Was Chester Bennington Really Murdered?

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In the wake of Chester Bennington’s tragic death, rumors are circulating this weekend that it was a murder.  Or, more specifically, a murder made to look like a suicide.  But is this all simply ‘fake news’?

It seemed too shocking to be true.  Why would Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington suddenly kill himself, with few warning signs?

Bennington did suffer from an abusive past, depression, and drug problems.  Still, fans and family expressed shock that he would simply kill himself.  Just like the sudden suicide of Chris Cornell, none of this really stacks up.  Both were older, mature superstars past their high-intensity primes.  Both had families, seemed better adjusted, and were doing what they loved.

Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)

All of which invites the speculation: was someone out to kill Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington?  And, for that matter, Chris Cornell?

Digital Music News spoke with the Los Angeles Coroner shortly after the death.  The office confirmed that Bennington committed suicide, specifically by hanging himself.  We don’t have the official autopsy yet, but nothing from local police or forensic investigators pointed to anything involving suspected homicide.

That was contradicted this morning by a report by yournewswire.com, which pointed to a murder of the Linkin Park singer.  This now appears to be the root of this rumor.

The story cited a police source, who pointed to a fabricated suicide.  Essentially, the shocking suicide was the perfect cover for a killing.  “Detectives are looking into whether Chester Bennington was murdered, with the death scene later arranged to resemble a suicide,” the report states.  “They have put a team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.”

The story continues by quoting an unnamed ‘police source’:

“Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides.  We think he was murdered; we just have to find out who was behind it.”

The story further alleges that a pedophilia ring was out to murder both Cornell and Bennington.  Both singers had apparently been combatting child pornography and pedophilia, and therefore crossed in the path of a vicious group.  That explains the extremely similar circumstances in which both killed themselves: hanging, in a bathroom, by themselves.  Especially since both were close friends, and likely to be coordinating on a justice project.

Temptingly convincing, but probably complete fiction.

It now looks abundantly clear that this story is fake news.  For starters, yournewswire.com is now a notorious purveyor of fake news.  Earlier, CBS debunked the entire site after a damning investigation of Michele Obama proved completely fabricated.

Separately, watchdog Politifact has labeled the entire site as a fake news outlet.

So why would the story allege that Chester Bennington was murdered?  Simple: it’s a shocking story that people desperately want to believe, if only to deny that the singer actually took his own life.  Outside of that, that salacious idea that someone killed the Linkin Park singer is almost too good to resist.

Match that up with two eerily similar suicides by older singers, and the conspiracy theories begin.  And fueling the fire?  Bennington killed himself on Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Fake News Alert: Was Rapper Kodak Black Really Shot?

And it’s not the first time that fake news has surrounded an artist murder.  Last year, a viral story alleged that Kodak Black had ben murdered.  The rapper quickly reappeared social media, and is definitely alive.

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    • Jim

      Plenty of people assume that both Cornell and Bennington were murdered.

      The Bennington case has no details, in the Cornell case, the wife was crying foul immediately.

      Cornell dies a handful of days before a headline show at Rock on the Range, sold out 40K. Doesn’t make sense to me. You’d think he’d be in good spirits.

      Bennington dies a week before a big tour. Again, you’d think that the timing was off.

      Who didn’t want Soundgarden and Linkin Park to play?

      • Reality

        Yeah. That’s not how clinical depression works. Douche.

        • LPFOREVER

          Reality you are an educated fool and asshole. English is not the only language in the world.
          Just because someone doesn’t speak perfect english does not mean they are uneducated or do not know what they are talking about. English could be her second or even third language. Are you bilingual? If not stfu. Seriously your condesecnding bullshit is disgusting.

        • Beebs

          Yeah. That’s definitely not how common sense works. You prove this even further.

      • Tayammum

        chester’s not commited suicide?? he was murdered..i know that..

          • McKinney

            Wrong. His wife’s twitter was hacked. He actually commited suicide. We refuse to believe it, or even think of it, but that’s what actually happened. Depression might have a few signs, but in this case, nobody/very few people actually were listening.

          • James Kozlow


          • James Kozlow


          • Sophie Wilde

            So were you personally involved in their lives??? …speculation and ridiculous conspiracy videos on You Tube are proof of nothing .People don’t seem to accept that chronic depression can affect anyone and if one had to tour night after night going on stage acting out a larger than life persona…..THEN never really sleeping in your own bed at home and spending time with family …well I’m not surprised so many musicians commit suicide.

        • Pamela Rose Vaughan

          I have to agree. I don’t believe that Chris or Chester committed suicide I can’t believe that. I believe that’s a higher problem that they’re trying to make us not see. If I thought they committed suicide I would do it too with this horrible world. I believe there is a leads out there that is committing murders and I believe that they need to be f****** stopped

          • Anonymous

            What really doesn’t make sense is the fact that through all of his struggle he decided to commit suicide later in his life instead of way earlier when his life was in the peak of his problems that he seemed to have resolved. As a person who is diagnosed with chronic clinical depression my opinion on this, committed suicide? I say nay, unless he was a part of some death cult. Cover up murder to prevent something from happening? More likely.
            Back to my petty scrounging…

          • Anonymous

            I think most of it is used to distract us from really important things going on.

        • Red

          How do you know? What do u know? If you know how are you still alive? We both know who did it? How have they not got to you if you know? I wanna help expose them, it needs to happen, just need facts on who and why not like we don’t know!

          • Ninoto

            Linking park was join in Antichrist they were anti so they kill chester

        • Jayne Jones

          Don’t be so bloody stupid ,come over here to Europe and plenty of men look like JP and Chester B..The utter stupidity you sensationalist conspiracy theorists read into EVERYTHING is utterly pathetic .

        • Don

          How you feel about this statement with Epstein not killing himself recently? Seems everything is revolving around some rich pedophiles ?

      • Bobby

        Clearly both were murdered by the pedophile rings in hollywood that they were going against. They didn’t both commit “suicide”…they were exposing high profile pedophiles who then put a hit on them. Wake up people

        • Don

          I agree with you Booby. I heard about the possibility that Chester and Chris were going to leak information about the “big” players in the pedophile rings which as far as the Clintons.

          • not just mk mind control

            I believe this because I was going to expose tsome black pedhophiles looking for souls of white people and some mind controlers who are feeding off of others minds and they put ahit on me . people who said hey have magicl powers and can kill white people and will take over world and also some others who are white and other who said same. and seek out others talent and mind and souls to control.

          • Anand

            And nobody else knows about this other than Chester and Chris ? Grow up idiot

        • Truth

          Yep I agree they were going to expose a pedophile ring then they were murderD

      • -Mac

        Depression & psychological disorders don’t take their marching orders from outside influences such as ‘everything seemed like it was going right for him. You’d think he’d be in good spirits’ etc…
        amazing that in this day & age, there is still so much ignorance as far as insight of mental health issues.


      How is it fake exactly? Did you read the article? Or you are just saying it is fake news because your favourite news site says its fake news? Last time I checked that is not how you judge fake news.

    • KB

      Did you not read it??
      “It now looks abundantly clear that this story is fake news.  For starters, yournewswire.com is now a notorious purveyor of fake news. Earlier, CBS debunked the entire site after a damning investigation of Michele Obama proved completely fabricated.”
      They just said yournewswire was not the place to go for truth … scroll up


        See you just prove my point. CBS A FAKE NEWS channel calling another one fake news. And the only reason you believe CBS is because it is your favourite news channel. You don’t think. CBS is the one that is fake news even though they uses crisis actors and makes up fake events.

        • PurpleSheepleEater

          Yes, thank you! These ppl ACTUALLY think that the big news corporations are telling us the truth, LOL!!! They’re the most unreliable sources out there!!!

    • gai sensei



        you’re so fucking stupid xDDDD.


        mike shinoda is also, NOT LIKE THAT! ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH???

      • Pamela Rose Vaughan

        Wow now we’re here in fake news. Mike Shinoda did not kill Chester Bennington come on that is the stupidest f****** thing I’ve ever heard ever

      • Lori

        Or maybe chester worked with elites with Mike and lured cornell inn to think They were his friend and ratted him to elites having chester befriemd chris and having bennigton watching cornell closely because he was on to the child traffiking .. bennington may have been a psy-op all along and faked his own death because maybe someone was on to him .

      • Broken

        Yes can u see this now I’m not saying he killed chester but something was going on its obvious chester and
        Cornell were about to reveal something that would horrify and shock people of the world watched the tribute to chester last night was more like the mike shinoda show give me a break not one tear please RIP chester there will only ever be one of u miss u my love to talinda and your kids god bless.

    • chris sky

      and then you cite “Snopes” a liberal, blog ran a by a loser, his fat wife and cat….

      wow… just wow! 😀

    • Nick

      OMG, people that use Snopes as a reference are just as stupid as those who use yournewswire.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm…let’s see. John Podesta and Chester look like identical twins. John Podesta is allegedly, along with his brother, involved in Pizza Gate. Chester and Chris C. we’re both so depressed that they hung themselves,timed very shortly apart from each other. Sounds pretty fishy.

    • Sophie Wilde

      Good to see someone who isn’t an arsehole around here.These conspiracy theorist idiots will believe any rubbish .The truth is that 2 men had to hide their severe depression whilst doing decades of years and the pressure lead to their suicides is too boring for these fools..Depression is ageless,sexless and classless ..FACT.

    • Paul

      I have no idea how Chester Bennington died but Snopes is a bullshit site. It’s wrong much more often than it’s right. I have no idea why so many people blindly trust it as the conclusive truth.

    • J Walker

      We’ve been lied to since the cradle.. from the Holacaust, Titanic, USS Liberty, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and on and on it goes.
      ‘YourNewsWire’ is MORE truthful than CNN, MSNBC and all the other FakePress we are SUPPOSE to believe.
      I too believe there was ‘foul play’ because there IS a shadow government and Trump is in the middle of the battle with them RIGHT NOW! THAT’S why they are trashing him non-stop.. He’s had more than 10 attempts on HIS life.. but the news will NEVER report that!

      • Lee

        Agree 100%. #thegreatawakening …hopefully soon.

    • Jekyllisland

      Explain lead coroner in Detroit stating that Chris’ death doesnt look like suicide

      Explain the 9 broken ribs, torn shirt and trauma to the skull

      Authors like this are why there is cancer and they are the one who should have it

      Doing the bidding for the political elite for acceptance is a pathetic way to live life

  1. Tbird

    You don’t fool anyone. Everything going on in this society now is a lie if it’s related to celebrities or politics. Complete fiction in every aspect, including your website.

  2. Fangirl

    The Cornell and Bennington case was so suspicious. Specially they are in a big industry with a big celebrities and a high class rich persons. I think Bennington’s reason of his death was shallow. He love by so many. But still I have no right to say this because I don’t even know what’s behind of his death or Bennington’s reason on why he got suicide. But I agree on this words, “Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides.” And I already expect this at first when I found out that Chester was dead. But I don’t want to be one-sided. I want some proof that Chester was dead or not or what are the reason behind of his death.

    • Pustulus Maximus

      Wow, “why he got suicide”???? you are a retard.

      • No one of import

        or you know English is probably not their mother tongue. The thing that gives me pause is that chester’s wife’s twitter was hacked within hours of his death supposedly. If this is accurate it may give some credence to the murder story.

        • MynicknameisTbirdtoo

          My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t it be possible whoever murdered Chester was responsible for hacking her twitter? 3

        • Lea

          What I can’t wrap my head around is
          1) what was the purpose of “hacking” Talindas’ account? Why announce n make everyone aware that something is up??

          2) the message written, “He was dead before they hung him”.

          Again, why make anyone aware that there is something off in his death? To point out something that otherwise would be overlooked, to cast speculation?

          Brings forward too many other questions.

          How does this person know n why does he/she want us to know? Was this person there or is it someone innocent who happened to witness his death. Is this person friend or foe, I can’t decide, n is he/she in danger now? This person wants us to know that Chester’s death was at the hands of at least 2 or more people.

          I find it strange that that we never hear from this person again. The hacking of her account isn’t spoken of or discussed by anyone outside the first couple of days upon hearing of his death. Like it was swept under the rug hoping that we were all in such a state of utter shock that we’d forget we heard about it? That we saw it as well?Strange that the coroner doesn’t address if marks around his neck (if there were any) were made after his death n not prior to. There’s not much being said about his death n the circumstances surrounding his death at all.

          What I don’t believe is, I DON’T believe someone hacked into Talindas’ account playing a sick f’ing joke on the day it just so happens Chester is found dead. And I DON’T believe Chester wrote that on his wife’s account.

          But somebody did.

          I certainly don’t know who or why, but I’m having a really hard time believing Chester Bennington committed suicide, n I have since day 1.
          He died on the same day as my wedding anniversary. I didn’t believe it when I read it on my ph. I thought it was a sick prank like what’s been done to so many celebrities . . . . what a roller coaster of emotions n tears that day. That was a really tough day for me. It’s still hard to believe that he’s gone. I miss everything about him n what he gave his fans. Such a talented man in so many ways. Gone too soon, it’s so sad. I love you Chester RIP ?

      • Suz0114

        First, so many other non offensive word choices besides retard; dumb, stupid, ignorant. Secondly, while attempting to shame, try using correct punctuation and grammar.

      • Protectorofhumans

        On a douchebag would point out her broken language. How many languages do you speak and write? Yeah! That’s what I thought.

      • cherry

        Lame. English is obviously not ‘ fangirls’ first language. You shouldn’t say retard, it’s cruel and unnecessary! People like you are too quick to judge.

    • Reality

      Get a life. Please. No, seriously..

      Go back to school. Educate yourself. Better yourself. Please, get better.

      PS: Don’t vote or have children until the above tasks have been successfully accomplished.



        Reality you are an educated fool and asshole. There is such a thing. English is not the only language in the world dumbass. j
        Just because someone doesn’t speak perfect english does not mean they are uneducated or do not know what they are talking about. English could be her second or even third language. Are you bilingual? If not stfu. Seriously your condesecnding bullshit is disgusting.

      • Protectorofhumans

        Really? You call yourself a human and you treat people like that? Troll, go sit in the corner and suck your thumb.

      • Jekyllisland

        Not an overly bright person you are….probably a paid troll

    • Lester pennington

      Exactly! Why he got suicide ! You nailed it on the head !


      ur so dumb. and fucking ridiculous. you dont understand clinical depression. fuck off asshole.

      • Jekyllisland

        Explainthe circumstances of his friend Chris and the broken ribs

        You are only shilling for those who hurt children all so you will be accepted by them

        May God show you no rest

  3. vlowolv

    I would love to believe this theory! Actually, what I would really love is that Chester’s death hadn’t happened at all. The next best thing would be that he had faked his own death and is alive happily on a tropical island. So this would be my third theory I like.

    • Pepper

      I like your theory. I wish that were the case also. I’ve been sad about deaths of famous people before, but really struggling with Chester’s.

    • Project 808

      I like that Theory! Hybrid Theory was the album I would listen to when I was dealing with my brothers suicide. I would tell myself that some ninja came in the house a took my brothers life! Truth is we will never truly know the Truth only God Knows! ?

    • Amber Cooke

      I thought this same thing too. I think more celebs do this than not because they can’t deal with not having freedom and privacy anymore. But if this isn’t the case I do feel him and Chris were murdered

  4. El

    Its very probable that it was MURDER. Strange circumstances all round…and so many trolls and media denying it vehemently. One is hardly allowed to question the suicide theory

    • anon

      Exactly. If you cannot question it then its probably true

    • Pamela Rose Vaughan

      They can call it fake news if they want to. I guess if I was a satanic worshiper and an Elite.. or a pedophile or a child trafficker I would call a fake news also. Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell maybe they were depressed. But I would say almost the whole world is depressed. Chester was beating it. He knew he was helping people who had problems how could he commit suicide when he was singing about the exact demons they’re taking so many people down I don’t believe he did I can’t believe he did

  5. AnonymousTip

    I could never believe suicide was the case. (partially because I’m in denial of his sudden and unexpected demise) Chester had so much to hope for and had so many people to hold on to. And he was in a place where he was expressing himself and speaking out more about what a messy place his mind was and was grateful of the times he could spend time with his family, friends and bandmates, talking and sharing about life and what was the progress or trials in their lives at the moment (Thus One More Light was brought to existence). Chester was in a healing stage. An awakening period in which he probably has succeeded in facing and exorcising his demons to be free and finally look forward to the future. Now tell me all of a sudden he decides to commit suicide anyway. Try and tell me. Go.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. This doesn’t make any sense.. Chester was a caring individual and would not have left his family and friends behind like this. And unfortunately if anyone takes a closer look at his past, they would see that there are people out there who had a motive to want to kill him. Therefore, I feel it’s appropriate to look beyond the idea that he committed suicide. Murders can be made to look like suicides and if there were no signs of a struggle on his body, it’s possible he was given something to subdue him before he was hanged.


        have you guys heard of his past tho? wtf? he was not killed! honestly! cornell’s death was chester’s last straw! these rumors are ridiculous! its COMPLETELY CONFIRMED it was a suicide. he loves his kids, band, wife, and fans (and coffee) more than anything… yeah he was wealthy and had for the most part, for blind people who don’t understand depression, a ‘great life’. well he actually didn’t have the best past ever. also, he wanted to be with CORNELL! and to just not live anymore! you know, depression is a real killer. doesnt matter about successfulness, its everything behind that. do some fucking research on clinical depression please

        • Tristan

          You are truly an Idiot he had a problem similar to this you think he would make his kids and wife feel the same way you truly are an Idiot.

        • Naysha

          Ummm he believed in prayer he said it in his last concert and everyone knows where you go for committing suicide . I have depression but I will never kill myself to burn for eternity

          • Truth

            I’ve come close to suicide many times I’m not rich I don’t have luxuries but I’m still here.its like the kurt cobain suicide all over again I don’t believe he killed himself either he had enough heroin in his system to knock out four people how the hell do u lift up a rifle and blow your head off.?

    • Blametheiluminati

      Totally 100% agree….it doesn’t make any sense…and the fact that he was so heartbroken over chris why would he turn around and make his wife and kids feel that pain too?? He’s not like that..I know none of us will truly know what was going through his head…but I think it’s so easy to say suicide and blame mental illness on someone who just lost a close friend and struggled with it in the past!! Funny too how Chester, Chris and Robin Williams all hung themselves while alone and no note…

      • :(

        well, this was a battle in his head, obviously. he had a very rough past and even though he was successful, he was obviously very willing to die if you could listen to his latest album, the lyrics, etc. it was heartbreaking. mental illness is a real killer and is as deadly as physical illnesses. in this case, his mental illness took over. you might not realize the actual symptoms of depression maybe because you simply don’t listen, or they’re hidden so well you can’t recognize them. he loved his kids, band, wife, fans (and coffee) more than anything in the world. his past was very very very traumatizing and all the shit he’s been through is terrifying and he just decided to end it all but didn’t realize the pain until after (if heaven is actually real). chester will always be missed though.

      • Zain

        It’s called depression. People who don’t have it don’t understand how it feels. Even when you feel like you are “healing”, one bad flashback or experience and bring you back down to the lowest low.

    • Pamela Rose Vaughan

      I 100% agree with everything you just said. I agree I think the Chris Cornell was going to expose big political figures Hollywood people… I don’t believe that Chester Bennington committed suicide there’s no way I will ever believe that. I agree I think that he was trying to help the world I agree that I believe he had his demons in his head under control just like all of us in the whole world does I believe he was taken out by the elites I believe the devil worshippers are trying to take over this world I believe there’s child pedophiles out there I believe Chester and Chris was trying to take down the child traffickers out there. Like I said before in a comment… If I was one of those higher political figures I would call it fake news also but guess what world.. guess what fake news… Linkin Park fans could not believe that he committed suicide I hope they don’t cuz I will never believe he did

  6. miss deyo

    I dont believe they killed them self and the person out there who did this needs to be stopped before another people get hurt and it may not be excactly what we think do to the scandalous government thats corrupted i should be president i would shoot anyone that touches another human with out concent what if this pedo thing is true they really died cause they was trying to stop it we all need to stand together and fight these nasty people we need to stop these perverts we cant let this slide as americans we need to fight for our children and there innocence

  7. Investigate further

    Why automatically believe it’s false or fake news? I think they should investigate this further. It is possible it could be murder. Corey Haim died of suicide after revealing his story on his sexual abuse he endured in his childhood. Corey Feldman is afraid to expose his past because he might be killed and have it look like suicide. Why is it that when exposure of the sexual abuse in Hollywood to males when those male victims finally expose what happened and by who they end up dead by an apparent “suicide”?

  8. Lester pennington

    The wounded magpie sings it’s songs through the trees of sorrow , when the ground is trembling in truth , the worm always comes to surface, and the magpie rejoices that all is right in the world.

    • Johndoe

      John Podesta is the key. Chris Cornell got too close with his investigation on the pedophilia ring inside the music industry which reaches world wide. Tweet at @johnpodesta why he had Chester, his son, and Chris killed??

      • The truth will win

        Thats the truth. Both Chester and Cornell were too close to exposing the pedophile ring including podesta. #pizzagate

  9. Wakeuppeople

    Wouldn’t doubt for one second they were murdered. If they were trying to expose the elite pedos then they were murdered. These elite sick pedos have so much power that they cannot be touched. They control the media. So of course this story will be immediately debunked.

      • Protectorofhumans

        I agree too! It wouldn’t be that hard to force someone to hang themselves. If they were threatening to kill his family, or any other horrible thing, that would cause him to do it. We all know how evil the elite and rich can be. If Cornell really did have a book full of people’s names that belong to a pedophile ring, they ARE going to kill him. How many people “disappeared” who stood up to the Clintons?

        • Pamela Rose Vaughan

          It’s shocking to think about how long how many years that these people have been doing this to people. And I never before my entire life had been so committed to bring in this down to exposing all of this because this cannot happen they f***** with the wrong people they f***** killed the wrong people I hope that they don’t get away with this I hope it don’t I hope they f****** die and burn in hell like they deserve

    • Stop being sheep open your eyes

      Exactly!!! The sheep of this world will keep following the main stream media because it’s easy and they don’t have to think. It takes no brains to look at how one sided the media has become and why is that?! Because they are bought by the elite of this world to broadcast exactly what they want to be broadcasted. I believe there are things that don’t line up with many of these “suicides” but we will never know the truth because the big wigs will always cover it up. Oh and the sheep will just keep believing !

  10. Paul Resnikoff

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories. I wrote this article, and just called the murder theory fake news. But, that said, the circumstances here are extremely suspicious. Both died by the same method, both during active, sold-out tours, both apparently fine with their lives. In the case of Cornell, there was blood in some of those photos. Something doesn’t seem right here.

    • Jon

      Agreed. Too suspicious. Too quick to call “suicide.” And sorry but CBS and Politifact lost the rights to call anyone FakeNews a very long time ago. A good rule of thumb is when Any of the major main stream media organizations jump to a conclusion for people to just “accept as the truth”….it is a


      Well its not a conspiracy theory of there is evidence or good reason to suspect

    • PerrieEd

      Hun, wth are u trying, guys don’t take him seriously he is quite famous as a troll in music news, he communicate fake info and tries to make them sound real….

      He is a troll

  11. Anonymous

    This article is going to age about as well as the Fake Kim K robbery articles you spent like 3 weeks pushing.

    Get a life, dude.

  12. Im just saying

    What if, there was more to it than the public can see. What if the real reason Cornell committed suicide was because he could be secretly gay and Chester Bennington was his lover and the reason Cornell committed suicide is because of the fact that he can’t go on living a lie. Then Chester Bennington is so heart broken and depressed of the death of Cornell that it caused him to commit suicide. Think about it, who commits suicide over a friend committing suicide unless it was someone they really were “in love” with. Doesn’t make any sense for someone not having a reason to commit suicide out of nowhere especially when there was no signs of suicidal thoughts.

    • anon

      It makes no sense he would commit suicide because he is gay. This is 2017 not the 1970s anymore. People accept the LGBT

    • nobody

      in the absence of any other trigger, this is the only explanation that makes sense. they must have been more than friends. he said in his tribute that he cant imagine a life without him. even if he was depressed, he had a very large support group. but sometimes the bond between a man and his male lover is stronger than the bond with his family because they feel they are the only ones that truly understand each other.

    • Pamela Rose Vaughan

      You know what that wasn’t nice to say about them. I’m sure that the thought has crossed all of our minds but Chester also had six beautiful children and beautiful wife. Neither of them killed themselves thank you neither of them kill themselves

    • Ranger

      Thank you! I found this because I was trying to see if anyone else put it together

    • FictionIsStranger

      I regretfully have to agree that they were more than good friends. Thats the only explanation that makes sense yet most people do not want to go there. If they were going to “expose” anything, it would have been that. Chris was “tired” of living a lie and chester “could not imagine living without him.” No one is talking about it that was “in the know” out of respect for the families. I will agree that it is hard to imagine them hurting their families in this way, but apparently living a lie was not going to happen, nor was living with the truth coming out an option either.

  13. YouAreSheep

    You are all sheep.
    Too afraid to question your shepards and their motives.

    You must consider if there is a child sex ring, and there are many in Hollywood… time and time again, actors, comedians and musicans alike have discussed horrible things that happended to them behind closed doors, as children, in Hollywood.

    Now, if someone had the power to Murder CC+CB and make it look like a suicide, than they have the power to make you believe no such scandle exists.

    You are being controlled, through deceit and fear. You are being spoon fed bullshit, that you never question.

    Perhaps it is a strange coincidence, but neither side can be deemed the truth until all angles are examined, without bias.

    You are uncapable of that because you are conditioned to accept whatever your overloads tell you.

    • Johndoe

      John Podesta is the key. Chris Cornell got too close with his investigation on the pedophilia ring inside the music industry which reaches world wide. Tweet at @johnpodesta why he had Chester, his son, and Chris killed??

  14. A reader

    Just to summarise: your headline questions whether a man who committed suicide four days ago was really murdered, based on a single source that you know publishes untrue stories.

    Why? Because you had a burning journalistic desire to correct the untruth and there was a ‘digital’ angle beyond ‘someone made up a lie on the internet somewhere’ that escapes me? Or because you hoped for traffic and advertising revenues to boost your business?

    Based on the fact that for every single celebrity death ever, someone somewhere on the internet will be claiming that it was murder, at what point do you step back, say ‘actually I’m a music industry website, perhaps baseless rumours about murders and K-Pop overdoses risk my credibility when I do cover actual digital music news’ and quit the ghoulish clickbait?

    ‘This isn’t my story’ vs ‘I can make money from this man’s death’.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I can see why you’re angry at this article, but, personally, I’m not totally convinced these were two ‘clean’ suicides. This was a serious topic over the weekend, so we addressed it. Don’t kill the messenger. But, the ‘facts’ of Chris Cornell’s and Chester Bennington’s suicides don’t quite stack up. It’s too weird, too oddly similar, and the circumstances don’t align. People are rightfully suspicious, and frankly, that sort of debate is healthy. Just because a certified, bureaucratic organization rules it a suicide, doesn’t mean there wasn’t some foul play that was overlooked.

      Look, I’ll be the first to scoff at any theory that says that Kurt Cobain didn’t kill himself, that Elvis is alive, etc. But this for some reason seems a bit more open to inquiry. Yeah, the piece that started it is fake news. But that site recognized something fishy, and that’s why that fake news story took off. Something’s not quite right with any of this.

      • Im A PSYCHiC

        Somebody should contact some very good psychics & spiritual mediums

        • Im A PSYCHiC

          Somebody should contact some very good psychics & spiritual mediums, I have had the gift of being psychic since I was a small child. I will start by saying THEY BOTH WERE

        • Leelee

          I know. I thought that too. I actually have a good friend that is one and was going to question her to see what she got from this whole situation.

    • Johndoe

      @johnpodesta is the key. Chris and Chester got too close to the truth of the pedophilia ring, they got put down. Ask @johnpodesta What happened to Chris and Chester? He knows!!

  15. John Pedo

    I bet his biological father the one who raped him did it.

  16. Anonymous

    he was murdered leaving 6 kids behind he wouldn’t do that linkin park was his life and so was his kids find who did it and deal with them!

  17. Justice for CB

    I totally agree that he was murdered…. why is his family too quiet about his death?

    • Pamela Rose Vaughan

      Maybe his wife or none of his family want to say anything maybe Linkin Park is being quiet because they could be next. Who knows how many people Elites have killed. Maybe they’re not saying anything the Chris and Chester were murdered because they could be next or their family could be we could be for all we know

  18. Eattherich

    Both him and his friend got too close to the massive pedophile ring being run by music industry, political and buisness elites. Simple.

  19. Eyes wide open

    Is there any credible news source? I don’t trust any thing that any news source has said so far. I know someone who knows chris cornell personally. I know chris cornell was trying to expose the human trafficking ring. That is a fact. I know there are some very rich and powerful people involved in the human trafficking ring. This info came from a real person who knows chris cornell. Which leads me to beleive that both Chester and Chris were murdered.

    • Pamela Rose Vaughan

      Amen God Rest their souls and I hope to God that we know the truth before I die Linkin Park forever Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell we love you so much and I know they didn’t take their lives

    • Get The Truth

      What about Chris Cornell’s autopsy? He had head trauma and 9 fractured ribs at time of death?

  20. too awake

    funny how this is one of the first articles to pop up if you Google the subject. go ahead and fall in with the bullshit of the world. DRINK THE KOOLAID, AMERICA. better not ever speak out against the *real* people in power… might end up like our friends here. me? I welcome it. I would risk it. you? you’re fucking sheeple. useless, dumbed down sacks of meat. it should’ve been you but it wont be because you kneel down and obey the media. they have a greater plan for you. at least Chester and Chris wont have to be around to witness it. rip, guys.

    • Get The Truth

      Don’t trust Google either. I’ve been googling the hell out of this subject but didn’t find much until I changed my search engine!