Why Rob Kardashian Is Probably Freaking Out About Going to Prison

Rob Kardashian: Going to Prison?
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Rob Kardashian: Going to Prison?
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photo: Alex Van

Rob Kardashian just leaked a number of naked pictures of Blac Chyna to millions of followers.  Here’s why that could very easily result in jail time.

(1) ‘Revenge porn’ is now considered a serious crime.

Revenge porn now an illegal offense, and subject to serious criminal and civil penalties.  In fact, it’s now illegal in a majority of US states, including California.  Which means that Rob Kardashian’s various acts of stupidity could easily land him in prison.

(2) ‘Non-consensual’ pornography has always been a serious crime.

So here’s where Kardashian’s crime becomes especially heinous.  ‘Revenge porn’ is basically a form of ‘non-consensual pornography,’ which is exactly what it sounds like.  If you didn’t want to be part of a porn production, but you became part of one without agreeing to it, then a crime has been committed.

That goes for pictures, videos, whatever.  It was illegal 50 years ago, and it’s illegal now.

(3) Only difference: Rob Kardashian had millions of followers.

That’s ‘had’ millions because his Instagram account was suddenly deleted.  But that doesn’t undo this crime.  So what happens when that pornography (photos and/or video) are then blasted out to millions to view, with nasty ‘slut-shaming’ attached?

Then, all of that is covered by the mass media?

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(4) And Blac Chyna’s attorneys are ready for war.

There’s more than blood in the water.  It’s all over the internet.  Which means Blac Chyna’s attorneys have a potentially lucrative lawsuit ahead.  And they’re taking on a family with lots and lots of cash.

Which means the Kardashians may get a fight back, or they might get a juicy settlement.  Either way, Blac Chyna’s (and her legal team) are probably going to make a lot of money.

(5) But California criminal courts and judges may want to set a separate precedent.

You have a high-profile celebrity committing an obvious crime in front of millions.  Which is why California state prosecutors may want to show that this is a crime that will be enforced.  If only to uphold their authority, and discourage similar revenge porn in the future.

In fact, this may be the first time a revenge porn case of this magnitude has been presented.

According to one prominent revenge porn attorney, Rob Kardashian faces at least six months in prison.  And that’s just on the criminal side.

(6) And what about domestic violence?

Blac Chyna has already accused Rob Kardashian of physical assault.  Maybe she’s making that up, who knows.  But if any of that proves correct, Kardashian’s case just got that much weaker.

“When Kim Kardashian Poses Nude, It’s Classy. When Nicki Minaj Poses Nude, It’s Trashy.”

Then, there are additional issues.  The couple have a child together, who will now have access to this revenge porn at a later stage.  On that point, Rob has expressed happiness that his daughter Dream will eventually know the truth about Blac Chyna.

Who knows what the legal issues are on that one.

Stay tuned.

One Response

  1. Chip Chipperson

    Riddle Me This:
    If someone films themselves in a sexual act and sends that footage to another person, how can that be considered to be “non-consensual” pornography?

    While I find it reprehensible for someone to disseminate to other intimate images or footage that the subject of said images/footage gave to the person who disseminated it to others, the fact is that those images/footage is the property of the recipient — no different than if it had been given to him in a frame. It is the recipient of said images/footage — there was no copyright or usage restrictions placed on it by the subject of the images/footage who knowingly gave it to the recipient.

    If someone surreptitiously films or photographs someone and disseminates that material, it is and should be “revenge porn.” However, when the subject of the image or footage manufactures the content themselves and disseminates that to others, it is NOT “revenge porn” and it is NOT “non-consensual” pornography. There must be personal responsibility and accountability for the choices made by the individual who made the decision to initially manufacture and disseminate the content.

    Regarding the domestic violence allegations: If they are valid I hope that she reports this crime to law enforcement and he is prosecuted for it to the fullest extent of the law.

    Keep up the great work.