Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)

The Detroit Police Department has released details and images about Chris Cornell’s suicide by hanging.

Shortly after midnight on May 18th, Detroit officers responded to a frantic 911 call.  Upon arriving at the MGM Grand Casino, officers found an unconscious Chris Cornell lying on the bathroom floor.  After a short while, officers pronounced him dead at the scene.

Now, a new report and photos show how the singer spent his final night.

Hours after the singer’s death, a Detroit Police Department spokesperson told reporters that the singer had committed suicide.  Officers discovered Chris Cornell with an exercise band around his neck.

+ Was Chris Cornell Really Murdered?

While not disputing the preliminary suicide report, the legendary musician’s wife argued that anti-anxiety medicine Ativan had pushed the singer to take his life.  Through their lawyer, Cornell’s family issued the following statement.

“The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing, and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions.  Without the results of toxicology tests, we do not know what was going on with Chris—or if any substances contributed to his demise.”

Under pressure from the Freedom of Information Act, the Detroit Police Department released details about the musician’s final night.  Materials released include police photographs of Cornell’s hotel room and the band he used to hang himself.

Police confirmed that the legendary rock star hung himself inside room 1136 of the MGM Grand Casino Hotel.  Photographs show the exercise band that the singer used to hang himself on the bathroom door.  Autopsy reports also confirm that the singer had a ligature mark around his neck.

The discovery of a flexible, rubbery band also raises questions about the suicide.  Alternatively, Cornell may have been engaged in a masturbation technique designed to heighten pleasure through partial asphyxiation.  Those games can quickly go awry.  Detroit coroners, however, ruled it a straight suicide by hanging.

Vicki Cornell, the singer’s wife, had tried to obtain information about the singer prior to his death.  The hotel operator apparently had hung up on her.  At 11:34 p.m., Chris Cornell complained that his Apple TV “was not working.”  Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, received a phone call from an angry Vicki, asking him to check on the singer.  Kirsten told officers,

I came to the room and was unable to get (in) because of the interior latch.  I went back to my room and called for hotel security to come and open the door.  They refused, saying that it wasn’t my room, although I told them that he was my employer and that I had a key.

Kirsten had kicked the door open when Vicki found out that the MGM staff wouldn’t open the hotel room.  After finding the bathroom locked, he called 911 and asked the hotel to send security.  Kirsten found the lifeless singer on the bathroom floor.

Upon arriving at the scene, medical first responders worked on a lifeless Chris Cornell for about an hour.  A medic “untied [a] red exercise band from [the] victim’s neck” to begin CPR.

Shortly after pronouncing him dead at the scene, officers discovered three prescription medication bottles.  They found prednisone, omeprazole, and lorazepam.  They also found Chris Cornell’s guitar on a chair along with his iconic sunglasses on the bed.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Cornell’s death a suicide.  Detroit police finished their investigation, discarding foul play.

You can check the complete police report below along with photos of the late singer’s hotel room.  Warning: Some of the images are graphic.

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Featured image by Andreas Eldh (CC by 2.0)

226 Responses

  1. James

    The family should have some say in whether this depth of information is allowed to be made public or not.

        • MR

          Yes it was. Only a moron wouldn’t know that’s public record. Besides, I think Chris would want his fans to know the whole truth.

          • tiffany

            the name calling isn’t needed a man has again lost his life to suicide and we need to act in remorse for our fellow brother , too many young men or older men are losing thier lifes to suicide and their restless spirit needs love and compassion for him no matter how long hes been passed away, pray for his soul not talk about him

          • Riot

            NOTHING ABOUT THIS DEATH IS THE TRUTH!! NOT a big ” Conspiracy Theory’ fan, but being in forensics… TOO many routine preliminary steps were bypassed, & then NEVER double checked & CHECKED AGAIN!! NOOO. This was PRETTY DAMM sloppy work for whom are to be called ” SEASONED EXPERTS” in their field!! WAY too many pieces missing. Especially ALL of the timing, & INCLUDING & ESPECIALLY CONTRADICTIONS from the ” Special Investigators”! Family hired their own for verification on timeline & evidence, WHICH SOMEHOW much of it ‘ poof’, VANISHED when his relatives LICENCED investor legally requested files. His WIFE originally FOUGHT the first investors & detectives in an almost MANIC & EMOTIONAL or as THEY may have stated…’PARANOID’ manner upon her FIRST questioning. HOWEVER, her tune changed pretty dramatically & EXTREME as far as acceptance went when OTHER investigations and the Families investigator went. Much calmer & she had a dire job to due in regards to convincing them that she was just ‘ Out of sorts’ in her previous & witnessed outbursts!! Nope!! Bull shit & too many cops & investigators KNOW the WHOLE think was soooo very OFF & WRONG!! DO NOT BE SHEEP PEOPLE!!

        • Nikki lynn

          U sound ignorant as fuck!!!! She wasn’t here and if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have went in when they did it would have been much later!!!U KNOW SAYING STUFF LIKE HA NOT ONKY MAKES U A DUMB BITCH ,WHEN KARMA COMES KNOCKING REMEMBER THAT!

          • Sophie Wilson.

            For someone who calls others ‘ as ignorant as fuck’ your grammar is dreadful ! Perhaps you need to control your emotions a bit more too as you appear somewhat unhinged .

        • Nikki lynn

          And he ones like this weirdo and the others talking shit need attention cause they are those social rejects Tha haven’t had pussy since pussy had them so they need some attention on them!!!

          • Jack

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          • EW

            Called out for your grammar and spelling already and turn around and misspell the word “the” only shows how incredibly ignorant and stupid YOU are. Seriously. Get a fucking spell check. I read what you wrote and don’t understand it even if it were spelled correctly. You’re a fucking mess.

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            Nick points out a fact and he’s a fag? It’s funny you took someone’s screen name and wrote “is a fag” after it. Shows how mature you are. Just curious, do you have anything intelligent to say about suicide or Chris Cornell or anything or are you here to say stupid shit and make stupid fucking names?

      • Len

        Wow, you must be so tough in name-calling. You’d be singing differently if it happens to YOUR family.

      • To B

        It should’ve been you on that belt, retard. It’s no one’s fault that your parents don’t love you. Now die!!

        • Nikki lynn

          Why don’t u do that since u want everyone else too…ur one of those social rejects too..Tha has no money,no car,no nothing and u hate urself cause u prob got a finger stuck in ur ass by ur dad or Grandpa!!!

        • Nikki lynn

          And I guess y’all damn freaks think that’s his hands in the pic lmao!!!

        • christina

          Now that was a very unnecessary comment that neither Chris not chester would approve of anyone saying ..

        • April

          Are you kidding me. Stop talking such filth. Have some class, somebodys life is lost. There family deserves better. Frankly so do we whom read these comments! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

        • To reply to To B aka Nick aka dumbass

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      • Nikki lynn

        Have some respect cause one day it will be u or URS and u won’t feel the same!!!EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION MORON!!

      • Nikki lynn

        And I guess y’all damn idiots think that’s his hands in the pic lmao!!!

          • Girly Hands

            Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park drummer) has lady hands. He’s 6’4 and has more beard than the ZZ Top members combined.

        • To Nikki Lynn

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      • Miss Manners

        To Nick,
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        Until then…
        Eat my camel toe!

        • Jizzosh

          WTF is wrong with people? The man was depressed and struggling with drugs. Could happen to anyone. I appreciate this information is public, as much as I believe a persons birth and death are intimate events. God Speed Chris! I wear speed stick regular and have the same contact lens cases. Sorry no one was there in your weakest moment. You are forever a god among men.

        • AJACOK

          Hey asshole, Cornell was killed by the pedophile ring.

      • The truth

        It’s no coincidence through chris’ work with the promise organization Chris noticed some shady things in Haiti while working with children involved in sex trafficking rings and the clintons were tied to it all , Chris was going to shed light on what was going on and the clintons had him killed . And they did the same to Chester when they found out Chester was going to come forward with the info Chris discovered .

    • Leo

      Depends on the state, generally public record. Seen far worse at least no body has been posted yet?

    • Artorious

      I agree. Get the FOI act of 1974 repealed. Let me know the names of the 2 people in the nation, other than kilary clintonestah, that you find to support you on this.

      • Artorious is a fag

        I suggest you stop munching on Nick’s putrid homo sperm laced clamhole so you can post properly. Until then, shut the fuck up F A G G O T !!!

    • Francesca Miller

      Totally agree with you. There is no justifiable reason as to why the photos were made public. I feel so sorry for Vicky and his kids. They probably feel like this will never end with the the constant headlines, and now this. Plus, some of the photos were extremely graphic and very disturbing. Did TMZ release the photos?

    • JOHNNY


      • Vera

        Blood? Says who u idiot? No one on earth would have wanted to see CC dead. Go chase Elvis.

        • A Low Vera

          Aw, what’s wrong? Sister fucking your man while he loves it? Sucks for you.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm let’s see anyone look at the pill bottles prescription one use for heat burn and the other is a oral steroid

      • AnonyMous

        Yeah they claim that Ativan was also found, but it isn’t in the pictures? hmm… Also the red exercise band around the door doesn’t make any damn sense. It looks like it’s hanging from the other side of the door. HOW would he have been able to hang himself from the other side of the door?? Chris Cornell, was not a short guy, he would have had to lift himself from the other side of the door to fully asphyxiate himself. Also blood on the floor of the crime scene??

        • What an idiot

          Omaprozole is Ativan!! Stop commenting on shit you don’t understand! Smh

          • Carebear

            Ummm…lorazepam is Ativan retard, not omaprazole. If you want to sound pretentious, you should probably make sure that YOU have it right.

        • Anonymous

          It looks to me like the rubber band mountain climber lock was put on one side of the door. Chris was on the other side. He closed the door and then hung himself from the band. The thing is, I’m with you. Chris was a tall guy and rubber bands stretch. Plus there’s a lot of slack in that band. This means his feet would have been on the ground when he supposidly hanged himself… if not his ass too? Nothing makes sense about this crime scene in terms of a suicide to me. I don’t know about Pizzagate motives or any of that speculation. All I onow is what I see, and what I see is physical evidence of an unconvincing suicide scene. I can’t believe they cremated this man so shortly with a scene like this. Unbelievable.

          • Sophie Wilson.

            My neighbour about 20 years ago committed suicide ( again totally out of the blue) in exactly the same way as CC ,he was around the same height too .Apparently its called ‘ partial suspension hanging’ so CC sadly would have had to put the ‘ loop or knot ‘ to the side of his neck on his artery and lean forward to cause loss of consciousness ,loss of oxygen to the brain and therefore death .
            To be honest with you and as a 50’ something year old myself I think he was probably mentally and physically exhausted touring night after night across the US and the world like a performing animal .We all age regardless of who we are and can’t keep going the same as in our younger days ,combine that with having to mask depression to the outside world and convey a larger than life persona to millions of fans…yeah not hard to see he just wanted basically for it all to stop Chris Cornell ,your music got me through some very hard times of my own x

          • Havesomerespect

            So agree. He was murdered! Not suicide! Anyone who believes that is dumb. Chris knew something & he was about to talk. The pedophiles, the evil cabal, the scumbags of society who molest and torture kids are who killed him. Period. Same with his friend.

            P.S. You lowlifes who are making a Jerry Springer show on this poor guys page are scum.

        • L.middlesworth

          Supposedly his body guard doled out his Ativan pills .
          Also did anyone notice at top of door frame where it shows exercise band over top is a sliding door not a hinged door?
          1: how can body guard kick that door open and not knock it completely off
          2: body guard plainly states it took only one kick to open hotel door with latch on it but took up to 6 kicks for a bathroom door?
          3: if indeed is sliding door as photo seems to show then even with notch in door to make room for exercise band latch to attach that it would keep door from closing , no way around that
          4: if body got there first then why did e.m.t plainly state the he untied and took band off of his neck?
          5: why isn’t Vicky sueing the bitch at front desk that supposedly hung up on her? And Why hasn’t anyone questioned her?
          6: I want phone records from mgm, Vicky, chris and Martin and compare
          7: who really flicked lights at their house as Vicky says?
          8: video of last performance coupled with band members confirmation backed by more than one e.m.t /emergency worker all saw the wound on head!!!! Wh n more than once it’s mentioned on phone and in report !
          9:one of musics most prolific songwriter didn’t leave a note?
          10 marina obromovich next to Vicky at funeral? She stood for everything he was murdered for and I think he uncovered Vicky’s taste for children and was going to blow whistle , vicky also very suspicious activity and zero $ in their organization that raised a lot of money the year before , chris donated his things and his time to raise money and less than $1000 went to help one maybe two kids out of the entire org time it was in operation?
          There is a lot more that makes this not an obvious suicide and plenty of motives for dark individuals at work in this!!!! Someone help me get justice for chris and Chester and get help for the kids he ended up giving their lives for!!

          • Carebear

            Let the man and his family Rest In Peace. There was no crime – and it’s never going to evolve into anything more than a tragic suicide. His behaviour the entire night was evidence enough to show that mentally, and physically….he was not himself.
            Ativan taken over several months fucks you up. I would know…I was addicted for 4 years and am lucky to be alive. These pills get into your muscles, nerves and every last cell in your body and torture it. It pickled your brain.
            No one killed him. There was nothing malicious or criminal that happened to him that night.
            Let him RIP..a true fan would do this.

          • justice

            i have been researching just recent on chris and chester. chris had a second drug in his system noone has of yet talked about that i have seen. butalbital. intermediate reselts drowsiness sedationand ataxia. look it up.

          • Pat

            Why would his bodyguard murder him? That doesn’t make sense. But another possible story is that they were doing some kind of opiotes together and Chris od’d. There was naloxone in Chris’s system which is given when someone od’s from an Opiate. The bodyguard gave him the naloxone which didn’t work and Chris died from the overdose. The bodyguard panicked and made it look like a suicide by hanging.

          • Zerk

            So many unanswered questions. Hopefully a proper investigation is opened. Definitely looks staged.

          • ItWasMurder

            Unfortunately you are correct. People are self centered assholes and get paid to tear your story apart but it is what happened they were both murdered.

        • Just A Passing Soul

          Guess I’m about 2 years-whatever late. However, I have committed a suicide attempt by hanging (though I did not lose consciousness) and blood trickled out of my nose. I suppose it had to be a burst of blood vessel in the brain due to brain hypoxia, or something similar.

          • Duh

            In that case, his nose would’ve been bloody or his skin would’ve been bloody.

      • Ok, Dr. 'I Don't Know Shit About Meds'

        What? Wtf are you talking about. Omaprozole is like Xanax you dumb fuck. It’s a benzodiazopene. Why comment on shit you don’t understand?

        • PharmD

          Omeprazole is PRILOSEC….for heartburn. The other name for Ativan is LORAZEPAM. Ativan is a benzodiazepine, NOT Prilisec!

        • Carebear

          Hey idiot….lorazepam is Ativan…the benzo you’re talking about. Like Xanax.
          Get it right if you want to appear like a snotty know it all.
          You really made yourself look like a dumbass here. Too funny!!

        • Shelly

          I am totally appalled by this whole thread No wonder ppl keep killing themselves when they have to deal with this kind of idiocy on a day to day basis I hate this!! and I had a loved one commit suicide by hanging with an electric cord in a tree….his glasses were still on his face its very NON violent…and FYI Omeprazole is an OTC med for digestion issues I am really almost laughingly disgusted by ppl who make comments calling other ppl names and then make false statements…AND PLEASE NOTICE I said all this without ONE foul word or attacking anyone RIP Chris I believe God will resurrect you as you were a tortured soul then Chester just a few months later same way cause he couldn’t deal with your loss on top of all his “stuff” I am a depressed suicidal mess myself but Im still here I have learned from what the aftermath does in my own family and from loved ones we think we know that are famous Nothing is solved by this….I hope you all stop attacking each other ….it makes me sick to see the way ppl treat each other especially when they don’t even KNOW the person they are speaking to in such a way…BULLYING much?? you could push a person over the edge by that kind of abuse Just sayin PEACE

        • Shelly

          You are absolutely WRONG this is an OTC med for digestive issues Nice way to talk to a fellow human calling names and then speaking IDIOCY educate yourself before you speak OH THE IRONY of it all LOL

        • Mia

          Again, you are incorrect! It’s for heartburn! A simple google check will let you know for sure. Why argue and look stupid when you can literally take 2 seconds and check.

    • Louie

      the family does NOT make THE LAW, they, like ALL us, follow it!! Although I agree there is something to be said about the privacy of it all!!

    • Tracy

      Oh ok, It is public record? But they should hold onto it for a few years before they release it and I think it should be left up to the family to release it at all!

    • Dave

      this is all bullshit, some sick corrupt fake news to upset fans and his family, Google and Edge should be sued, none of this makes sense. In 2015 google started some fake news project since I am disconnected from anyone, I don’t get much other information unless its from my laptop. I started to question what if all the news im seeing is fake, my family are lying and when I get out of here everything I believed that happened online was actually fake news. So I find out Chris Cornell Chester Benington, Prince, David Bowie, hadn’t really died, that Trump isn’t the president.
      I have believed this and its all fake, they should fake Madonnas death next, dancing on a fucking pole on stage

      • Conspiracy theorists that make no sense whatsoever

        Wow.. You are a complete retard, congratulations. I thought maybe you just had a bit or down syndrome, but I can see now that you are completely retarded

        • WakeUp

          Nothing you said has any substance or meaning or anything worthy. Typical idiot.
          The guy was murdered. You are a dumb sheep.

    • Anonymous

      Chris and Chester were murdered, obviously! The prescriptions they found with Cornell, one is for acid reflux and the other one is for asthma. Chester was called, to come home to Ca. while he and his family were in Sedona, to work on more music. Chester and Chris had all kinds of facts about the Government that they were about to release and instead got taken out. You all do your own investigation. Here is mine

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Plus no one seems to want to find out identity of front desk or whoever answered the hotel phone and supposedly hung up and refused to help. With the timeline it’s very possible that would have been soon enough to save him or even stop him.
        No one says anything about paramedics UNTYING the excersise band from his next even though Martin has already gotten him down and according to him started cpr before medics showed up.
        No one says anything about Martin saying he kicked door open that was patched from inside with one kick( packed hotel but no one heard anything?) but it took 6 kicks for bathroom / bedroom door.
        CCTV that was pointed right at his door, but police won’t release it
        Phone records for Vicky, Martin and Chris
        Vicky said she called because she thought Chris was turning home lights on/off remotely. Well I am sure there is a record somewhere of who it was that actually messed with lights(if there really was lights flickering)
        Too much blood and way to many cracked ribs not able to explain
        He was creamated so fast and funeral put together surprisingly quick
        As far as blood being tested for narcotics but no tests for any poisons?
        Those tests have to be specifically ordered and if poison/narcotics were found in system then no one would know if whatever may/may not have would have tested positive if no one asked for that particular test
        No one mentioned his money grubbing thieving wife was at his funeral with MARINE ABROMOVICH( not sure of spelling) promoter of spirit cooking , privately raping, torturing then eating of babies n children. BASICALLY EVERYTHING CHRIS THOUGHT WAS EVIL!
        Their charity was mismanaged financially by his wife when money was supposed to help children not steal from them

        I promise you Vicky and Kirstin are co -conspirators and Chris has confronted her and her cash cow was fixing to sever ties so she got rid of him or helped .
        He looked like he was ready to pass out on stage so seems odd he would ask for sleeping pills. There is more but no one cares

        • AnonyMous

          I’m sorry, but after watching a documentary on Kurt Cobain, it had me asking more questions about celebrity suicides/deaths. I don’t believe for one second that Chester and Cornell were so horribly depressed that they wanted to take their own lives or they would’ve done it YEARS ago. Chester had plenty of songs that indicated that he had depression issues, that much is clear, but why didn’t he take his life prior to this then? why all of a sudden after the death of Chris Cornell, did he want to commit suicide? All of a sudden Chris has mysterious depression issues also. If this were the case he would’ve killed himself a while ago you’d think? at this point in his career what would he possibly be so depressed about? same with Chester? I don’t think for one minute that Chester would leave his kids like this. Neither would Chris Cornell. I think they’d have more respect and love for their family than this. Something is definitely going on. Even Kurt Cobain wasn’t really depressed following his “suicide” Courtney love made it up. How do we know that these people were actually “depressed” other than the media telling us they are? I don’t see any real evidence to support that Chris Cornell, was taking Ativan. ALSO this is something that we have to look at also. The only thing that would really make me believe that Chris Cornell was taking Ativan was if he was pressured to the people he was working with.

          Dave Chappelle talked about an incident after coming back from a mysterious trip to Africa that he was constantly being told that he wasn’t well, and that they were pressuring him to take Anti-psychotic medications. He also talked about how he was being deliberately put through stress. He said and I quote “I didn’t want to take any of this medication, because I know that these people like to try and control you.” This is the only way that I’d believe that Chris Cornell was taking antidepressants.

          • Katrix

            Very well said. I couldn’t agree more; those people we’re loved by their fans and helped others thru their music-a feat that is therapeutic in of itself. Something doesn’t seem right about this-Chris will never be forgotten to me. ♥️

        • Rekcuf

          I’d take your post seriously if it had at least some, ‘the’, ‘that’, ‘an’, or ‘a’ before some descriptions or nouns. You are obviously 12 years old and live in either England it Lithuania. Both Chris and Chester we’re killed by friends of their friends of their friends. Both were divorced and promptly married the second time to unbastardize their second wives’ children and those golddigging, homewrecking bitches camera whored with the men, even against the mens’ objections. Both men were quickly cremated and the black widows now are collecting their millions. And both black widows hate the kids from the mens’ first marriage. The men were obviously killed by their friends. Mike Shinoda is secretly involved with the whole Haitian charity scam with the Clintons and they helped take Chester out from ever exposing their corruption. Joe Hahn drove by Chester’s house like he was gonna pick Chester up, but he and some Uber driver didn’t even go inside to check on Chester but described Chester’s suicide from their cars outside the home. For all I know, their Grammy wins were rigged to keep Linkin Park relevant and Mike enslaved Chester to work nonstop. And Brad Delson’s UCLA whatever charity takes millions of dollars from rich parents to send their stupid offspring into UCLA (another Lori Loughlin shady practice). Vicky Cornell’s family are a golden bunch, with a no life bitch mother and a murderer for a sibling. Nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise me if they helped take out Chris to stop him from divorce and to further investigate the Greek bitch’s charity scam. Those people are the REAL killers!

        • WakeTheFuckUpSheep

          You’re 100% correct. It is the truth. People are not awake!

      • Anonymous

        Now you just told the exact truth good deal u hit everything in such a small paragraph idk who you are but you must love music and that truth like me.

      • Carebear

        You couldn’t be more retarded. Or gullible. Seriously.

        • Try Researching It Carebear

          Actually you carebear are the retarded one.

    • Anonymous

      It was Eerie as prepared myself for the same fate I knew he had minimal resources as he was in a hotel room I had an idea when they mentioned an exercise band I too have 1 I wanted to just see if mine was going to work lo and behold mine is the exact same color model exact one it was shocking to see I don’t know why it made it more real I suppose hell if he had no hope why should I better yet how can I

    • Liberty

      I can understand why you feel this way but if it means justice for whomever murdered him then the ends justify the means.
      If there where laws to limit this kind of info then more than likely since he was married that the one person you hat can our potentially have the way so on what the public know is also the person I believe with all my heart and common sense says there are to many things out of place that don’t make sense.
      I am sure by your concerns that you indeed believe it was a suicide. Well there is a lot more to this story than just another temperamental artist committing suicide. Combined with too many weird things about his buddy Chester Bennington and combined , there are a lot of things that I uestion what really happened!!

      • Liberty

        Sorry my phone is not the best. It was supposed to read” if there were laws to limit the info to the public , then since he was married to the one person who could potentially have the authority on what the public can know , then the ends justify the means!

    • Bella Mia

      I agree with you, he was a brilliant
      musician and those that comment, I would think, would want to celebrate his brilliance;
      Remembering how he lived Not how he died…..
      Reading these comments Really disappoints me bc one day his children may read these comments….
      I’m aware of the 1st ammendment and I am thankful for it but shame on those who take their sweet time to “type “extremely hurtful things for NO valid reason….
      It IS EASY to hide behind a computer though isn’t it?!??
      *I appreciate those that came on this “outlet” of sorts to defend his widow and correct ignorance…..

    • k

      I dont know if this is some sick hoaks dave grohl pulled off with brad ashole pitt, it must be upsetting for his kids to see this shit online. Some pricks suggested since twitter altj, duncan jones, courntey love madonna psychone, rhiana, laura groves
      adele, dev hynes ( really sick), thom yorke, Beyonce, RHCP, eminem, marleys, simon green, gold shit panda,david bowie, prince, linking parky, quincy jones, paris jackson, kendrik lamar and endles others participated in destroying everything in my life, I should follow the instructions on this article and end it just like him!

    • Rastajedi

      Do are we all just gonna ignore the fact that he supposedly hanged himself with what essentially is a rubber band? Does this report mention the multiple broken ribs the independent investigation found? I haven’t had a chance to read all of this yet.

  2. April

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

      • Tori

        No, I highly doubt she was. I think she knew something was wrong, or she thought he may have been cheating, since they said she was angry, but from the beginning, she has been very vocal about this not being a suicide. If she was involved, she would have gone with the suicide story, but bc she didn’t, makes me doubt seriously, that she had any involvement. I hope you have a good day!!

        • jonkata

          name someone who cremates his husband before people can say goodbye, look into the details, he has 7 fractured ribs, why is there so much blood on the floor, first it was said that he had head trauma, but in the autopsy report there is no such thing, same story with his t-shirt, it was said that it was torn… i just want people to look more further and justice for Chris, there is much more than meets the eye…

          • Anonymous

            I got deleted foe asking the same questions. And mentioning images that looked photo shopped out,and who are the guys,sitting in the chairs during a crime scene investigation. And the foot high blood spray on the wall and tub,and the blood on the outside of the door jam.

          • Deb

            His ribs were probably fractured from attempts to resuscitate him. My husband’s ribs broke when cpr was done on him.

          • Another B

            Hi – has anyone else looked at the carpet? the latch and the one with the chair and guitar are clearly different carpets. Yet another weirdo thing with this “suicide”

        • Liberty

          She is behind it. Chris found out the charity she ran was broke despite all the money he funneled in combined with all his Hollywood acquaintances that donated and the 3 yrs it was in business only two kids were helped with a very small amount goinw to both of them. But I think what really got things heated is he found out the .org was responsible for hurting and not helping kids in undeveloped areas and was part of the very thing he was going to blow the whistle on ,because of info Chester Bennington made him aware of. So he was telling his soulless money grubbing wife that he had had it and wasn’t going to let it continue and Vicky wasn’t going to just walk away from her golden goose.
          She brought up drugs and altered state of mind for deniable plausibility. To explain anything that was found in his system. FYI on toxicology reports you have to request to be tested on substances for it to show up. They just don’t test you for everything , you have to specify

      • Tori

        Freedom of speech is our right, which allows for freedom of speculation and asking questions that warrant answers. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what actually happened, but let’s just say there was foul play and he was murdered. The medical examiner and authorities, for whatever reason, have jumped to the conclusion of suicide and closed the case. I’m sure they are extremely busy and don’t have the time or resources to further investigate other possible motives, but WHAT IF that wasn’t his COD? Opening this up to the public allows for different views, opinions, points, that may just be valid enough to reopen the investigation, if need be. If he didn’t kill himself, I doubt he would want his loved ones thinking he did, but instead would want the truth to be known and justice to prevail, if not for him, maybe for some poor soul in the future. He and Chester Bennington were friends… so, are these two tragic deaths a result of suicide or something more sinister? If so, are they connected and why and, if so, who is next? I’m jumping to conclusions on what is simple speculation, at this point, but the speculation comes from unanswered questions and things not adding up. My point is, more questions should be asked and answers demanded. If not for Chris (which, why not for him), then, at least, to send the message that people can’t get away with committing horrible crimes, while we, the public, just allow it, by turning our heads or not wanting to get involved. We, as humans, should stick together, protect each other and love each other. I’m sorry for ranting, I just don’t understand why people are saying this should be hidden or not questioned. Why? Because it’s uncomfortable, or standing up for someone, who can no longer stand up for themselves, is too much work? Or is the fear of doing something, to help someone else may pull us out of our selfish, comfortable, little bubbles? I don’t get it. Question everything, question everyone, especially if something doesn’t make absolute sense. What would you want people to do for you, if, God forbid, you were the one in this situation? Do unto others as you would have them do to you… or FOR you. I hope you all have an amazing day.

        • ARC

          I don’t know for certain but read somewhere that Chris and his wife had a foundation for abused/exploited children and well, Chester Bennington was abused as a child and even spent some time in Haiti (we all know what happened in Haiti w/all the missing children)…. anyway, the article or video I watched mentioned that Chris was about to bring the Hollyweird Pedo ring to light.

          If you go to this website,, it will connect you to their foundation page. I find it kind of odd that the Clinton Foundation is also apart of the foundations listed on

          I cannot remember which article I read and honestly do not know how reliable this source is but this is the first one I could find related to the above mentioned.

          • Anonymous

            He donated the proceeds to his song the promise to the International Rescue Committee. One of the things they do is help human trafficking victims. The film the song was written for was about a genocide in Greece that his wife’s parents survived I learned this from his most recent interview before he died. It is on youtube. Chris Cornell’s most recent interview I think is the title. If you decide to listen to the song The Promise and you are a fan of his music. Get ready to cry. Here is the link to the interview.

          • Kota

            Thanks for the info. He was, IMO, defly murdered. One thing I find odd is he “suicided” himself by hanging from a 7ft door? With the length of that weightband, he would have had to work real hard to strangle himself. He would have had to curl his legs up. I’m not buying suicide, no way.

          • Tina Carrera

            I think Cornell died from erotic exphyastion. Too tall to hang with an elastic work out rope from a door ledge. Just sayt

        • Mia Mason

          I totally agree with you. we’ll ever know for sure if he was hanged. personally, I know they were murdered. nobody has sat down to think that this could be all planned. that the murderer planned it to look like they wanted to kill themselves. I know they were killed but we’ll never know for sure. Oh I feel so sorry. Although suicide is a sin, I pray they didn’t kill themselves and that they are in heaven. Amen

          • Jeremy

            What a stupid thing to say. He isn’t in some imaginary “heaven” or “hell”. The man is dead. Show respect.

        • Brenda

          I agree. There is no way he could have “hung” himself in that fashion.

        • Brenda

          I guess it is possible because people accidentally auto asphyxiate, but if that were case… where did the blood come from?

        • Lee

          You are amazing. U make a complete valid point. Well said!

        • S.b

          I so agree with your view. Even if it wasn’t a homocide in this horrible way, the constant pressure on him from needy, self centered people pushed him to this. They knew he was fragile. Yes he was. I don’t think those closest to him realized that he had had enough. They will forever have to live with it. And I hope that there is an investigation into the charity he and Vicky founded. People give to help those in need, not in greed. Btw I’d really like to know why the restaurant his brother in law,, wife and her family was running. They couldn’t keep that business afloat. I doubt the charity is doing well either.
          Like he posted. “No more bullshit”and told his wife, I am just tired over and over. His Mother in law who seems to be infatuated as all hell with him, his wife and her family did this. Now they can live with it. And some day his children will know the truth. The higher truth! The last song he recorded was by Johnny Cash, “ you never knew my mind. Read the lyrics. And his last song that he threw In my time if dying summed it up. It was clear as the bluest sky he was exhausted.May he Rest In Peace and May we as fans did the real truth!

  3. Rick Shaw

    Public record or not, is this kind of reporting really necessary? Cmon, DMN, use better judgement. You had a choice, but took the low road.

  4. Jacqueline

    I agree with James that the family should have had a say whether or not this information was made public. It must be very difficult for his children to see the photos. Rest In Peace Chris Cornell, all of your pain is gone. You are free.

    • Artorious

      The family doesn’t get a say and they never will not until we revert to a communist government. His children don’t have to look at the photos. I’m not saying I agree with the release of the photos. What I’m saying is in the United States there’s this thing called a Freedom of Information Act of 1974 and it was enacted for a reason. It’s used to protect many things that are outside the scope of what many are thinking and posting here.

        • Caden

          I agree. The government doesn’t have to either. It’s their decision.

      • Hey Assturdious

        Your desperate need to sound smart by bringing up obviously copied and pasted political fake news is laughable. Much like your stupid attempt to bring Communism bullshit with a family dealing with a loved one’s death or funeral. Your incoherent babble reeks of fucking fagness that you probably typed up your bullshit while dressed up in gay Armani threads, sporting super straight 1992 Trent Reznor gay-do and endlessly worry about breaking your nails while Nick sucks on your 1 inch pink stick. Stick to being a fucking faggot, shut the fuck up and go back to sucking dick, fucking queerzilla!

        • Liberty

          Wow! Hey Assturdious, for someone that sounds like they don’t like gays you sure talk about a lot of man on man action!!! Come out of the closet already and wake up!!

      • CRM

        Goodness, Artorious, you have got to be the most idiotic sack of shit ever to Grace this place. Judging by the prompt cremation of Chris, who the fuck else but the Black Widow herself authorized for that cremation. It is normal for children, regardless of age, to view the body of their deceased parent for one last time and say their proper goodbyes for one last time. Did Ugly Vicky thought of what their kids would’ve wanted when saying goodbye to their father?? Fuck no! She ran the whole show, and her no-lifer equally ugly ass mother watched like a hawk and helped her control things. This is why if a grown ass woman has her no-lifer mother meddling into her love life as well as everything her daughter does 24/7, without protest or questions, then it rings suspicious that hawk parents like Toni V. Are looking to cash in on their RICH in-laws’ millions. Just another Kris Kardashian to boot. They saw Chris as a weak and pathetic but rich druggie that they can control and damn if his own family, ex wife, friends, and even his first child get in the way! And thanks to their stupidity on when he should have had his funeral (10 days instead of the prompt 5), Chris was burned to a pile of ashes and thrown into a fucking box like garbage. Who creates a fucking open air burial of someone who was cremated?? Ugly Widow who was all smiles at the goddamn funeral when smiling, as well as cremation, is a no-no to the Greek Orthodox Church, that’s who!! Perhaps Chris truly saw the type of subhuman trash that Vicky turns out to be and tried to get a divorce from her. He should have done it WAY SOONER since Ugly Mum-In-Law is gonna be in the picture 24/7. If his kids wanted to see their father for the last time, unburned, then stupid dipshits like yourself have ZERO fucking authority or say as to what his kids want. Go continue supporting Big Old Bitch and her Dumb Whore Daughter. The whore who now has a new loser boyfriend that she would wanna push on to her grieving kids, that I’m sure your pathetic ass would gladly cheer on. And if he’s rich, then YAY for her and her ugly fucking pig mother for sure. Go back to the kids table on some Alexandria Ocasio Cortez fansite and spout off your infantile political drivels there since you are as fucking dumb as she is. YOU STUPID FUCKING LOSER!!!!

        • Rekcuf

          Yeah, I agree with the whole “grown ass woman having her no life mother meddling into her love life and whatever she does nonstop” suspicions. The husband is rich and famous, yet mentally fragile to the core. They sure didn’t become his family to share pot roast recipes and to share TV Land show favorites over afternoon lemonade. Those two vultures preyed on him because of what he is/was. This is why you should question why would you get with someone who has his/her parent meddling into his/her and your love life 24/7. Especially when it comes to what you do for a living. Imagine that: “Hi, this is my boyfriend Carl. He’s a Physician”, “Oh, hi Carl, have you have thoughtsof marrying my daughter yet? Because I know this great venue down in Mayberry, Arizona with lots of overpriced homes and lush landscaping blah, blah, blah…” Seriously, I’d run for the hills if I had to deal with that with a boyfriend. Too bad Chris was too weak to run from them, and look where he ended up. No wonder Eddie Vedder didn’t show up for Chris’s funeral and called them murderers. Though, I find it ironic since Eddie publicly whored with the suspects of the West Memphis Three murder case, along with other attention-starved celebrities who should just stick to entertaining instead of meddling with court cases. I don’t give a fuck if the suspect rapes household furniture or wears diapers because of some mental defect that he thinks he’s a baby. Don’t excuse mental illness to commit serious crimes and expect the whole planet to feel sorry for you. Vicky and her mom could have pushed Chris to suicide. With his prompt cremation, I just wish that stupid shitheads like Eddie didn’t have to glamorize mental illness like it’s the next Pokémon thing to sell out there. Especially with that stunt he pulled on the West Memphis 3 case. It just makes it easy for vultures like Vicky and mommy dearest to go under the radar with that charity scam, no chance of evidence for his death being foul play, among other things. Letting love blind any sense of independence and any sense to tell them to fuck off and go about his own way. Letting the normal rich people and their meddling relatives win. Fuck that shit!

  5. DarrylL

    He offed himself…he was a sober guy many years, he was in lorazepam a benzodiazepine which is highly addictive and combined with other drugs and or state of mind…can cause someone to do act abnormally. I’m not excusing Chris, I grew up with him, am 48 years old and know the guy would never do this in his right mind….but it’s a disease we have and all I can say is I’m very sad for all who loved and knew him. He will be remembered and for the record it is all publ7c information….we don’t live in north Korea. love and peace to girls, God bless him.

    • Sl

      Stop saying he offed himself. He was too tired and not feeling well. Ridiculous accusation. Poor investigation.

      • ella

        What do you mean ? That he was murdered? Come on…why!? The people do suicide, for many reasons any nobody think they were murdered. Now being a star in this case, why should be different?!
        I simply simply think he had a fight with his wife on the phone and took the sudden decision to end. He was tired and wanted to watch Apple tv, asked for the PC to be fixed so he had another plans before speaking to Vicky. This is my oppinion, but way.

        • C. Cornell

          They are not reporting everything. He had several broken ribs… he didnt break his ribs and then hang himself. The same thing happened to Chester. We did not kill ourselves

          • Lp

            There were cameras in the entrance of the hotel and the hallway, no one went into his room but him. The cameras have been reviewed.

          • Bob

            And on top of that, didn’t they form an anti child trafficking organization that could’ve potentially been investigating stuff going on in Haiti where the Clintons are rumored to be doing some sick shit? Funny how both musicians are murdered within a year or so of one another of the popular means of being ‘suicided’… And could potentially (eventually if not immediately) pose a threat to powerful figures who are doing terrible things. C’mon. I think both of them having a history of drug use and depression only made them the perfect targets to be taken out and the murder be covered up.

        • Brian Mission Viejo, CA

          Look at the exercise band! It hangs over halfway down the door before the loop. If it was around his neck, his body would basically be sitting on the floor or even lying on the floor with no major tension on the band. The band stretches greatly! Anyone who has ever used one to workout knows they do stretch to great lengths. I just tried this at home! I have similar length bands and I hung one end over the door and loop the other end around my wrist halfway down the door into my garage. I was able to walk halfway across the room before it really felt tight around my wrist. I am a doctor so I then tried it around my neck. (Note! You don’t won’t to compress both of your carotid arteries at the same time as you may not die but you can pass out! ) I made sure the band was up under my chin and as I walked the tension was pulling or compressing more at my throat and not the sides of my neck where the carotid arteries are located. I was again able to walk quite a distance into the room with the band greatly stretching and very little tightness to the loop around my neck. I think he easily could have been lying flat on the floor with no major stretch or tension to the band. It takes your body weight to hang yourself and a lot more tight pressure than I think could be achieved in that short distance to the floor. More investigation should be done and attempts to recreate this use of a band to suffocate someone. Even with meds in his system this story just doesn’t add up. Especially now with Chester dying in a similar fashion with claims that he could have been murdered also. Were they both doing work to help exploited children and to help expose pedophiles? I hope more facts come out and more investigating is done. It is such a shame to lose these 2 talented and great guys and the true and full cause of death for both guys needs to be confirmed

          • Dale

            Your a moron and IF your really a Dr you would know that most ppl that have cpr/chest compressions done end up with a col broken ribs, my god my 7 yr old child knows that! There is NO conspiracy, Chester has spoken often and open about his depression, they were very good friends which probably added to his unrelenting depression… ppl kill themselves everyday and no one says that these ppl were murdered, get real!
            I pray for his wife and kids and this is a terrible loss

          • Brenda

            Truth. That’s exactly what I thought. Also, how was it even attached to the door? I guarantee if someone tried to re-enact this, they would just end up smacking themselves in the face with the other handle. Ridiculous. No way.

        • Moni

          Then Vicky is involved because she was the reason why he took such a extreme decision. Maybe he was fucked up cause Vicky and her mother’s manipulative behaviour…

          • Anonymous

            No. Chris had founded an anti child trafficking foundation. It didn’t have to necessarily do with either of his wives unless his current wife was paid off/in on it somehow. That’s what I think. I still think that there’s plenty to doubt in this case.

        • Jenn

          Nobody kills them self for having got into an argument, and having t.v / computer trouble. If that were the case nobody would have lived past 1997.

        • Anonymous

          So you think he killed himself because he was tired and mad cause no tv? Cmon! Let’s say he did kill himself then I guess talking to his wife was so horrible he hung up phone and immediately hung himself. She was in on it. She is a thief and probably a contributor to this pedophile ring through her .org that was supposed to protect the children. That seems to be a trend

    • beck

      I know we all clutch at straws and don’t want to believe after coming so far and getting past a life like that to move forward being sober etc makes no sense someone would put themselves through hell for a happier lifestyle then just give it up ? and I’m probably again wrong but from all the medication he had in his system surely he would of passed out quickly again probably enough time to do this but does make you wonder what if and just how quickly it was ruled too

    • Len

      May I say something. I knew Chris from aa meetings in L.A. Also there are many other recovering people who attended the funeral. When someone with this disease has been clean for a while and then takes a combination of benzos, along with other things that all combined gradually slow your breathing down, it most likely sent his thinking & nervous system down a rabbit hole. ONCE that starts, The body and nervous system of a sober OR using addict/alcoholic wants to go into a deeper sleep. Once that starts, they really do not know what they are doing. I do not believe this was intentional. I think he was tired, alone and wanted to quiet his head and all of the rest just snowballed. He was a musical genius and it is a huge loss but this disease does not care who or what you are.

    • Liberty

      DarrylL if you say you grew up with him then you know damn good and well one of the most PROLIFIC SONGWRITERS of his generation would have left a note!!!!! If he was ever truly suicidal then it was when he was in a bad place in his life but when he died he had a lot to live for.

      • Blah

        He had a lot to live for? Really?? Cereal??? I don’t think so! He went Metallica’s route by being pop and hanging out with pop stars. His Scream work is shit. Black ugly widow was scamming the charity work they’ve been involved with. He couldn’t tell her to go fuck herself for fear of her vile, corrupt nosy do-nothing family. And who stood guard during his last night at that hotel? Some Fatass doing negligent fame whoring mom Heidi Klum. Nice people Chris had surrounded himself with. He was a fucking walking mess who didn’t really care. And the Audioslave and Soundgarden band mates didn’t give a shit, either. They are as useful as concrete bowling balls. Still living and not giving a shit like it’s still 1992. Whether they wanna kill themselves or not, murder or natural deaths get minimized because they chose to live life like they didn’t give a shit, so who cares anymore. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if Chris slept with dozens of women behind Ugly Vicky’s back. If he killed himself because there was no other way to leave Ugly Vicky and her shit mom, I say he was safer DEAD than to put up one more fucking day with that Texas Chainsaw Massacre-looking bitch any longer.

        • You're welcome

          Please, do not ever compare Leatherface to Vicky Kariyannis or whatever the fuck her last name is. One is a legendary horror icon and the other is a worthless piece of shit.

  6. Shellie

    It is suicide: Body Guard 11:30 in room fixing computer. Hands Chris 2 pills. 11:35 on phone with wife. Wife calls body guard to go check on him at 1215 am. he is hanging from the bathroom door, so when they kick it in, he falls and that is how he gets the blood spatter! And is his plane ticket ripped up. –

    • Common sense

      His already used boarding pass, from May 17th, was ripped up, not a plane ticket

    • Brian

      That ticket is his used ticket from NY to Detroit. Not like he was upset and tore up his return ticket back to NY. So, the ticket doesn’t really imply anything or prove anything. And I wouldn’t jump to conclusions and say “It is suicide” without further investigation of all the facts. Really?

    • Ruby3

      On the police report. Martin bodyguard said he only kicked the outside door not bathroom door. He said when he walked in bathroom door was open and he could see Chris feet from the opening. Also swab test of martins hands are not martins hands. Martin has an obvious beauty mark on his right hand right in the center . the guy who is being swabbed in pics who is suppose to be martin at the scene does not have a beauty mark on right hand and is hairy. Unlike martin who has blond hair on his legs and no hair on his arms or wrists.

      • Liberty

        Ruby3 , Martin said that he kicked the door to enter room once and supposedly that was enough to bust latch( no way) and that he had to kick door leading to bedroom 6 x’s to get it opened. Doesn’t make sense.
        As far as pic, there is a black wedding band on hand in pic along with a blue bracelet worn by cops and ems . Why not test under chris’s Nails for dna?

    • MadLove

      Bodyguard took down the door to the hotel room and the door to the bedroom, not the bathroom door. The bathroom door was open some and bodyguard said he could see his feet. They took him down and that’s supposedly why it took so long for CPR to begin. Is it really that hard to get dead weight down to the ground and I’m not being funny also how long would it take to unhook a band around someone’s neck?….. Stalling much? I find it strange that it happened in a MGM hotel, just like Vegas massacre was carried out in a MGM hotel. Also why would Chris need to get anxiety pills from bodyguard if, like the pics show, the bottle of anxiety pills was photographed in his hotel room? About the security camera, if hotel has people working there who were involved in covering it up, it would be easy for them to loop over the video footage to make it look like no one entered. Or someone could have entered through a window and left that way. Lastly, seriously, how can you hang yourself on a 7 foot bathroom door with something that’s primary purpose is to stretch? If i was investigating i would start with checking video footage for signs of foul play.

      • Liberty

        Madlove, and phone records plus no body has questions the hotel phone operator that supposedly hung up on Vicky. That’s who I want identified and questioned

      • Liberty

        If bathroom door was open then how was exercise band suspended. Since he supposedly hung himself from bathroom door then door had to be shut forband to be held in place.
        Also I noticed in police pics that one pic showing band draped over the top of door but another pic showed band over the top of a sliding door while the other pic is a swinging door. Also if it was a sliding door it seems it would not be able to close door and if door isn’t closed somehow then band could not be held in place

  7. Kristin

    Why would Chris call for someone to come fix his TV if he planned on killing himself minutes later? Why would he even care if his TV was working or not if he planned on killing himself? And why do you people not use simple logic. He did not kill himself!

    • Common sense

      Kristin: speaking of “simple logic” if he did not kill himself then how was the murderer(s) able to get in the room, kill him and when leaving not only able to latch shut his bedroom door but the door to his hotel room as well when these latches can only be latched from the inside?

      • Tom

        Two ropes with a half hitched knot rappel to room patio commit the scene rappel down pull second rope to untie first rope of half hitched knot leaving door locked from the inside

        • Anonymous

          Maybe he had the tool to unlatch lock from other side since he is in business of protecting

          • Liberty

            Well that would be on cctv the hotel had for surveillance .
            Also the ligature Marks supposedly left by rubber exercise band was a complete circle around cc neck indicative of homicide Nostradamus of the v pattern when hung whether it be a partial hanging as in cc supposed suicide.
            Also door between bath n bed in one of police pics is a sliding door showing notch on one side and exercise band over it. With notch holding clasp in place in middle of top of door where sliding mech is means door could not be fully shut with band over the door and if door can’t shut all way then door can’t hold band with clasp up to hang anyone.
            Then another police pic shows a completely different door ( has hinges and swings open n close) with exercise band over top . All reports are adamantly claiming that the door he was hung on had a notch in it where clasp goes, and that’s the sliding door which couldn’t happen as I hope I explained .
            The police pics seem to be trying to show both sides of door used in hanging but they were two completely diffent doors. To make matters worse is in the pic with swinging door you can see two sets of hands only if you pay attention one of the crime scene investigators in pic DONT HAVE GLOVES ON!!!! So even if they ever charge anyone with his death it will end up getting thrown out because of that and many other examples of either incompetence on the police investigation or blatant agenda by the powers that be!!!! So much that is so obviously not even close to making sense!!!
            Two of the most prolific songwriters of each generation didn’t leave a note????!?? Cmon people!!!

      • Brian

        maybe the killer left through the window. Rappelled down the hotel or base jumped or parachuted away like in The Hangover.

      • Liberty

        Because the body guard did it . Chris was cool to the touch everywhere and it takes a lot longer than 30-35 min for that to happen. So Kirstin killed him as soon as concert was over probably in hotel and since he was already inside the room he had free range to stage the scene including busting latch on door. Which by the way are used because practically near impossible to break when latched properly. When they do break it’s not the latch that gives it’s whatever the latch is attached to. Plus no way did he bust first door with latch on with one kick but took 5/6 to kick open bedroom door. It would make sense if in fact everything was already staged and chris already dead when Kirsten played it out like he was trying to get in to help Chris and Kirstin knowing there were surveillance cameras so he put on a performance and door latch was already broken off and that’s why it was so easy by all appearances to kick in

      • Anonymous

        Well, the body guard kicked open the door. Maybe it wasn’t the body guard who actually kicked the doors open. Wish there was actual camera evidence but probably not. Anything could’ve happened if no one was around to witness any of it. I do remember when this was first revealed that there is a way that one hotel room was connected to another, although I don’t know if that’s true for sure. I don’t have all of the information, and what information we’re given could be falsified or incomplete or incorrect due to an (intentionally?) incompetent and rushed investigation.

    • Me

      Many suicide attempts have calls to others.Many believe this is a call for help a day the death is unintentional.

      • Me

        His call for his Apple tv not working was a call for help.

        • 1136

          who was the IT technician(s). Only the person(s) last reported to be alone in the hotel room with Chris. No further question

          • Liberty

            Who was person that supposedly answered hotel phone and hung up on Vicky according to her

  8. Kelly

    Interesting facts? Truth is even if he was murdered no ones going to jail and nothing’s bringing him back. Would love to no the truth but we will never no. Let his memory Rest In Peace.

    • Me

      He was on corticosteroids as well as anti-anxiety medication. Prednisone has been known to induce psychosis and mood disturbances

  9. Joseph

    Super sad …we just never know what really happens in these last moments…and with kids makes it even harder to see why someone could leave us early …we’ll his demons are gone now Rest In Peace

  10. johnny famous

    Wow.Theres alot of screwed up cats on here.Man the bands mentioned just enjoy writing music amd having a laugh.Seems like some of the slave musicans couldnt dig it in the long run.Leave them alone

  11. Investigation?

    My only *hm* of this being suicide is the broken door lock. Does anyone know the reasoning for this? Seems odd.

    • Jess

      His bodyguard had to kick the door open since it was locked from the inside. He had to kick the hotel room door and the bedroom door open to eventually get to Chris in the bathroom. This is a tragedy, but as mentioned in earlier comments, at least he isn’t suffering anymore. Anyone who thinks this was anything other than a suicide is obviously ignorant and HIGHLY unintelligent. Not to mention obtuse. My heart goes out to Vicky and his children. You can finally Rest in Peace now Chris.

      • AnonyMous

        Sorry, but I don’t believe that a 6 foot 3 man, can hang himself from the other side of the door while he’s on the other side. Hell, even if he was on the same side with the cord hanging right beside him that would be physically IMPOSSIBLE. That’s what the exercise band looks like it looks like it’s on the other side of the door. Tell me how this is physically possible without someone else assisting him on the other side??

      • Liberty

        Yea bg only kicked once to break latch on first door but 5 or 6 times for interior door with simple door knob locks??

  12. K

    Ugh it’s so sad and sickening at the same time. I hate that he’s gone forever. We will probably never know definitely what happened. Either way I hope he’s able to Rest In Peace.

  13. Tori

    I meant to put this comment here, as opposed to a reply to someone else’s comment…
    Freedom of speech is our right, which allows for freedom of speculation and asking questions that warrant answers. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what actually happened, but let’s just say there was foul play and he was murdered. The medical examiner and authorities, for whatever reason, have jumped to the conclusion of suicide and closed the case. I’m sure they are extremely busy and don’t have the time or resources to further investigate other possible motives, but WHAT IF that wasn’t his COD? Opening this up to the public allows for different views, opinions, points, that may just be valid enough to reopen the investigation, if need be. If he didn’t kill himself, I doubt he would want his loved ones thinking he did, but instead would want the truth to be known and justice to prevail, if not for him, maybe for some poor soul in the future. He and Chester Bennington were friends… so, are these two tragic deaths a result of suicide or something more sinister? If so, are they connected and why and, if so, who is next? I’m jumping to conclusions on what is simple speculation, at this point, but the speculation comes from unanswered questions and things not adding up. My point is, more questions should be asked and answers demanded. If not for Chris (which, why not for him), then, at least, to send the message that people can’t get away with committing horrible crimes, while we, the public, just allow it, by turning our heads or not wanting to get involved. We, as humans, should stick together, protect each other and love each other. I’m sorry for ranting, I just don’t understand why people are saying this should be hidden or not questioned. Why? Because it’s uncomfortable, or standing up for someone, who can no longer stand up for themselves, is too much work? Or is the fear of doing something, to help someone else may pull us out of our selfish, comfortable, little bubbles? I don’t get it. Question everything, question everyone, especially if something doesn’t make absolute sense. What would you want people to do for you, if, God forbid, you were the one in this situation? Do unto others as you would have them do to you… or FOR you. I hope you all have an amazing day.

    • Anonymous

      Well, they both founded an anti-child trafficking organization supposedly, according to what Chris had said in some verbal youtube interviews I’d listened to. With all of the shit going on, especially with how Epstein was murdered by hanging in a prison where all of the cameras mysterious stop working, his cell mate is taken out the day before, in a room with nothing but thin prison blankets….. Had to be a hell of a lot of powerful connections to that island where young girls and boys were sexually abused and possibly murdered. Fucking british royalty who was already accused of child molestation/sexual abuse had flown there repeatedly. Good old (literally old) Bill “had-sexual-relations-with-early-20-something-year-old” Clinton flew there alone with Epstein over 20 times. What the fuck did those two have in common? Two sexual degenerates. You’re telling me that Chris and Chester couldn’t have stepped on the invisible toes of some powerful figures, the same pedophile organization of rich elites who had Epstein, their mule, murdered before he could ever spill any beans? I don’t believe shit unless I know for sure, but I question everything because there’s too much fucked up evidence out there, too many prominent government and entertainment figures who’ve been caught and documented in mainstream media already as pedophiles to not question and see how many more are hiding in plain sight…. From rappers to tech company executives to past presidents to politicians… Seems like there’s an invisible world of sick fucks who rape and supposedly murder and/or eat children in an underground world of degeneracy. I believe it. There’s too much evidence to support it or ignore it.

  14. Jim

    It’s not disrespectful to want to know all the facts when sometime dies under unusual circumstances. It’s quite the opposite as it shows concern and respect for the deceased. Yes, it is a sad situation but I would want the same for myself if I died this way. Most of us are not judging or being disrespected to Chris in the comments I have seen. We should always ask for the facts and the evidence and for a complete investigation of all possible scenarios and not just be Sheep and take what you hear or are told by an initial investigation.

  15. Bleh

    Wow, a lot of shitty people here. Even Dimebag’s fans aren’t this unhinged. Then again, what else to expect from a bunch of snowflakes who worship someone who mocked metal with the song Dumb Sex whatever. The metal bands he mocked aren’t as whackadoo as his song was. No matter how you sugar coat the beauty of mental illness like a badge of honor, the sufferers who choose to end their lives are exactly what they are: Cowards. If I had to feel sorry for anyone suffering, I feel sorry for abused kids, impoverished families, and victims of war, not a gutless coward who left his kids and can never physically come back at all because he chose to die. Enable shit all you want, but take your first world wah wahs and stick them all up your entitled pussy asses!

    • Design For Life

      Life is hard. See where it takes you. Chris was a puppet in paradise. People like him need to keep creating. Life is about learning and some people can’t take it, period. *but it is what YOU make of it and that’s some deep stuff if you think about it. He was beautiful and his family is. He reminded me of my youthful days when I was more stoned than a mountain. Those days are gone. Responsibility can kill.
      (((Don’t Stop Creating)))

    • LogicAndReason

      Illness can effect ones brain, and make people do things differently. Drugs do the same thing. I’ve never listened to this guy, but I want to stand for him against those who believe suicide, no matter what, is wrong. His brain was under the influence of something, so be thought and acted differently, causing him to commit suicide. Even if he said bad things about metal (which I love), I still care about a man’s life and it’s value, and if they take it because the influence of something not them, than I care. Depression and drugs are quite serious, and other mental illnesses like ptsd are just as bad

    • Lozza

      Wow. What an absolute TWAT u are. Until u or any of ur own have experiecened mental health or sexual abuse i suggest u keep ur shitty opinion to urself, u have no idea what someone has gone through or witnessed and how that can fk up every aspect of a persons life. Wake the fk up and have abit of compassion. U small minded uneducated wank stain

    • Bleh's mom has vaginal rott from big dumb sex

      And before it’s all said and done you will prove that stupid is as stupid does. Here’s hoping one of your family members dies in a horrific fashion much worse than this.

    • fixxxer

      maybe their wives were lovers and had them both killed. seems more plausible than this pedo ring or illuminatte thoery. surprised this hasn’t been suspected.

    • Brenda

      That’s what I was thinking. It’s hard to imagine that band having any tension at all unless he was trying really, really hard.

  16. Honore De Ballsack

    Guarantee, if VH-1 updates their Most Shocking Moments In Rock And Roll, hopefully not with piss-faced Mark MacGrath as host, this still wouldn’t top John Lennon’s murder. Not even donut-licking bitch Ariana Grande in Manchester would top Lennon. Just two self-pitying white junkies who wanted attention even if they chose to leave family with children behind. And buying a big house (sellout Chester) just so his family “would be taken care of”. Uhm, yeah Chazzo. Let ’em live it up inside the very house that their patriarch daddy offed himself in. But, I highly doubt there’s gonna be inheritance from these two, since inheritances don’t get doled out if the death was a suicide. Poor kiddies are gonna hafta work their own way through life and not wait for a fucking penny from their daddies’ wills. Too bad. That’s life. If Chester was a Charlene Bennington or if Chris was a Kumar Cornell, would the media give a shit about them? I don’t think so! They made their careers skyrocket and their deaths be so damned overblown mainly because of one fucking thing: They’re grown ass white men! I wish I could shed a few tears for these two but I just couldn’t. The whole depression card is a cop out. Guarantee that if another self-pitying musician or celeb were to off him/herself within this year, either something stinky is up in the Hollywood air or it could be some ridiculous trend after having babies like they’re Kardashian accessories. Yah, make suicide a fucking Hollywood accesory to someone’s career. Losers.

    • Liberty

      Honore DeBallsack, your stupid! Inheritance is doled out as specified in will unless contested and won. Now money from life insurance won’t pay I’d suicide. But Vicky the money grubbing whore is making more off death than any insurance claim

  17. Wondering

    I wonder if investigators can determine traces of dried tears on Cornell or even Chester. Whether microscopic evidence on face or within their tear sections of their eyes. I’m no criminologist, but I’m sure that dried tears can determine that they did wanna commit suicide and privately shed a few tears while saying goodbye to the world underneath their breaths. Otherwise it would look like foul play. As well as any signs of struggle within the rooms or skin under fingernails and broken bones and bruises. Not leaving a suicide note rings strange to me.

    • Liberty

      Wondering, well how about 8 or nine broken ribs on chris Cornell along with tale tell signs like conjunctive petechia or lungs being well expanded as per autopsy report. All these things are signs of homicidal strangulation not suicidal.
      Also Chester had two distinct literature marks with vastly different sizes

  18. Sad Fan

    “Chris Cornell’s most recent interview” on youtube will answer some of the questions asked.

    Watch his last interview. “Chris Cornell’s most recent interview” on youtube. He donated all the proceeds for a song called the Promise to a film of the same name about a genocide in Greece. He donated the proceeds to the International Rescue Committee which does address human trafficking though they do alot more than that. Could someone have killed him over his involvement with this project? I don’t know But his death did not stop the film from coming out it is on youtube for 4.99. If you are a fan of Chirs Cornell fair warning. The song is very sad already but especially in light of the mysterious circumstances under which he left us.

  19. Hollywood's Ending

    Harvey Weinstein or his people killed them. One of those people can rappell off the building that Cornell”offed” himself in. It’s just the beginning. For all I know, the pedos and cannibals of Hollywood (Terry Richardson aka Jared Leto’s butt buddy, Woody Allen, Roman Polinski, Harmony Korine, Larry Clarke and Kevin Spacey) will be exposed before the clock strikes 12 come 2018. Unless their people offs the next whistleblower, Corey Feldman. Maybe Jared and Shannon Leto will. They are both pedos who fake-grieved Chester and did that City Of Angels video with Corey. Sadly, Corey’s got a target on his back and Jared, who enjoys licking Terry’s ass so much, will probably the one to take him out.

  20. Fake Everyone

    Spare me the fake sympathies concerning Chris’s suicide. Y’all were hating on his Scream album. Don’t sit there and tell me that the harsh criticism didn’t cause his suicide, just like the criticism of Linkin Park’s One More Light didn’t cause Chester’s suicide. As if them being from broken homes and hanging themselves the same damn way, and then being promptly cremated, at the requests of their 2nd, immediate baby-trapper golddigging wives, weren’t pathetically similar enough. Both weak, white, grown rich men too damn similar. I’m guessing the name-calling and anger issues you all have are really guilt for your harsh criticism of Cornell’s latest album driving him up to that Pretty Noose he so beautifully foresaw when he sung it so many years ago. Time now to get off his dick and fix your own lives, fakers.

  21. Betsy McGee

    I happen to post on Rock Feed’s YouTube video concerning this case. Me and him are fuck buddies, so unlike you delusional, retarded morons, he will never delete me! Chris was murdered, by the asshole who was supposed to watch him that night. Asshole is part of Hollywood’s Satanic Pedophilia ring. He is getting paid very handsomely to beat up Chris and kill him. There was no broken T.V. Or computer problems that you lying idiots would fart up about. Asshole killed Chris, pure and simple! Where is the evidence about any door being locked from the inside, no struggle, no trying to force the door opened. Chris trusted Asshole enough to simply let him in, but Asshole beat him up and murdered him! And stop talking shit about his wife. If you wanna kiss Susan Silver’s and her ugly kids’ asses, as well as his pathetic family’s asses, then do it in private! Chris loved Vicky ssssooo much and you idiots do not! If she wants him buried in L.A. and not boring inbred Seattle, then let her, the grown up, make that decision! Do any of you morons have solid, factual, scientific evidence of the dumb shit you all are spewing!! I. NEED. EVIDENCE. YOU. DUMB. MORONS. So, crickets from you chickenshits like I go back to fucking Rock Feed for NOT deleting me. You idiots now have a nice whatever! Bitches!!

    • To Betsy Fatass McGee

      You and your laughable obsession with evidence, you fat, pathetic Honey Boo Boo-looking piece of loathsome shit. Why don’t you take your Hollywood pedo-vampires conspiracy to a one-way trip to Hawaii and both jump into the fucking lava lakes,dumb bitch!!

  22. Hahaha

    If I had an ugly, leather face-having honey trapping gold digging wife like Vicky, I’d kill myself, too. Yo, Vick! He cheated on you billions of times and then left you and you no-lifer Bumbaclaat BITCH of a mother. Because, BITCH YOU UGLY!!

  23. Gsmith

    Look up Amy Venezia Chris Cornell on you tube. Very interesting indeed.

  24. Too many unsolved clues

    On YouTube, someone posted his LAST performance, and he had missing patches of hair from his head. Strange how this article didn’t say anything about it. Either whatever drugs he took must have made him crazy enough to claw at his hair’s roots, or someone did that to him. Since it was almost a minute-long video, I can’t tell if he was either wasted or trying to give his all with injuries and broken ribs to go with his powerful high vocals that night. And why would anyone say he was found hanging when his bodyguard found him on the floor? And unless someone entered Chris’s room wearing Harry Potter’s invisible cloak, there could be a chance that someone tampered, or was paid to tamper with that footage of anyone entering his room and the real video is either hidden or destroyed. I’ve seen the Smoking In The Boys’ Room by Motley Crüe video before. Someone could as well place a previously shot picture over the camera, Cornell dies, and then the picture gets removed. Spooky as it seems, I have absolutely no doubt that Chris Cornell was murdered. And his sexy body (sexier than Chester’s, which also had been immediately burned) immediately burned. Both had such shitty childhoods, both had suicidal thoughts, both were musicians who wrote and sang lead about suicide, both had immediately married to second exotic gold diggers for wives and had babies with those wives, right after divorcing their first wives, both had been involved in charities, and both were found hanging on doors and immediately barbecued until no evidence were left behind. This all rings fishy to me.

  25. Alien Earthling

    It’s sad that when you come here to read a serious story about one of your musical heroes, you make the mistake of reading some of the comments. And in those comments, you can see the pain of others and the hate that they want in their life. Some comments here are obviously troll bots puposely created to cause chaos, while some are just lonely, angry people hiding behind avatars. I wonder if this thread would have disgusted my hero Chris, or just saddened him even more. The internet has torn us apart; not “us” as in Americans, people or earthlings, but “us” as in, the internet is tearing the human psyche apart.

  26. Anonymous

    man there are some sick fucking comments on here WTFFFFFFFFF….. suicide is no joke man, its a dam shame that someone thinks that’s the only way out.. I wish I could I wish I could’ve helped him in any way I could…. RIP CHRIS CORNELL you we
    will be truly be missed ;(

  27. X

    All of you fucking moronic, idiotic pieces of shit literally turned a Chris Cornell discussion into a faggoty ass internet argument. A bunch of keyboard killers your all pussies and have no damn respect for a mother fucking thing…….GROW UP!!!!!!!

  28. And remember kids

    It’s not what fabric or object was used to hang oneself with. It’s about how low the person’s lower body becomes positioned that can either still keep him alive or stiffen him motionless after his last breath. Chris was about 6 foot tall. He could’ve pole vaulted to the other side and lost his life; same as Chester Bennington. The pressure of the noose’s tightness would’ve render them unconscious, if not dead, if their legs flailed about and touching the floor still. What’s off was whether Chris was found either laying or hanging. What’s NOT off was his height and the noose was an elastic sort. He was murdered and Chester could have been as well.

  29. The Top Of The Door

    Chris Cornell was 6 foot something, slender but not exactly anorexic-looking. His body wouldn’t have broken the door from the possibility of him being on top of it and possibly treating that door like his personal tilt-a-whirl to play with for the very last moment of his life. The top of the door doesn’t get investigated much. But, if it has been, they probably don’t talk about it to the press. Think about it. Finger prints, palm prints, clothing fibers, ass prints if he was naked, all on top of the door. A man that tall using an ELASTIC BAND to hang himself from one side of the door to the next side. Unless, he was murdered first before that elastic band wrapped around his neck to make it look like a suicide. Or if there are any evidence on top of the door, he could either have succeeded in killing himself that way or the swinging door may have caused his imbalance and he accidentally fell to his death that way. Too bad the black widow had him cremated promptly so we’ll never know for sure if it was suicide, accidental or foul play. No wonder so many people hate her guts.

  30. Lozza

    Wow. What an absolute TWAT u are. Until u or any of ur own have experiecened mental health or sexual abuse i suggest u keep ur shitty opinion to urself, u have no idea what someone has gone through or witnessed and how that can fk up every aspect of a persons life. Wake the fk up and have abit of compassion. U small minded uneducated wank stain