Why Is a 10-Minute Silent Song Climbing the iTunes Charts?

According to iTunes, the best sound of 2017 is absolute silence.

It was initially an iTunes hack.  But Samir Mezrahi has now created one of iTunes’ hottest tracks of the summer.  How?  By uploading a 10-minute track filled with absolute silence.

It actually solves an annoying problem.  Normally, when plugging your iPhone in your car, iTunes will automatically play the first track.  With his new song, Samir Mezrahi has seemingly fixed this annoyance.  He titled his popular track ‘A a a a a Very Good Song.’ Because of the name, the song will always play first.

It doesn’t feature any lyrics, a melody, harmony, vocals, or a rhythm.  The completely silent track lasts 9:58. According to Mezrahi, he cut the song under ten minutes as iTunes would “charge you full album price.”

Prior to the song’s release, Mezrahi posted an announcement on Twitter.

hey I released a blank song that will play 1st so that *one* song won’t play every time u plug ur phone into ur car https://itun.es/us/hgMOlb

Little is known about the song’s composer.  According to his Twitter profile page, Samir Mezrahi resides in New York City.  His Twitter bio reads,

“help me reach my lifelong dream of having a number one song in the world on itunes by downloading my single.”

Listed under the “Pop” category, Mezrahi’s single came out on August 7.  After just two days, Engadget reported that the song sat at #67 on iTunes charts.  It beat Kylo and Selena Gomez’ ‘It Ain’t Me,’ Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Loyalty’ featuring Rihanna, and The Chainsmoker’s ‘Honest.’

Currently, the song stands at #79, ahead of Julia Michael’s ‘Issues,’ Jonas Blues’ ‘Mama,’ and Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules.’

People have raved about the song on Twitter. Popular tweets include,

If you think I’m gonna download a random song on my phone so nothing will play when I get in the car you are correct.

Congrats in advance on your Grammy.

Crap, I could have been Twitter famous if only I had shared this track I created months ago.  3hrs of silence.

thank u for making the rest of the world suffer for months while you enjoyed your car ride of silence.

Users can also find Samir Mezrahi’s song on Google Play Store.  Others have pointed out that you could create your own track of silence and upload it on your iPhone.

As the song doesn’t contain any lyrics, rhythm, or music at all, some have speculated that Apple may eventually pull the song.



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  1. Anonymous

    You know… one could make a whole business out of making tracks that play a short sound effect before 9:58 of silence. Some futuristic sound effect, followed by a voice speaking “You have been connected.” Add an instrument playing a note or two so you can arguably call it music.

    You’re welcome.