Styx to Perform the World’s First Show for Hearing Aid Wearers

Wearers of Oticon’s internet-connected hearing aids will enjoy a live-streamed Styx concert.

Sound engineers will transmit Styx’s final United We Rock US tour performance to Oticon hearing aid wearers.

Styx’s final tour performance will take place at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel on August 22nd.  Sound engineers will capture the audio feed and send it directly to people who use Oticon’s internet connected Opn device.  The live streaming performance will mark the first time in history that a rock concert has been transmitted via hearing aids.

A spokesperson for Oticon confirmed that wearers can stream the concert for free.  The company explained how people can listen in.

They’ll be able to visit a special password-protected website.  On the night of the concert, they’ll be able to sit in their living room and take in the great sound of Styx.

Styx’s manager Charlie Brusco explained that the band partnered with Oticon to help raise awareness of hearing loss.  Earlier this year, Inspiral Carpets’ drummer Craig Gill committed suicide due to “unbearable” hearing loss.  He was diagnosed with tinnitus.  His wife, Rose Marie, told The Guardian that the ear condition had caused Gill to suffer sleep deprivation and anxiety.

In a statement, Rose Marie Gill said,

For the past 20 years, Craig suffered from debilitating tinnitus, a condition caused by not protecting his hearing when enjoying the careers he loved the most – a successful musician, DJ and love of listening to music.

“His condition affected his day-to-day wellbeing and he suffered in silence with both sleep deprivation and anxiety.”

Speaking about Styx’s upcoming performance in New Jersey, Sheena Oliver, Oticon’s Vice President, said,

“It’s estimated that only 20% of people who could benefit from hearing aids seek help, with many waiting up to 10 years before they purchase a hearing aid.  By partnering with Styx and their millions of loyal fans, we’re helping to take the stigma out of hearing aids and allowing people with hearing loss to enjoy a quality of sound they may not have experienced since their youth.”

Brusco also invited people, especially teenagers, to test their hearing.

Get [your] hearing tested, because in today’s world, hearing loss is more prevalent than people think.


Image by Weatherman90 (CC by-SA 3.0)