Chris Cornell’s Suicide Left Three Kids Abandoned. Brad Pitt Just Stepped In as a Protective ‘Second Father’

Brad Pitt takes Chris Cornell's children to Universal Studios (Instagram)
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Brad Pitt takes Chris Cornell's children to Universal Studios (Instagram)
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Brad Pitt takes Chris Cornell’s children to Universal Studios (Instagram)

Chris Cornell’s shocking and sudden suicide has left a grieving wife and three fatherless kids.  Now, Cornell’s friend Brad Pitt is stepping in to fill the singer’s shoes.

It’s not the suicide that hurts the most.  It’s the questions that get left behind, forever unanswered.  Chris Cornell’s wife refuses to believe that her husband would actually take his own life.  In the wake of the May 18th tragedy, Vicki Cornell blaming the anti-depressant Ativan for the singer’s hanging suicide.

Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)

Meanwhile, Cornell’s two children have been left stunned and silent by their father’s death.  And they’re now being barraged by media reports, autopsy images, and other harrowing reminders of what happened.  Chris Cornell left three kids behind — Lillian Cornell, 17, Toni Cornell, 12, and Christopher Cornell, 11.

Stepping into this void is an old friend: Brad Pitt.

The actor was front-and-center at Cornell’s funeral this week, and has been comforting the children since May.  Pitt has reportedly expressed displeasure over the publication of Detroit Police Department photos showing the bathroom and hotel suite where Cornell killed himself.

Shortly after Cornell’s death, Pitt took the kids to a special outing at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Soon thereafter, Pitt posted a picture of the getaway on his official Instagram account.  That was undoubtedly a special gesture and a chance to escape, with Pitt clearly showing his loyalty to an old pal.

Immediately after that picture was posted, fans thanked Brad for admirably stepping in.  “God bless you Brad for just being there to give comfort. Bringing them out of the darkness of despair that comes with such a loss,” one fan wrote on Instagram.  “Be their wings of flight as long as time remains.”

On May 18th, the Soundgarden frontman was found dead at the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit.  The singer had recently completed a show, and was touring the region.  By all accounts, Chris was a happy dad and seasoned musician, enjoying the fruits of his life.

Soon after the death, detailed photos of the suicide scene were released as part of the Freedom of Information Act.  Of course, that wasn’t much consolation to the Cornell family, which is now struggling to piece together their lives.


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    • Lee

      Oh, please! Stop dragging Brad Pitt into this story as if he was a childhood BFF of Chris Cornell. He was just a Hollywood friend who used to meet Cornell at parties, that’s all. Pitt can’t even see his own children without supervision after he hit them while drunk/high, so stop pretending that he’s some kind of saint and a father figure to Cornell’s kids when the man is not even an example to his own children. This is ridiculous!

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t hit his kids while drunk. He was married to a crazy, liberal bitch. All he did was yell at one of them for smarting off, and Angelina found it unexceptable. Also him, and Chris have been pretty good friends since the 90’s.

      • Tamara

        Look beyond your own sadness, mistrust and pain and see the kind act for what it is.

  1. Barbara

    Brad Pitt was more than a Hollywood friend. Em There are tons of pics of them out together over the years. Many pics of them at each other’s home. Kids all played together and the two families have vacationed together for years. Seems Soundgarden has always been his favorite band they became close right away. Brad loves that family. They’re friendship was no joke