Was Chris Cornell Really Murdered?

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A photo of the red band Chris Cornell used to hang himself (Detroit Police Dept.)

Did someone really murder Chris Cornell?  Or is it simply too unbelievable that he committed suicide?

Shortly after midnight on May 18th, Detroit officers found Chris Cornell lying unconscious on a bathroom floor.  Coroners ultimately ruled the singer’s death suicide by hanging.  Case closed.

+ Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)

It wasn’t a homicide, Detroit coroners declared.  But that hasn’t stopped rumors of a possible homicide cover up.

Feeding the rumor mill is a high-trafficked bit of fake news.  It came from yournewswire.com, which claimed that a child pornography ring murdered both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.  The publication claimed that both Cornell and Bennington fought against child pornography and pedophilia.  Citing an unnamed ‘police source,’ professional hitmen had made their murders look like a suicide.  Both had committed suicide by hanging, a mysterious similarity that validates the conspiracy theory.

Watchdog Politifact later labeled the site as a fake news outlet.

And that also goes for the parts about Chris Cornell.  Further debunking the story, Detroit News reporter George Hunter said that multiple police sources dismissed foul play.  The Detroit Police Department, says Hunter, stands by the suicide after triple-checking Chris Cornell’s death investigation.

In now-deleted tweets, Hunter wrote,

“At any rate, I don’t mean to be rude if I’m not answering people’s tweets; been very busy and I’ve reported everything I know about the case.  That’s the way it’s extracted.  Just because the picture they took doesn’t show it, that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.  Cops say they [checked] this investigation and found no foul play.  They insist everything points to suicide.”

That didn’t satisfy conspiracy theorists, however.  Some immediately pointed to the blood found on the graphic autopsy photos as proof of a cover-up.  Others pointed to the gaps in the official police timeline between 12:15am to 12:56am, when EMT officials declared Chris Cornell dead at the scene.  Finally, most questioned how and why police officers would perform a DNA swab.

Answering critics who refused to accept Chris Cornell’s suicide, Hunter added,

“I see assumptions being made based on not knowing how things are done.  For instance, saying DNA is NOT extracted by swabbing, when in fact it’s a common method.  I don’t know.  I triple checked with homicide detectives, who say THEY triple checked and are satisfied this was a suicide.”

George Hunter’s tweets didn’t satisfy the late singer’s fans, however.  Some have referenced initial communications between Detroit police officers suggesting a homicide.  Those communications have yet to surface.

So, why do some fans and hardcore conspiracy theorists refuse to believe Cornell’s suicide?  It may very well be that they refuse to admit that he would seemingly kill himself.  The singer hadn’t shown any warning signs prior to his death.

Through a family lawyer, Cornell’s widow, Vicki Cornell, issued a statement claiming that the singer didn’t willingly commit suicide.  She claims that anti-anxiety prescription medicine Ativan pushed him to end his life.

Convinced that Detroit officers handled the investigation properly, Hunter said that he will continue investigating other murders in the city.

So unless they re-open the investigation, I’ve got to move on to the other dozens of tragedies that happen in this city.  Will monitor it.

You can read a separate statement that George Hunter issued below.


Earlier this morning, Chris Cornell’s 12-year-old daughter, Toni Cornell, performed a tribute to her father as well as his close friend, Chester Bennington.  You can view the video below.




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39 Responses

    • Anonymous

      Cornell and many others killed by same group God will judge one day them all

  1. Concerened

    No evidence anything was wrong? Watch the last show he did with a lump on his head so bad his hair stuck up the patch of hair missing from the back of his head him nearly passing out at times.but you already know hunter.no press when the body was removed no autopsy photos a quick suicide decision nothing to see here right.all this lying going on it’s on you sir…

    • Truth

      He and Chester where both murdered everyone is waking up too this people are not stupid .these filthy scum that think they can feed the masses bullshit news are going down there is a mass awakening and the TRUTH will ALWAYS prevail.

      • GP

        I dont think so. Chris’s widow crimated him immediately so there’s no more case to reopen. She’s probably the reason why Chris was murdered.

      • Kandi

        Why the fuck can’t any one else see the foul play at work here.

      • Anonymous

        Ask Detroit police to reopen case nicely with a signed partition of all who want it reopened…

    • Anonymous

      His autopsy report said he had a bunch of fractured ribs too.

    • Jonny

      I agree this shit has to stop God will judge those who did this

    • drummer girl


  2. Margarete

    I can’t or should I say that I can believe the stupid Detroit police screwing up the Chris Cornell case!!! I live just a few miles from Detroit..I know retired Detroit police officers.
    They do not need to be very smart to get it..Trust me!!! 1st problem..Martin Kirstin was in Chris’ room for almost 45 minutes before he called for help..Then #2. In his statement to the police that he could see Chris’ feet sticking out of the bathroom..after he supposedly kicked the door in..look at that door..no damage!!! #3. The bodyguard said he gave Chris 2 “sleeping pills”…CRIME SCENE PHOTO SHOWS CHRIS’ ATIVAN WAS ON THE BATHROOM COUNTER..SO MARTIN KIRSTIN LIED ABOUT THE ATIVAN..HAD 45 MINUTES WITH HIM..This is so ridiculous..It’s so obvious who killed him!!!!

    • Naomi

      Who killed him? Are you saying it was Kristen Martin person?

      • drummer girl

        The HUGE Ring of fucking pedophiles had him and his friend killed because their are tons of hollywood people and political people going to an island to molest young children.Chris was going to blow the lid off and expose all; of these sick assholes.

  3. Jade

    I can’t believe people can’t put 2 and 2 together..Martin Kirsten lied..He has given several different stories..He was in Chris’ hotel room for 45 minutes before he called for help..If I came upon someone that looked like or were dead..I’d immediately call 911…He did not do that..And I know for a fact that the swabs of Martin Kirsten’s hand and under his finger nails WERE NEVER SENT IN FOR TESTING..hmm.I wonder why??? Kirsten said that he could see Chris’ feet sticking out of the bathroom..So how could he hang himself with his feet sticking out of the bathroom???? Makes no sense whatsoever..and anyone with half a brain could see the gazillion problems with the whole thing…There are so many murders and crimes that happen in Detroit all day and night..They just wanted to hurry up and get out of there..like the medical said..He has too much other work to do, than to REALLY DO A GOOD JOB WITH CHRIS CORNELL..just another rock star “killing themselves”…Like I already wrote about the Ativan…Kirsten said in his initial statement to a cop was that he gave Chris his 2 “sleeping pills”. He claimed that he held on to Chris’ meds..THEN WHY WAS HIS PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE OF ATIVAN ON THE BATHROOM COUNTER…WITH 2 OTHER MEDS..an anti inflammatory(Prednisone) And an acid reflux medication called Omeprizole.I take that med..And then his contact solution and his contact lens holder..I wonder if his contact lenses were in the holder or not? And why did Chris want the Apple TV to work so bad so he could watch his favorite show..why would he care about the TV??..And Martin Kirstin’s first claim was that he walked Chris to his room and went inside to “Fix Chris’ laptop”..What laptop???..HE GOT AWAY WITH MURDER..AND THE DETROIT POLICE LET HIM WALK RIGHT OUT THE DOOR..WHAT A JOKE..hang yourself with a exercise band that could stretch up to 10 effing feet..And 9 broken ribs?? That’s almost half of his ribs!!! Ribs do break sometimes during CPR..like on the elderly and children..not on healthy 6 foot 3 inch tall man!!! This is not a conspiracy theory…These are the facts!!!…I don’t believe it had anything to do with a pedophile ring or whatever…He was leaving his wife..And she didn’t like that..He was her money ticket..He was a fool for a not so good looking wife. But he wanted to get away from her…Listen to the lyrics to a song Chris Cornell wrote in late 2015..called Murderer of Blue Skies..Look those lyrics up..you will be shocked..I hope Chris is somewhere where he’s happy…He was a beautiful person..inside and out..R.I.P. Chris<3

    • GP

      Yes I do believe you. That wicked Vicky was the reason why Chris was murdered. She’s actually the mastermind.

      • Rosa

        Conspiracy to commit murder is a massive crime it’s like murder one. They actually call it the mastermind. She would get more jail time than Martin if we could prove it.

    • Cathy Marino

      You are so right. Every thing you said makes so much sense. I just hope someone who investigates these murder staged as suicide cases (you can find them if you do some research) figures all of this out before I die. No one in my family believes me. I knew immediately that his witch of a wife was involved. Keep on telling the truth on every outlet you can. Thanks for your eloquently stated testimony

  4. Laura

    So good to see these comments of people with the ability to put together facts, the simple facts that easily wipe the suicide conclusion off the record as being close to
    factual. Chris was murdered, and it’s so obvious I can’t believe there isn’t, well, it’s not too late, so I won’t rule out the response to the overwhelming response of those of us who followed Chris’s career for decades, paid attention to things, as well as his recent state of mind, his discovery of Vicky’s disingenuous disgusting existence, and his total dedication to and undying love for his children.

  5. Rich

    I think he killed himself. I am amazed that nobody has picked up on his lyrics for ‘nearly forgot my broken heart’.

    Every time I stare into the sun
    Trying to find a reason to go on (clear reference to suicide)
    All I ever get is burned and blind
    Until the sky bleeds the pouring rain
    When you came along the time was right
    Pulled me like an apple red and ripe
    Wasn’t very long you took a bite
    And did me wrong, and it serves me right
    And I nearly forgot my broken heart
    It’s taking me miles away,
    From the memory of how we broke apart
    Here we go round again, again
    Every little key unlocks the door
    Every little secret has a lie
    Tryna take a picture of the sun
    And it won’t help you to see the light
    Every little word upon your lips
    Makes a little cut where blood pours out
    Every little drop of blood a kiss that I won’t

    I think the background on this is Chris split up with or was in the process of ending a long term relationship with Susan Silver, his first daughters mother when he started a relationship with Vicky. As the lyrics suggest he obviously needed something at that time and clearly thought it was her.

    She then obviously as has he puts it takes a bite out of him once she has got her hooks in him and realises the mistake he has made and feels he has no way out and all he thinks about is his broken heart.

    I think Vicky Cornell got her hooks into him and tried to turn him into someone he was not. Movie premieres, timberland album, constant touring to support a lifestyle he hated and never wanted.

    I think Eddie Vedder not attending his funeral says it all. I don’t for one second believe Ed never went because he was on his own tour etc. I personally think Chris confided in him and loathed the circus that was his funeral. On a Howard Stearn clip when Chris was a guest he states Ed is his best friend and when I attended Ed’s solo gig in London around 3 days after the funeral you could clearly tell he was heartbroken.

    Says it all to me, I don’t think he went because he knew the truth. Vicky Cornell and her lifestyle killed Chris in my view. She is desperately trying to hang onto her status and it is no surprise to see she is now pushing her own very young daughter into the limelight. This is the same woman who on twitter supports a post stating there should be more references in Seattle to its great musical icons like Chris, Layne, jimi and Kurt and then goes and puts her husband to rest in Hollywood forever cemetery next to Toto the dog!

    I may be wrong just my personal opinion

    • Muzicman1005

      If you know artists writing lyrics n music is our way of ranting n pouring our heart out n getting it out, artists who play a concert that night n acts happy n no reason just because they act deppressed isnt going kill themselves, thats what the lyricsn music is for to get that crap out of you , he was murdered anybody hngs themselves like that would of started to struggle n oanic for air n tried to pull that thing of their neck n no sighn of him doing that. He would of suffered for air n that would made him fight for it not just lay there n die theres no a person out there xsn hang themselves on purpose like rhat ,

  6. Noyb

    That horrific looking women (VIcky) made Chris look like an angel. The thought of him looking past all the ugliness that women possessed both inside and out really speaks highly of Chris. I guess love is blind. She got what she wanted. She had him wasted ,(all for greed). But all the money in the world can’t buy you beauty or happiness you sorry excuse of a human being. Chris is gone and I pray to god for his soul to be at peace. As for the troll it gives me great comfort knowing that one day she’ll have to answer to god . she well never be able to get into heaven, to ever see Chris again. May you live to 110 with misery accompanying you. For you and you alone have condemned yourself with more hate then your usually used to.

    • Kandi

      He called me 2 weeks b4 he was murdered & knew about his wife stepping out with the bodyguard. And that she is a money hungry fame whore. He loved his children way 2 much 2 ever leave them voluntarily.

  7. vinny

    I agree that Chris had developed a very disenhearted feeling about Vicky. Yet I can somehow believe at the same time this man so deeply loved her. I think she took it upon herself to try taking his good heart for a fool and manipulate his mind as if she were all that! And all you hear is her side of the story now, but look into his lyrics on A Higher Truth. He was saying goodbye saddly but truelly

    • Kandi

      He called me 2 weeks b4 he was murdered & knew about his wife stepping out with the bodyguard. And that she is a money hungry fame whore. He loved his children way 2 much 2 ever leave them voluntarily.

      • Drummer

        Who are you? Show yourself!
        If It is true and if you want really help Chris to find peace, the place for you say those words is in a judge audience, not cover behind internet.

        • JusticeforChris

          She is a nobody who is trying to get attention. That’s why she posted the same thing twice. Just another attention seeker. Don’t give it to her.

    • Rosa

      Look at his cover of the Johnny Cash song “you never knew my mind”. Says it all.

  8. Your fun

    Lol seriously like no cameras of entering the place like outside or inside???
    Come on man we have so many cams but they can’t just say we know who entered and checked in. Lol prvt as f and a setup if this was a inside job.
    Common sense if it is a murder we shld know either outside window lol or coming thru the door.

  9. Yup

    I really didn’t look into it if it was a balcony or just the ground and yeah that does suck for his daughter and other loved ones.
    As an artist and not a musician. I’ve met Chester 30 times and I got to meet Cornell 3 but it was just fun and drinking by the buses.
    Chester really didn’t care for weed lol I was shocked.
    Anyways I just want to say this whole pizzagate needs to be looked at and those fucs need to be shut down. Trafficking is just demons and tons of shit I saw on the road. Not an easy route seeing 16 yr old girls acting like 18 or 21. I had to get off the bus many times and real musicians do know these dark rumors. It happens everyday which is sickening.
    Rest in peace guys I hope they find your killers or shit happens when yr really out of it and depressed.
    It’s a hell lot easier having money sometimes than being a starving artist. It’s all strictly business and I’m gonna go for a hike so gdluck to all who struggle in life. Get help if you thinking bad thoughts.

  10. jim mueller

    Vicky probably will sue the drug company so she is on the suicide train until the check drops into her account. I realize Chris was no bigger than a popcorn fart but I challenge anyone to keep that piece of rubber tubing from breaking when you apply the entirety of Chris’ body weight on that strap. I bet the failure rate is closer to 100% than 0% folks. Not to mention that his body would have involuntarily tried to stand him up as those stretchy bands would have had his legs well positioned to provide support. This looks like the same bullshit as the Arturo Gatti “suicide” by hanging (or pissed Brazilian, soon to be ex-wife) in Brazil. That strap broke at 90lbs, every time!

    • jim mueller

      Sorry. I forgot to wish his family and especially his poor daughter my heartfelt condolences. I have seen Mr. Cornell many times in Soundgarden, Audioslave, and solo and he always projected such a sweet spirit and his talent was boundless! His music influenced the genre in a positive way and his overall contribution cannot be denied. I know heaven’s choir is all the better and definitely more powerful with his addition. With his final terrestrial song being, “In My Time of Dying”, he engaged in a method of communication with The Almighty, using the gifts bestowed upon the singer to uplift, praise, and engage with his Creator. He approached God and humbly asked for his aid and he definitely received it as asking is all that we are required to do. These lyrics represent exactly what I would like to Say to the Lord when my spirit is released because I need all the help I can get! See you soon brother. Now you can observe the Savior’s pose firsthand!

  11. mike P

    if you cite the hollywood “STAR STALKERS/Killers” like randy quiad your called crazy. Maybe these greedy record executives figure that at some point an artist is worth more money dead than alive like chris cornell or kurt cobain.

  12. Soosi

    Not suicide, Chris or Chester and looking back, many more. Keep digging.