I Just Found 58 White Supremacist Hate Bands on YouTube

Google has gone on the warpath against hate-filled and extremist content on YouTube.  But does this include white supremacist and neo-Nazi music?

How can you ensure that videos promoting hatred and discrimination don’t reappear on YouTube?  Simple, according to Google.  Keep them on the site.  Then, the only thing you need to do is demonetize them.

That’s the new strategy the search giant has taken against jihadist videos and content promoting hate, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier today, Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen reported that Google will start monitoring videos on YouTube.  The video platform won’t remove videos containing offensive content.  They’ll simply add warnings and disable advertising for offensive content on the site.

Google first described their strategy against offensive content back in June.  Kent Walker, the company’s General Counsel, wrote,

We will be taking a tougher stance on videos that do not clearly violate our policies — for example, videos that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content.

Walker elaborated on the company’s decision to keep the videos on the site.  He stated that Google doesn’t want to violate a person’s right to free expression.  However, the company needed to take a stand against offensive content.

“We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints.”

Videos containing inflammatory religious or supremacist content won’t be able to run ads.  This means that uploaders won’t profit from them.  The platform will also disable commenting for these videos.  In addition, offensive content will not appear on recommended lists.  The platform will also show users a visible warning screen.

But what happens if a content creator disagrees with the restrictions?  A spokesperson said that they can file an appeal.

With the latest move to take down extremist content, YouTube will now target videos that some users consider offensive.  This includes Holocaust denial theories and white supremacist clips.

Bloomberg obtained a copy of a letter sent to YouTube creators. It reads,

YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence.   In some cases, flagged videos that do not clearly breach the Community Guidelines but whose content is potentially controversial or offensive may remain up, but with some features disabled.

But will this also work for white supremacist and neo-Nazi bands?

Three years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a list of fifty-four groups releasing tracks with racist content.  After performing a quick search on YouTube, you can readily find content available for the following groups.  You also won’t find a warning screen as YouTube stated.

Several have also posted links on how to watch the tracks through Unblock YouTube’s site.

1. 96 Brigade (Tracks)

2. AD Hominem (Full album)

3. 3. Arghostlent (Tracks and full album)

4. Baker’s Dozen (Playlist with songs)

5. Barbarous Pomerania (Tracks and full album)

6. Battlecry (Tracks from East Side Skinhead Pride)

7. Blood Red Eagle (Playlist, tracks, and full album)

8. Broadsword (Full album)

9. Brutal Attack (Full album)

10. Bully Boys (Tracks)

11. Capricornous (Tracks and full album)

12. Chauves Porris (Tracks)

13. Chingford Attack (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

14. Condemned 84 (Tracks and full album)

15. Dark Fury (Tracks, playlist, channel, and full album)

16. Der Sturmer (Tracks and full album)

17. FINAL WAR (Tracks and full album)

18. Freikorps (Playlist and tracks)

19. Gammadion (Tracks and playlist)

20. Geimhre (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

21. Grand Belial’s Key (Tracks, playlist, channel, and full album)

22. Granulosum (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

23. H8 Machine (Tracks, playlist, channel, and full album)

24. Hassgesang (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

25. Ian Stuart (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

26. Kamaedzitca (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

27. Ken & Stigger (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

28. Ken McLellan (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

29. Kill Baby, Kill! (Tracks, playlist, full album, and channel)

30. Kolovrat (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

31. Legion of St. George (Tracks, playlist, and full album)

32. Legittima Offesa (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

33. Max Resist (Tracks and full album)

34. M8L8TH (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

35. No Remorse (Tracks)

36. Prussian Blue (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

37. Ravens Wing (Playlist)

38. Razors Edge (Full album)

39. Seges Findere (Tracks and full album)

40. Selbstmord (Tracks and playlist)

41. Severe Storm (Tracks and album snippets)

42. Skinfull (Tracks, full album, and channel)

43. Skrewdriver (Tracks, full album, and channel)

44. Skullhead (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

45. Spear of Longinus (Tracks and full album)

46. Standarte (Full album)

47. Sturmwehr (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

48. Tattoed Mother Fuckers (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

49. Thunderbolt (Tracks and full album)

50. Ultimate Thule (Tracks, playlist, and channel)

51. White American Youth (Tracks and playlist)

52. White Knuckle Driver (Tracks)

53. Wotanorden (Tracks and full album)

54. Youth Defense League (Tracks)


In addition, you can also find other bands signaled as hate groups below.

55. Fanisk (Tracks and channel)

56. Deathkey (Tracks)

57. The Raunchous Brothers (Tracks)

58. White Fist (Tracks and playlist)



Image by Robert Thivierge (CC by 2.0)


29 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    you seems pretty racist yourself, always focusing on white people. now, where is the list of black supremacist bands? or are you too busy undoing the work of yakub?

    apart from that the SPLC is a group of extremists, who has even attacked a muslim liberal like maajid nawaz. they can’t be trusted with anything.

    • Anonymous

      “the SPLC is a group of extremists”

      No, they’re not — they’re left-wing, just like you’re right-wing. Nothing wrong with that.

      (And you seem to be way more right-wing than they are left-wing since you’re using the alt-right term ‘black supremacists’.)

      The real issue here is that DMN has turned against free speech, a fact I doubt anyone is going to forgive them any time soon.

      • PiratesWinLOL

        “No, they’re not — they’re left-wing, just like you’re right-wing. Nothing wrong with that.”

        I simply don’t agree with that. As mentioned before, if they where just left-wing, why would they target a liberal muslim reformer like Maajid Nawaz? All he has done, it to speak against the version of islam that for example the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hizb ut-Tahrir stand for, and which leads to all kinds of problems. In other words, if you are not a fanatic, you can expect to be added a SPLC hitlist.

        “And you seem to be way more right-wing than they are left-wing since you’re using the alt-right term ‘black supremacists’”

        The alt-right didn’t invent the term “black supremacist”. It has been used long before they began to exist. Also, it is a very fitting term for black organisations like NOI, who for example believe that the white race was created by an evil black scientist 6.600 years ago. It apply more to them than “white supremacist” do to even someone like Richard Spencer.

        “The real issue here is that DMN has turned against free speech, a fact I doubt anyone is going to forgive them any time soon.”

        Sure, if we can pursue the ideals of the first amendment and censor nobody, I would be okay with that. However, if censorship is going to be applied, it can’t just be a weapon against the right wing or a racist tool against white people. If everybody pursue their own identity politics, white people should do it too.

    • Daniel Sanchez

      In regards to my political beliefs, I’m actually in fact right-wing. However, you can feel free to keep the title that you so graciously gave me if it makes you feel any better about the content found on YouTube.

      • Music supremacist

        I have yet to see an anything published on DMN about the hateful anti-white rhetoric called rap music also? You see Freedom of speech is a two way street. When does freedom of speech cross the line to incitement of hatred??? When this democratic right is taken for granted to destroy the very society that it was supposed to protect. Would I get banned for publishing that in a song?

  2. Paul Resnikoff

    As someone born in New York, surrounded by different races, cultures, and religions from day one, I have a lot of trouble processing the level of neo-nazi hate that has washed up in our own comment section. Actually, it was my own grandparents struggling to survive in America, all the while slightly relieved that there was actually less hate here than in the brutal old country. Yeah, imagine that. So I guess I’m happy that I can live peacefully in a place I love, only interacting with you neo-nazi hate mongers via a WiFi connection that I can always walk away from. Like Phil Lesh, I hope that you will see the other side, the rest of America doesn’t have to look like you. In fact, there’s a pretty decent chance your grandparents were also hated on, before they were accepted and blended into the white masses (which is now declining percentage wise). That’s the story of America, and it’s one I feel really, really lucky that my family is a part of. Peace (literally).

    • PiratesWinLOL

      If you don’t want a counter reaction, then simply stop singling out white people and stop attacking them. again, where is the articles arguing for censorship of hate speech against white people and black supremacist music? It is utterly disgusting to hear hateful and racist leftists revel in the fact, that continued mass immigration will dispossess white people of their lands. the anti-white hate is so transparent, and the fact that they are busy labeling anyone who stands for white identity politics a “nazi” says it all. they certainly don’t use that kind of language, when discussing black or latino identitarian movements such as la raza or black lives matter. apparently it is only a problem, if it is white people who stand up for their own interests. i am sick of the hypocrites…

      • Anonymous

        “the anti-white hate is so”

        Yeah, you’re a nutjob.

        It’s people like you and Paul that screw up our world.

        • PiratesWinLOL

          “Yeah, you’re a nutjob. It’s people like you and Paul that screw up our world.”

          in the immortal words of stefan molyneux:

          not an argument.

    • Anonymous

      “I have a lot of trouble processing the level of neo-nazi hate that has washed up in our own comment section”

      Oops, you lost me there.

      With very few (but admittedly lame) exceptions — PiratesAlwaysWin comes to mind — the protests against you have focused on your anti-free speech crusade.

      No sane person would defend white supremacy, Nazis, anti-Semitism or any other brand of racism!

      What your readers can’t stand is your disgusting censorship and your increasing hate against artists.

      Free expression is the essence of art and music. Censorship always leads to fascism, right or left.

      • Anonymous

        “PiratesAlwaysWin comes to mind”

        That would be PiratesWinLOL — too lame to remember.

      • PiratesWinLOL

        he will not divide us!

        as mentioned i will support the opinions of any liberal cuck around here, as long as they are reasonable and not hypocrites. censor nobody or censor all who argue for identity politics.

        • Anonymous

          “he will not divide us!”

          Don’t flatter yourself, we have nothing in common.

          • PiratesWinLOL

            of course not. obviously i was being ironic. what should i have in common with one of the usual virtue signaling cucks of the entertainment industry? i – and many others – hate every single last one of them. however, if they support something i support, which is unlimited free speech regarding political opinions, then great.

  3. Graaf Orlok

    Let me guess, next week we’ll get an article “look how many white power bands I found on Deezer”?

  4. Graaf Orlok

    On a serious note, I hope DMN understands that with articles like this one they’re only supporting these bands by giving them publicity? These are fringe bands nobody knows outside their own scene. They’re not going to ‘convert’ anyone to nazism.

    • Anonymous

      “I hope DMN understands that with articles like this one they’re only supporting these bands by giving them publicity?”

      Only a total idiot wouldn’t understand that.

      This is click-bait — and it works because artists hate censorship.

        • Anonymous

          “Agreed 100%”

          Couldn’t care less — you seem to be just another piece of racist sh!t, according to your post below.

  5. what

    The “anti-racist” groups do HATE so very very much all around!!!

    • They call me Jim

      Yes, some of the most fascist, evil, repugnant people I’ve met in the last 50 years in politics have proudly waved the “anti-racist” flag. There is no evil quite so powerful as that of righteousness.

  6. Musicman 66

    Keep posting political stuff, Paul. Then wonder why people are dropping like flies from your site.

  7. Black Angel

    Great!? Now they have another site to link to to promote themselves.

  8. Raunchous Brothers

    thanks for saving us the work of trying to find some awesome bands i already knew some of them but alot i didnt so thanks for your self hate and closet racism cause u just keep helping get the word out!