YouTube CPMs by Country: Here’s the Latest List

We thought YouTube CPMs were confusing before.  Then we got this email.

I already have a headache writing this.  But here’s the latest breakdown of every YouTube CPM by country (or most of them, anyway).

According to YouTube executive Lyor Cohen, YouTube pays $3 for every 1,000 views.  The RIAA states that the company pays closer to $1.50.  A reputable independent analyst team stated that the video platform pays closer to $0.60.  An artist reporting to DMN says he’s making 1/10th of that.

So, who’s correct?  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more confusing, an anonymous reader sent us their YouTube CPM payouts.  From every single country in which the videos played.

Taking a look at the content creator’s earnings, you’ll find that YouTube doesn’t pay out an equal amount per country.  In top European countries, the video platform will pay out a higher CPM.  Norway and Algeria ranked the highest on the list with playback-based CPM at $55.49 and $50.00, respectively.  Germany, Moldova, and South Korea followed right behind with $38.88, $30.00, and $17.04, respectively.

In poorer and less populated Eastern European as well as in some Latin American countries, the company will pay relatively low rates.  Slovakia had one of the lowest playback-based CPMs with $0.27.  Georgia and Hungary tied for last place with $0.01 each.  Argentina and Mexico also appeared near the end of the list with $0.46 and $0.32, respectively.

What’s the difference between ‘CPM’ and ‘playback-based CPM’?

The distinction comes into place because more than one ad can be played on a video. Some have one ad, others two or more. According to YouTube, “CPM focuses on the advertiser cost for ad impressions. Playback-based CPM focuses on the advertiser cost for video playbacks that include one or more ads. Your playback-based CPM is often higher than your CPM.”
YouTube uses an example in which 1,000 views of a video have one ad, while another 500 views have two ads. That means that 2,000 ads were served (which is used to calculate CPM), while just 1,500 videos had monetized playbacks (which is used for the playback-based CPM).

You can find the playback-based CPM followed by CPM breakdown by country below.

  • Norway: $55.49 (playback-based CPM) / $43.16 (CPM)
  • Algeria: $50.00 / $25.00
  • Germany: $38.88 (both remained the same)
  • Moldova: $30.00
  • South Korea: $17.04
  • Sweden: $18.28 /
  • Finland: $19.15 / $15.16
  • United Kingdom: $19.00 / $14.16
  • Canada: $14.76 / $13.83
  • United States: $15.58 / $13.18
  • Peru: $10.00
  • Israel: $10.68 / $9.27
  • Spain: $12.38 / $8.43
  • Netherlands: $10.66 / $7.72
  • Australia: $12.49 / $7.03
  • Japan: $7.51 / $6.26
  • Taiwan: $5.85
  • India: $5.83
  • Italy: $8.55 / $5.29
  • United Arab Emirates: $6.10 / $4.88
  • France: $6.06 / $4.47
  • Poland: $5.58 / $4.18
  • Chile: $5.88 / $3.92
  • Belgium: $4.89 / $3.91
  • Thailand: $2.97
  • Ireland: $3.47 / $2.78
  • Estonia: $4.57 / $2.36
  • Latvia: $3.22 / $1.89
  • Russia: $2.50 / $1.85
  • Greece: $2.83 / $1.61
  • Brazil: $2.20 / $1.54
  • Ukraine: $1.91 / 1.22
  • Belarus: $2.02 / $1.17
  • Romania: $1.52 / $1.02
  • Portugal: $1.31 / $0.88
  • Lithuania: $1.57 / $0.87
  • Bulgaria: $1.10 / $0.63
  • Czechia: $0.86 / $0.56
  • Kazakhstan: $0.45
  • Mexico: $0.32 / $0.21
  • Slovakia: $0.27 / $0.14
  • Unknown region: $0.12 / $0.06
  • Georgia: $0.01
  • Hungary: $0.01

You can also check out the screenshots below (with identifying information removed).

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18 Responses

  1. Jon Hockley

    “United Kingdom: $19.00 Playback / $14.16 CPM”

    This rate for the UK seems higher than what most agencies pay for adverts. I would like to see more detail on how these figures came about. Do they have some forced 1minute long preroll ad running on this video?

    • Gin

      These figures are similar to the monetization of video directly on the user’s channel. If only music is used on Youtube (monetization with ID System) – the numbers are much smaller.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Can you explain the difference? I’m guessing that most don’t understand why these are considered separately.

  2. Confused

    CPMs are dynamic. I’m sure Cohen’s aim wasn’t to mislead – he just choose a single average among the many possible ways to slice that Metric. He probably selected the average that made Youtube look the best, but it is likely based on real numbers.

    There are different rates between UGC, Premium (label provided music videos), territories etc. Without knowing what everyone is comparing, its impossible to have this conversation.

  3. Gin

    Perhaps these figures are true. But only on one channel YouTube. If I take a music video from this channel and place it on my channel, then this unfortunate musician will not even know about it. But If he sends the video through the service of RouteNote or HorusMusic, then I will not be able to steal his video and music (the ID content system will monetize this content on any channel in favor of the copyright holder) but for a little money.

  4. Michael

    These number don’t have much meaning. Looks the the revenues and number of views. They are tiny. Look at the highest, Norway. A CPM of $55.49. Sound fantastic, right? Not. There are 7 views earning a total of $0.39.
    This must be a small Russian site, judging by the views, where the CPM is a much more reasonable $2.50.
    And *REMEMBER* this is a CPM, which is the ad rate. Not the RPM, which is the revenue that YOU receive.
    In my opinion, these numbers really have no bearing at the issue at hand here.

  5. Essver

    You are bot smart buddy, you cannot specify the CPM by just 8 views from a country, it beed to be measured by thousants of views.

  6. Alina

    Don’t trust this mine is 0.05e & I’m in Romania & uploading & having usa viewers & moldova it’s much poor how can it have 30$. But with 1 channel unmonetized by youtube new rules & another that has 30vids & only one viral I still make the threshold.

  7. Jamal Mirza

    What I would like to know is what TYPE of content the content creator has that generates these CPMs because there is no way content for an American music artist like Young Thug would pull a CPM like that in Norway. The large chunk of his fanbase isn’t there and both YouTube and advertisers know that based on all the metadata and algorithms involved in deriving CPMs for each piece of content.

    I work in Digital Rights Management so I can definitely say I would like to know the TYPE of content that’s being monetized AND additionally if the content creator is part of a multi-channel network or not.

  8. Anonymous

    How much does YouTube pay to Denmark?
    (It’s very close for Norway, geological)

  9. Nikolas

    I don’t think cpm is over 1$ in Romania as CPC is 0.01€ even most of the viewers come from USA. Don’t know what’s happening but youtube it’s cuting even more from total payment. Since google took youtube, the platform became from worst to worst, I have over 500 videos, only 3 are not suitable because the game it’s killing floor, no copyright & views whent from over 10k a day to 200-500 views/day, even started comentary as I didn’t used to do that & still nothing even worst sub go like 2today -2tomorow, I ise license and permisions for most of my videos, still I have to dispute with abusive and fake claimers, but Jake Paul can steel videos and even claim them as his own without any punishment. So like in real life tieefs get to win while the fair people lose.




  11. Matev

    C Mon this article is a bs
    You can’t rely on stats from7 plays cmon …
    The rate depends on the topic and the country it basic.
    Topics that are more expensive live medical and legal services payout higher com
    Tier 1 countries Germany US UK, Australia etc are payed highest for the relevant category.
    the fact that this guy got a retargeting ad click during his ONLY video view from there doesn’t mean that Moldova traffic generally gives high payouts.

    what is wrong with you to even waste my time making me read this nonsense

  12. Mounir

    Being from Algeria myself, I can tell you with high confidence that Algerian youtubers do not make $2 per 1000 views let alone $25 as mentioned in the article!!!

  13. Abio Dele

    Not a single country in Africa mentioned on this list so the stupid title that boasts of every country in the world nothing more than a lie and since the author can’t even tell the truth about that why should we believe anything else he has claimed. I’m moving on to more reliable sources. Bye.