothing more.  Earlier, Prodigy has faced criminal charges for marijuana possession, though his biggest legal issues came from weapons possession.

Meanwhile, a publicist for the rapper has yet to release any cause of death details.  “The exact causes of death have yet to be determined,” the publicist merely noted.  Mobb Deep cohort Havoc subsequently noted that hospital visits were routine.  And the death itself entirely unexpected.

Separately, rapper Nas has shared a priceless 90s photo on Instagram.

It features the members of Mobb Deep and Raekwon, all of whom were collaborating on the track, ‘Eye for an Eye’.  The track remains one of Mobb Deep’s finest.

Nas was the first to reveal the death.  Both rappers hailed from the Queensbridge Houses public housing project in Queens, NY.

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We’ll have more details as they become available.



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  1. Johnny Rosario

    my name is Johnny and he was one of the rapper he will be missed but never forgotten Waterbury ct

    • Jose

      The illuminati killed him. They hire starwhackers. Remember his rap line 1996 I believe.”Illuminati want my mind soul and my body”

        • Acotto

          It’s the truth your blind if you cants see he was murdered by the powers that be! P was physically in the best shape of his life he change his lifestyle when he came out of jail working out eating clean healthy food the reason he’s dead because he was exposing what’s going on in the industry

          • clone mcdirt

            He was deep in knowledge with that shit its no lie blind as fuck cant see what it really is in the world .cause ur the idoits that follow this socialist shit today and now .this is becoming a communist state . Wake up america prodegy knew it and saw it .An egg choking on a egg in a HOSPITAL WHERE THERES A NURSE NOT FAR AND A LITTLE BUTTON BY EVERY BED TO PRESS FOR HELP . BULLSHIT .

        • Sher

          If u can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all

          • Mzz B

            I agree!!!! None of us know how we will leave here. WHATEVER he did here is over now at the very least give RESPECT to his wife and children and their memories of him. I’m pretty sure you have those who love you too. Rest easy young man?

  2. Joo Wish

    A study published in the May 2003 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that students who listen to violent music are more likely to act violently. “Across five studies, we found that violent lyrics do increase violent thinking and aggressive feelings,” said lead researcher Craig Anderson of Iowa State University.
    This is the vulgar “rap music” we hear from the boom boxes and $4000 speaker systems in low rider cars cruising the urban streets of America…this is the cool “hip-hop” It is no secret that the black community is desperately struggling with marriage, drug and crime problems and it is absolutely incredible that those who have a voice within the black community simply don’t stand up and denounce the vile language and degrading imagery that clearly is influencing the increase in drug, violence and marriage problems.

    • EatAhotDog

      The marriage problems blacks face is that there aren’t many. Whites face marriage problems through infidelity, adultery and/or for personal,financial gains. Hip hop music should be filtered a bit but all of its listeners are affected by it in a negative or positive way, all depends on how the listener chooses to take it.

      • RocDaBellz

        Bullshit hiphop should be filtered at all… its a 1st amendment right, bottom line. If u filter music then u would have to filter movies then theyll be filtering what we say every day. Socialist Venezuela, here we come!! Smdh

    • Chi Town SS

      That’s dumb it’s entertainment just like a movie poverty lack of education and low self image and esteem cause those issues not dam rap music homeboy !!

    • Celfish

      You are so wrong. I bet your white and try to understand the black community and you cant. If you lived it them you would understand it. You can’t ever break it down even if you tried because you manipulate everything that’s anything to suit yourself. That’s selfish. You would never know about a black community. And for the record white, asian, Puerto Ricans and others listen to the music. You juse don’t listen so then you couldn’t ever understand it. There’s nothing wrong with the music

    • Jimbo Jones

      What are you on about? They print back issues of that magazine you know and the article you’re citing doesn’t exist. You’re quoting a racist conservative column from 2012 that labeled Obama the antichrist and claimed rap music (which has been around since the 60s) was invented in the early 80s. I suppose Marilyn Manson, grand theft auto and violent video games are responsible for violence in the white American community which far exceeds its euro counterparts, mariachi is responsible for violence in Central America, and if we ban belly dancing it will bring peace to the Middle East? Use a brain please

      • Jimbo Jones

        Google psycnet vol 84(5) for the may 2003 issue article listing and summary of each if you don’t believe me. Joo Wish is spreading lies.

        • Jimbo Jones

          Or at the very least manipulating facts to suit his purpose. He’s quoting an anti black article that cites the journal and twists its findings to support a conclusion not reached. “Exposure to violent media: The effects of songs with violent lyrics on aggressive thoughts and feelings.
          Anderson, Craig A. et al.” States: “Five experiments examined effects of songs with violent lyrics on aggressive thoughts and hostile feelings. Experiments 1, 3, 4 and 5 demonstrated that college students who heard a violent song felt more hostile than those who heard a similar but nonviolent song. Experiments 2-5 demonstrated a similar increase in aggressive thoughts. These effects replicated across songs and song types (e.g., rock, humorous, nonhumorous). Experiments 3-5 also demonstrated that trait hostility was positively related to state hostility but did not moderate the song lyric effects. Discussion centers on the potential role of lyric content on aggression in short-term settings, relation to catharsis and other media violence domains, development of aggressive personality, differences between long-term and short-term effects, and possible mitigating factors. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)”

          See: rock, humorous, nonhumorous. No where does the article state rap music is the prescription for an early death. No credible scientist would reach such a conclusion, or find that rap music is anywhere near as likely to cause death as growing up in an impoverished violent neighborhood. Much of the decimation of the black community was caused by the war on drugs, which predates the popularity of gangsta rap music, which more or less reports on the going ons. You’re confusing cause and effect at best. At worst you’re spreading hateful rhetoric that is anti black.

  3. Tone

    I think honestly we will never know the real reason behind his death. We will only know what the powers that be want us to know. All we can do is let him continue life thru his music and pay tribute to his life and his legacy by not forgetting his value in hip hop music and influence in the rap game . R.I.P.

  4. Johnny

    Damn!!! Life is nothing but a really short ride. But really when you come to see rappers only get recognized and missed when there gone. Dedication takes time and time is dedication people who give there life’s to write lyrics and hits for people to relate to is amazing and deserve to be remembered. That gossiping shit should be left alone and let the man R.I.P. The media is wack and a they do is instigate so they can sell there bullshit and that’s that

  5. Sam

    Did he really choke on food? Because I’m hearing all sorts of reports. Some are saying he died from sickle cell and others are saying it was lung cancer. Which one is it? And now he’s been cremated so I guess we’ll

  6. RocDaBellz

    RIP P, u will be missed my man!.
    These mumble rappers are taking over.. 10 yrs from now hip will hopefully die and revert back to its original raw form again!

  7. Chopper14

    Maybe, JUST MAYBE he ate some edibles, was watching cartoons while eating his eggs, laughed and inhaled some food. Maybe it was a complete fucking accident. Oh and the dude who called everyone else idiots and it’s a conspiracy, his named is spelled P-R-O-D-I-G-Y. Sometime shit happens