Roger Waters Booed In New Orleans by Pro-Trump Fans

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Performs In New Orleans
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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Performs In New Orleans
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Roger Waters, New Orleans, July 10th

Does it make sense for musicians to be political anymore?  For Roger Waters, a torrent of anti-Trump hatred may be costing him fans.

Head to a Roger Waters show these days, and you might think you’re at an anti-Trump rally.  The Pink Floyd co-founder has a virulent hatred for Trump, and pulls few punches politically.

Hey, a lot of people feel that way.  And anyone expecting a vanilla political performance from Roger Waters is delusional.

But Water’s approach might be creating problems for people trying to escape a Trump-saturated news media.  Not to mention those who like Trump, while also liking Pink Floyd and Roger Waters’ music.

+ Why Music and Politics Don’t Mix Anymore

And so it was in New Orleans, where Waters performed at the ‘Smoothie King Arena’ to a packed crowd this week.  As you’d expect, the show dazzled with psychedelic imagery and some of the best music ever created.  But for those wishing to dial-out of an increasingly brutal political landscape, they came to the wrong place.

Indeed, Waters paraded out endless anti-Trump videos, images, and giant props throughout the show.  That included a ‘Trump pig,’ Trump characterized as a member of the KKK, as well as a cross-dressing version of the Donald.

At one stage, the stage backdrop featured one Trump quote after another.  “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, I’d probably be dating her,” said one.  “I have a great relationship with the blacks,” read another.

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’: Coming Soon to the US Mexico Border

As for the pig, the giant swine features the words ‘Piggy Bank of War’ on one side, and an image of Trump on the other.  Against the back of the stage, giant ‘Fuck Trump’ letters appeared.

And so forth.

Actually, that was the same approach recently at Desert Trip in Coachella last year.  And that was before the election!

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Roger Waters, Desert Trip, 2016

So again, not unexpected for pro-Trump supporters.  But a number of those fans started booing, walking out, or both.  Indeed, after one furious anti-Trump segment, both cheering and boos are blended together.

That’s not entirely surprising given the locale.  In terms of the 2016 presidential vote, New Orleans was heavily pro-Clinton.  But Louisiana voted overwhelmingly for Trump.  Its 8 electoral votes went to Trump in a statewide landslide, eclipsing New Orleans’ Democratic preference.

All of which means a lot of Trump supporters were probably in the audience.  But did anyone — pro- or anti-Trump — really want to even think about politics that night?

43 Responses

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Ha, maybe it’s one guy with f-k you money vs. another…

  1. Roadblock

    It’s a bit too much… there’s too much negative politics around..

    I don’t wanna be preached to if I was going to music event..

    • Ry

      Exactly. Politics divide and music can be the great uniter. I love his music, but dude sounds like an idiot these days. Why would I pay money to go see that?

      • Wooly

        Sure glad that none of his music (The Wall) was politically motivated. Everything you listen to has some form of motivation from politics. You apparently just don’t realize it.

        • Greg

          I agree with you. But it was done much more tastefully than here.

        • Anonymous

          Except if you listened to The Wall and knew it’s story you would realize that it wasn’t politically motivated. I believe the albums you are looking for are Animals and The Final Cut.

      • Mike

        I want to be entertained and listen to music/band of my choosing.
        Political attacks are not welcomed during a concert. If Roger Waters wants to tell the world about his politics, then go around the World hosting free concerts. So tired of politics now days, I want relief not more of the same!
        It cost me several hundred dollars to go to a political rally that should have been cost free to the attendees.
        Boycott his shows from now on, unless he throws the doors open and make his political rallies free to the public.
        Just something to consider before you laid your hard earned money to make him richer.

    • anonymous

      Then don’t go to the fucking concert idiot. Roger Waters is known for his strong politics idiot.

    • mothmullein

      I only discovered Pk Floyd last year. Then discovered Waters. Turned me right off. He’s too fanatical. I follow David Gilmour’s music now. Perfection without party politics – of any persuasion.

  2. TakeLiberalismLiterallyAgain

    Trump bashing is boring and disingenuous. Where were these artists when the Obama administration was rolling back civil liberties and doing 89% of the things they criticize Trump for?

    Maybe some day, Waters will grow up and realize the problem is politicians and political decision making in general, not having the “wrong” guy in office and going back to idle and misguided complacency when your “team” wins.

  3. BlikaBlika

    It’s good he was booed – I hope it happens more at his shows. Any musician that takes a political stand should expect 50% of America to have no interest in you. It does not make sense to be a musician and political… unless you have money. If you want to be political be a politician. I love Pink Floyd but dislike what Roger Waters currently stands for. Why doesn’t he worry about his own country?

    • Dale

      I was at the Wall in Berlin ’89.
      Waters headlined then, where was his lashing for the Soviet Empire after enslaving Europe for decades? Where is his lashing for the invasion and destruction of Crimea in the XXI century?
      Anti-establishment is fine, that is what most Pink Floyd music is about. One sided politics, then you’re just another rich guy preaching to the masses that make you rich…incidentally, like a politician regardless of party.

    • anonymous

      I was there. The roports are a lie. The boos were almost non-existant. The cheers were 99.99% of the crowd. Don’t go to a Roger Waters show if you are a right wing moron.

  4. Anon

    Anyone who knows anything about Waters, knows that he is 1) political and 2) very anti-Trump, so you’d have to be naive beyond belief to not expect anything political at his shows, or to write about how surprising it is.

  5. Tyler

    A musician that doesn’t take a political stand is useless now days. I understand music is escape from everyday bullshit but when bullshit is as real and as dangerous as trump, it’s good to be reminded of it in our music too. Love Roger Waters for speaking out. Thanks Rog!

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    Actually, there are artists going both ways, protesting both sides. Pro-Trump and anti-Trump. I’m starting to think Taylor Swift got it right by staying out of it all, and Katy Perry made a grave error jumping in with Hillary.

    Frankly, I’m trying to get away from the saturating noise, which is what music does for me. That’s why I like Mozart, he isn’t making any statements or flying any political pigs 😉

    It’s not the 60s anymore. And you’ll lose an otherwise supportive fan for life because of some comment about something or other politically. Does it really matter?

    • MG

      How can an artist not to talk about politics???
      We are in such a crisis in this world. I’m sure Roger doesn’t even care if he looses some fans. He just wants his voice as a human to be heard.

  7. Bob

    Kudos to Roger Waters for putting his conscience before his wallet.

    “Though some may think there should be a separation between art/music and politics, it should be reinforced that art can be a form of nonviolent protest.” – Eddie Vedder

    • Anon

      His shows are outrageously expensive. Believe me, his wallet comes first. He likes to incite this BS. He’s not even American, so he should mind his effing business. He should shut up and play music.

      • pissed off

        Amen! I took my teenage son tonight to see him in Columbus Ohio but left halfway through. His visuals and music seeeethed of hate for Trump….to an extreme because he made it a big part of his show. I saw some middle fingers flying around as were mine. What an asshole. He doesn’t care about his fans, unless they’re lefties. It was like being at a scientology event….people who drank his kool-aid because he’s a celebrity were rooting him on while Trump supporters (or people who were turned off by the dildos next to Trump images) walked out. Waters should do his vicious political bashes somewhere else….no one paid for that shit….and yes, call me naive for expecting to actually hear pink Floyd music.

      • Wayen

        I don’t want to pay huge dollars to support Roger Waters shows. He should stay the he’ll out of our business. We already have one Rob Reiner. Roger Waters needs to be England’s version of Rob Reiner in England only.

        • anonymous

          Then stay home and masterbate to trumps lies you idiot.

      • anonymous

        The spectacle costs $ to create. Roger doesn’t care about the $. Bad trump politics poison the world you idiot. It’s everybodys business to fight evil like trump. Soooo, you should shut up and wake up you extremist moron.

      • Jackson

        Gee was admission free? I invested 300$ for the Miami show! Disgusting!

        • pissed off

          Me too! See my comment under “pissed off”.

  8. Antinet

    America is a giant stain on history at this point. Everyone should be resisting, and shouting at Trump fans in the face, because Trump supporters would have no problem putting every one else in front of a firing squad. They don’t undestand actual freedom.

  9. Rogers sez ARF!

    Yaaaaaawn – more dumbasses pontificating on subjects that escape them.

    We don’t need no Roger Waters asininities… just sing and dance monkey.

  10. James

    Subtilty has never been Rogers style and that’s why his music has such a profound impact on its listeners. It’s the raw truth! America is truly going to hell in a hand basket under trump and Waters is just giving it a proper stadium send off. Thanks Rogers, you keep on singing my friend.

    • Mr. Downer

      Yes, Roger got to the Raw Truth of Trump by singing Pigs (three different ones)! Wait, er, he wrote that song 40 years ago… maybe for Jimmy Carter? Er, no.. Carter was a nice man (Naval Academy grad who got troops killed…but nice…) Maybe Roger wrote it for his agent? But it was the Raw Truth then, and even more now because Trump! Roger’s been singing about going to hell as a nation long past his AARP eligability – and Trump is STILL on his lawn! Resist!

      The point here is: Animals, particularly, is a great album, with themes applicable across all spectrums, personal and political. And if Rog had come out swinging against the entire elite wealthy political class (which includes – gasp – Clinton AND Sanders and Obama and Bush etc) I could respect it as at least a universal observation.

      Instead, as I noted below, he went full political retard, and literally filled his show with images of Trump, with quotes from Trump, he covered the floating pig with Trump – he, in effect, ceded the show to Trump, and made himself, and his music, so much smaller and narrow minded in the process.

  11. Tom tomson

    Trump bashing is pretty tacky. This will forever tarnish pink Floyd’s once great name.

  12. Peter

    What’s this? A music blogger ranting about politics? Don’t you know you could offend someone? Unheard of. Get out of my internet! I only want texts about music.


  13. IWokeUpProgressive

    Anyone who has been actually conscious and Listening to Roger Waters for lo these past decades ought be disappointed if he DID NOT use his craft/music/genius to express his perspective of “potus”. Seriously, what would anyone honestly expect Rogers Waters to say of THIS presidency? I admire his speaking truth to power, his integrity and audacity.

    I had not planned to go to the show…but now I shall!

    Thank you Roger Waters!

    SHINE ON… 😉


  14. IWokeUpProgressive

    Anyone who has been actually Conscious and Listening to Roger Waters for lo these past decades ought be disappointed if he DID NOT use his craft/music/genius to express his perspective of “potus”. Seriously, what would anyone honestly expect Rogers Waters to say of THIS presidency? I admire his speaking truth to power, his integrity and audacity.

    I had not planned to go to the show…but now I shall!

    Thank you Roger Waters!

    SHINE ON… 😉


  15. Will

    Saw The show in New Jersey the stadium was half filled and more people walked out no wonder Gilmore can pack a stadium three times the size… because he stays out of politics and plays for ALL the fans!

  16. Mr. Downer

    Long time fan but saw his show a few nights ago and it was cringe-worthy: an obsession with Trump Trump Trump, as if there we no other politicians in the world for the past 40 years. He managed to cheapen Dark Side, The Wall, and Animals in one evening, taking music that was multilayered in meaning and turning it into a pointless Resist! rant. I expected him to pull Hillary on stage and announce his new PAC – boy, how anti-establishment can a rich man be? So brave! Perhaps the bravest was his chanting “no f___ng walls!” while his security crew manned the barricades & no man’s land to keep people away from the stage while the arena crew sent everyone through 4 checkpoints to make sure they’d ponied up the $75min entrance fee. Evening felt like an Antifa clown cover band of Floyd, or even the Roger of Old (who went after everyone) – if you like Floyd’s music, stay away from this show, it will poison it for you and reveal Roger to be a little too into Trump…

  17. Mr. Downer

    PS: For those not paying attention, nearly all the stock footage that Roger used to illustrate the horrors of his secret crush Trump (Roger doth protest too much) – the bombings, the suffering children, etc. – ALL of that footage was actually shot during the Bush and Obama administrations. But you’d never know if from the show. Trump Trump Trump. Who’s been in office for 8 months. Give me a break.

    OOH, the other favorite part: when in gritty roady font the big sign came down that said something like “..we live in a Dystopian Nightmare!” and everyone around me, well dressed, sipping $20 drinks, the most pampered people the earth has ever know due to the freedoms and wealth of the US – well, all these people applauded and cheered, proud to be part of “the Dytopian Nightmare!” before heading home to their well-tended houses and high paying jobs. Such Bravery! Anyhow. Roger went full political retard on this tour, felt like the rage of a 14yo suburban kid who just listened to the Dead Kennedys for the first time. A kid who, you know, HATES (is really into) TRUMP!

  18. Tony

    Exactly why I didn’t go. I don’t need my political beliefs given to me by a musician that never grew up.