Heartbreaking ‘Dear Dad’ Note from Chester Bennington’s Son Surfaces

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, 2013
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Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, 2013
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Happier times: Chester Bennington laughs with Linkin Park bandmate Mike Shinoda in 2013 (photo: Schröder+Schömbs PR; CC by 2.0)

In the days following Chester Bennington’s unexpected suicide, people are questioning how someone could leave six children and a loving wife behind.  That is being reinforced by a heartbreaking note from Chester’s son Tyler written just weeks before his suicide.

The legacy of Chester Bennington won’t be defined by his music.  It will now include a suicide that has confused millions of fans, and left friends and family devastated.  But the suicide has also drawn serious critics, all of whom wonder how someone could do something so extremely selfish.

That includes Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch, who blasted Chester Bennington as a coward for leaving six kids and a family behind.  Welch is no stranger to depression, drug abuse and hitting rock bottom.  But perhaps his experiences dealing with the pitfalls of fame have made him acutely aware of its downsides.

And, far less sympathetic to those that check out.  “Giving up on your kids, fans, and life is the cowardly way out!!!” Welch angrily wrote last week.

Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)

Now, we’re getting a better glimpse at exactly what Chester Bennington left behind.  It’s a post-it note written just weeks before the singer killed himself from the singer’s son, Tyler.  Chester’s wife Talinda Bennington affixed the post-it note on Chester’s coffee mug, so he’d see it before he hit the studio.

“Dad, enjoy your rehearsal or whatever you’re doing today,” the note relayed.  “Love life because it’s a ‘Castle of Glass’,” it finished, referencing Linkin Park’s 2012 track.

Son's Note to Chester Bennington
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Chester Bennington killed himself on July 20th.

The suicide closely follows that of Chris Cornell, who also hung himself.  Incidentally, Bennington and Cornell were close friends, and Bennington’s suicide occurred on Cornell’s birthdate.  Both suicides were extremely unexpected, with both surrounded by caring families while enjoying successful careers.

That has fueled rumors and speculation that these were murders, though scant hard evidence supports those theories.




17 Responses

  1. D

    Please educate yourself on depression. It is a horrible illness that makes someone feel completely alone even when they have people that love them. To further stigmatize it as a selfish act is extremely ignorant. Each person’s depression ranges and can not always be compared to someone else’s struggles.

      • Mario

        First of all he was physically abused as a kid growing up. That on top of the depression.

    • N holtz

      Chester Pennington was fighting a bad disease called depression.depression is a monster in your head .Ok. a black lingering horrible cloud.with it co.es racy thoughts.dread.thoughts of just bad stuff.listen he wasn’t selfish in the act he was hurt confused probably cried inside his being alot.nobody can do anything about .I’m in that path of dread I’m a lady .regardless of psych her talk and what have you depression eats away at the core of your mind heart soul so let c.b rest in peace i feel bad for him his family it’s tough to face the ugly feelings .and it didn’t have .shouldn’t have anything to do with alcohol or drugs it’s a horrific mental breakdown of depression ok so stop the negativity .anybody in that state of mind doesn’t think about anything but relief of a monster in your head. Deep depression. Leaves one hopeless deep in dread one doesn’t think but to stop the cloud of pain .so I’m positive c.b was thought of his kids his wife he was hurting with the dam depression demon

  2. Jochen

    You really have to stop writing about the death of Chester Bennington and stop violating his dignity as a himan being – even though he was a public figure. As a suggestion: You could write about depression in the industry, the pressures an artist face, etc. But this is intolerable.

  3. Dan

    This article is insensitive and stupid. Also you wrote “Pennington” twice. It would really help if you knew the name of the person you’re writing about

  4. Me

    I was a big fan of his music, been depressed since as long as I can remember but once I had my child, I made it a point to get help, never would I be so selfish. If you are depressed get help, talk to anyone who will listen especially on a really bad day, who cars if they aren’t enthusiastic about listening, it will help, even in the slightest is better than bottling it up. GET HELP not medicate yourself, talk to professionals, friends, family members. Just offering a helping hand in those of need, you’re not alone.

    • You

      What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. One size does not fill all. Some things can’t be fixed or cured purely by “help”. Everyone seems to have the answers, so it seems.

  5. Annoyed

    Show some respect for the deceased by actually spelling their last name correctly. Check your last paragraph. Its suppose to be a B not a P.

  6. CM

    I hope that you are not a real reporter. When I was studying mass media in college, I was told you could get fired for misspellings in your articles. Dr. Sadler would give us an “F” on any report with anything wrong with it. “I DO MEAN ANYTHING!”

  7. Of a mind

    Almost a year has passed and I’m still furious about this statement concerning Chester Bennington’s suicide. Or any suicide. From the very edge, I can easily explain things. Being a mother, I can also give that pov. When you get that low, reach that far down… When you swallow the pills, slice with the blade, or slip on the noose, your family does cross your mind. That is what is on your mind the most. You feel like you are doing them a favor, lightening their load, making their life a little easier. Suicide is in no way selfish. In the depressed mind, you are being selfLESS. You know you are a burden for whatever reason. You feel that cross you bear is weighing on your loved ones. Especially your children. The decision does not come lightly. There are rituals performed each attempt. Steps. Thought processes. Then the actual physical act. Contemplate what that would feel like for a moment. The physical act of doing a thing you know will end your life. That is not easy for anyone by any method. Now, during that process there is a war waging inside. One more go-over of the do’s and don’t’s of your decision. Usually, that final thought, that “yes this is the right thing to do” moment just before you complete your task, is the faces of your children and the better life they will have not having to deal with and explain why Mama is ‘different’. This won’t sound logical to someone who has never been that low, but it’s true. Why keep up the blame and slander? Does this help his wife and children any more than him taking his own life? Mental illness is a physical disease that manifests itself in a number of emotional ways; depending on where the disease is located and how it functions. Stop the stigma and treat it as such. Please.

  8. Melissa A. Wilson

    I love you Chester. You are happy now and I hope your family friends and fans realize this. I am proud of you no matter what for teaching truth through your music. Maybe I will be lucky enough to meet you sometime on the other side.

  9. Thomas nytka brown

    Chester was an amazing singer a lot of people love hes work but i have depression to and it hard when you hit that low but we need to stop is talking about this going to help no because its just going to give his family a harder time with dealing with this