DJ Khaled Accused of Breaking a Horse’s Back During a Video Shoot

DJ Khaled’s weight has allegedly caused a hotel resort to put to death a horse with a broken back.

It’s great to be on top.  Just ask DJ Khaled.  For the past two weeks, his latest album, Grateful, has topped the Billboard 200.  Now, Khaled has hit back at claims that he broke a horse’s back.

On Monday, relatively unknown site VYBZ Media posted the news that DJ Khaled had broken a horse’s back.  The popular hip-hop producer had recently vacationed at the Bahamas, where the poor steed was saddled for Khaled.  Purporting to quote an unnamed employee, the site said,

“He said he weighed 200 pounds.  But our horse’s back determined that was a lie.”

In addition, VYBZ Media said the producer/DJ offered to pay for the horse’s funeral.  The One & Only Ocean Club had to put the horse down following its injuries.  DJ Khaled was reportedly unapologetic.

“DJ Khaled is paying for the funeral of a Bahamian resort’s horse that he rented for a video shoot after its back was broken during an intense scene of DJ Khaled getting on, and off the horse….Khaled said ‘SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA THROW THE WHOLE HORSE AWAY’.”

To pass the story off as genuine, VYBZ Media posted a YouTube video.  It shows the heavyset producer getting off and on the horse multiple times.  In the video, DJ Khaled boasted that his latest album hit number one two weeks in a row.

DJ Khaled’s representatives denied the claims.  They stated,

“This story is false.”

Khaled had initially posted the video on his Instagram account.

Speaking with Snopes, Christina Turner, the horse’s owner, denied VYBZ Media’s claims.  The horse in question, named Eclipse, weighs roughly 1,100 lbs.  It can support a weight of up to 315 pounds for a few hours.  Confirming that DJ Khaled indeed rode the animal, Turner stated,

I got a call from [the One and Only] Ocean Club, where DJ Khaled was staying, saying that he wanted to do a family ride with his wife and child… His wife rode the horse in the water, his son rode the horse and then he rode the horse and he did a little quick clip for his Instagram.  They were a very friendly, great family.

To confirm the story, she sent a picture of herself with the animal.

Turner has since contacted VYBZ Media, asking them for a retraction. As of writing, the article remains online.

You can check out the video below.

Featured image: YouTube screen grab.

4 Responses

  1. Royajah Tali

    @DigitalMusicNews How’d he get this job?!!!

  2. Vladimir

    Funny you are writing that this horse broke his back. That is only part of story. The horse breaks its back, but with DJ Khaled riding on top of it, then starts to sink into the water in pain, drowning with a broken back.
    Also no funeral held. Only “equine disposal fees”

  3. e

    he shouldn’t be on that horse, clearly it cannot maintain his weight. there is a 20% weight rule, which this doesn’t look like it. horse is clearly uncomfortable and in pain just from the pulling on the bit.

  4. maralina

    this is disgusting he should not of been riding that poor horse you could clearly see it was in pain.he should not of brought it in the water. poor horse