How to Claim Your Piece of Spotify’s $43.5 Million Songwriter Settlement

A few pointers on getting your slice of Spotify $43.5 million songwriter settlement pie.

On May 23rd, Spotify entered into a settlement agreement with songwriters over unresolved mechanical licenses.  Mechanical licenses are a type of publishing license owed to songwriters that Spotify wasn’t paying.  As a result, they got sued.

In a class action settlement, the company agreed to pay $43.5 million to cover its massive pile of unpaid mechanical royalties.  But, if you’re a songwriter, how can you make sure that you get your fair share of the settlement?  Read on.

So, how did the case begin?

Artist activist David Lowery had started the contentious class action lawsuit against Spotify.  Shortly thereafter, singer/songwriter Melissa Ferrick sponsored a similar action.  Lowery had initially launched a $150 million lawsuit, while Ferrick filed a similar class action seeking $200 million.  Those are rough estimates, though the rival lawsuits eventually combined, with Ferrick’s attorneys taking the lead.

Both Lowery and Ferrick had accused Spotify of conveniently withholding mechanical royalty payments.  The streaming platform had made a number of musical works available without such licenses.

After failing to derail the class action lawsuits, Spotify’s attorneys ultimately agreed to settle.  However, the company still believes that the “factual and legal allegations…are incorrect.”  The platform also specifically denies any fault, wrongdoing, or liability when it comes to withholding royalty payments.

Do I qualify?

To be included in the Settlement, you must be a member of the Settlement Class.  To be in the Settlement Class, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. You’re the owner of a copyright of a musical composition that Spotify made available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading between December 28th, 2012 and June 29th, 2017.
  2. You contend that Spotify made your musical composition available without a license.
  3. You or someone else applied for and received a certificate of registration from the US Copyright Office for the musical composition on or before June 29th, 2017.

Who doesn’t qualify?

The following people will remain excluded from the settlement payment.

  1. Spotify, or one of its affiliates, employees, and counsel.
  2. A federal, state, or local government entity.
  3. A member of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and/or a party to a ‘Participating Publisher Pending and Unmatched Usage Agreement’ between Spotify and the NMPA.
  4. Someone who agreed not to bring a claim against the company in this class action lawsuit.

How can I receive a part of the settlement?

If you believe you are a qualifying member of the Settlement Class, you must fully complete and timely submit a valid claim form to the Settlement Administrator, Garden City Group LLC.  You can complete and submit claim forms at

Class members also may request a paper copy of a claim form by emailing the Settlement Administrator at  You can also call 1-855-474-3853 for the paper copy.

How do I complete the claim form?

To complete the claim form, Settlement Class members must provide some information about themselves.  This includes:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information
  3. Relevant musical compositions (the works members contend Spotify made available between December 28th, 2012 and June 29th, 2017 without a license).

Required information includes:

  • The copyright registration number of each musical composition.
  • The track identifier for each recording on Spotify of that composition.

The claim form also includes optional information that members can fill out to be eligible for a payment.

If you can’t find the track identifier, Spotify has assembled the Track Database.  This consists of tracks with correct identifiers and certain other information about recordings.  The database is limited to tracks made available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading during the Class period.

You can find the Spotify Track Database at

When can I receive a part of the settlement?

The Settlement still requires Court approval.  If you’re a Class member, you will be entitled to receive a payment from the $43.5 million Net Settlement Fund (minus attorneys’ fees, expenses, and other legal fees.)

The court will hold a hearing on December 1st, 2017, to decide whether to grant final approval to the settlement.  Once the court approves the settlement, Spotify may choose to appeal.

Payments to Settlement Class members will be made only after the settlement is finally approved and any appeals are resolved in favor of the settlement.

How much will I receive?

Approved Settlement Class Members will receive a minimum pro rata payment from the Net Settlement Fund based on the following criteria:

  • Percentage equal to the number of streams of qualifying musical compositions divided by the total number of streams of all class members’ claimed musical works.

Approved Settlement Class Members will also receive payment of mechanical royalties using the statutory rate for future use of the musical compositions.  So, depending on how many plays are in question, this could add up significantly.

In addition, Spotify will establish a Mechanical Licensing Committee for affected Settlement Class Members.  This committee will develop proposals to facilitate the mechanical licensing of content on Spotify’s service.



You can find detailed information on the Settlement here.




24 Responses

  1. Terry Wilcox

    I still don’t know how to find out if anything “I wrote” was used on “Spotify”. How does one find out? I did receive three post cards in the mail, each with it’s own set of numbers.
    I tried to read the settlement agreement, after the first page of legalese jargon, one finds their mind in total disarray.

    • Donna

      There will be a spotify database posted after the court date to see if and how many times your work was downloaded, and streamed from spotify

      • Nikki Land

        can u please help. I can’t find how to look for my tracks

    • Lawrence G. Ingle

      I received a post card last year and didn’t contact anyone until now. How do I find out if I’m included in the settlement? Claimant ID: 49DE766C3D Control No: 7807059772. Lawrence G. Ingle 4418 Taylor Blvd. #33, Louisville, Kentucky 40215. Telephone number: 502-544-0097. Thank You for your time

  2. Donna

    Hey can anyone give me a link that can help me see how many times my music was played on a website.. these music companies are making a killing on my work and I’m not being payed a dime.

  3. melissa Mckinney

    I have got a postcard saying I may be owed money how do i find out which of my songs was used and how. Much money i am owed Melissa mckinnny

  4. Keith Seivwright.

    I did received a post card in the mail also. What are the necessary steps do i take from now on, to get valid information.

  5. Anonymous

    Charlene Cupp I recived a post card also. Just letting you know. I have also called about this.

    CHARLENE CUPP.I also received. I have already called about. Supposed to call back in Jan. or Feb. will call back then.

  6. imj

    They are three notices those who receive the Post Card are included

  7. Roger Victor

    Isn’t Spotify covering up the true numbers of downloads and streams that occured? Copyright infringement is copyright infringement. It shouldn’t matter if an artist ispopular as Tom Petty or not. The law was broken at our expense. We should be paid the same.

  8. Susan

    Y’all are lying, you can’t mess w Susan records u can’t keep that up. Alright? God will strike them.

  9. Manuel Alaniz

    I got 2 post cards with different # on them but don’t understand how this works, I got lyrics no music..

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve received 5 post cards with info. about my music used without my permission also! been watching results and waiting! my music is under copyright protection and Ive got a catalog wherein they are registered!So!!??? Im waiting? the lawyers or settlement group are suppose to contact us as !

  11. betty y. Nickell

    I have not yet received a card of notification?

  12. betty y. Nickell

    I have not yet received a card of notification? i would like to know if i am included in class action suit?

    • betty y. Nickell

      I have not yet received a card of notification? i would like to know if i am included in class action suit?
      well, maybe i did? Thank you!

  13. melbia williams

    There’s no claim form on this website so what do I do now.

  14. David S

    May 15, 2019 has arrived, I jumped through the hoops of creating a user account with Settlement Facilitator and when I put in the name required to pull up tracks, no tracks came up. I used the name on the postcard I received.

    So it says I can request a papercopy of the claim form, yet you have to know the Spotify track numbers and the website has not provided Spotify database.

    It shouldn’t be this difficult. Right? … Right?

    • james w kocher

      I think its all a joke I received 6 cards and numbers on them, so what, they made it so crazy for us songwriters,they know what songs they took, and should of told us what they were,
      chance of getting anything a joke.

      • Law

        That is correct so I think it should be another law suit.. If they with hold information to where we cannot ACESS the data base.

  15. Tim Southerland

    how do i get a spotify tracking number? that is all i lack to finish my spotify claim form … call me at 330-990-3455 or email me at… the gospel singers , Tim And Brenda Southerland