After 42 Years, the Official Jaws Soundtrack Is Being Released on Vinyl

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The last vinyl records pressing for the Jaws Soundtrack happened in 1975.  But apparently that wasn’t the real thing.

Sure, half the fun is finding the LP version from 42 years ago (hint: it was issued by label MCA).  But for those that prefer a little nostalgia shortcut, there’s a brand-new vinyl pressing.

But according to stuff we’re just finding out, the 1975 version wasn’t even the real version.  Looks like we’ve all been getting snookered for 42 years.

According to info from reissue specialist Mondo, the first version was a recreation of the actual score used in the film.  Most likely, it made more sense to do a straight re-recording, and put it on wax given technology of the day.  “While the Grammy-winning 1975 MCA album was a re-recording, Mondo’s 2XLP set presents the entire Academy Award-winning score as composed and recorded for the actual film in its first-ever vinyl release,” the company explains.

Vinyl Records Pressing Plant Opens In an Abandoned Prison…

Accordingly, for the 2017 version, fans can enjoy a double-LP version with the full score included.  And the remastered version has been entirely re-edited and remixed by album co-producer Mike Matessino.  John Williams, now a spry 85 years of age, approved the latest version.

The Academy Award and Grammy winning score is now the stuff of legend.  Its sinister, haunting orchestral motifs played a key role in Jaws’ success, with lingering danger half the thrill.

Jamaica’s Oldest Vinyl Records Plant Is Back In Action

Here’s a look at the pressing.

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The ‘2XLP’ can be pre-ordered on Mondo, and coincides with two poster reissues (and a third on the way).  Those that pre-order the $35 vinyl can expect delivery by October.

Or, you can watch this YouTube video of a guy playing his 1975 version on a turntable.  Because of course that exists.



5 Responses

  1. DMN disappoints again

    This has nothing to do with “digital music” and it’s not news.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Most vinyl recordings sold today are derived from digital masters.

      Many theorize that the vinyl explosion is tightly intertwined with the streaming explosion.

      Newer vinyl production technologies are likely to incorporate a range of updated, and yes, digital, technologies. In fact, many newer manufacturing components and solutions involve digital technology.

      The resurgence of vinyl records speaks volumes on aspects that may be missing from ubiquitous, infinite digital collections with complete portability. That tangibility of vinyl may always be a missing component in streaming.

      Your turn.

      • DMN disappoints

        Yes, you write a lot about this supposed vinyl comeback. But your own post shows a chart that shows rather minuscule numbers.

        Vinyl is good for nostalgic consumers, hipsters, and underground music scene. No one else cares. Now, as far as labels are concerned… just like McDonald’s (you want fries with that?), it’s easier to sell more goods to an existing customer than to gain new customers. So of course vinyl will be continue to be sold as long as it continues to add more revenue to the bottom line. But it’s not like they’re creating a whole new market.

        With that said, I don’t come here to read about the latest 1980s movie that just released their soundtrack on vinyl 30 years later. I come here because I’m a musician who records and sells digital music.

        I don’t know. Maybe you have a lot of 60yrs+older nostalgic readers who know how to use a computer and want to read about The Sound of Music getting released on vinyl.

        I’d rather read about streaming platforms–which ones are growing faster, which ones are declining, which ones provide the greatest revenues…so I know where to concentrate my efforts to be most effective and efficient with my time.

        Maybe start a separate Vinyl Music News.

  2. The Mood-Mosaic - A Touch Of Velvet

    Actually it’s interesting and also DMN is not just about digital but also it’s a recorded music business commentator and news sharing portal..

    I found it interesting and it’s given me an idea… The JAWS Theme Remix..
    (I better go and find it on YouTube and hear how the tune went as I can’t

    Just listened… not sure if a remix would work as there doesn’t appear to be
    a hooky topline melody.. still, with a bit of imagination I’m sure something could be done..

  3. @SonofNels

    Having offered a since 2011 and being one of the few IndieDistroCo that sell to stores vinyl. This is a winner, and the comments about vinyl not being that big of deal are total BS. Try getting time on a plant, try getting a plant going. It’s gone from .08% of Total sales in 2008 to 13% of it today. I think it’s even higher has many labels, bands groups without the vinyl from us distributors and sell it on the road. Which of course means it doesn’t get reported and thus asymmetric information about #musicbiz get’s promulgated. FYI last week 58% of all sales where physical and it comes down to knowing using a FanHeatMap that fans are BuyingThis(TM) and then put it out for them to get and they do like this Vinyl I’m so going to go find it.