Somebody Keeps Uploading BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ to Pornhub

BTS' 'Bon Voyage' on Pornhub
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If you’ve got a fetish, then the internet has got you covered.  But is someone just messing with BTS at this point by repeatedly uploading ‘Bon Voyage’ to Pornhub?

Somebody is taking this joke WAY too far.  Or… maybe Pornhub users genuinely enjoy BTS’ sexy vacation getaway videos?

Last week, ARMYs were shocked to learn that their beloved BTS boys had been uploaded to the raunchy porn site.  Aside from ultra-popular videos like ‘Not Today,’ a recent vacation series called ‘Bon Voyage’ also appeared.  The music videos are still there, but the ‘Bon Voyage’ clips were removed by Pornhub.

Now, it looks like someone with a little extra time on their hands is re-uploading the series (and getting them ripped down).  Exactly how many uploads have occurred is unclear at this stage, though a quick takedown process seems to be happening.

The ‘Bon Voyage’ series tracks the young Kpop superstars as they enjoy an exotic vacation together.

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But seriously, if you’re looking for something ‘adult’ you’ve come to the wrong place!  Either way, this seems to be drawing a little too much interest from Pornhub regulars.

Actually, the upload may simply be a way to work around pay-only restrictions.  Currently, the BTS series is only available to paying V Live subscribers.  Other platforms, including the Pirate Bay, may also have videos available as a result.

All of which raises the question: is BTS milking their fans for too much money?

Meanwhile, the music videos (which are free) are still on Pornhub.  The paid content, however, isn’t.  And BTS is making millions off of high-priced t-shirts, lightsticks, and endless spinouts like ‘Bon Voyage’.  All of which ARMYs seem thrilled to pay for — that is, if they can afford it.

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Meanwhile, BTS’ ARMY is starting to multiply.

But the group’s meteoric growth hasn’t been without complications.  Earlier this year, the Bangtan Boys battled plagiarism accusations, while Rap Monster himself admitted to lifting lyrics from Twitter.

And newer ARMYs could create tension with earlier fandom who ‘found’ the group first.  That level of internal fandom warfare will undoubtedly get heated, especially if newer ARMYs blame older ARMYs for driving Rap Monster into a solo career.

More as this develops!




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  1. it's time to be quiet

    paul, i really think it’s time for you to retire

    • paul... please just leave bts the fuck alone


    • Candice Olivia Bryant Durham

      Paul who? cowards this ain’t no Mike who video?? Mike Jones. go ahead and say the real name

    • person

      Hey Paul, ya how’s i going?
      Ya I’m gonna cut the crap go away. I’m pretty sure all of Army can agree that you should just stop.

    • 한지아

      There’s a special place for him in hell. I hope one day he’ll get a chance to meet BTS in person and look them in the eyes. Love yourself Paul, but this is not the way to do it. Before it’s too late. If you’re not aware, BigHit does take legal action against people who attack BTS, it’s just a matter of time for you.

  2. This ain't right

    Outrageous. BTS is much sexier than porn.

  3. this is horrible who eould do this

    This is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my life i know this cuz i am BTS ARMY and we will not let this happen who ever put this vidio take it down NOW???????? who ever did that does not have a brain u r disgusting ???

    • hmm

      they are just trying to run away from copyright for those armys who dont have enough money to watch. good cause in a bad way

    • Candice Olivia Bryant Durham

      u made it white. show ur face n stop being a pussy. and pay that alimony

    • Anon

      Lmao why is it disgusting? Porn isn’t disgusting, it’s just not for everybody. It was put up there to escape copyright for broke army’s who can’t pay to watch it the right way. There’s nothing disgusting abt it.

  4. just stop please

    hi so this is called being taken down from YT and uploading somwhere else where naver isnt there.. most armys arent swimming in money hon.. we’re still broke after BV and ugh that RM solo BS thats so false DONT TRUST THESE GUYS

    • Candice Olivia Bryant Durham

      I’m a one man army so fuck y’all. police is getting all rhis shit too. r yards

  5. Forever BTS

    Time after time, it becomes very obvious that you would die for jealous of our boys.
    And I can swear that someone with extra time on their hands is you, Paul.
    So, please keep uploading the video anywhere you like and do keep writing the articles like this that are some kind of helping way for our boys to be more famous.
    Thank you, Paul.


    Like seriously bts is making millions out of t shirts ? Lol their merchandise is actually super cheap compared to other kpop groups and they are not milking too much money from fans lol no matter what your fucking opinions are. In fact merchandise is not only exclusive to kpop but artists all over the world.
    OH wait at least bts is earning money in a legal way without slandering others and hurting others unlike you who needs to write clickbait cheap and false articles and steep so low to pay your rent and to feed your family. Lol you should bow down to bts as without them no one would have given a shit to your other articles.

    PS that twitter incident occured 2 years ago and rapmonster didnt admit he just said it might have happened unconsciously. Lol why the hell do you think he will be reading tweets of random ppl in the internet

  7. Leave us tf alone plz

    You need to stop Paul. Seriously, you’ll be reported to BTS’s agency for posting false and/or misleading reports. But, tbh I don’t really care if you get reported 🙂

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. Your articles about BTS (or at the very least a lot of the things you say in them) are slanderous and they could take legal action if they wanted to.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. Your articles about BTS (or at the very least a lot of the things you say in them) are slanderous and they could take legal action if they wanted to. Seriously Paul your articles are nothing more than false rumors that you clearly made up yourself. Please just leave BTS alone.

  8. Anonymous

    “Driving Rap Monster into a solo career”? Wow you just can’t let that go can you? I don’t know why you feel the need to keep bringing that up in literally every single BTS “article” you post but RAP MONSTER IS NOT GOING SOLO. HE IS NOT TRYING FOR A SOLO CAREER. And if you knew ANYTHING at all about Rap Monster or BTS or bothered to do even the slightest bit of research you would know that. Seriously watch or read their interviews. Even their most recent interviews. And “Fandom Warfare”? Really? And you do know the meaning of the words “Libel” and “Slander” right?

  9. I can't even

    I’m trying to be as understanding as I can be. I really am. The reason for you to post such articles about the boys. I’m sure you have a reason for it. Whether you need this job to earn money and survive, whether you’re just salty that they have reached so far despite their humble beginning or whatever the reason. But no matter how much I think about it, it is no where near ok for you to say such things about them and in the process second handedly hurting millions of fans and ARMYs. I don’t know anything about you to even assume you have someone you love, cares about or someone who loves you, but assuming there are, imagine these kinds of articles being written about them. I’d imagine you’d feel pretty crappy. You may think you’re hurting just BTS but real ARMYs look up to these 7 dorks like their role models and seeing these articles really ruins our day. I’m sorry if I seem harsh but you just can’t keep on doing this. The boys deserve better than your hate and you deserve better than our hate. I hope in the future that you will prevent yourself from writing such articles and become a more compassionate. And for those who read, kudos to you. It was loooong. This is longer than my school related essays?Jkjk.

  10. Anonymous

    Hello, Paul.

    I hoped your first article on this topic would have been sufficient enough, but apparently not. I actually thought that one was quite well written, this one ,however, does have a few problems. The main topic of this article (Bon Voyage and Porn Hub) is quite informative, with a few humorous additives. But I’m afraid that it goes downhill from there mate.

    I have already expressed my feelings on your other “article” on RM’s prospects of become a solo artist in the near future, which as you seem to suspect, would encompass completely abandoning the group. So I will quickly summarize my main critiques from that article: logical fallacies and lack of evidence.

    Your point of “newer ARMYs [creating] tension with earlier fandom who ‘found’ the group first”, is quite interesting. My main problem with this is that I personally have never seen this, nor have any of the ARMYs I have met in my lifetime. And you fail to provide any solid evidence as to why you believe this could occur, which doesn’t help your argument a whole lot. But I don’t have any ‘professional’ writing experience, so what do I know about journalism, right? I mean, that’s totally not the most important thing English teachers from elementary school to college teach you about writing an argumentative or persuasive essay or anything…

    I will indulge you on the possibility that RM does in fact go solo. As far as I know (which is clearly not on the level of your impressive journalistic skill) most of the fandom would support the boys in whatever makes them happy, and if at one point they decided the group wasn’t fulfilling enough, I would still support them. And maybe that just the idealist side of me talking, but I swear you could ask any ARMY if they would support these boys in following their dreams and they would say yes.

    I will admit I don’t know to much about their plagiarism issues, other than the “Big Bang No Signal” drama. So I won’t spend a lot of time on that.

    I want to ask you a question. Since you pose the question “is BTS milking their fans for too much money?”, are you milking BTS to make money. Cause from my perspective, you seem to be selling any integrity you have as a respectable journalist to make a few bucks off sullying the reputation of seven young men you have never met. They are by no means perfect, and they can be criticized for their actions, but it should at least have a solid foundation.

    But alas, we do not live in a utopian society like the idealist portion of me believes. You may not care about anything I write, but I have a faint hope that someday, you can take my words heart.

    As always, I am sorry for any disrespectful ARMYs that write rude comments.

    Sincerely, Mae

  11. with best wishes (?)

    ”internal fandom warfare” I’m an ARMY from some time and it’s not something I heard of happening, so try better if you still think that it’s worth wasting your time on making this types of articles.
    Honestly, with every your article I’m more and more disappointed. ;(

  12. Kiki

    ARMY This will be my final time visiting this Digit Music News’ website and I suggest you do the same. I happened on this searching for BBMA interviews because our boys rock. This guy’s obviously trolling for views and comments because nobody reads this garbage site anyway based on his other topics that rarely get comments. I understand some of you are young or international fans and might not understand but this guy is the definition of what’s wrong with ‘journalism’ much less celebrity gossip. IGNORE HIM (and his clickbait, trashy articles) and move on to watch BTS succeed while he keeps crying out for attention. Seriously, this guy has a hundred articles on BTS. Desperate much? Oh and whatever your name is, you look like a pedophile. Kbye.

  13. Chaejin

    paul, you should stop making news. stop it now.


    I’m pretty sure paul was just fapping to pornhub and found that lol

  15. Person who can write definitely more interesting stories, even without experience

    Paul, Can I be honest with you?
    You’re just dreaming too hard, my man.

    • Fuck Off Paul The Attention Seeker

      I know right? He’s jealous he can’t be as popular as BTS. That’s why he’s using BTS’ name to get attention. Fucking attention seeker

  16. Tae with kookies

    You are abvoiusly jelaous. U have like 10000 articles with some stupid shiteu about BTS, that is not even true! Get a life!

  17. shame on u

    hey dear, have you considered like, stopping?? just a thought 🙂

  18. fabi

    That is because BTS give us the hots! They don’t need to get naked to make us reach the climax!

  19. Yuki

    Paul, sweetie.. I think its time to stop making articles about BTS.

  20. Unknown

    First of all, BTS is not making all this series and stuff for money, they are alredy rich, why would they need all that extra money? They upload this content because they enjoy it. Second of all StOb iT, you are always bashing and hating on BTS, every single time you talk about them you talk shit about them, and that is not fair.