Singing Sensation Killed After His ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition. His Family Asked NBC Not to Cancel the Broadcast.

Brandon Rogers
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America’s Got Talent contestant Brandon Rogers was abruptly killed in a car accident in June.  At his family’s request, Brandon’s audition and final musical performance was recently aired on NBC.

It was a tragic accident that ended an extremely promising singing career.  And, ended a ‘day job’ as a successful doctor.  On June 10th, r&b singer and doctor Brandon Rogers was killed in a car accident near his home in Portsmouth, Virginia.  He was sitting in the passenger seat when the driver fell asleep.

In memory of the tragic death, America’s Got Talent agreed to air Rogers’ audition.  His family requested that the audition be broadcast as a memorial to his life.  It was his last performance before he passed away, and a stunning showcase of his talent.

Before the audition aired, NBC offered the following:

“On June 11th one of our contestants, Brandon Rogers, tragically passed away in a car accident,” the statement read.  “At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you.”

Sadly, Rogers was a great musical talent and perhaps a future star.  Already, the singer had gone viral by singing Boyz II Men in his scrubs.  The song, “On Bended Knee,” drew nearly 90,000 Instagram likes.  Take a look.

That led to a call from… that’s right, Boyz II Men themselves. The r&b legends invited Rogers to perform with them in Las Vegas, and things ascended from there.  Brandon Rogers was just a little kid when he first started listening to his r&b idols, and now he was singing alongside them.

Unfortunately, the new musical friendship won’t have a chance to blossom.  On June 11th, shortly after Rogers’ passing, Boyz II Men posted the Vegas performance with a written tribute.  “Gone too young and gone too soon,” the group wrote.  “It hurts to know that the world will never have a chance to witness what his impact on the world could have been as a doctor and even on the music world.  A great spirit and a great voice.”

“Even for the little time we knew you, you will be sorely missed.”

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Actually, Brandon Rogers had one more performance before his death.  He sang the National Anthem at his hospital’s graduation ceremony.  It was a great way to welcome some budding doctors into the medical community.

While riding in the passenger seat in the early morning hours of June 10th, Brandon lost his life.  The driver had fallen asleep, according to police reports.  The accident happened in nearby Maryland, and Rogers passed away roughly 24 hours later.  He was 29 years old.

“I’m actually making a difference…”

Friends and family remembered the singer for his musical and medical exploits, alike.  And Rogers seemed to love both with equal passion.  “I feel like I’m in a field where I’m actually making a difference,” Rogers stated on the show. “And there can be some really tough days, too. My way to cope with the stress has always been the music.”

Here’s his America’s Got Talent performance.

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  1. sherri mooney

    Im so sorry to hear this very sad news about brandon. He was so ready for his music career to go big ,now he sings for our lord and rocking in paradise.
    God got hes soldier now.
    Rip brandon u made a real difference here and now up there .ty so much for letting us here u .
    Peace b with your family and ty for sharing him with us.

    • Susan

      Brandon the Lord rewards us all in such special ways as each of us shares his love through the work we do here on earth. Your reward that was given to you just before you passed was all our reward, to have heard your Angelic voice and to know a small piece of who you were and to know you now will continue doing Gods work while you Rest In Peace. This was truly an inspirational experience we all will always remember. God bless you all, and thank you for being you.

    • McNair

      When I stop crying, maybe I will be able to write what I really feel. For now RIP. My condolence to the family.

    • Celia Anne Hetrick

      I just heard Dr. Brandon Rogers sing on America’s Got Talent last night and loved him instantly, his mannerism, his polite way of speaking and his singing was just so beautiful and I felt happy for him that he was going to be a star as well as an accomplished doctor at the age of 29. Then at the end of the AGT show there was a from and to date which meant his life was over on June 11, 2017 just a month ago. I am still saddened by this news. I played his song three times already since last night. I will miss you as many who have watched you sing will also miss you dearly. I only wish that Dr. Brandon Rogers were alive today to complete his successful mission as a singer. He was truly gifted. God had other plans but that’s ok because we all had a chance to hear him sing with such an expressive voice and facial expression that will leave a lasting impression on us all. Love to you Brandon and your beautiful and caring family…

      • Male de Maio

        God needed another Angel, so He called on Brandon ?

        • Missy A

          My sentiments exactly M.D. Maio <3 <3 All my sympathies to his family. He was such an incredible singer. Xx

  2. Hillary Wolf

    May our Lord and Savior give you peace through this horrible tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to you, it was absolutely shocking to hear. We stand together in prayer that the Lord will give you His peace. Love in Christ, Hillary and Frank

  3. Paul Resnikoff

    The really, really sad part here is not just the loss of life at such a young age, but from such an accomplished and talented singer. Who was just gaining traction, singing with Boyz II Men. That is tragic.

  4. Vicki Steckley

    Rip brandon i was in shock wen i seen the end of agt u were a dream a doctor singer and handsome gone but never forgotten i send my deepest condolences to ur family may u rest easy angel of God

  5. Natasha

    Very sad hearing of Bradons passing. His family our in my thoughts & prayers. I was touched by his voice & the kindness & talent he shared with the world.

  6. Jackie Alexander

    I was deeply sadden when i saw the end of AGT you was so talented, with a beautiful soul. You’re doing Gods work now in peace.My heart goes out to your family.

  7. Valerie

    saddened to know that a kind and talented person is no longer here. I’m sure he will be missed by everyone he had touched. Just watching him sing is terribly heartbreaking. May God bless his family.

  8. Choona

    When I heard that he was a doctor at that age I was amazed and that he had a God giving talent to sing and touch people was amazing. I know that his parents are proud of what he has accomplished and such a short amount of time. God chooses only the best that’s why he chose Brandon. RIH

  9. Diane

    After watching AGT I instantly loved the persona of this person. He was humble and inspiring at such a young age. He had passions and accomplished both. I can’t stop listening to his interview. His singing is awesome. The closeness he shared with his family touched me. RIP you will be missed. My condolences for his family and friends. Truly a great individual gone too soon.

    • Linda Campbell, Barrie, Ontario

      I am stunned to hear that this young and promising young man died in such a senseless tragedy. Someone who was dedicating his life to helping others in his career and who had a God given gift to share in his voice to add to the wonderful person he already appeared to be. What a loss to his family, and us all. Prayers go out to his family and friends who must be in great sadness and grief over his loss. May peace be with you in the times to come. He was a gift to us all.

  10. Diana Burkhart

    May God put his arms around your family and give you strength. Praying! ?

  11. C.C.

    This amazing young man was an inspiration who died tragically. He was stolen, ripped away from what was yet to come. I hate it when people speak about God talking him away because he was needed. Give me a break. Brandon was here, on Earth, helping people who needed him most, his family, his patients. God didn’t need to let him die by smashing into a tree, suffer and die the next day. I am sorry that he died. It was not his time, as obviously, he had so much more to give.

    • Lmott J

      Agreed…somebody was just sleep at the wheel…and now they probably dont sleep at nite. And angels are separate beings…we dont become one when we die…if Brandon knew the Lord im sure hed appreciate some realness.

  12. Brenda J

    I’m just learning of his passing. His kind nature through his performance. I’m deeply saddened. May his family find some comfort in knowing how he reached so many in a very short time.

  13. Barbara Council

    Today as I was scrolling thru Facebook I came upon his audition, my son is the same age born 9/8/87. He is a Dallas policeman, tears felled as I watched him. He and my son are both the same complexion and handsome. I can fill your pain and sorrow because I loss his father, my husband July 1 2014 to pancreatic cancer. Iam a RN so I know as a medical professional what life was like for your son and his patients. God bless and keep the memories alive.

  14. Teo

    Me and my wife deeplly saddened when we watched the talent show.We send our condolences for his family from İstanbul Turkey.Rip young doc.

  15. Carol B.

    I can’t help but watch Dr. Brandon Rogers’ performance on AGT over, over, and over again. He was such an accomplished DOCTOR and SINGER. His skills and talents will be “DEEPLY” missed. May God wrap his loving arms around his Angel. My deepest condolences to his family, loved ones and friends. Gone too soon but
    was appreciated here on this Earth for such a short period. Dr. Brandon Rogers
    you were “LOVED, APPRECIATED and will be MISSED.” I can imagine you leading
    a choir with the Angels in Heaven. I TRULY, DEEPLY, MADLY misses you so.

  16. GAIL